The Return of Axe Ch. 01

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Sixty year old Joel Smith and his 55 year old wife Betty were just returning from their Wednesday night bingo club, when they pulled up to their daughter’s driveway and saw her son’s car park in the back yard. The car was rocking back and forth on its wheels. The front window and the two side windows were covered up with blankets. The back window happened to be all steamed up from whatever their grandson was doing in the back of it.

Betty didn’t care what he was doing. She told Joel that it’s past their time and young kids like to fuck whenever and wherever. As Betty when into the house, Joel crept into the backyard and bent down near the back of the car. He took a sneak peek into the car and a pair of bare feet immediately hit the window. He knew they couldn’t have been his grandson Steve’s feet. His were a lot larger than the pair on the window.

The feet were moving up and down in the window, wiping the steam off as they moved. That gave Joel a clear shot to see what was going on. He took a look inside the car and his grandson Steve, who is not an attractive guy, was fucking some hot blond with big tits.

Joel’s dick immediately hardened. At this time in his life, he wished he wasn’t taking penis enhancement pills. He never used his penis anyways but he was hoping that his wife would soon come around and fuck his brains out like she use to do.

Joel turned his focus back to his grandson fucking this big tit blond. He was balls deep within her pussy and had a mouthful of tits to add to her pleasure. Joel couldn’t understand how his unattractive grandson had been having a new girl every night for the past 2 weeks.

Steve was not your Mr. Romeo type of guy. He was a bookworm. Very shy when it came to asking girls out. He had never been with a girl one on one before, nor had attractive girls like her ever spoken to him before unless they were insulting him. He was still a virgin by the time he turned 24, and now at 25, he had been fucking new girls for 2 weeks straight.

Joel knew his grandson had to be doing some type of magic or drugging these girls to fuck him. Not only was Steve a nerd to a lot of people, but he was very tall and clumpy. He wore thick glasses and could barely see out of them. His hair was all red and puffy looking and freckles appeared on every part of his body except his 5-inch dick. That was not the type of guy who got to score with hot girls. Not even his sense of humor was the kind girls would go for, and instead of trying to be nice, he just acted retarded and messed things up a lot more than helping things.

But Joel had to give his ugly grandson some credit. He had a hot girl with big tits riding his cock. Joel remembered when he was Steve’s age and had girls with small tits ride his dick. But when he met Steve’s grandma, she was stacked with a pair of 38DD’s. Joel knew he had to marry her even though she was very unattractive. Now her once perky and high DD’s sagged and wrinkled to her stomach. Joel figured Steve must have gotten his looks from his grandma and mother.

Steve’s mom was a below average looking girl. She only had one boyfriend and that was Steve’s dad. He was a handsome jock who had an obsession with girls and big tits. Joel didn’t like him at first because all he wanted was his daughter’s 36DD’s. But they shared something in common. They both loved girls with big tits, even if they were the ugliest things in the world.

The ugly gene must have skipped his 18-year-old granddaughter. She was a knock out, though her skin was a little bit on the pale side. She was still very pretty with her long flowing red hair reaching all the way down to her lower back. Not too skinny and not too thick. The only thing oversized about her was her huge titties. She sported a pair of 38EE’s on a small frame. Bigger than her mother’s who was now a 42DDD’s. Both ways, the mother was still quite huge and his granddaughter Bobby Jo was still a virgin. From what he knew, her body had never been touch or caressed by any man. Joel was practically the only guy she ever hugged. The father left after Steve was born because he didn’t want an ugly kid.

Joel couldn’t tell how big his wife’s was, they sagged too much to be called tits anymore. Joel can’t help but to hug his granddaughter every chance he got, to feel her pillowy big tits press against his chest. He also hugged his daughter to for the same reason.

He knew Steve have developed the loving huge tit genes from his father and himself. He would now and then try and spy on his own mom and even his sister. Steve was driven so crazy about breasts that he would even cop a feel from his grandma while she was sleeping. Joel really didn’t care because he didn’t want to touch them.

Things had quietened down in the car after a few minutes. Joel was fast asleep right outside at back of the car. Steve and his fuck buddy got out of the car to find his grandpa sleeping.

“Hey grandpa. Wake up,” said Steve shaking his grandpa. “Oh. I know what he needs. Some gaziantep escort bayan ilanları nice big ole tits to wake him up. Go head Debbie. Let my grandpa get a taste of some big titties.”

Debbie knelt to the ground in front of Joel and started smoothing his face with her large breasts. Joel’s hands immediately took hold of them and he latched a big nipple into his mouth. As he sucked on it, he could taste semen substance on it but he didn’t care. He mauled and groped her tits hard as he increased the sucking, stuffing as much of her tits into his mouth as humanly possible.

Debbie was really horny again and soon came from Joel’s tit sucking.

Joel himself finally open his eyes and knew he wasn’t dreaming. He had a pair of ample tits in his face and the nipples in his mouth. His cock was standing straight up through his pants. He continued to suck her nipples until she came again.

“All right grandpa. That’s enough,” said Steve dragging his topless fuck buddy away and to her own car. He gave her a kiss goodnight and one last tit squeeze before she drove off.

Both Joel and Steve went into the house and saw Steve’s mom Jane, sitting on the couch in her pink robe watching TV. Steve’s sister Bobby Jo came bouncing downstairs in nothing but a white long shirt and socks. The shirt was stretching way out due to her massive tits, which were bouncing from her coming down stairs; they nearly reached her face. Her nipples were visible showing she wasn’t wearing a bra. That usually signalled that she was ready for bed. Joel didn’t realize it was that late all ready.

Steve decided to watch TV with his mom and sister. Joel acted like he was going to bed but really went into Steve’s room to find out his magic. As he was looking around, he couldn’t find anything more than condoms and more condoms, porn mags and videotapes. Joel then smelt a recognizable odor in the room. The same odor that Steve has been smelling like since he started bring home a different girl every night.

“It must be in the cologne. Perhaps he created some kind of love potion. He’s smart enough. I’m sure of it,” Joel said to himself.

Joel found a short black can on Steve’s drawer with the label “Axe Body Deodorant” on it. He sniffed the top of it and it had the same smell. He decided to give it a try and spray a little bit on his neck and chest. He needed a test subject so he headed to his room where his wife was sleeping. He crawled into bed and his wife Betty immediately awakened.

“Oh Joel. I’m so horny. Fuck me,” she blurted out.

Joel was surprise by the words she used to want to have sex. He felt her hands immediately touch his soft dick and turned it hard. She stroked his cock through his jeans and started to kiss him, sliding her tongue deep into his mouth.

Joel stuck his tongue into her mouth and they licked each other’s mouths. Then Joel’s hands capture one of his wife’s saggy tits and squeezed it. It was very soft and tender. The nipples were hard in the palm of his hand.

Betty stood up and lifted up her evening gown, revealing her no so perfect body to Joel. Her tits were huge but sagged nearly to her pussy. The nipples were big and brown as well as the areolas. She had a gut belly and a black dark bush hiding her pussy. Her ass was widely spread out from her sides and had wrinkles all over it.

She continued to jerk off Joel and felt his cock get bigger and bigger in her hands.

“Mmmm Joel. You’re beautifully hung,” Betty moaned and she unzipped his jeans and pulled out his rock hard huge dick.

“Those pills come in handy honey,” Joel moaned, squeezing his wife’s titties and feeling them sink between his fingers. He ran his thumbs over her big nipples and pinched them.

“Mmmm Joel. Suck my nipples please. It’s been so long since you sucked them,” moaned Betty.

Joel didn’t hesitate and latched his mouth to one of her big nipples. He sucked hard on it, pressing his face deep into her tit. He stretched her tit from her chest by pulling it with his mouth, sucking on the end of it. His hands travelled down her breasts to her hairy pussy. He inserted two fingers inside and started finger fucking her while sucking her nipples.

“Oh yes Joel. I’m so wet. Fuck my pussy. I need that hard dick in me,” moaned Betty, gripping Joel’s big dick harder in her hands. That made Joel suck her tit harder and rapidly finger her pussy and pinch her clit.

Betty pulled her now saliva covered tit out of Joel’s mouth and bent down in front of his big dick and started to lick the head.

Joel just leaned back and let Betty suck his cock. She swirled her tongue around the head and then dragged it up and down his powerful shaft. Her tongue then tickled down his wrinkle balls and sucked them into her mouth. She sucked each ball in turn and then popped both into her mouth and sucked on them. Her tongue lashed at them inside her mouth.

Joel felt escort bayan gaziantep ilanları his cock ready to explode all from her tongue bath. Betty pulled out her false teeth and slid the cock between her lips. Her gums dragged up and down his cock. It was a weird feeling having her gums against his cock but he was enjoying it.

Betty started to bob her head up and down between Joel’s legs. Joel took hold of her white curly hair and helped thrust her mouth up and down his cock.

Betty picked up the pace and then Joel started to lift his ass off the bed to thrust his thick cock deeper and deeper down Betty’s throat. Her big saggy tits dangled against Joel’s thighs. Her big nipples poking into his skin, was all he could take and his cock blasted a hot stream of cum deep into his wife’s throat. She swallowed every drop of his cum and didn’t let any fall out of her mouth.

She lifted her head up from between Joel’s legs, and smiled, showing her now cum cover gums.

“Jooooel. I wanted your dick in me. Eat my wet pussy to get you going again,” urged Betty, spreading her legs as far as she could at the other end of the bed. Joel positioned himself face first between her thighs. He could smell her ben gay aroma throbbing from her pussy. His tongue started licking her creamy bush, tasting her sour juices.

Betty laid back on the bed. Her massive boobs spread across her chest and over her arms. She moved her hands and fingers over Joel’s gray hairs as he thrust his tongue deep into her cunt, finding her clitoris, he gave it a tongue bath. His face was now buried in her black bush.

Joel had his cock in his hands jerking it back to life and it sprung up. He continued to assault her old pussy with his tongue causing Betty to have strong orgasms. She felt like she was about to have a heart attack from Joel’s licking, it’d been so long since she’d had her pussy licked by Joel.

Joel thought her pussy was ready for his dick now and stood up between her legs.

“Here it comes honey,” teased Joel.

He rubbed his cockhead on the outside of her pussy. He slowly inserted his in dick into her fragile pussy. He gripped her legs and spread them to his side, her feet dangling in the air as he started to thrust inside her.

Betty held her large tits and squeezed them as they started to bounce with her body movements.

“Oh god Joel. You’re so huge. You’re going to break me in half,” cried Betty tugging her nipples with her fingers.

Joel thrust his cock harder and deeper inside her pussy. Her thighs shook wildly and he could feel her pussy loosening up around his cock. He realized that her pussy was no longer as tight as it was when they were younger. He still continued to drill her pussy for about 5 minutes until she came quicker than earlier. Joel’s cock was still huge and hard inside her pussy.

He pulled his cock out and positioned Betty in the doggy style format. He slid his cock back into her now dried up pussy from behind. He pounded hard and fast inside her. His balls bounced off her pussy as his dick drilled her. Her huge saggy tits swayed and bounced against each other.

Betty was in pain and agony. She had never had it doggy style before. She didn’t even think that position was made around her youthful time.

Joel thrust for ten solid minutes before finally cumming deep and long inside her pussy. Betty had passed out from the pain, heat, and sweat minutes ago. He was pretty much fucking her motionless body. Joel pulled his dick out and sprayed the rest on her lower back, then he felt her heart to make sure she didn’t die. She was all right, just very exhausted from the sex.

“Damn. So that Axe is his secret,” he said to himself. “Betty is not much of a fuck buddy anymore. I’m going to need someone much younger.” Just then, he heard someone going upstairs. He peaked out of his room and saw his daughter entering her room.

“Like Jane,” he said in an evil voice.

Joel sneaked back into Steve’s room and sprayed a little bit more Axe on himself. This time, he sprayed some on his cock so it wouldn’t smell like ben gay thrusting through his daughter’s mouth.

He put on his robe and headed to her room. He knocked on the door in a gentle manner so she could still hear the knocking.

“Come in,” Jane shouted slipping off her robe.

“I will be soon,” said Joel under his breath as he entered her room.

Jane was standing beside her bed wearing a see-thru sheer gown. The light was on so he could feast his eyes on her 42DDD’s. They jutted out from her chest and ended at her ribcages; they did slope down some due to the massive weight. His cock was unbelievably hard.

“Dad?” Said Jane in a worried tone.

“Yes honey?” Joel answered.

“Come here,” she asked him.

Joel walked over to the other side of her bed. Jane immediately kissed her father on the lips. Her massive melons pressed against gaziantep bayan escort ilanları his chest, whilst his big dick pressed up against her stomach. They kissed savagely on each other’s faces. He knew his daughter had had sex since Bobby was born, and that she was raped. She and no one else in the family knew who Bobby’s father was.

Joel’s hands moved around his daughter and cupped her nice plump ass. He squeezed her soft ass cheeks while sucking her tongue.

Jane pulled her dad’s robe off and felt his naked dick press against her stomach. She gripped it in her hands and started stroking it.

“Mmmm father. It’s been so long since I’ve had sex,” she said in between kissing and sucking her father’s tongue.

“I know honey. I’m here to please you now,” he said squeezing her ass harder, spanking it and letting it jiggle about inside her gown.

Jane pushed her father down onto the bed and lifted her sheer gown up over her head. Her giant boobs bounced and flopped around her chest for a few seconds. They both watched as her tits settled down.

“They’re all yours dad,” said Jane smiling.

Joel repaid her by cupping her massive mounds and squeezing them. They felt so soft and spongy. His thumbs ran over her sensitive medium size nipples, before he popped her left big tit into his mouth and sucked on it. With his tongue lashing over the nipple, his hands continued to squeeze and maul her big tits.

“Oh dad. That feels so good. I love having my tits suck,” Jane moaned.

For being in her mid 30’s, Jane tits were firm and Joel had his mouth over every inch of them. From the base of her large tits to the very top of her chest. He kissed, licked, and sucked every inch of her wonderful tits for eight minutes, spending equal time on each tit.

Jane had cum from his tit sucking and her juices ran down her legs.

Joel held her tits in his hands and continued to knead them like dough while watching her trim pussy leak cum.

Jane bent down between her father’s legs and took his big dick between her lips. Her large lips were perfect for his cock. They slithered down his big dick slowly, taking in as much of his cock as possible. She managed to slide her lips over his entire dick straight to the base. His balls hit her chin and she stayed like that for a few seconds, savoring his cock deep within her mouth.

She quickly pulled up but kept her mouth on his cockhead and slithered her lips back down his cock to the base again. She held his big dick in her mouth a few seconds longer than last time before coming back up and not releasing his cockhead. She repeated this process until she fully held his cock into her mouth longer then a minute.

Joel was amazed and surprised at how well his daughter knew how to suck dick.

“Mmmm. Daddy’s little cock sucker. That’s right baby. Suck daddy’s big dick. Suck it hard and long. Daddy will reward you later,” he moaned as Jane started to bob her head up and down his cock from the base to the head.

Joel tried not to moan and grunt as loud, but her sucking his dick was the best pleasure he has ever felt in his life. Her tongue maneuvered around his cock while it was lodged in her throat. He felt his cockhead literally touch the back of her throat.

His daughter held onto his cock for 5 minutes deep within her mouth. Her face was turning red and sweat started to roll down her forehead.

“Oh honey. Take it out of your mouth please. I don’t want you to suffocate,” urged Joel.

Jane lifted her mouth off his cock covered in her saliva. Pre-cum oozed from his dick. She started to lick it off and then inserted his cock back into her mouth, lodging deep down her throat and moving her mouth up and down it swiftly.

“Oooooh baby. I’m cummmmming. I’m cummming,” cried Joel releasing a large blast of hot cum into his daughter’s mouth. She took the cock out of her mouth and smeared cum over her large lips and then sucked the head back into her mouth swallowing the rest of it.

“I have never experienced anything like that in my life,” said Joel catching his breath. “Come sit on my face sweetheart.”

Jane climbed onto the bed and mounted her pussy over his mouth. She sat down and instantly felt his wet tongue slither inside her pussy. She locked her thighs around his head and rubbed her bare feet together on the top of his gray haired head as Joel licked and ate her pussy out.

Joel’s hands took hold of his daughter’s hips as his tongue thrust deep inside her creamy pussy. Her enlarge clit slipped into his mouth and he started to devour it, biting it and pulling it between his teeth.

Jane bent down so her enormous breasts were swaying and dragging across her father’s stomach. Feeling her tits on him caused his dick to become enlarged again and his tongue to lick her cunt out faster.

“Ooooh father. Feels soo good,” moaned Jane. She gripped her dad’s big dick once again and sucked it into her mouth. The two were now performing a 69. Her huge tits pressed hard against his stomach. His hands moved all over her bare ass, squeezing the cheeks hard and spanking them some more. Then he spread her ass cheeks apart and lifted his head up a little bit to lick her ass crack. He plowed his middle finger into her asshole.

“Uuuuugggghhh faaaaather,” cried Jane in between licking her father’s cock. She once again sucked his cock to the very base and rested her chin on his balls.

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