The Reunion

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It was mid-afternoon when he checked into the hotel. He sent a quick text message as he walked down the hallway, then unlocked and entered the room that was soon to be nothing more than a den of sin. Only weeks before his wedding, he knew that he needed just one last hurrah – to experience the thrill of another woman’s body before he gave himself completely to one woman for the rest of his life (or so he was convinced at the time).

He had everything set up perfectly – the chilled bottle of wine opened, two glasses poured, the candles lit, lights dimmed. He was filled with anxious anticipation, about to see a woman he hadn’t seen in the flesh in 10 years. A woman that he had fantasized about since they last met, one who had in the intervening years gotten married, had two kids, but never forgot about the one who got away. That was something they shared, a bond that time wouldn’t rend – they were the same to each other – the “one that got away”.

There was a tentative knock on the door, and he heistantly paced over to peer through the peephole. It was her, gorgeous brown hair falling down over her shoulders, the emerald dress that she told him she made expressly for this day draped over her, hugging all of her curves perfectly. He stood there momentarily, mouth dry and breath heavy against the door, aware of the stirring feeling between his legs. She’d sent him pictures over email a few times, but nothing in those pictures quite captured the allure that she held for him here, in the flesh.

He pulled the door open, forgetting to undo the latch such that the door locked open only inches. “Hi…” he stammered, as she smiled at him. Was that a giggle that she let loose? He could recall the way she giggled in high school, that high, girlish giggle that hinted at darker thoughts, deep desires that she kept hidden away just enough to pique his interest. He fumbled with the door latch and finally opened it, inviting her in.

She stepped across the threshold, looking so much as she did ten years ago, yet decidedly different as well. She had grown in all the right places, and her dress fit her perfectly — accentuating the curve of her large breasts, her hips, and her ass. He stood in front of her, drinking in every inch of her. She stood and smiled at him as she set her purse on the Maltepe Escort dresser, as he thought momentarily of the wine that was sitting just a few feet away.

Looking closely into her eyes, however, he forgot all about the wine…the room…everything. He could see in those beautiful green eyes a reflection of the pure lust and desire that he felt for her at this very moment, as he reached out and took her into his arms, kissing her deeply and passionately as he had imagined he would so many times before this day. She returned the kiss, tongues intertwining as they breathed in each others’ scents. His hands ran up and down her back, cupping her ass and pulling her tightly to him. She moaned softly as he brought his hand around front, feeling her trembling, creamy-white thighs and slowly working his way up.

She pulled her lips from his and gave him a devilish smile as his hand reached its goal, finding no fabric between his roaming fingers and her hot, wet pussy. “Do you like?” was her question, whispered into his ear. His answer was clear as he reached up and pulled the dress off of her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor in a pool at her feet.

There she stood, large breasts bound tightly in a corset (probably also of her making), thigh-high stockings tight against her legs, arms at her sides, beatiful alabaster skin contrasting with the dark fabric. You’d never have known by looking at her that she had had two kids in the intervening years – she looked just as gorgeous as she ever did in high school, but now he was finally seeing what she looked like naked.

Smiling, she walked over to him and put one hand on his shoulder…the other dropped slowly down his chest and came to rest at the buckle of his belt. Without a word, she slipped the belt off of him, unzipped his pants, and smiled as his hard cock was exposed – just as she had worn no panties, he was going commando for her. She squeezed it in her hand and smiled at him, then pulled his pants down to the floor, dropping to her knees.

He knew what would come next – they’d talked about it online, even on the phone. She wanted to taste him, to suck him until he exploded in her mouth. And from the look in her eyes as she knelt before him, there was no plan in her mind to disappoint. She kissed his thighs Ümraniye Escort as he stepped out of his pants, moving so he could lean against the bed.

Slowly, she ran her tongue up from his balls to the tip of his now-throbbing cock, eyes locked on his the entire time. She reached around and grabbed his ass tightly as she plunged his cock into her mouth, past her lips, all the way to the base…he could feel the tip of his cock hit the very back of her throat. She pulled back off and smiled at him, “Delicious…” was all that she said. Her other hand reached down and fondled his balls, squeezing and pulling on them as they rolled in her hand, as her mouth teased and sucked him.

She moaned as his hands fell to her hair, grabbing it tightly and helping to guide her head up and down the length of him. Her hand left his balls and slipped back further, as he laid spread his legs further for her, using the bed as support. He moaned loudly as her finger came to rest against his ass, rubbing the tight hole, relaxing it. He tightened up as she deep-throated him once again, at the same time slipping her fingertip into him, fucking his ass as she sucked him off.

He could feel his orgasm building, and was sure she could as well…with his ass puckering around her finger and his head throbbing between her lips. She looked up at him and smiled, taking him in and out of her mouth, tip to base, again and again. He grabbed her hair and pushed her down onto him as he exploded, both ass and cock letting loose in an orgasm more powerful than he had felt in awhile. His cum shot into her mouth, and she swallowed as much as she could, but some still dripped out from between her lips, running down her chin, down his cock. Her finger left his ass as she her mouth from him, stroking his hard, throbbing cock as drops of cum continued to pour out, onto her hands, his thighs, the floor.

He looked down at her, flushed with ecstacy, cock still throbbing and dripping cum, and told her that it was her turn…that she should climb onto the bed and spread her legs…it was her turn to cum hard all over him.

he climbed up onto the bed, spreading her legs wide for him and sitting so that her feet dangled from the side. She sat there and motioned for him to step closer, as if he needed İstanbul Escort encouragement. He knelt in front of her, kissing her deeply and trailing his lips and tongue slowly down the nape of her neck, taking each breast firmly in hand and tracing his tongue around her nipples, sucking on them as they grew hard at his touch.

His hand reached between her thighs and he slowly slipped first one, then two fingers into her. She sighed heavily as he penetrated her, and her hands roamed through his hair as he lowered his face to the level of the bed. He watched as his fingers parted her lips, sliding in and out as she became more and more wet. She pulled on his head, guiding him down closer to her hot wetness. And he, of course, willingly obliged.

Her thighs were creamy white, in contrast to the nice pink of her pussy as he spread her lips wide and slowly traced his tongue from her clit, down past her wet hole, to her ass and back up again. She was moaning with every new sensation. He settled on flicking and rubbing her clit with his tongue, while his fingers slipped in and out of her wet pussy…sliding in, twisting gently as he reached for her g-spot, then pulling back out.

He waited until his fingers were nice and wet, rubbing her lips and hole, spreading her juices all over his hand, and then slowly pressed one of his fingers up against her tight asshole…building pressure as his tongue teased her clit until it slipped in, just the tip of his finger, pressing in and out. She nearly came just then, clamping her thighs around his head and pulling on his hair just enough that he could feel it.

He knew what would put her over the edge, and smiled as he gave it to her – slipping three fingers into her now-dripping pussy and one into her ass, his tongue lapping her clit quickly and with just enough pressure…fucking her with his hand and mouth, hearing her breathing increase, feeling her thighs trembling around his head, feeling her hands squeezing and releasing in his hair, until he feels her hips shift, and her pussy is grinding in his face, her hands pulling his face tight against her throbbing, wet pussy…moaning and screaming out his name as she grinds against him, covering his face with her cum, writhing in ecstacy as he continues to lick her clit and fuck her with his hand…

Finally, he stops, pulling his fingers from her and licking the cum off of them. He stands at the edge of the bed, looking down at her. She sits up, takes his hard, throbbing cock in her hand, and smiles, “Now let’s make some good use of this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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