The Pills Pt. 03

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The Pills, Part 3 – Monday

Toward morning, my dreams began to turn sexual once more – only wilder than either of the previous two nights. It felt like I spent hours fucking – sometime it was Maggie, sometimes Sarah, sometimes Karen. In my dream, my balls were swollen with sperm that I desperately needed to spend. But no how hard I pounded any of the women, it could not be released.

I slowly woke up, my dream fading into reality. In my dream, I’d pulled out of Sarah and she was blowing me. I became aware that at least part of this dream was true. Maggie was bent over my cock. She was wearing one of my shirts and her blue panties. She was slowly polishing the big knob while stroking it with both hands. I moaned as my balls began to respond. She stopped and looked over at me.

“Good morning,” she said. “I couldn’t wait. When I woke up, I felt this enormous hardness pressing into my back. So I just had to play with it. You understand, right?”

“I’m not complaining.”

She dipped her head back over my cock and angled over, trying to get as deep as she could. After almost six inches, my head hit the back of her mouth. Her cheeks were bulging with the effort. She let me slowly slide out, licking my head the whole way.

“I wish I could swallow all of you,” she said.

“You’re doing just fine,” I gasped.

“Do you want me to keep going or try something else?”

“Get on top of me. I want to give you some of your own medicine.”

She grinned and got off the bed. First, she pulled the shirt off, letting me drink in the sight of her small perky breasts and hard little nipples. Then she turned around and slowly lowered the blue bikini panties. My mouth watered at the sight of her narrow waist and tight ass. She turned around and climbed back onto the bed, lowering that beautiful pussy toward my face while her hands gripped my cock again. I felt her mouth close over the head.

I put my arms around her legs and gripped her narrow waist, pulling her into me. The fresh smell of her wet pussy almost overwhelmed me. I started licking her tight lips, then sending my tongue into her depths. She moaned onto my dick. I moved me face back and forth over her, licking her all the way from her hard clit to the bottom of her smooth vulva. Her hands started squeezing my prick while she started sucking hard on the tip. My balls were quickly getting heavy with another load, my cock getting harder and harder.

She started grinding onto my face into tight circles. I pulled on her waist to keep her still and then attacked her clit, licking it, sucking it into my mouth. Her hips started twitching and bucking, trying to hold off her orgasm, trying to get away from my devouring mouth. It was all I could do to keep her from bucking right off of me.

She let my cock fall out of her mouth and cried out, “Oh, Tom!! I’m cumming again! You’re making me cum again!”

My face was soaked with her juices. Her pussy get hotter as she climaxed hard. Her clit spasmed out of my mouth. She shuddered all over and then stopped, her hand still lightly stroking my dick.

“I love it so much when you go down on me,” she murmured. “I could go all day with you.”

She started on my cock again but I pulled away.

“I want to be inside you,” I said, my voice muffled by her soaked pussy.

She paused for a moment, then let my cock go.

“I just need a second.”

She rolled off the bed and walked slowly into the bathroom. A couple of minutes later, she came back out and sat down on my chest, facing away from me. The wetness of her pussy lips felt delightful against my skin. Her hands slowly worked my cock while mine kneaded her firm bottom. Then she raised her hips and moved down my body until she was over my towering penis. I continued to squeeze that amazing ass while she used her hands to line me up with her pussy. She lowered herself down slowly. I could see my cock part her lips and force them inward. Then they blossomed over my shaft as it slid smoothly up into her wet pussy. This time, I got all the way in before my head butted against her rubber-covered cervix.

“That’s just perfect,” she moaned. “Just let me sit here for a moment.”

She waited for a few minutes. Occasionally, she clenched down on me. Each time, my head swelled into the bottom of her vagina, sending out a tiny drop of precum. Gradually, she began to rock back and forth, letting just an inch or two slide in and out. My cock was rubbing against her clit again.

“It’s so huge,” she said. “I could cum just from having you in me.”

Slowly, she started lifting her hips while she rocked back and forth, letting a few more inches slide in and out. She was taking her time and I wasn’t about to hurry her. This time, it was going to be long and leisurely, not like our frantic fucking of the previous two days. I moved my hands to her tiny waist. I let my cock enjoy the warm, smooth, wet, silky feel of her tight pussy and the tiny pressure of her hard clit against my urethra. gaziantep bayan escort I listened to the little smack of her ass into my belly. I especially loved the view. She was angled so that I could see her tight little pussy impaled by my cock.

Gradually, her strokes got longer and longer. She was letting six or seven inches of my soaked cock slide out, then slowly sitting back down it until it rubbed against her cervix. I could see her lips bulge out as my head got close to the entrance, then press inward as she slowly sank back down. She was arching her back and her hands were on her breasts, squeezing the firm mounds. She kept up the slow pace, letting my cock explore every little part of her pussy. My balls, despite their need for release, were loving it. They were feeling more and more full. I felt like this slow, delicious fuck was going to make me cum gallons.

She cried out and pushed down on me, driving my cock as deep as possible. Her pussy spasmed around my thick shaft, her juices flowed out onto my cum-laden balls. She rocked her hips forward and back spastically as she came. I was seconds away from coming but held back, just enjoying watching her climax. Slowly, her spasms stopped and she lay down on top of me, letting a few inches of my cock slide out. I reached around her thin torso and squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples. She moaned again.

“I want to do this all day,” she repeated.

“So do I,” I gasped.

She turned her head awkwardly and kissed me. “I’m going to make you cum now.”

“I’m close. I don’t need much more.”

She sat up again and began sliding up and down at the same slow pace, savoring every inch of my big dick. When she reached bottom, she’d rock back and forth a little bit, grinding her clit into me, rolling the head of my cock back and forth over her cervix. My cock was getting fuller and fuller. I put my hands on her hips and started pushing her down onto me. After a few minutes, she tightened down on me again and my prick felt like it was going to explode. Each time she slid that tight cunt down my shaft, I felt closer and closer to cumming. I couldn’t believe how intense the feeling in my balls was getting. Her back was arched again, her hands on her breasts. She made one last deep agonizingly slow stroke and gasped as another orgasm hit her. The head of my cock pulsed deep inside her.

“I’m so close!” I shouted.

She reached down and squeezed my balls. That did it. I felt a massive blast gathering in my prostrate. My hips bucked upward, trying to cram every millimeter of my cock into her tight pussy. Then it released. I howled as my cock gushed into her. Her pussy made squishing and farting noises as thick drops of semen began to squeeze out. I let go with eight blasts, each time bucking my hips, raising us nearly half a foot off the bed and spurting my thick seed into the deepest recesses of her cunt. After I finished, I lay there in a daze, my cock slowly settling down, occasionally contorting with a mind-bending spasm. My semen continued to leak out of her, coating my balls.

“Oh my God,” I said. “That was incredible.”

She raised her legs and turned around on me, not pulling off my softening prick. I moaned at the feel of her cunt twisting around my sensitive dick.

She laid down on me and pushed her head into the nook of my neck and shoulder. I put my arms around her. We laid there for about 15 minutes, just relishing the thick musky smell in the air, and the feel of our tender genitals against each other. I could feel her heartbeat through the walls of her pussy.

“So how did you got from being that shy little girl to a sex goddess?” I asked.

She giggled. “Is that a serious question?”


“Well, I never did anything in high school. Didn’t even date. Any time a guy would so much as talk to me, I’d just stammer and blush.”

“I noticed.”

She giggled again. “I especially did it around you because I had such a big crush on you. And I was just ashamed of how I looked.”

“You shouldn’t be ashamed of how you look. You’re beautiful.”

She rolled over and gave me a deep kiss on the lips.

“You’re the only one who’s ever said that to me.”

“You should hear it all the time. It’s true.”

She kissed me again. “I’m not ashamed of the way I look anymore. That all changed in college.”

“You still wear those baggy clothes.”

“Well, I *am* trying to put myself through college,” she said. “Besides, what little money I can spare for clothes gets spent at Victoria’s Secret.”

“Money well spent,” I said. My cock twitched slightly at the thought of how she looked in her sexy lingerie. She clenched down on me in response.

“Anyway, what really turned my around was my roommate last year – Michelle. At first I was intimidated by her. She’s so pretty. But we quickly became friends. One day, I told her how much I wished I looked as good as her. And she told me she wished the same thing. That she thought I was prettier – especially because I never put any effort into it. No makeup, no tight clothes.”

“You don’t need them.”

That got me another kiss. “Anyway, it took a semester but I finally started believing her. I stopped being so shy. I started borrowing her clothes on weekends and relishing the stares I would get. I found I could talk to guys, and they wanted to talk to me. I even had a few makeout sessions.

“Each time I made out with a guy, my pussy would be on fire. I didn’t want to go any further though since I was scared to death of sex. I’d go home and just toss and turn in bed, frustrated beyond belief. Finally, one night I couldn’t resist. I had never masturbated before but I knew I had to do something. At first, I felt awkward and clumsy and dirty. But after a while, I started to get into it. I spent an hour just exploring my body and finding what I liked. I got very close to cumming, but I couldn’t quite let myself go. But I was able to finally go to sleep.

“The next afternoon afternoon, I tried it again in the shower. It took a half hour, but I finally brought myself to my first orgasm. It was so wonderful! I just about fell down.”

With this memory, her pussy again clenched on my soft dick. She squeezed my arm and said, “That’s why I always cum so hard in the shower. It reminds me of my first climax.”

She continued, “Once I’d gotten started, I couldn’t stop. I masturbated almost every day. But I felt like something was missing. Then one day, I wanted to borrow one my roommate’s shirts and I found a big dildo in her drawer.

“I was fascinated by it. I ran my hands over it, put in my mouth, rubbed it against my crotch. It didn’t occur to me until later that it had been in her pussy. I got myself so hot I eventually had to pull down my panties and masturbate with it. I rubbed it against my clit, all over my cunt. Then I slowly slid into me. I’d always wondered what penetration felt like. At first, it hurt, but it slowly started to feel good. I started sliding it a little deeper and then felt this terrific pain when I broke my hymen. I was scared to death. My pussy was hurting and there was a little blood on the dildo. I was convinced I’d hurt myself. I panicked for a few minutes before I figured out what had happened. I washed off the dildo and put it back in me. This time, it felt great. I could feel it stretching me out. I started working the dildo with one hand while I frigged my clit with the other. Then I came harder than I ever had. After I recovered, I decided I just had to have the real thing.”

“At first, I couldn’t talk about this to Michelle because I didn’t want to tell her about the dildo. But one day, she point-blank asked me if I’d used it. I was too stunned to lie. She just laughed and told me it was OK – she only used it when she didn’t have access to a real cock. She even went into her drawer and gave it to me. I finally broke down and told her that I’d decided it was time to lose my virginity. I asked her who should be my first. There were two guys at the time I was sort-of seeing, but I didn’t really want to give them my cherry.” Maggie laughed. “I wanted to give it you, but I didn’t think you knew I existed.” I squeezed her in my arms. My deflated cock stirred a little bit in her soft tender cunt.

“‘Don’t give it to either of them,’ said Michelle. ‘I doubt they’d be any good.'”

“‘But it’s time. I don’t want to be a virgin any more.'”

“She thought about this, then said, “‘How about you give it up to Dave?'”

“Dave was the guy she was dating. She’d told me she didn’t love him but was just with him because he was good-looking and talented in bed.

“‘I’m sure he’d be up for it. He’s told me how hot he thinks you are. And he’d be gentle. He’d take it easy and let you set the pace. He might even make you cum. He’s made me cum from sex a couple of times.'”

“I had to think about it for a week. It felt so weird to be organizing this rather than letting it happen spontaneously. But finally decided I’d give it up to Dave on the last day of the semester. He was cute and I wanted to be with someone who knew what he was doing. The days before were so exciting. I was scared and thrilled at the same time. I was masturbating twice a day, wondering what it would feel like. One day, I got so excited in class, I slipped my hand under my desk and up my skirt and masturbated right there!”

My dick throbbed at the thought of her masturbating in class. She grinned at me.

“Finally, the big day came. I was so nervous! Michelle wanted me to watch them do it first, so I would see what it was like. They fooled around for a while and then stripped. She had him model his hard cock for me – I’d never seen one before. At the time, I thought it was huge but it was just average. I couldn’t believe he could fit that whole thing in my little pussy. They decided to do it doggie style to give me the best view and I looked in close to see her cunt stretch around his cock. I just lay there and masturbated while they went at it. Michelle would moan and writhe occasionally, but she didn’t cum. After about ten minutes, he started stroking faster and then stopped. I realized he’d cum in her.

“He pulled out and his dick was already shrinking. I knelt in from of him and started playing with it. I was so fascinated. For a while, I just explored it, played with his balls, rubbed the shaft. Then I started licking and sucking on it until he got hard again. He picked me up off my knees and guided me over to my bed and lay me down on it. He got on top of me and spent a little while rubbing my pussy, playing with my breasts, kissing me. I was enjoying it but getting frantic to have him in me. I looked over and Michelle was playing with herself, one hand cupping a big breast.

“Then he got on top and slid in. I expected it to hurt but it felt great. He took his time, though, letting me get used to the feeling before speeding up. I was loving every sensation, especially the little jolt I got when his belly would hit my clit. After ten minutes, he came again. I felt his dick spray into me and I loved that feeling. That was the best part. I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t cum but it still felt great just to have his dick sliding in an out of me. That was how I lost my cherry.”

My balls stirred a little bit at the mental imageI got of Maggie lying on her back in a cheap dorm bed, legs apart, virgin pussy wet with desire, nipples hard, eager and scared at the same time, waiting for her first hard cock. The story was getting Maggie hot too. Her nipples were hardening against my arm and her pussy was starting to squeeze me.

“Winter break, I hung out with some old high school friends. There was one guy, Matt, who had always been nice to me in high school – the only guy who’d ever talked to me and made me feel special. I got him to give me a ride home one night and then jumped his bones. He went down on me right there in the front seat and made me cum. It was the best head I’d gotten until you. He had a fairly big cock – maybe six and a half inches and thick – and when he fucked me in the back seat, I got closer than I ever had to cumming from sex. We saw each other a few more times during break, fucking like rabbits when we did. He taught me lot about sucking cock. The last time we were together, I finally got him to cum in my mouth. I loved the taste of his cum.”

Her pussy started warming and getting tighter at the memory and my cock responded, inflating inside her. She got on top of me again, putting her head right next to mine. I could see it in my mind – Maggie lying on a reclined bucket seat as some faceless guy was between her legs, grabbing her little breasts as she came. On her knees, nipples hard, back arched proudly, looking up at the guy with those big eager eyes as a rivulet of cum trailed from the corner of her mouth.

“My second semester, I slept with three more guys. One was a gorgeous football quarterback who had a little dick and prematurely ejaculated all over me; one was a cute musician with long hair who was OK; the last was a waiter who fucked me in the bathroom at his restaurant. I was so exciting doing it when we could be caught! Matt and I saw each other a few times, too, but he got a girlfriend in May and I haven’t had any dick since then.”

She was rocking slightly on my cock, slowly massaging it back to hardness. She leaned in and gave me another passionate deep kiss.

“And now I’ve finally tumbled you,” she said.

My cock was now at full mast and she was starting to raise and lower her hips, stroking a few inches of my cock. I heard my cum squish out and looked down to see my cum-streaked cock entering and exiting her pussy. Her lips were full and heavy, gripping my cock tightly.

“My first time,” she whispered. “You were all I could thank about when Dave was inside me.”

I moved my hands to her waist to hold her down and started raising my hips up, trying to get my cock even deeper into her swollen pussy. She moaned in response.

“I wanted this for so long,” she said. “I don’t want you to ever stop fucking me.”

I put my hands on her hips and started squeezing them. I took over, pushing her up, letting my big prick slide out, then ramming her back down, butting her diaphragm. She whimpered.

“Yes! I love it like this! Don’t stop!”

She bent over me again, one hand feeding her right breast into my mouth. I devoured it, licking the whole thing, biting the nipple. Her moans turned into squeals.

I wasn’t going to last long this time. My balls were filled with yet another massive load, my cock swelling to immense proportions. Our hips became a blur as we started going faster and faster, the slap of our meeting crotches like pistol shots. It was as though we knew this might be our last time and were determined to wring every drop of carnal pleasure out of it – to make it our best fuck yet. She grabbed my head and pulled it into her chest, digging her nails into my scalp. She clamped down on me, her cunt like a vice.

“I’m cumming again! Oh, God, I’m cumming again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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