The Photo Shoot: The Aftermath

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It’s been a long time since I wrote to to share my sexual experiences with my older sister Jen. She had discovered what I was doing and she freaked out and told me I had to stop writing these stories immediately. She was pissed that I would share such intimate personal details about our incestuous behavior, which she reminded me was seen by the rest of the world as inappropriate and could get us both in a lot of trouble. Especially if our parents found out.

Well, I’m happy to report that after all these years, our parents never did find out about us, but there were some close calls. Looking back, we engaged in some rather risky behavior. We were so horny for each other, our hormones were super charged and I guess we didn’t really care. I thought I would share those experiences with you all again where I left off.

My sister and I had just had sex together for the first time and we were horny and infatuated with each other and wanted to be together all the time. We tried to take advantage of any situation where we could be alone and have sex. Our parents were supposed to go on vacation together for their anniversary. We were looking forward to spending that vacation week together, free to do whatever we wanted in the privacy of our house, without our parents around. We envisioned ourselves walking around the house naked, fucking whenever and wherever we wanted, even on our parents’ bed. That dream was shattered when our parents informed us that we were going to go on vacation with them. They thought they were doing us a favor dragging us along with them on their trip to Cancun. My sister and I protested that we had already made plans and that they should have told us sooner.

“But Mom, I made plans to spend the night at Rachel’s several nights next week. We had plans to go shopping and go to a concert,” my sister lied.

“And I’ve got plans to spend next week with my friends and…” I tried to argue, but my father cut me off.

“Look kids, we should have told you, but we wanted it to be a surprise. I guess we forgot that you’re both a little older now and have your own lives, but we figured with Jason going off to college in the fall, this might be our last chance to have a vacation as a family,” my father reasoned. “Besides, we already bought the plane tickets and reserved a condominium unit for all of us.”

Just great, I thought. I looked at Jen and she looked back at me, looking like she was about to cry. She ran up to her room and slammed the door. Mom and dad were stunned.

“I’ll go talk to her,” I offered.

I could hear Jen sobbing. I knocked on her door and asked if I could come in.

“Of course. You’re always welcome in my room Jace,” she whispered through the door.

I walked to her bed and sat down next to her. I held her beautiful, vulnerable face in my hands and told her everything would be alright. We could still have fun in Cancun, couldn’t we? She leaned into me and kissed me. I could taste her tears on my lips as they made their way down her face. She pushed me down into her bed and started unbuttoning my shirt.

She stopped suddenly and looked me directly in the eyes, “What the fuck am I doing? As much as I want to, we can’t do this anymore Jace,” she said in a tone gaziantep bayan escort ilanları that I didn’t find all too convincing.

“Look, we’ll still find a way to have fun down in Cancun. We can pretend we’re on our honeymoon! It will be romantic,” I joked.

“Yeah, right, with Mom and Dad as our chaperones? Very funny, Jace.” She stopped and stared me directly in the eyes again, her mood once again turning serious. “I’ve been thinking Jace, maybe this is a sign that we shouldn’t be doing this. I mean, this is really wrong, what we’re doing, isn’t it? We’re brother and sister and we’re not supposed to feel this way about each other. We’ve got to stop. I’m sorry.”

I looked at my sister and could tell she wasn’t convinced of what she was saying. Just seconds ago, she was unbuttoning my shirt. She wanted to be talked out of it. She wanted to be convinced it was okay to have sex with her brother.

“Jen, I have feelings for you I’ve never had for another person, ever. It’s not just about the sex, though the sex is great. It’s really great! I love you, Jen, and I want to take care of you. I want to be more than just a brother to you.” I said earnestly.

“That’s the problem,” Jen responded, “I have these feelings for you, too. It’s not normal. We shouldn’t be feeling this way. But, when I look at you, I want you.”

I kissed Jen and her lips parted and her tongue found mine. She started unbuttoning my shirt again when Dad knocked on the door. Hey kids, it’s time for dinner. Jen pulled away from me and sighed, “Sorry Jace, I can’t do this anymore. It’s wrong for us to have these feelings for one another.”

After that, I didn’t see much of Jen the rest of the week. She avoided me. When I did see her, her eyes avoided mine. I could hear her crying at night. I knocked on her door several times only to be told that she was busy. I almost wished we hadn’t gotten intimate with each other. All I had left now were memories and those pictures of Jen to fantasize about. Why did it have to get so complicated? Why did our love for each other have to be seen as wrong, when it felt so natural and so right? I had no idea how we would make it through this vacation with Mom and Dad, let alone the rest of our lives, if we couldn’t be together.

Our vacation started off badly. Turns out the condo my parents rented for us only had two bedrooms. A master bedroom and a bedroom with only one queen size bed. My sister and I had to share not only a bedroom and a bathroom, but a bed as well.

“No way,” my sister shouted, “am I sharing a bedroom and especially not a bed with my brother! Mom! Dad! You need to get us a bigger condo with my own bedroom.”

My parents contacted the landlord, but those were the only accommodations available on short notice. Dad ran out and bought me an air mattress, which was going to be my bed for the next week. I was even less thrilled than Jen was. I would be sleeping on the floor on an uncomfortable air mattress in Jen’s room.

“Listen Jace,” Jen said on our first night before bed, “I’m not kidding around. I’m already pissed that I have to share this room with you, so just stay on your air mattress and don’t get any gaziantep escort bayan ilanları ideas. I’m sorry it has to be this way, but it’s for our own good. I love you Jace, but what we did was wrong. What I did was wrong. I’m your big sister and I’m the one who started this and…”

“That’s okay Jen,” I cut her off, “I understand. It can’t happen again. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. I’ll respect your space. Good night, Jen.”

It was a fitful night of sleep. I tossed and turned on that damn uncomfortable air mattress most of the night and woke up exhausted. Mom and Dad had planned a scuba diving adventure for us all, but I told them I was too tired to do anything but grab a lounge chair and sleep by the pool all day if it was all right with them. They took pity on me and agreed. Surprisingly, Jen said she would join me by the pool. We grabbed a couple empty lounge chairs and a few margaritas and hung out by the pool.

“Sorry you had a sleepless night last night, Jace.” Jen said sincerely. She hesitated. “I heard you moving around last night and it kept me up as well. Look, you can sleep in the bed with me tonight if you promise to keep to your side of the bed. Deal?”

I smiled and held out my hand for Jen to shake, “Deal!”

Jen looked hot in her bikini, and the margaritas we greedily consumed made her look even hotter. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her and she caught me staring at her luscious ass as she stretched out on her stomach.

“Hey stud,” she giggled, “care to make yourself useful and rub some of that suntan lotion on my back? I don’t want to burn our first day here.” She was sounding like her old self again. I think the margaritas were loosening up her inhibitions a bit, as she untied the back of her bikini, and as I slowly rubbed the lotion on her shoulders and her back. She moaned under the touch of my fingers.

“That feels nice, Jace. Thanks!” She continued to purr and softly moan and I reached the small of her back and then down to her legs. When I asked her if that was good enough, she didn’t respond, having fallen asleep. I let her sleep for a while and when I finally woke her for dinner, she said she had the most beautiful dream. When I pressed, she said she would tell me about her dream tonight.

We showered and dressed for dinner and patiently waited for our parents to return from their scuba adventure. When Mom and Dad finally got back it was obvious that they had been drinking. A lot! They said Dad had gotten a bad sunburn and they decided to stop for a few drinks to ease his pain. They then grabbed some dinner to try and sober up and Mom ate some shellfish and got sick and threw up. Dad handed me a hundred dollar bill and told us to go enjoy ourselves as they were going to go lay down.

Jen and I laughed at our clueless parents and had a great dinner and a few drinks and everything seemed right between us again. We joked around and had a great time. Jen looked like she wanted to tell me something, but when I asked her what she was thinking about, she said nothing. When we got back to the condo, Mom and Dad were passed out in their bedroom. They were clearly out for the rest of the night. We escort gaziantep ilanları just shook our heads and laughed.

I was tired from the sun and drinks and the sleepless night before and told Jen that I was tired and going to bed. I asked her if it was still okay if we shared the bed. I reassured her that nothing would happen and told her I was too tired to try anything anyhow. Jen said “Well stud, that’s too bad,” and laughed and told me she needed to shower and get herself ready for bed. I laughed nervously, not knowing how to interpret her reaction. At least she wasn’t mad at me anymore.

I was half asleep when Jen came out from the bathroom. She was humming to herself. I looked at the clock. She had been in there for over a half hour. What does a woman need to do to get ready for bed, I thought to myself? I saw her silhouette walking towards the bed and in the dark, she appeared to be totally naked. She had been brushing her hair and had put the brush down on the nightstand as she climbed under the thin bed sheet. She smelled delicious.

“Are you awake Jace?” she asked quietly.

“Mm hmm.” I moaned.

“I wanted to tell you about that dream I had down by the pool today. Do you want to hear it?” she asked, continuing on without waiting for my response. “I dreamt that you and I…” she paused as the tension seemed to hang in the still night air, “were making love in this very bed. You reached over and held me in your arms.”

I looked into her inviting eyes and slowly reached over and drew her into my arms. “Like this?” I asked.

“Yes. Just like that.” She responded as if gasping for breath.

“But I thought…” I started to say.

“Shhh… I can’t deny my feelings for you any further Jace. I love you and I want to be with you. I tried, but I can’t be just a sister to you anymore. I want you Jace.”

With that she pulled back the covers and kissed and nibbled her way down my chest, to my stomach and between my legs. She lovingly took my cock into her mouth. “I love your cock, Jace. I can’t live without it. I can’t live without you,” she said, after having swallowed my first cum load of the night.

I pulled her up close to me and fingered her. She was wetter than she had ever been. I lowered my head between her open legs and lapped up her juices, my tongue reaching into the depths of her warm, inviting pussy. She was ready for me. As I slowly entered her, she moaned and wrapped her legs around my back, meeting my every thrust. Both of us lost in ecstasy. I had to put my hand over her mouth to muffle her cries as she clearly forgot that our parents were asleep in the room down the hall.

We made love several times before we finally fell asleep in each other’s arms, only to be awoken by a knock on the door. It was Mom, waking us up for breakfast. I panicked as I heard her turn the door knob.

“Why is this door locked?” Mom asked through the door. “Come on kids, we have a full day ahead of us. We’re all going parasailing today!”

Jen and I passed on the parasailing, claiming that Jen had gotten too much sun the day before and that I was still sore from sleeping on that uncomfortable air mattress. At breakfast, Mom asked what we kids would be doing all day if we weren’t going parasailing with them. We looked at each other and Jen said “Oh, I’m sure we’ll think of something!”

Mom looked at us both and smiled. “I’m glad to see you kids getting along so well again.”

Dad looked up from the paper and asked us all, “Did any of you hear that couple going at it late last night? The neighbors sounded like they were having some fun!”

My sister looked at me and smiled. “Don’t be disgusting Dad! Ewww!”

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