The Prize

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It had been a close game, but in the end Bryce had beaten me. It was late, but not overly so and we were well into the post game analysis.

“So, what do I win?” he asked.

I was trying to think of a witty reply when Kelly walked in. She’d sat out the game and had been in the computer room surfing the net. She smiled at Bryce and blushed slightly. “Are you guys finished?”

“Yup. Just packing up now. Unless you want a game?” I asked her out of politeness.

“No, I’m tired. I’m heading for bed.”

“Okay,” I responded, slightly confused. She didn’t sound too tired.

I put my arm around her to kiss her good night and she subtly pushed her body against me a little and let her kiss linger for an extra moment. The light dawned on me. My pretty little wife, with the big brown eyes and the innocent smile had been reading porn on the internet again. She was now desperately horny and expected me to kick out our guest and satisfy her every sexual craving. I noted she was wearing her short denim skirt with her soft black top and I remembered the slight flush of her cheeks when she saw Bryce. Had she been fingering herself?

Instead of releasing her, I drew her fingers to my mouth and kissed her hand. Sure enough, I could make out the sweet pungent smell of her cunt. She realised what I was doing, blushed again and glanced nervously at Bryce to see if he’d noticed, but he was putting game pieces back in their box. Kelly tried to pull away but I held her to me and kissed her again, slipping my tongue into her mouth. She struggled gently but couldn’t resist too much in case she drew Bryce’s attention. So she surrendered herself to me and I explored her mouth with my tongue and stroked the long brown hair cascading down over her shoulders. Just as she began to respond, Bryce cleared his throat.

“I guess I’d better be going,” he muttered.

I was going to let him go when I noticed his cool blue eyes slide down Kelly’s large firm breasts and around the curve of her small waist to her shapely hips, then flit back to her deep brown eyes.

Instead I said, “What about your prize?”

“What prize?” Bryce looked at me confused while I slid my hand down Kelly’s back and, out of his sight, squeezed her arse. She loves having her arse played with.

“You asked what you win? How about a kiss?”

“Sorry, David, but you’re not my type,” he grinned.

“What if I use a proxy?” I asked pushing Kelly gently towards him.

Kelly could have stopped things then if she wanted to. With a laugh and a wave she could have skipped off to bed, I would have followed and Bryce would have left. Instead she stepped in front of him and tilted her face up to look into his dark blue eyes.

Bryce looked at me for half a second, then lowered his lips to hers and I watched my sexy wife share her first kiss with another man since we’d been married.

Bryce was cautious at first, not sure what was happening, his lips grazing hers ever so gently. But Kelly was horny and desperate and as soon as his lips touched hers she pressed her face to his and slid her tongue into his mouth. She moaned and I grinned at the memory of how similarly she had kissed me our first time.

Bryce wasn’t rize escort slow to react to her enthusiasm and pulled her to him. She rubbed her body against his tall lean frame as his hands slid around her waist and rested on her sweet round arse.

Not wanting to be left out, I stepped up behind Kelly and lowered my lips to her smooth white neck. She shivered as my petal soft kisses climbed up and around her neck and I nibbled her ear.

I was wondering how far she wanted to go with this when Bryce slid his strong hands over her hips and under the hem of her top to rest around the bare skin of her slim waist. My slutty wife immediately raised her arms over her head expecting the whole top to be removed. I obliged.

I continued kissing her neck and shoulders while Bryce’s hands roamed over her back and arse. I could feel her pressing against him, whimpering as his tongue filled her mouth and rubbing her groin against his thigh which was causing her denim skirt to ride up. I kissed down to her bra strap and released it with a practiced flick of my fingers.

Kelly stepped back and pulled off her bra in one smooth motion. The look on Bryce’s face was priceless. Kelly has large soft tits with wide aureolae and hard nubs for nipples, all usually well concealed under conservative shirts and tops. It’s rare that she advertises her considerable cleavage, and being short one tends to think of her as small everywhere. In fact, despite her height, she has a perfect 36-26-36 figure.

Kelly didn’t give the poor man much of a look before stepping into his embrace again and sliding her tongue into his mouth. She continued rubbing against him, now enjoying the feel of the rough fabric of his shirt against her aching nipples. Agreeably, Bryce slid a hand up her side to cup a large tit and roughly squeeze the nipple. Kelly moaned into his mouth, performing like a whore.

While they snogged like a pair of teenagers and Bryce copped a feel of her tits, I ran my hands down her back, over her soft arse and helped that denim skirt ride up. It didn’t take much effort at all and soon it was bunched up around her waist leaving her lacy black panties on display.

I slid my hand down her round arse cheek to the crotch of her panties. They were soaked and my finger easily slipped under them and inside her hot wet cunt, eliciting more groans into Bryce’s mouth. It was only a second or two before I felt Bryce’s fingers sweep down the front of her panties also searching out her cunt. He squeezed another finger inside her beside mine, was rewarded with more moaning, then slid back up to her clit and began stroking her.

I bit my wife’s milky white shoulder, slipped a second finger inside her and started pumping her cunt and she pulled back from Bryce and started gasping, staring into his eyes. He smirked, then held her at bay enough to lower his head to her breast and lick the tight wrinkled areola around her nipple. Kelly turned her face to me, eyes wide, mouth open as Bryce and I worked her cunt in time with each other. I kissed her quickly, then lowered my head and started sucking on her other tit.

She didn’t last long after that. Kelly had often wondered at me in the shower sakarya escort how I could cum standing up. Now she knew although it took both Bryce and I to support her as she shook with the rising orgasm crashing through her and then fell limp in our arms. We supported her down the hall to the bedroom and lay her back on the bed, by which time she had recovered enough to undo her skirt and remove both it and her panties.

“Fuck me,” she demanded, spreading her knees to reveal her sticky cunt glistening within the tangled jungle of her hairy pussy. Bryce looked at me, but I was already unzipping my pants and lowering them to the floor.

“I’ll take the head,” I told him climbing on the bed and lowering my cock to my wife’s sweet lips. Her eyes twinkled up at me as she slid her mouth down the length of my shaft in one go and touched the tip of my cock to the back of her throat. Her practice was paying off.

Bryce lost no time. He pulled his pants down and kicked them away to reveal a thick fat cock that bounced against his flat stomach. He tossed his shirt aside, stepped forward and paused at the entrance to my wife’s cunt. As he moistened the head of his cock by rubbing it around Kelly’s pussy, she moaned around my cock and sucked harder.

I pushed gently into her face and she slid back onto Bryce’s cock. They both moaned. Together, Bryce and I pushed forward, compressing Kelly between us. Our cocks slid into her as she sighed and when she wriggled we pulled back a little, giving her a chance to relax. But not long and we pressed our cocks into her cunt and throat again.

She gurgled appreciatively and we started working out a rhythm. As we started picking up our pace, we fell naturally into a rocking back and forth motion. Bryce would drive his cock up into her aching cunt, pushing her mouth further up my cock as I pulled back out of her throat. Then I’d drive my rigid cock down her throat, pushing her back onto Bryce’s retreating cock.

Desperately, Kelly started pushing herself up and down, trying to fit my long cock further down her throat, then trying to drive Bryce’s cock further into her cunt. I reached down and twisted her nipples while Bryce gripped her hips and started pounding her cunt.

Watching Bryce’s cock sliding in and out of my wife’s pussy and listening to his balls slap against her arse was better than any porno and I would have cum if Kelly hadn’t been getting careless with her teeth as her own orgasm approached. I carefully removed my cock from her mouth and pinched her stiff nipples as she screwed up her face, twisted, grunted and screamed as the orgasm shook her body. She gasped and panted and tried to push Bryce away.

“Stop,” she cried meekly.

Usually, I’d give Kelly a brief respite, nuzzle her gently and almost, but not quite remove my cock from her before slowly starting to fuck her again when she was ready. Bryce, knowing none of this, continued pounding away oblivious as his orgasm approached.

I pinned Kelly’s shoulders down and she looked up at me with a savage intensity. I thought maybe we’d gone too far but then she gripped her breasts and started tweaking her own nipples.

I smiled down at samsun escort her and she grinned back and reached up to pull my head down to kiss her. Almost upside down, we locked lips and explored each others mouths while Bryce pummelled her cunt and started to let out a low moan. I felt Kelly shudder each time Byrce hammered into her and his pace slowed as his own orgasm approached.

Ever the gentleman, he gasped between ragged breaths, “I’m… going… to… cum!”

With no contraception, I figured she’d let him cum on her tits, or maybe even in her mouth if she was in the mood. I was amazed when she begged, “Cum inside me. Please, fill my cunt.”

Before I could object Bryce thrust savagely into her one last time and gurgled as his cum spurted into her warm pussy. He thrust a few more times and sighed as Kelly fingered herself with a blissful look on her face. She opened her eyes as he pulled his cock out from her cunt and smiled up at him.

“Fuck my face?” she asked with false shyness and Bryce’s withering cock started to harden again. He shuffled across and Kelly took his cock in her mouth and continued fingering herself.

Refusing to be ignored, I took Bryce’s place between her legs and easily slid my cock into my wife’s dripping pussy. Some of Bryce’s cum oozed out around my cock and slid down the crack of Kelly’s round arse.

She whimpered in delight around his cock and I started pounding her cunt. She stopped sucking Bryce’s hard cock long enough to goad me. “You like sloppy seconds, hey? How do you like my used, cum filled pussy?”

“You’re such a whore,” I told her, battering her cunt. “Suck him.”

Kelly eagerly obliged and took his entire cock deep into her throat, while I fucked her. Bryce and I molested her tits while she kept fingering her clit, and soon she began shuddering as another orgasm swept through her.

I could feel my own orgasm rising, but she was so slippery with cum, I couldn’t get enough friction. I needed a tighter hole and pulled my cock from her cunt. Cum oozed between her legs and flowed over her tight puckered arsehole.

“Lie down,” I told Bryce, and I flipped her over on top of him.

He eagerly slid his now hard cock back into her pussy and I stretched her butt cheeks apart and squeezed my cock into her tight arsehole. She gasped as I did and may have said something but Bryce smothered her mouth with his own and the two of us began pushing her over our cocks.

Kelly thrust her hands forward to steady herself and Bryce and I worked out a rhythm. We could feel each other’s cocks entering her and we pulled her back as she tried to wriggle away from the intensity but said nothing.

I slid my cock into her sweet, tight arse, Kelly gasped with each thrust and Bryce would slide out of her cunt. As I slid out, Bryce would push his cock into her wet cunt, almost a relief for her while still filling her.

I’d already been close and as Kelly whimpered, “Please. Yes, please,” Bryce and I started pistoning into her.

I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back, and Bryce pawed her breasts as the most intense orgasm shook me and I filled her arse with cum. Unable to stop I kept hammering her as cum oozed from her arse to her cunt and Bryce went off as well.

This sent Kelly over the edge and she screamed as her orgasm wracked her while Bryce and I slowed our assault on her. Soon she lay limp in our arms, the three of us panting for breath.

“Best prize ever,” gasped Bryce.

We had to agree.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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