The Pregnancy Trap Ch. 02

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*I had a lot of requests to continue this one. You should read Part 1…but basically, these two friends have been flirting over the Internet for years. They saw each other for the first time in ages and despite a promise to keep things platonic, the two of course made love. Kasey had a clear goal: if she was to cheat on the father of her children, it would be for the whole shebang – to get Dave’s seed in her. Sure enough, she got it…and the erotic fun now picks up from there… X-Factor*

Dave lay beside Kasey in the guest room. They were naked and had just caught their breath after the most incredible sex that either of them had ever experienced. She had stolen his seed. That was the right word for it. Kasey had seduced him, knowing how badly that he wanted her. She seduced him and once she had him inside her she kept him there until he ejaculated his sperm into her.

He didn’t have a choice.

He didn’t feel bad about though, strangely enough. Even though both of them were married (practically) and she already had children, he didn’t have a problem giving her his seed just that one time. She was a wonderful lover and a great friend. His feelings for her were powerful. He wanted to make love to her again. He wanted to make love to her all night! But he would not cum inside her again. That was a mistake that happened in the heat of passion. He needed more control.

But could he ever have control when it came to Kasey?

She rolled onto her side, sliding a hand up his chest and a chubby leg over his stomach. Just feeling the soft skin of her leg had his penis responding again already. She was looking at him with her amazing brown eyes. The hall door was wide open and the hall light shone brightly into the room. They had been talking and laughing for the last couple of minutes, but now she was looking at him seriously.

“That was honestly the best sex I have ever had, I swear to gawd.” Kasey announced with a smile. She puckered her lips out and he kissed them, smacking loudly.

“We’re really good together.” Dave commented. She broke into a bigger smile, her dimple appearing. She chuckled a little.

“I know! Oh my gawd!” She gave him another kiss. She continued kissing him, sliding her leg down off his waist. On it’s way by, it rubbed over his cock. While he was still soft, he was back to a semi-hard state. Thrills of desire went up her spine. Their lips smacked as she kissed him over and over again. Her leg was off him now and her hand reached down and grabbed his penis. She felt him spring to life in her hand before she gave him a single stroke. Kasey broke the kiss and looked at him sensually, her hand expertly stroking his member slowly. Her heart pounded with desire. Her biological instinct craved more of this man’s seed. Her pussy tingled like never before. She was conscious of every inch of cock that she held in her hand, stroking.

“Do you want to…do it again?” Kasey asked, sensually. Her brown eyes didn’t leave his for a second. Her crotch continued buzzing nervously, but she felt his dick stiffen even more in her hand.

Dave glanced down the bed. She had very pretty feet that were a little chubby. Her long, smooth legs were plump and sexy. Her hips were nice and wide and he could make out her bald pussy in the dim light. Her thick arm was across her round stomach and he could see her pretty hand around his hard cock, stroking it slowly. Her big beautiful tits were hanging towards the bed a little as she lay partially on her side. He looked at her amazing eyes and her gorgeous, thick lips. He took in all of her in one quick look, but there was no doubt as to what his answer would be.

He put his hand behind Kasey’s head and kissed her on the mouth, sucking her upper lip loudly. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue inside as he slowly rolled onto his side. He felt her run her tongue up his and into his mouth as he squeezed a leg in between hers.

Kasey rolled onto her back, opening her pudgy legs and allowing him in between them. Her hand never left his cock. As they kissed, she spread her legs wider, her chubby feet in the air as she pressed the head of his hardness against the hot entrance to her treasure. A bolt of pleasure shot up her spine when she felt him touch her there.

Dave thrust forward. Kasey was so wet with both her juices as well as his that her tight entrance opened up and allowed the head of his hard cock to slip inside.

“Mmmmph!” She moaned into his mouth. He pushed again, forcing another inch inside her tremendous heat.

“MMMMPH!” Kasey grunted. Her tongue shot into his mouth as her cunt clamped onto the top portion of his manhood. He cherished the feeling of her tongue flailing around in his mouth and he rubbed his tongue against hers as he eased his penis back a little. He pushed forward, this time sinking almost his entire organ inside her treasure.

“MMMMPH!” Kasey groaned again and then broke the kiss, gasping. He pulled back halfway and then slid his entire penis escort bayan şişli inside her hot vagina. “Ohhhhh…” she moaned, looking up at him with gorgeous brown eyes. He held himself inside her, loving how every inch of his dick was gripped tightly be her insanely tight cunt.

Kasey smiled at him and he could see her dimple in the dim light. Her luscious lips were very inviting and he kissed them softly, sucking her upper lip. He kissed her again, just holding himself in her warmth. He could feel the bottoms of her feet slowly caress up and down the backs of his legs as he kissed her a third time. He slipped a tongue into her mouth and she sighed erotically as she did the same. Her hands slid down his back to his ass, pulling him into her, encouraging him to fuck her. As his tongue danced against hers, he slowly eased half of his penis out of her and then eased it back in. She moaned into his mouth. He continued to slowly make love to her, kissing her passionately as his cock slid in and out of her welcoming, defenseless pussy over and over.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Kasey groaned, breathing heavily as she felt Dave’s rigid manhood plunge into her aching vagina again and again. He was so big and hard inside her, she was conscious of every inch of him gliding along the sensitive inner walls of her pussy. The tingles that were buzzing in her crotch were increasing in intensity. She broke the kiss, gasping for breath. She looked up at him. His eyes were closed as he thrust a part of his body inside of hers over and over again. He suddenly opened them and looked down at her. She smiled at him, raising her eyebrows.

“I love you.” Kasey whispered. She felt him get noticeably harder inside her.

“I love you.” Dave replied and kissed her full lips, smacking loudly. He kissed her over and over and he began to fuck her a little faster. The room was filled with the sounds of their kissing and breathing as they made love passionately. Kasey’s pussy was grabbing his cock so hard that it felt as if she was pulling him inside her. She was tightest around her entrance and whenever he was all the way inside her he could feel her cunt gripping the base of his member like a vice while the rest of her treasure warmed his manhood.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Kasey’s sexy cries were starting to get a little louder as the buzzing in her crotch was intensifying. She raised her chubby feet in the air, increasing the feelings between her thighs.

“Ohhhh gawd, yes!” she moaned erotically. “Ohhhh I’m gonna cum again! Harder, baby, harder!”

He held himself up on his arms and thrust harder, watching Kasey’s beautiful face wince as she moaned and whined. Her big, beautiful tits were bouncing up and down each time he jammed his stiff cock inside her, and her round belly was jiggling as well. He looked over his shoulder and could see her pudgy foot in the air above him. Kasey had very pretty feet and they were waving back and forth with the motions. His gaze went down her sexy, chubby leg to her smooth thigh. Between her fleshy thighs he could see where his hard cock was sliding in and out of her bald pussy.

“OHHH…GAWD!” Kasey groaned, cumming. Her eyebrows were raised and her face was wincing even harder as she came all around him. Her pussy was so tight that he could actually feel it convulsing around his cock.

Kasey’s heart was pounding and all of her muscles tensed up as wave after wave of orgasm slammed through her. Dave’s wonderful penis still pistoned mercilessly in and out of her hungry vagina. Her hands gripped at his strong arms as she struggled for breath.

Dave fucked her even harder, drilling his manhood in and out of his fantasy woman as she recovered from a massive orgasm. Kasey’s feet were flailing helplessly in the air behind him as her hot, tight pussy engulfed him over and over. She opened her beautiful eyes and all he could see was love in them. She was gasping for breath. She reached up and put her arms around his neck, pulling him back down to her. Their lips met and their tongues immediately shot into each other’s mouth. The room was filled with the sounds of their kissing as well as the sound of his groin slapping against her.

He could feel his balls heating up. He began to jackhammer in and out of Kasey’s pussy.

“UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!” Kasey cried loudly as he kissed down her cheek to her ear. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth briefly.

“I’m gonna cum.” Dave moaned into her ear. A thrill of desire shot through her. Once again, her body demanded that she capture his seed.

“Cum inside me baby!” Kasey moaned in his ear, and then he felt her lips trail along his cheek, searching for his mouth. He turned and kissed her, feeling her tongue shoot into his mouth. She kissed him eagerly, her chubby legs falling down around his waist as he pounded his thick, hard cock into her over and over.

He was conflicted. He couldn’t make the same mistake a second time and shoot his semen escort beşiktaş into Kasey’s pussy. He was married! To do that would be stupid. Yet at the same time, her pussy was so hot and tight that it felt comforting around him. It felt like he was meant to remain inside her. He didn’t want to take his dick out of her. Ever.

He slammed into her a few more times, letting his orgasm build while he decided. When he reached the point of no return, he didn’t pull out of her though. Instead, he pressed his groin against her as hard as he could, making sure that every inch of him was inside her.

Dave’s penis jerked violently, and the thickest wad of cum ever shot like a bullet out of him and splattered hard off the back of Kasey’s defenseless vagina. Immediately, his cock pulsated again spraying another hot load of semen deep inside her fertile womb. He ground himself against her, organ jerking over and over as it blasted his potent seed into Kasey’s unprotected pussy again and again.

“Mmmmm…” Kasey moaned into his mouth, her chubby legs squeezing him tight. She could feel Dave’s penis spasming inside her and her heart soared with the knowledge that he was squirting his sperm towards her womb.

He felt Kasey kissing at his mouth, but he was too busy shooting cum into her body to notice. It was the most violent, passionate orgasm he had ever had. Never before had his penis jerked this many times. He could feel a thick wad of cum leave his cock each time it jerked and he knew that it was bulleting off the back of her vagina. It was blasting out of him so hard that it hurt a little. So much cum was trying to rush out of his penis at once that it was a little painful!

Finally, his load slowed to a trickle and he was able to catch Kasey’s lips with his and kiss her sloppily. The room was filled with the sounds of their breathless kissing as the last of his semen poured into her waiting body. Her fat legs squeezed and held him tight, making sure those final drops fell inside her.

Kasey pushed her tongue into his mouth, holding him in place. She kissed him hard, squeezing his neck with excitement.

“Mmmmm…” she purred as Dave softened inside her. As their kissing slowed, she felt him begin to pull out of her. Kasey tightened her plump legs around him and broke the kiss, smiling.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she asked erotically. Dave smiled and kissed her again, settling back down on top of her soft, naked body and keeping his semi-hard penis inside her.


Dave brushed Kasey’s hair with his hand and pressed it against the side of her head, looking into her beautiful brown eyes. She smiled at him, flashing her dimple and his heart skipped a beat. His soft penis was still inside her and he felt comforted by the feeling of it being held in her snug warmth. Here was a woman who he had fantasized about for years and his penis was finally inside her.

His cum was also inside her.

He kissed her full lips and they smacked loudly. He kissed her again, sucking her upper lip at the same time that she sucked his lower one. Their breathing was finally starting to abate, but he remained on top of her plump, naked body.

“I waited this long for you to get inside of me…” Kasey said in her sweet voice. “I’m not letting you back out of me that easily!” She chuckled. Her laughter always made him feel warm inside and he couldn’t help but kiss her a couple more times.

“That was even better than I thought it would be!” She exclaimed with a big smile. He could only nod and kiss her on her nose. “I can’t believe we waited this long, eh?” She commented.

“Me either.” He replied, kissing her on the nose again. He still held the side of her head. “It was amazing. You are amazing.”

Kasey’s smile grew bigger and she kissed his mouth hard three times, extending the last one and squeezing him with her chubby arms and legs.

“So why didn’t you make a move on me earlier?” Her brown eyes looked into his. “I was waiting for you to.”

“I promised I wouldn’t!” Dave replied. “You don’t know how badly I wanted to, but I made a promise.”

“Yeah, right!” Kasey chuckled. “You’re just a big a chicken!” She laughed louder, warming his heart.

They talked for the next fifteen minutes. Kasey loved talking face to face with the man of her dreams like this. She liked it even more that his penis – even though it was soft – was inside her the entire time. It felt comforting to have a part of Dave’s body inside hers. She loved the fact that if she wanted to give Dave a kiss, she could just lean up and kiss him. She took advantage of that every few seconds!

As he answered her questions about his business, Dave slowly caressed her smooth right leg. His hand would go down to Kasey’s knee and then back up her fleshy thigh to her plump ass. After squeezing her soft bum he would slide his hand back down to her knee. Her chubby legs were still loosely wrapped around his waist as they spoke. His esenyurt escort eyes were drawn to her pretty dimple every time it appeared – which was pretty often. It seemed like he interrupted her every sentence with a gentle kiss on her full lips. After one such kiss, she closed her eyes.

“Mmmmm…” Kasey purred. “I really like how you want to kiss me so much.”

“Oh! Sorry!” He said with a sheepish grin, suddenly realizing that he had been practically kissing her mouth every ten seconds since they finished making love. Her eyes sprung open and she had a huge smile on her face.

“No! I love it! Don’t stop!” Kasey exclaimed. Her beautiful brown eyes hypnotized him. “I love it when you kiss me. Promise me you won’t stop while I am here?”

Dave kissed her, lips smacking. His penis started to respond a little.

“I promise.” He kissed her again and Kasey’s arms held him close as she opened her mouth and sent her tongue into his. He rubbed his tongue against hers and the two lovers kissed for a good ten seconds, their breathing started to grow a little heavier. He could feel his manhood grow to semi-hardness inside her. She broke the kiss and looked at him.

“I really love you Dave.” Kasey breathed. His penis grew to full hardness quickly at her words.

“I love you too.” He replied. Her eyes widened and she smiled.

“Oh my gawd I just felt you grow inside me!” Kasey exclaimed, her smile getting even bigger. She poked her chin up at him and he kissed her mouth. Her tongue immediately darted inside and he rubbed his tongue along hers. She broke the kiss again and looked up at him, coyly.

“Do you want to make love to me again, Dave?” Kasey asked in a breathy voice. His cock twitched inside her at the mere sexiness of her voice.

“Yes.” He whispered, pushing his groin harder against her. He was conscious of how tightly the entrance to her treasure was gripping the base of his member.

“Yeah?” Kasey teased, smiling as she ran her toes up and down the backs of his legs. “You love making love to me, don’t ya?”

“Yes.” He breathed again. Kasey was so fucking beautiful that he had to kiss her again, but when he went for her lips, she turned her head to the side and he got her cheek.

“Yeah?” She said, sexily. “You like fucking me, Dave?”

He tried to kiss her lips but she turned her face the other way, smiling. He kissed her cheek again. He was hard as a rock inside her and he pulled halfway out of her, feeling the entrance to her pussy pull at him every inch of the way. He pushed back into her heat.

“Ohhhhhh yessss…” Kasey moaned, closing her eyes. He kissed her upper lip this time, but she pulled away, turning her head back to the other side. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“Did you like cumming inside me, Dave?” Kasey panted, her eyebrows raised.

“Yes.” He whispered. She leaned up to kiss him but when he caught her upper lip, she pulled back down away from him, smiling. He pulled his cock most of the way out of her hot tightness and then eased it back in. She closed her eyes again.

“Ohhhhh…” she purred. She opened her eyes again and looked at him.

“Did you love it when you shot your cum into me Dave?” Kasey asked, coyly.

“Oh gawd yes.” He breathed.

“Yeah?” she asked in her sexy voice. “Do you want to shoot your hot load inside me again?”

“Yes.” He swallowed. He was all hers.

“Mmmmm…” Kasey moaned. “I’d like that. I love feeling your cum in me. Will you promise to cum inside me Dave?”

“I promise.” He nodded, slowly pulling his cock out of her. He held it at her entrance for a moment before sliding it back into her.

“Ohhhhhh…” she groaned, smiling and flashing her dimple. He kissed her mouth again and she quickly turned her face so he kissed her cheek once more. Smiling, she turned her gaze back to him.

“Promise me you will cum in me every time we make love, baby.” Kasey purred.

“I promise.” Dave panted, easing back into her warmth again. She leaned up to him again.

“Kiss me baby.” Kasey breathed. He pressed his lips against hers and this time she opened her mouth and allowed his tongue entry. She shot her tongue into her mouth and the two lovers kissed passionately as he slid his penis in and out of her hungry vagina. Even though her pussy could not have more fluid in it, the tightness was astounding. Every inch of his cock was gripped by her snug hole, but her entrance was the tightest and he could feel it squeezing up and down his rod each time he thrust. Her tongue went far into his mouth, exploring, and he was conscious of her hands running slowly up and down his back. They were breathing into each other’s mouths, panting laboriously as he thrust between her plump, open thighs. She raised her chubby feet high into the air, increasing the sensation inside her horny pussy.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” she moaned into his mouth, feeling him poke deep inside her over and over again. He was moving faster and his thick cock was causing the buzzing in her crotch to increase exponentially.

Dave couldn’t get any harder. His manhood was stretched as thick and hard as it could go without tearing through the skin. He pistoned in and out Kasey even faster and he felt her nimble tongue leave his mouth as she broke the kiss.

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