The Realtor

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Although this is a work of fiction, it is inspired by a very elegant woman I have known for about 10 years. She is beautiful and intelligent, with a great business sense. I have often thought she could be a very successful Real Estate Agent, especially in the high end market. After you read this you’ll know why.

I had just arrived in the Austin area, having accepted a promotion to an executive position with the company I have been with for about 15 years. At first I was reluctant because I really did not want to move, but when they offered me a salary well into six figures with bonuses, moving incentives, and the perks of a Vice President position, well, I was hooked.

I decided to take full advantage of all the perks and to at least have a comfortable home. Yes, there are bachelors that do want to live in a single home.

I didn’t know one realtor from another in Austin, so I went on the recommendation provided by the President’s secretary. She has lived in the area all her life and has recommended the same realtor several times for other senior executives in the company with only the most outstanding results. I told her I would appreciate her assistance, and she said she would call Lillian to tell her to expect my call.

When I called and introduced myself, and said Marge had recommended her, Lillian immediately welcomed my call. Even over the phone I could tell she was giving me her undivided attention. She had a very warm voice and was clearly very knowledgeable of the upscale property market in the area. I provided a brief description of what I was interested in and made an appointment for a few days later so she would have time to do some research for the best prospects for my specific needs.

For the appointment I wore a business suit. When I arrived, Lillian’s secretary showed me right in indicating I was expected. I was immediately struck by her roomy and richly appointed office which only a very successful real estate broker would have the privilege of having. I was also struck by Lillian herself, dressed professionally elegant in a dark blue business suit that certainly impressed. She was wearing a slender skirt cut stylishly above the knee, a jacket with a single button and a silky white blouse, left unbuttoned just enough and shiny stockings. As we shook hands and exchanged greetings I immediately noticed her smile, beautiful eyes and perfectly styled hair. Of course I would be less than honest if I didn’t say I also noticed Lillian’s D-cup breasts as I allowed my eyes to take in the stunning woman before me.

Lillian invited me to sit in one of the comfortable chairs near her desk and then lifted one leg to sit on the edge of the desk as she briefed me on her services and we discussed my desires. She finished by briefing me on the properties she would be showing me that day. Lillian certainly had my complete attention as she was showing off an ample amount of her very shapely thighs.

“Shall we go,” Lillian asked? “My car is just outside.”

I followed her out the private entrance and after opening the driver’s door for her, I got in the front next to her. There was no missing her lovely legs as her skirt rode up when she sat down.

Our conversation was lively as we chatted about the area and I enjoyed hearing her thoughts and I told her about my new position.

“Very impressive,” Lillian stated after I indicated I was a new VP with the company.

I returned the compliment saying, “I am already impressed with your service and knowledge.” Continuing, “Your office is certainly a tribute to your success in the business and I’m sure you didn’t get overnight.

“Actually, last year I closed deals on 34 properties over $1 million.”

“Wow! Now that is impressive,” I said.

Arriving at the first house, I quickly got out and opened her door. It was very hard not to look at her lovely legs especially as she stepped out of the car, revealing a lot more of her lovely thighs. Our eyes met and we both smiled knowingly as she smoothed her skirt to make it slide down again.

The house she chose to show me first was already vacant but well appointed with many extra features. Not only did I find the house beautiful, but I couldn’t help but watch Lillian as she moved around showing and explaining all the special features. It was difficult not to notice “Her” special features. The single button of her jacket enhanced Şerifali Escort the fullness of her breasts and slim waist. When she bent slightly to show me a lower cabinet in the kitchen the sight of her skirt stretched tightly across her shapely rear was eye catching. Soon she was leading me upstairs and I have to admit, I wasn’t looking at the house at that point, but up Lillian’s skirt.

Reaching the top, she turned as if to make sure I was following since I had fallen silent. She caught me looking and asked, “What do you think of the features so far?”

I answered with one word, “Impressive.”

We completed the tour and headed back out to the car. Just as I opened her door her cell phone rang and she sat in the seat still facing me with one leg in the car and the other still on the ground, as she checked who was calling. She did not take the call saying, “I don’t take calls when I am servicing a client. Your time is very valuable and I do not like to interrupt your enjoyment of what I am showing you.”

Obviously her skirt had again ridden up and this time I could see the tops of her stockings and the garters holding them in place. Was I staring? Probably so, but when our eyes met again Lillian was smiling at me and asked, “Are you ready to see more?”

I enthusiastically said, “Yes!”

The second house, also empty, was even more gorgeous than the first. Again I helped Lillian out of the car and since it had warmed up quite a bit, I took my jacket off and placed it on the back seat.

“I agree it certainly is getting very warm. That looks like a good idea.”

She opened the single button, and I helped her take the jacket off and carefully lay it on the seat also. The silky material of her blouse clung to her breasts showing off their fullness.

I found this house very interesting with plenty of special features, but in all honesty, at this point my focus was really on Lillian. It was such a pleasure to watch her move. It seems as though as she showed each of the home’s features, she was also showing her own features off. I just loved the wiggle of her hips and ass as she led me from room to room.

Unfortunately, these were the only two properties we could see this day, but she had one more vacant one to show me the following day and then one that is still occupied and fully furnished to show the day after that. As we rode back to your office we agreed on an appointment time the next day.

Returning to the office, I again open her door and then reach to retrieve out jackets. As I return hers we shake hands, but our hands seem to linger as our eyes meet and we warmly smile at each other. I tell her, “we are off to a wonderful start and I look forward to seeing more lovely features tomorrow.”

The next day I am again promptly shown into Lillian’s office when I arrive and before we can even shake hands I am struck by the red suit she is wearing. It is very form fitting with a tight skirt that is considerably shorter than her suit the previous day. The jacket has two buttons and she is not wearing a blouse under the jacket. It is very easy to notice her cleavage as the jacket has a plunging neckline and she must be wearing a push up bra. It took what seemed like a long while to cross the room because I was taking in the lovely vision before me. But, when we do come together we shake hands and I notice she was also looking me over. Our full smiles tell each other we both enjoyed what we saw.

Without hesitation we head out as she advises this property is special and will take longer to see all the features. Ever the gentleman, I open her door and my eyes enjoy the sight of her legs in her spike heels. As I get in, she is adjusting her position and her stocking tops are clearly visible. Additionally, her jacket has opened slightly because she is now sitting and I can see her shapely mounds pushed up out of her lacey bra.

Our conversation is again easy as we ride and we become more familiar with each other. As we arrive, she stops the car at the foot of the driveway to allow me to get an initial impression. She gives me a few moments to take in the overall view, then turns towards me and asks, “What do think?” As she moved to face me more of her lovely thighs are revealed and her jacket opens wider.

Without taking my eyes off her I respond, “Lovely, absolutely lovely.”

We head to the house and she İstanbul Escort unlocks the door and I open it for her. As she slides by me I am treated to the wonderful scent of her perfume and as we slowly stroll through the house I sense that we are walking and standing closer together. I can already clearly see this house is much nicer than the others and it will take much more time to see everything. As she leads the way she frequently touches me on the arm to follow or to note something special. As we enter the kitchen I tell her I enjoy cooking so she makes sure I see all the features. One of particular note she points out is the arrangement of the easily accessible shelves in the lower cabinets for storing cookware which she turns and bends over to demonstrate. With her tight skirt I am treated to a lovely view and notice her thong is a perfect matching color with her suit.

She asks me, “Do you like the easy access?”

“It is beautiful,” I respond.

When she stands back up, unlike previous times, she doesn’t immediately lower her skirt again as she urns to lead on. From the kitchen we head upstairs and of course, I follow. As she goes up she tries to smooth her skirt back down but the effort is futile and I truly enjoy watching her wiggle her ass. At the top she stops to point out the view from the large window at the entry. As she does she is very close to me and I sense she is caressing my arm with her breasts. At the same time I am again filled with the scent of her perfume and tell her, “I love your perfume, it is very exciting. What is it?”

She tells me and I respond, “It makes you very desirable.”

Lillian’s smile and touch on my arm tell me she is very pleased with my comment.

We move to the Master bedroom and she takes me out on the terrace to show me the view. I sit down on one of the built in benches as she leans back against the railing facing me and raises her foot, hooking the heel of her shoe over the middle rail. This provides a clear view of the bright red thong covering her feminine treasure. She asks, “What do you think of this view?”

“I absolutely love your suit. You look absolutely stunning in it.”

“Thank you for the nice compliment. That is exactly the view I was hoping you were interested in. We are definitely on the same wavelength, aren’t we?”

As we share a laugh at the fact that we are both having the same thoughts, I respond, “I’m glad we are both thinking the same way.”

Lillian continued, “This suit was a gift from one of my clients. I get excited wearing the attractive clothes they have given me.”

“I really do enjoy the whole outfit, particularly your matching red bra.

“I’m glad you appreciate it. I like to provide special service to my special clients.”

We linger a while longer, and deciding I have seen all the features we head back to the office. There, we spend a few minutes enjoying the cool air and discussing the last property she will be showing me tomorrow, Saturday. She tells me, “It is really special and I’m sure you will see many very special features tomorrow.

“I’m sure I will and, Lillian, I just want to tell you again how striking you look in your suit today.” I also note how excited she really is as her hard nipples are clearly visible poking out through the material of both her bra and her suit.

“Since tomorrow is Saturday I will be the only one in the office so just ring the buzzer at the private entrance when you arrive and I will come let you in.”

As I leave, I kiss her lightly on each cheek and thank her for your very special services.

Saturday is hotter than any day in recent memory, so I wear only a white golf shirt and a pair of nice black slacks. At Lillian’s office I ring the buzzer and in a few moments she is there to let me in. As I enter she welcomes me with a kiss on each cheek. “Just returning the gesture from yesterday,” she says with a warm smile.

The heat obviously impacted her choice of clothes too. As I follow her into the office, I notice her short, tight black skirt with a rather long slit up the rear. She offers me a seat on the sofa facing her desk and leans back against her desk with her hands on the top behind her. Her legs are gorgeous and I see that the front of her skirt has a slit just like the back, so her thighs are nicely displayed. As my eyes move up I can’t help but notice her full tits Ümraniye Escort with dark nipples clearly visible through the thin material of her white blouse. We exchange comments about the weather, how hot it is and that dressing lightly is important to stay cool. Lillian walks around to the back of her desk to retrieve the paper to brief me on the property she is showing me today and returns to the same position in front of her desk again. As she moved I can tell through the material of her blouse that she is indeed wearing a bra and enjoy the delightful jiggle of her breasts. I try to listen intently as she speaks, but I am curious about her bra, since her tits are so clearly visible. She moves slightly as she is speaking and I can finally see she is wearing a “Shelf” bra that beautifully supports her tits while still leaving them uncovered almost as if she is offering them to me and obviously, makes for a fantastic sight.

“Thank you, this property sounds irresistible, but I do have a couple questions.” (See I was listening) I ask about several items in the house and continue, “I really enjoy your choice in clothes today. You are a gorgeous sight.”

“I thought you would like it, she says with a seductive smile.

As always I open the door of the car for her to get in and enjoy a very lovely view of her stockinged legs and given the slits in her skirt I am curious when I do not see any hint of panties or a thong. As we ride, although we are chatting, I must confess it is difficult to not look at her tits. But I guess she probably does not mind either.

Upon entering the house I have to gasp as it is even more beautiful than I could have imagined. The owners have done a fantastic job decorating. As we tour the house I notice that besides showing the house off, Lillian is also showing off, and yes, I enjoy it thoroughly.

The house has a bar decorated as an Irish Pub and we sit on the stools to take it all in. While there, her movements actually cause her blouse to open and one of her lovely tits is completely visible, and I am pleased that she makes no effort to cover it.

I finally comment, “You outfit is even more lovely than when I complimented you back at you office.”

Lillian looks down and notices the open blouse and then sensuously opens it more saying, “I guess I should let you see both my tits.”

“I really like your bra.”

Believe it or not, we return to our conversation about the house and then head upstairs to see the rest. I am happy to see that she leaves her blouse wide open and I thoroughly enjoy watching her tits jiggle as she walks with that very seductive wiggle in her ass. She obviously knows where my eyes are focused as she leads the way up the wide staircase and allows me to look up your skirt. The upstairs is every bit as beautiful as the first floor but the most fantastic sight is when we are in the Master bedroom and Lillian playfully gets on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees and says, “I bet you could really find a way to enjoy a suite like this.”

I couldn’t help but agree with her statement, because as she posed I was treated to a fantastic view of the treasure between her legs since she was not wearing panties and I said, “Lillian that is the absolute best feature of all.”

I help her back off the bed and we head back downstairs and she makes no effort to pull her skirt back down. We return to the bar and sitting on the stools facing each other to discuss the four houses she has shown me.

I say “Actually, there isn’t much to discuss as this house is my choice.”

She gives me her seductive smile again and extends her foot and lightly caresses my crotch with her high heels and asks, “Are you interested in making any offers?”

“Yes, a couple,” I respond.

We promptly head out to go back to your office and do the paperwork. As she gets in the car, she lingers for a long moment with one foot already in and the other still on the ground giving me a wonderful view of her glistening womanhood.

At the office we concentrate on the paperwork and when it is ready to sign she beckons me to the side of her chair for the necessary signatures.

Lillian says, “You said you wanted to make a couple offers?”

Silently I open my pants that have been barely hiding my erection and take it out. Her warm smile intensifies and after a short moment she takes my cock in her hand, followed quickly by the pleasure of her lips.

Time escapes us as we both enjoy the pleasure. Lillian reminds me, “I told you I provide special services to my special clients and I am also very proud to offer services after the sale too.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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