The Ringmaster Ch. 10

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He brought flowers again, this time a spring mix of daffodils and tulips that made her grin sweetly and dinner was filled with laughter and conversation. Daniel learned things about Yasmina that he knew no one else knew; things about her childhood and growing up as an only child in Pittsburgh. He still saw her as his mistress, the beautiful woman who would take her back to his home and put him through her paces but he also saw her as a woman, a vulnerable woman who was looking for a partner, for someone whom she could trust to take the control when she was tired of wielding it.

“I’ve done nothing but think about you all week, mistress.” He whispered, rubbing his fingers against the back of her hand.

“When did I give you permission to touch me?” She watched his hand pull away. “Seems like you’re aching for punishment.”

“Yes, mistress, I am.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” When they reached his house, Daniel immediately undressed and presented himself on his knees for her. “Get me a pan of hot water and a washcloth.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And Escort bayan a razor and shaving cream.”

“Yes, mistress.” A thrill spiked his chest and he hurried to gather the items, presenting them to her.

“Get on the bed and lie on your back.”

“Mistress, I … “

“I didn’t ask you to speak, did I?” She snapped the crop against his stomach and he hissed in pain. “Do as I say and don’t speak unless I allow you to.”

“Yes, mistress. I’m sorry, mistress.”

Daniel lay very still as Yasmina applied the hot, wet cloth to his genitals, making him whimper uncomfortably. She gave him an angry glance and his noises faded into complete silence. “Put your legs up and open them wide.”

Gobs of warm shaving cream dropped onto his testicles, then his hard cock and she slathered the foam over his sensitive flesh, then used the razor to shave all the hair she could find. She used a second cloth to wipe him clean, then checked her handiwork, making sure that not a single strand of hair remained.

“Hmm, your cock looks Bayan escort so good, I think I should do your entire body.”

Yasmina carefully shaved Daniel’s entire body, again making sure that there was no hair left on his body other than his scalp and face. It was gratifying to see him shiver, to know that the mere act of shaving him was bringing him pleasure. He tried to touch her a few times but she sternly rebuked him, first with her voice, then with a firm smack to his hand. Chastised, he sank back to the bed with a wry smile and lay still until she was finished.

“All right. Shower up and make it quick.”

She undressed and lay in the center of the bed, her legs spread and her fingers caressing her already soaked pussy. Daniel didn’t bother toweling off; he crawled between her legs and assumed the position, looking up when she closed her legs. “Mistress?”

“Not yet, Daniel.” He moved to the side, keeping his eyes down and wondering what was going on. “Daniel, I’m a fake.”

He looked up at her face and was shocked to see her Escort eyes filling with tears. “No, Mistress.”

“Yes, Daniel. I’m a great dominatrix and I’m a fake. I don’t really have the heart to do some of the things that people want. The whipping, the binding … “

“But you whipped me.”

“Because I could see that you were enjoying it and I didn’t do it hard enough to make you bleed.”

“But at the parties … “

“Have you ever seen me actually participating?”

Daniel paused for a moment, deep in thought. “No.”

She shook her head. “I usually have slaves do the dirty work while I order everyone around.” Yasmina partially turned away from him as her tears began anew. “I’m a fake, Daniel. I’m telling you this because it’s not fair to you. You deserve a real domme who’s going to give you what you need, not someone who just looks good.”

“Is that why you think I want you as my mistress?” Daniel laughed softly. “When we met, I could tell that you weren’t as hard as others I’ve met. And I welcomed that because I’m not that hardcore.” He lifted her chin, gently wiping her tears away. “I wanted someone who could give me what I needed but I also wanted someone who would love me, someone who could be my lover.” He leaned close, his lips hovering near her quivering ones. “I want you.”

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