The Right Time

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It’s been months, I panic as I glance into the full length mirror on the hotel room wall. Do I look different? Does he? Will he be disappointed, or relieved? I stare at my reflection, at the worry in my eyes. My eyes today are a brighter blue than normal. My long black hair is gently curled, my lips look full and pouty. I’ve chosen a navy blue shift dress that has a tan belt. It’s quite short I realise as I twirl round gently in the mirror. I suddenly feel self conscious as I catch sight of the lace at the top of one of my hold up stockings. Should I change and wear tights? Is this too much? Maybe I should wear flat shoes instead of my patent heels…I don’t know. I’m starting to doubt everything. I pull down the top of my dress to peer at the black and blue basque beneath my dress. When I tried it on my boobs looked so perky, so together and amazing and it emphasised my hourglass figure so well but now I can’t help my worry.

Suddenly my Blackberry buzzes and I almost jump out of my skin. I pick it up tentatively and read the text. Oh god, it’s him. He’s here. Already. And it’s been so damn long..I’m texting back on autopilot- get in the lift. Fourth floor, room 462. As I press send, I’m filled with the urge to scream or run off and hide. The fact is, I love this man. I’ve thought about him every day since our relationship ended and he’s told me he feels the same. That’s why we’re here, I remind myself. Neutral ground. To talk and…and…

There’s a gentle knock at the door and I creep over, open it slowly. He’s there, in front of me at last. A slow, crooked smile spreads over his gorgeous face and I feel myself melting. “Hi,” we both say shyly. I move back and let him in, and shut the door behind him, shaking like a leaf. He looks up at the TV as he puts his bags on the floor and smiles again at the Disney film I’ve put on to calm myself. He knows me too well.

Then he turns to me and I’m in his arms and he’s kissing my neck. He walks off suddenly and sits on the bed, holds his hand out to me. I join him, smiling, trying to look confident.

For a few minutes we talk about his journey here, the weather, bayan escort ankara how it’s a nice hotel room.

“You look beautiful babe,” he says suddenly, his voice lower. I look up into his chocolate brown, sparkling eyes and feel my stomach flip. He’s even better than I remember him. He’s mixed race, with a Jamaican father and British mother and he has the softest, most amazing caramel skin. He’s so broad and muscular just how I like men to be. His tight white t shirt looks amazing on him and I allow him to pull me to him for a hug. My breasts press hard against his chest as we embrace, both lying on our sides and facing each other. Then his lips are on me, gently caressing mine. His right hand is in mine and his right is running up and down my back. He’s kissing me harder now and I moan into his mouth as he slips his tongue into my mouth, gently massaging mine with his. I pull him closer and place my leg over his. He runs his hand to my ass and groans as he realises I’m in hold ups and a thong.

He pushes me away so I’m flat on my back and continues kissing me, my forehead, my neck and breasts. His hand is between my thighs and my hips are bucking already. He slides a finger inside my thong and along my pussy and I spread my legs, silently begging him to enter me.

“You’re so wet baby,” he moans into my ear.

I kiss him hungrily and whimper as he removes his finger.

Roughly he pulls me up and yanks my dress over my head. His eyes flash as they scan my basque, tiny thong, hold ups and he groans again. He reaches up and rubs his hand over my breasts, eyes glazed. He kisses them gently, then pulls down the zip so they bounce out of the basque- the basque is then thrown on the floor and he takes my nipple in his mouth, licking, sucking, biting it and squeezing the other. I’m moaning loudly and I know he loves it when I’m like this. Sure enough, his erection is pressing so hard against his black jeans I’m surprised it hasn’t ripped the denim. I’m suddenly aware I’m almost naked and dripping wet and he’s still dressed. I pull of his t shirt and he scrambles demetevler escort to unzip his jeans. I grab the waistbands of his jeans and boxers and pull both down. His huge dick springs up and I gasp. Its so big, even bigger than I remember. His lips are parted and he’s panting already this big hot sexy naked man.

“I need to fuck you right now babe,” he groans. I nod, unable to speak and his lips are crashing down on mine again, lying me down again. He pulls off my thong leaving only my hold ups and heels left. He pushes his fingers inside me and pumps me deliciously while I reach for his hard on. I toss him as he fingers me and then he takes my hand away and shoves his penis deep inside me.

“Uhhh yes baby! Yes yes yes,” I scream suddenly able to speak again. He thrusts deeper and harder and we both moan louder..he then lies still and puts his two fingers into my mouth and I suck them obligingly, tasting myself on him, never breaking our eye contact.

I push his body away from mine and he slides out of me. I flip him on the bed and take him into my mouth. I lick and kiss his penis, suck it, suck his balls and he’s bucking his hips, pushing my head down on him faster and faster.

“I’m gonna cum baby,” he growls and I stop suddenly, smirking at him.

“No. Not yet you’re not.”

He moans and begins to kiss me again, down my stomach to my pussy. His tongue finds my clitoris and I cry out loudly. He smirks up at me before plunging his tongue into my pussy, darting it about. He slips in a finger, heaven, then slips another into my ass. “Oh god,” I moan. ‘Baby”..

He removes his fingers and looks down, then picks up my discarded thong. “Hands above your head,” he demands and I obey. Swiftly he ties my hands above my head with the thong, then flips me on my back. “Put your head on the pillow and stick your ass in the air,” he says. Trembling I do so, and I begin to throb, needing him so much. “You’ve been a bad girl baby, and want to teach you a lesson..”

He caresses my ass then lifts his hand and spanks me hard. I moan in a ankara evi olan escort mix of plain and sheer pleasure. He spanks me again and again, pushes a finger in my ass. I’m writhing around like a wild animal. “Whose ass is this baby?” He asks roughly.

“Yours,” i gasp.


“Its yours baby.”

With that, he pushes himself gently into my ass and I scream into the pillows. He thrusts gently at first then harder and I feel myself stretching. His fingers find my pussy and he rubs it gently before shoving them inside me. I’m so full I don’t know how much more I can take, so full so wet so fucking close to..”Oh fuck baby!” I scream as my insides suddenly clench and a violent orgasm rips through me. I feel him tense, groan and then he pulls out of me, causing me to come again and empties himself on my ass.

Quickly he unties my hands, and we lie next to each other, breathing heavily and gazing into each other’s eyes.

“I love you so much,” I whisper.

He smiles and pulls me into his arms. “I love you even more.”

We talk then and kiss and laugh, and watch some TV. I get into the shower while he goes off to get dinner. I slip on some clean underwear and get into bed with him. We eat and drink wine, and he goes for his shower.

I give him the remote control as he rejoins me and he smiles down at me. Suddenly, his eyes glaze again and he looks at my breasts, restrained in their bra. Lying next to me, he slowly pushes the remote down between my breasts. Slowly, up and down, up and down. I can’t get my bra off quick enough. His already rock hard penis digs into me and I pull him gently up so he’s straddling me, his sexy thick thighs either side of my chest. I squeeze my breasts together and he pushes his dick between them. He begins to titfuck me and I grab his ass, pulling him into my mouth everytime he thrusts up. With a dirty smile he turns slightly reaches behind him and slides his fingers up into me, swirling them round. Mmmm. Already I feel the quickening tightness and agony-pleasure of the beginning of orgasm and he notices..he slides up into me and fucks me hard, lifting my legs onto his shoulders and grabbing my breasts for support.

“Harder, please baby,” I beg and he fucks me, frenzied, harder than I have ever been fucked in my life. Then I’m biting his neck, he’s moaning my name and we’re coming together and it’s oh so perfect..this is it. We’ve found each other again and I know we won’t be letting go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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