The Prisoner Pt. 03

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After awakening in a room and after being forced to undress and be cavity searched by a mysterious woman known only as ‘Warden’, Martin is placed into handcuffs.

Warden ushered Martin forward and out of the room and then closed the door behind them. Martin was now entering the unknown, cuffed, naked and bare for all to see.

“Ok, Martin,” Warden said, as she turned the key to lock the door “this is where things start to get more… interesting.”

She ushered Martin forward, linking her hand to his arm, which was firmly cuffed behind his back, as they began to walk down a long corridor. Martin wondered exactly what she meant by her comment. His day had certainly been interesting enough already! If it wasn’t bad enough that this woman had forced him to strip naked and feel humiliated whilst she took pictures and video of him in the nude, he was now being led out naked into the corridor of this building and have no idea where he was going.

“Whoops!” she exclaimed suddenly, as she brought Martin to a stop more than halfway down the long corridor, “I have forgotten the chastity device. I left it on the table back there.”

Martin had indeed noticed this himself when they exited the room. And he was glad she had not brought it along, but he just assumed that he would be returning to that room at some point. But now he wondered if maybe that was not the case after all. Maybe she would place him into it and then let him go? Martin felt upbeat at this thought. He was sure he could somehow get it off with tools at home. It looked to be made from plastic and not from metal from the quick glance he had at it, so he was sure he could do this privately. But would she let him go? Martin was unsure, but he also felt that she couldn’t keep him here forever.

“Martin, you wait here and I will go back and get the device,” she said. “Do not move!”

Martin nodded his head, as she let his arms go and headed back to the room. Martin was still wondering if she would actually let him go once he was placed into the device. He just wasn’t sure. It was too risky to trust that this would happen. And so when he noticed an exit door up ahead, out of the building, he came to his decision on what he had to do next. He was going to try to escape.

The door ahead had frosted glass, so he was unable to see through it, but he noticed that it had a steel bar across the door that one only needs to push in order to exit. Any form of body weight pressing on it would unlock it and allow it to open. Martin knew he was naked with his arms handcuffed behind him, but he could force himself into this door to open it and he could still run as his legs didn’t have any chains on them. And a bit of embarrassment out in the street would be a small price to pay if it meant he regained his freedom. In some ways, his hands being cuffed behind his back would help lend kudos to his plight. He wouldn’t immediately look like some strange nude man in the street that people may try to avoid. Instead, people will be able to tell that he is naked not out of choice, but that he needed help. He was confident that people would help him and then at some point this Warden bitch will get what was coming to her. Oh, what he wouldn’t give to see her behind bars! Oh, how he would enjoy that!

Martin glanced behind him to see her unlocking the door to the room he had just came out of. He waited for a few more seconds as she lifted the key from the lock and opened the door. Martin held his breath. She then proceeded inside and… he was away – fast! Martin ran down the corridor naked with his hands cuffed behind his back. He was moving quickly but was equally being careful enough to not trip and fall. If he did then it was all over as he knew she would be out of the room to see him lying there in no time. Martin didn’t know the range of the electrical shock collar. But if she saw him and activated it in proximity, he knew was done for.

He reached the door in a hurry and quickly pushed the bar to release the lock. He kicked the door open forcefully with his bare foot. Martin noticed that he was on the ground floor of the building he was in. This was excellent news! It wasn’t an upper floor fire escape, so he wouldn’t have lots of stairs to deal with in his awkward state. Escort bayan

“MARTIN!” he suddenly heard a voice from behind him shout. “STOP RIGHT THERE!”

It was Warden and she did not look happy. He quickly sprung outside and heard the door slam shut behind him. But where was he? This wasn’t a city street after all. For a moment this caught Martin off guard. There was nothing out here but a few buildings and open countryside. He had entered a type of courtyard. There was another building directly ahead of him and he could see other buildings on the right in the distance. So he decided to run to his left, towards the fields that were in that direction.

He ran with a sense of urgency, but it was difficult, being naked, handcuffed and barefoot. Some small stones hurt his feet. He felt relieved when he was off the concrete floor of the courtyard and was running on the grass. He then heard the door of the building he had just exited open behind him. He glanced behind and saw Warden standing at the door. Oddly, she wasn’t moving to run after him. She wasn’t doing anything, in fact, except standing there. Martin carried on running across the grass. He didn’t know how he was going to get these cuffs off or where he was going to go in this nude state, but he would take his chances. Then, suddenly, it happened,…

“Aghhhh, noooooooo!” cried Martin. “Nooooooooo!”.

Martin felt a now familiar pain in his neck. The device had activated. The pain dropped him to his knees down onto the grass. It was agony. But then, as suddenly as it started, it stopped. Martin figured that she must have had a large enough range on the controller in order to reach him. He looked back expecting to see her walking up to him close by, but she was still standing over by the door. Martin sat there for a few moments. Still confused by this, Martin was in the process of picking himself up, when,…

“Aghhhh,” he cried, and fell back down onto his side, rolling around in pain.

The device had activated again. But, then just as last time, it stopped a few seconds later. Martin felt a huge sense of relief when it did. The pain was unbearable.

Martin looked back and saw her still standing by the door. He looked around for answers and then he noticed something that meant he realised what had happened. Martin had passed by a large pole that had an electricity symbol warning on it. Martin realised that he had passed outside some type of zone that must cause the shock collar on his neck to activate. With a sense of urgency Marin rose to his feel and ran back inside of the area, back towards the courtyard. He looked over at the Warden and could see her nodding her head. She clearly realised that Martin now understood the situation. Martin stopped when he knew he was inside the area which mean he would not be shocked again.

Martin was deflated. This collar was robbing him of his freedom. He looked again at the Warden who made a gesture that he should return to where she is standing. Martin thought for a second about this, but quickly decide that there was nothing else he could do. He had to comply. He walked over, quite literally with his tail dangling between his legs. He caught a glimpse of Warden smiling.

“So, Martin,” she said as he approached, “I hope you have learned your lesson.”

“Yes, Warden,” Martin replied.

“You do know that I left the Chastity device on the table on purpose, right?”

What! Thought Martin. She did this on purpose? She knew that I may attempt to run and was testing me? And now I have failed her test. Oh no!

“It means that as you have failed my test then you are going to have to be punished, Martin,” Warden said with some conviction.

Martin dropped to his knees in front of Warden. Still with his hands cuffed behind his back, Martin pleased with Warden.

“Please, Warden,” Martin begged, “Please don’t shock me!” Martin was now desperate. “Please! I don’t know why I did it. I’m so sorry, Warden. Please!”

Warden looked down at Martin and she knew that she had him exactly where she wanted him.

“Spread your legs wide for me, Martin,” she said.

Martin did as he was told and quickly spread his legs. His cock flopped fully onto the Bayan escort concrete floor into the middle of his legs.

“Maybe I should stand on your cock as punishment,” Warden said inquisitively.

Martin felt nervous. He didn’t want to get shocked, but he didn’t want this either.

“Or Maybe there is something else I can do to it. A few well-placed slaps with a ruler should make it red enough for you to be obedient. Yes, a nice red cock. How about that, Martin?”

Martin looked worried. He regretted trying to run away. He should have just waited. Oh, why didn’t he just do what she had asked and wait in the corridor. He should have known she would be one step ahead of him. She has been this whole time. Maybe she would have put him in chastity and kicked him out and he would have been free. But now he will never know. And he has upset her. He had to somehow explain to her that he would not be so silly again.

“Please, War- “

The Warden pressed the controller on her wrist.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” cried Martin and felt to the floor.

“Nope! I think I will just shock you instead,” Warden said with a smile on her face, enjoying the suffering she was inflicting.”

The Warden looked down at her controller. She had set it to ’40’ for a five second burst.

She pushed it again.

“Aghhhhhhhhh!” Martin rolled around helpless on the floor, with his hands behind his back, desperate to try to grab his neck area where the shock collar was hurting him, but unable to do so.

“Let this be a LESSON to you, Martin,” Warden said emphatically. “Don’t you ever try and run away from me again! Do you hear?”

“Aghhhhhhh, please, stop!” begged Martin.

She pushed it again.

“Noooooo, aghhhhhhh” cried Martin. “I will be good. I promise. I won’t run away. I will do anything you want. Please!”

This time, the Warden let the time run out without pushing the controller again. Martin was relieved, but still on the floor from where he had been rolling around in pain. The Warden bent down towards him.

“That was setting ’40’ Martin. As I told you, this thing goes up to ‘125’. I am wondering if you really want to feel those higher settings? Up to you, Martin.”

Martin certainly didn’t want to feel those settings. He would be good from now on. He still wanted to escape, but he would not be so silly again. He should have made sure that it was a sure thing and not just acted too quickly on impulse. He would be good and do what is needed, but he wouldn’t try that again unless he was certain of success.

“Stand up” came the command. Martin did so. “Now, walk towards the small building with the green roof over there”.

Warden had pointed out a single story small green building in the distance. It appeared to be made of brick and have one door in the front with a small window to the side. Martin walked towards it and shortly after reached the front door. The Warden stepped forward and put her key in the lock, unlocking the door. She then turned the doorknob and it opened.

“Inside,” she commanded.

Martin did as he was told. He walked into the darkness. Warden pushed a button on the wall on the right-hand side and the room lit up, flickering at first as the overhead lights activated. In the middle of the room Martin noticed a table. It had metal restrains for a person’s arms and legs. In the back was a shower stall and next to that was a sink area. There was all sort of razors and other shaving implements scattered around. There was a hosepipe on the floor too, connected to a tap on the wall.

“Stop there, Martin,” she said.

Martin did as he was told.

“I am going to remove the handcuffs now. Any funny business and you will be punished far more severely than you have been.”

Martin was not going to do anything buy obey at this point. She moved around back of him and removed the handcuffs. Martin was relieved to be out of the cuffs and brought his arms to his front and rubbed his wrists.

“So, Martin,” Warden started, as she moved back around to this front, “How many women’s mouths have you had wrapped around your dick?

“Errr,” replied Martin, unsure how to respond to this question, out of the blue.

“Come Escort on. I want a number,” she said. “I want to know how many women you have made blow you, Martin. Oh, I’m sure they enjoyed it. You have quite a decent size cock. Remember we measured it earlier with the ruler,” she said, with a smirk on her face, as an attempt to somewhat embarrass Martin with the comment of how he is hers to use.

“It was about six inches, wasn’t it? Six inches, soft, I mean,” she continued.

Martin thought hard.

“I think, maybe, four women,” Martin replied, hesitantly, trying to recount in his mind.

“Four women?” Warden said inquisitively. “You have made four women suck your penis, Martin?”

Martin wondered where this was going.

“That dick, that is dangling there between your legs there has been sucked by four different women?” she inquired. “And did you enjoy watching them suck your cock?”

“Erm,” replied Martin. “It felt nice.”

“No I didn’t ask you how it felt!” she snapped. “I know it felt nice. I asked you did you enjoy watching them suck your cock?”

Martin felt as if she was trying to trap him into something. He wanted to give the right answer, but he didn’t know what it was.

“Ok, Martin” came back a comment from Warden, not waiting for Martin to answer, “Let me show you what I enjoy. Climb up onto that table over there and lie down on your back.”

Martin wondered what was in store for him now, but knew he had to 100% follow her instructions. He went over to the table and climbed on and lay on his back. He felt a hand pull at his light leg and then a metal cuff be placed around it. The same then happened to this left leg in quick succession. Warden then went around to the top of the table and pulled his left arm up and to the side. He felt a metal cuff going around that arm. Finally, Warden did the same with his right arm. He was now totally restrained by his arms and legs, spread eagle with his arms and legs out wide.

The Warden stood back and admired her work. He was not going anywhere now! She could leave him here as long as she wanted. She pulled out her phone.

Click! She took a photograph of Martin spread naked in this state. She moved around him. Click! Click! Martin was unable to move his head much but could see she was taking photographs. He felt ashamed. Would the embarrassment ever end? Every time he felt he was getting used to the nudity, she would do something that would bring it all home again regarding what an uncomfortable position he has been placed in.

Click! Click! She took some more pictures. She then approached his cock. Click! She took a close up of it. She pulled his penis down and held it there. Click! She raised his penis up so it was lying on his chest, with his balls more exposed. Click! Click! She then approached Martin’s head.

“Just getting a few more for my collection while you still look like this, Martin” Click! She took a picture of Martin’s shocked face.

Martin wondered what she meant by that comment. What was he going to look like? Then he suddenly recalled the conversation from earlier. She had told him what was next when they were exiting the room. He had forgotten but now recalled. She had brought him here to have his cock shaved! Oh no!

“I just need to go upload these photos. Don’t move for me, Martin,” she said jokingly, knowing that he was not going anywhere. “I will be right back and we can start work on getting you cleaned up”.

Martin felt as if he was beetroot red. She was going to upload his photos to where? Her computer? Or worse? He felt so violated. And there was no undoing this now. Naked photos of him were circulating, somewhere. How would he even explain this if someone saw them? Maybe they would think this was part of his kink and not that he had been held prisoner. He was naked and chained spread eagle. What if they did think that? The thought was too much to comprehend.

“Bye for now, Martin,” Warden said as she exited the room.

She flicked the light switch off which plunged the room into darkness. Then she closed the door and Martin heard the key turn in the lock. The room was sealed. And he was spread eagle in the middle of the room on a table with his wrists and ankles cuffed tightly.

Oddly, a few moments later as he thought about his situation, he felt his cock start to stiffen. Left there by Warden naked on the table, exposed and vulnerable, he just couldn’t help it… he was getting hard.


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