The Professor Vol 1

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Big Dick

Volume 1 – How it all began

He hadn’t cheated on her since the mid-80’s, when they were still in college. And even then, they were “taking a break” when he did it. But he suspected that she had cheated on him a few times, and now he had his chance. That’s right, Professor Carter Jordan, professor of English at a small liberal arts college was considering cheating on his wife.

Of course, he had thought about it before, who hasn’t? He never thought he would do it, but here he was, staring at Maria Lawrence’s legs as she stood in his doorway. He gathered himself and invited her inside, and she sat down on his living room couch.

Carter’s heart was racing and he excused himself to the bathroom. He stared at himself in the mirror. “What am I doing?” he thought out loud. “This isn’t right.” His mind flashed back to earlier in the day, when he was teaching on a slow Friday afternoon. One of his more mediocre students, gorgeous Maria, stopped him after class and inquired about extra credit. He told her that extra credit wasn’t possible, and her grade was final, but she persisted.

“Are you coming out soon?” Carter heard her voice from the hallway. He took a deep breath and opened the door. Maria arched her back against the wall and gave him a smile.

“This isn’t right, we have to stop.” Carter said quietly as he looked over her body. She was about 5’4″, a little over 100 pounds, with beautiful C cup tits. Her long legs and tan skin seemed to go on forever…..

Maria could tell that he was staring. She always thought he was pretty hot, in a nerdy sort of way. He was a little shorter than 6 feet, thin and muscular with glasses and short brown hair….not exactly her type, but she always liked the way he looked at her and complimented her in class. “Why? It’s not illegal, I’m 19…” she said as her voice began to trail off. She reached down and felt his jeans, he was getting harder. “Let’s go to the couch, I’m gonna make you forget your wife.” She took his trembling hand and led him through the hallway onto the couch.

Carter’s mind was racing as he followed his teenage goddess to the couch. This was the girl he had been fantasizing about, but this can’t be real! She’s a student, he’s her teacher….these things just don’t happen. He thought about his wife, she wouldn’t be home for a few hours, so what harm would one little fling cause?

She pushed him down on the couch and leaned over him. Maria liked being in control, but the truth was, she had never done this before. She brushed her blonde hair out of her face and kissed Carter quickly. She pulled away, and he reached out and grabbed one of her breasts. She removed gaziantep rus escort his hand slowly began to take her top off, revealing a red lace bra underneath. As she tossed her t-shirt aside, she noticed his cock standing at full attention in his jeans. He began to undo his pants, and she slid off her short skirt to show off a matching set of panties. She leaned over and smiled at Carter….he had gorgeous eyes behind those glasses. Soon he stopped fidgeting, and she looked down to find his cock waiting for her. It was huge, much bigger than she ever expected from him, and he could tell she was a little nervous.

“Suck it,” he ordered. He wasn’t the nervous one anymore, she was. Maria began to stroke and took him into her mouth slowly.

And then the door opened.

Amanda Jordan, half-drunk, stumbled into the living room, startling her husband and the teenage girl on the floor. She dropped her purse in disbelief as she saw the girl deepthroating her husband of 17 years.

“What…..the…..fuck….is going on here?” she questioned. It wasn’t very hard to tell. There was a nineteen year old blonde kneeling on her living room floor sucking the dick of her pantless husband on their couch.

Maria shot up in an instant. “Oh my God I’m so sorry,” she screamed, as she rushed to grab her clothes. But Amanda had other ideas. Carter’s suspicions were right, she had been cheating on him, with several men and women. Amanda was drunk and horny, and immediately felt herself get wet upon walking in.

“You’re not going anywhere, sweetheart,” Amanda said, locking the door behind her. Maria stopped what she was doing and a puzzled look came across her face.

“What do you mean?”

“Honey,” she said, turning to Carter, “are you going to fuck one of your students?” He dodged the question.

“No….it’s not what it looks like….”

Maria made a move for the front door. “Get the fuck back here,” Amanda snarled. Maria was caught by surprise. “Take your clothes off and suck his dick.” Maria and Carter were both shocked.

“Wh-what?” she replied.

Amanda took off her shoes and started to remove her top. “And then you’re going to go down on me. Have you ever gone down on a woman before? What’s your name?” Amanda could see Carter getting hard once again.

“This is the woman I married,” he thought. Amanda removed her bra to show off her 34B breasts.

“Maria….my name’s Maria,” she replied. “N-n-no, I haven’t ever fooled around with a girl.” She had thought about it before, but she’d never acted on her actions other than a meaningless kiss to turn some gaziantep rus escort bayan guys on at a local bar. She eyed up Amanda….she was pretty good looking for a woman her age. She was thin with shoulder length brown hair, and somewhat small tits.

“What are you starin’ at, honey?” Amanda asked. “Stop staring and start sucking,” she said, motioning towards her husband’s hard cock. Maria wavered.

“I don’t think I can.”

A fierce look came over Amanda’s face, and she strutted over to timid Maria. She grabbed Maria’s cheeks and pulled her face right next to hers. Amanda whispered loudly, “Look slut, we all know why you’re here. You want to fuck my husband. But now you’re going to fuck both of us. So you need to shut the fuck up and start sucking his dick before I MAKE you suck his dick.”

Maria’s knees got weak as she felt her pussy moisten. She always liked being controlled, and this situation was too much for her. She reached down and felt her panties; they were soaked. She turned and stared into Amanda’s green eyes. Amanda’s eyes got lighter, and she smiled. “Your man’s waiting,” she said softly, nodding towards Carter. Maria licked her lips and began to saunter towards Carter and his hard dick. He took off his shirt, which left him totally naked, and sat down on the couch. Right before Maria got to him, she was stopped from behind.

Amanda grabbed Maria’s hips and began to kiss the back of her neck. It was soft, and reminded Amanda of one of her female playmates. She parted the back of Maria’s long blonde hair and unclasped her bra. Maria let the bra fall to the floor, exposing her beautiful boobs. Amanda began to kiss the sides of her neck, and Maria closed her eyes. The kisses felt so soft, so sensual, and she could feel her nipples getting hard. Amanda’s hands slid down the sides of Maria’s body and slowly pulled down her panties.

Maria turned around and kissed Amanda. Her tongue danced in Amanda’s mouth as her hands moved to Amanda’s waist. She could feel that Amanda’s pussy was wet as well, and removed her panties.

“Three naked people….” Carter laughed. Maria turned to face him with a sly look on her face. She knelt on the floor for the second time and began to lick his dickhead. It tasted like any other dick she’d ever sucked, but for some reason, it felt better to her. She was more turned on than ever before.

Maria turned her gaze up Carter’s body and they locked eyes. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and teased it a bit. Meanwhile, Amanda sat on the couch next to Carter and began kissing him.

“Is that the best you can escort rus gaziantep do?” Amanda asked Maria. “Have you ever sucked a dick before?” Of course she had, but she was never really that great at it. “Here, let me show you….”

Amanda knelt down next to Maria and kissed her. “Watch and learn,” Amanda said. She grabbed Carter’s dick and began stroking quickly. Carter groaned in pleasure, and Amanda took his dick into her throat. She played with his balls while she deepthroated him. “Now you try….”

Maria began sucking harder while Amanda began to play with her pussy. She moaned in ecstasy as Amanda fingerfucked her in and out. She began to suck harder and faster, and Carter screamed in pleasure. Soon, she felt Amanda pull her hair. Maria stood up and looked at her mistress. “Lay down on the couch now.”

Maria didn’t question. She lay down on the couch with her head at one end. Amanda stuck three fingers in her pussy and leaned over to kiss her. She began to finger Maria quite hard, and Maria moaned as Carter kneeled over her breasts. He stuck his dick in her mouth and began to rock back and forth. His speed picked up, and he was fucking her mouth in no time. At the same time, Amanda began to lick Maria’s pussy. It was the tightest pussy she had ever seen, and tasted amazingly sweet. She took Maria’s clit in between her teeth and bit gently.

Maria felt herself getting hot all over. The fingers fucking her pussy, sucking a cock, and having her pussy licked was getting her close to cumming. She strove to take Carter all in, and he grabbed the back of her head. Maria began to choke and her eyes began to water. She gagged, and Carter pulled her head back down after a quick breath of air. She could feel her makeup running just before it happened. She felt Amanda’s fingers massaging her g-spot, and began to orgasm.

Amanda felt Maria’s legs shake as she began to squirt pussy juice all over her face. “Yes, baby!” Amanda shouted as Maria filled her mouth with juice. Amanda spit the juice back onto her pussy and licked even more furiously, turned on that her body and couch were now covered in Maria’s pussy juice.

However, Maria wasn’t the only one who was going to cum. Carter began to fuck Maria’s face even harder as he came dangerously close. He motioned to his wife, who knelt down next to Maria’s face. Maria could tell that Carter was going to cum, and she rubbed her tits together.

“Come on baby, cum on me.”

Amanda smiled and laughed. “Come on Carter, cum all over your little cum slut.”

Carter pulled his dick out of Maria’s mouth at the last second and exploded on her lips and nose. When he was done facializing her, Amanda bent down and helped scoop the cum into Maria’s mouth. She gagged a little because of the taste but swallowed all of the cum with Amanda’s help. Amanda grabbed her chin and looked at the teen slut. She bent over, kissed her, and took her by the hand.

“It’s time to go upstairs,” Amanda said. “Time for the real fun to begin…..”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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