The Real Golden Rule Ch. 01

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Dee trembled as she stood in front of the house. She had not moved for the last three or four minutes, although she knew what she was supposed to do. She almost stopped her hand in midair as she started to knock on the door – but didn’t. Then she thought about running back to her car, however, her feet did not move.

The door opened immediately and he stood in the doorway looking back at her. “Well, hello. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to knock. Come in.”

Her mind again pressed her to run. However, the moment he took her hand she found herself following him into the living room of the small house. Letting go of it, Rory turned and locked the door. She began to relax and panic, at the same time, as her options for escape seemed to narrow.

Commands came from behind her. “Coat. Purse. Phone.” She undid the belt her coat and handed it and the purse to him, which he hung up on a small coat rack. Turning to her, he held out his hand. She did not move.

“Was I not clear? Or did you not do your assignment for last night?”

She stood still holding her phone tightly.

“So, this is the way you want to play it?”

“Anna.” she whispered.

“It does not matter where she is.” Rory looked at her for a moment gently touching her face, then undoing the first buttons on her shirt, he said, “Nervous?” Unbuttoning the third he opened her shirt revealing a blue silk and lace bra holding her heavy breasts. He ran his hands over her exposed chest making sure to stop to at the nipples, which were hard with the coolness of the room and her growing need, to play with them roughly.

Dee swallowed and nodded her head.

Spinning her around, Rory directed Dee down the hallway to the bedroom. His hand rested on the small of her back.

“I can’t. No.”

Dee felt his hand on the back of her neck, then a firm squeeze which made her pleading stop.

“Don’t worry I have something I think will help you.” He squeezed again, “On your knees.” Dee fell quickly to the floor. She could feel her skirt ride up her thick thighs. He knelt behind her pinning her to the floor by resting his knee on the back of one of her calves. Knowing what was expected, Dee clasped her hands in front of her. She felt a strap of material and a heavy metal latch around her neck. It was the collar they had been using to train her.

“Please, no.” She said as the clasp locked in place. Hearing the click Dee knew she was undone. Sliding his finger into the loop attached to the collar Rory stood up forcing her to stand with him or choke. Dee handed him her phone and started to walk.

Turning into the bedroom she noticed Anna standing on a towel facing away from the door. Her hands were on the dresser in front of her. She was spread eagle. The backs of her legs and her ass were bright red. The towel appeared to be wringing wet. Dee gasped.

Leaning into her, he whispered, “Everyone gets what they need, want, or deserve. You want her. She deserves her treat as well. Now face the door and get undressed. Put you clothes on the chair over there. Stockings or Escort bayan hose?”


“I have seen the bra, are you wearing underwear?”

“Yes.” She knew she was only to answer questions from here on out put directly to her and they were to be answered as quickly as possible. The feel of collar around her neck had already started to move her into the “proper mindset.” They – Rory and Anna – had seduced her so slowly with wine and prolonged make out and petting threesomes that by the time they suggested she wear the collar to heighten the game she did so willingly. Over weeks they had her follow the smallest commands while she wore it. The ritual became second nature. Now she did not or could not resist their demands while she wore it.

“Well that was pointless. Those come off- bra, stockings, and heels stay on. Then, get back on the spot where you were placed, facing the door. Quickly.”

Undressing, Dee heard a sound that she had not heard before, although she knew what it meant. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Rory playing roughly with Anna’s sex. She was obviously enjoying the abuse as her juices poured down her leg and onto the towel beneath her.

“Did you like having to wait to finish?”

“No.” Anna grunted out.

“Too bad.” He slid three fingers deeply into her pussy and she began to cum hard. “You can pay Dee back for making you wait later.” His entire hand was deep in her and she shook like deranged puppet, as he allowed her to finish. Dee quickly looked away – as Anna’s shuddering slowed and she stopped panting – embarrassed and excited by her act of voyeurism. She caught a quick look at herself as she looked away in the full-length mirror across the room. She was plush with a plump ass and large breasts.

“So, did you like what you saw?”

“No.” She lied, but didn’t. While the scene thrilled her, her own body did not excite her. Perhaps, that was the reason she felt no remorse for letting the two roommates take possession of it.

“Well, I do.” His hand touched Dee’s backside. He began to alternatively kiss and bite her back like some animal on the Discovery Channel demanding a female’s submission. He ran his tongue along her spine and her skin turned to goose flesh. “I can smell your excitement. Still, I get it. Everyone else’s desires seem so bland or alien. But the real ‘Golden Rule’ should be, do onto others as they want it done to them. Not as you would like done unto you.” He hands found her breasts and nipples again, “I love this bra, but you know the rules all underwear is -“

“White or nothing.” She said, as he coaxed the words out of her by being very aggressive with her nipples.

“Exactly.” He eased up. “So despite how lovely it is and you are in it you have to be punished. Now or later, it is your choice.”


“Always the best. Bend over the bed.”

Dee followed the command. As tall as she was it was an awkward position that put her off balance almost giving her the sensation of falling, especially in the required three inch or better heels. Bayan escort And, she knew that was by design. Behind her back several loops of rope quickly wrapped around her wrists and then were locked into place as the rope was twisted along its own length. The rope was then threaded through a carbineer that was attached to the ring on her collar. The pressure on the collar restricted her breathing just enough to make her feel slightly light headed. The sensation and its danger began to raise her heat just enough that when Rory touched the lips of her pussy – she moaned.

How fucking embarrassing? She thought.

“I think someone is enjoying herself.” He said stepping over to the chair. He picked up her panties and wadded them up.

“The rule again.”

“White undergarments.”

“The rest…”

“Or nothing.”

Rory pulled on her bindings until her mouth opened, in a quick gasp for air, and he popped them in her mouth. “Don’t spit them out or drop them and you have to keep count aloud.”

A quick open handed slap stung her ass. She had expected it but it still threw her.

“Count.” He said as he slid his fingers into her, moving them just enough to cause her to start to wiggle. She could taste her earlier excitement on the panties, which made her want more. More of what she did not know yet.

“One.” She shouted, hoping not to see what the punishment for losing the gag or the count was. Two, three and four hurt, but the shock was gone and between each stroke he played with her and she knew that if this pace kept up she would be on the verge of cumming before ten. Five, six, and seven – she barely felt as her wetness began to slick both her thighs. The pace seemed so maddeningly slow and far too fast. She was positive she would be unable to hold her release until the end. With eight and nine her knees shook so much she could barely support her own weight even with the bed as support. She saw him shift his position slightly changing where the tenth blow struck. He spanked her sex directly. The pain was worse than the first and made her body electric. “Ten!”

Again, he began to stroke her. Not violently but certainly rougher than earlier. Dee felt her body lock up, as she collapsed against the bed entirely, shaking uncontrollably. Two sets of hands helped her regain her balance and pulled her onto the bed.

“You handled that so well.” Anna said plucking the gag from her mouth. “What did you think?” She kissed Dee hard and wet exploring her mouth with a demanding tongue. Dee noticed that she wore a collar much like her own.

“Are you his, also.”

“At times, although our situation is much more fluid. Unlike you – you took to it so naturally. You are ours make no mistake about it.”

Dee felt Anna’s fingers start to creep into her. “No, please don’t.”

“That is not the way it works here – not for you.” Anna’s voice turned more demanding. “Open your legs.”

With a nervous sob Deb complied.

“Don’t be that way.” Anna’s voice became softer. “You are here because you wish to be, Escort so relax. In the end, except for the occasional punishment, you will love it. And even those you might enjoy. Don’t pretend I did not see you a few moments ago. You were so worked up and desirable.” Anna stopped and started kissing Dee’s chest as she played with her.

“Where is he? Oh, no…” She said as she started thrusting forward feverishly.

“It’s not like that for you. Sometimes it will be Rory. Sometimes me. Sometimes both. You are our pet here for our enjoyment. And your own…” Dee could only see a bright light three feet in front of her as she was about to cum yet again, nothing else mattered, just getting to that spot of light. “… sometimes but not right now.” Dee’s body deflated as Anna pulled her fingers out of her. “That is for making me wait for my cum.”

“No. Please no. Don’t leave me like this.”

“I can guarantee you won’t be left alone tonight. However, as for getting to cum again that depends.”

“Hello, you two.” Rory stood in the doorway.

Thank God it’s him. Dee thought. Why am I saying that it’s his fault I’m in this condition? “Please, sir.”

“Sorry, I cannot right now. Anna originally found you and we agreed she’d get sometime alone with you tonight but I can still watch until she’s done. It will all very educational.” He knelt by the bed, smoothed her hair, and deeply kissed her. “You did very well and I am sure you will be quite pleased with Anna’s plans for you. Well maybe, you did make her wait. She can be a bitch about that.” Standing up, he walked out of the room. “She hates denial. Besides I have to check your homework.” He raised her phone up and shook it.

With that he tapped the screen on her phone and there she was in mid-orgasm. The homework was that she had to record her face as she brought herself to orgasm. It was harder than one would think as the screen attested as it started to shake violently as she hit her peak.

“What do you think?” He asks. “You cum beautifully. But I knew that. However, now we have some lovely evidence of what a little slut our housewife is. There is no escape for you. So, we can start the work of truly owning you. Well I have to go for a bit.”

The sound of something filled with bees caught Dee’s attention. Anna was wielding a white wand with a large vibrating head on it. Again, she pushed her fingers into Dee pulling her up, which spread her wide, allowing Anna to place the ball directly on her clit. The two pressures caused her to nearly rip herself apart. However, the ball was quickly replaced by two lips and a tongue which found her hard as a pebble and drew it into a wet and warm wonderfulness that was its own torment. Suddenly, the frantic “bouncing ball” was back on her, leading her up to her own crescendo. The process repeated itself rapidly and randomly in a manner that did not allow for Dee to achieve the climax she most desperately wanted but held her ever closer to it. Within ten minutes she was covered in sweat, cursing, and begging for Anna to stop, then whimpering for more, the moment she did.

Dee had found her ‘More’ or at least the beginning of it.

She did not need rescuing.



I would like to thank “shygirlwhore” for her help in doing yeoman’s or yeowoman’s (more correctly) work by editing this piece.

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