The Phone Call

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Her mind was on a problem she was trying to solve when she picked up her phone close to lunch time. What she heard was not what she expected but it was erotic and sensual and very, very hot. It was exactly what she needed. He always knew how to push her buttons and she loved the sound of his voice during phone sex. He knew what excited her and he had the power to have her hot and wet and fingering herself in just a few minutes. Sometimes he told her how and where to touch herself… how hard or soft, or how fast or slow. But not this time. This time his voice was low and husky and had a hard, rough demanding edge. She was captivated as he told her exactly what he was going to do to her…

He was going to take her from behind as she walked down a city street and roughly push her into an alley. Just at the edge of the pool of light from the streetlight, he would shove her up against the rough, cold brick and restrain her there, facing the wall. He would jerk her short skirt up over her ass and rip her delicate lace thong off with one hand while the other held her pinned to the wall. He would give her a running Afyon Escort narrative, telling her how he’d been watching her strut her ass and flirt and tease and how it made him ache with want. He couldn’t get her out of his mind and he was going to fuck her. Using his knee, he told her, he would force her to spread her high heels farther apart on the dirty pavement making her tight ass thrust out, vulnerable to his desires. Her struggling would only excite him more and she would be helpless to stop him. Dangerously, he promised her he would make her so hot she would be begging him to ram his thick cock into her tight, wet cunt and fuck her senseless.

Enraptured, she leaned back in her office chair and slid further down in her seat, causing her short skirt to slide higher and expose more of her creamy thighs- glad her door was partially shut. She spread her thighs as far apart as her tight skirt would allow while his low, sexy voice said all of the right things. She slipped her fingers under her skirt. She was wearing thigh high stockings and panties so her searching fingers didn’t Afyon Escort Bayan meet with much resistance. She slid first one finger then two into her hot, wet hole. She finger fucked herself while she listened to his low, very sexy voice telling her how he was going to bend her over and thrust his thick hard cock into her from behind. In luscious detail he told her how by standing behind her, he could slap her ass if she didn’t cooperate and needed to be punished and still be able to reach around front to get his hand into her blouse. He described in erotic detail how his index finger and thumb would torment her nipples until they were so hard she ached.

As she listened intensely she unbuttoned her top another few buttons and slid one hand inside to pinch and rub her nipples Her other hand was still between her legs fingering her cunt and stroking her sensitive, swollen pink clit. Closing her eyes, she imagined that it was his thick fingers on her nipples, his big, rough hand under her skirt, his talented fingers sliding in and out of her pussy…

His voice was hard and low Escort Afyon now and he was telling her how he was holding onto her hips, pumping harder and faster and slamming into her round ass with a slapping sound that sounded loud in the echo of the alley. He would fuck her from behind like a dog until his cock was ready to explode. He whispered into the phone how just before he was ready to shoot his load of hot creamy cum he was going to force her onto her knees and make her suck his cock while he shot his load down her throat. Whispering even lower, he told her how he would pull his cock out of her pussy and coax the last of his fuck fluid from his throbbing rod onto her upturned face. He described in hot, vivid detail how a thread of cum would link them. A thin strand of cum running from the head of his cock to her pink, flushed cheek just beside her slick, shiny cream covered lips. He told her how he would break that connection by grabbing her face in his hands and driving his thick cock back into her mouth.

Her fingers had been fast and furiously bringing herself to orgasm as she listened to his hypnotic voice. Her body spasmed in pleasure as she came, her snatch glistening with her juices. She collapsed back into her chair, her breath coming in short little gasps as pleasure washed over her.

Purring in satisfaction, she finally said hello into the receiver…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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