The Roofer

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Bart slid the shingle into place and nailed it down with three shots from his nail gun. Wiping his face, he looked around to find that he was out of shingles. He still had a large area left to finish. Somebody had fucked up and that somebody was Phil, his boss. Swearing at the loss of time, he pulled the hose from the nail gun and climbed down the ladder. He slid the nail gun into it’s case and turned off the compressor. He wiped his face again and looked around for the hose. It was about 90 degrees in the San Fernando valley, but at least 130 up on that black roof. He didn’t relish the idea of going back up there. What he needed was a nice tile roof, maybe wood shingles.
Bart turned on the hose and held it above his head. The cascade of cold water took his breath away. He stood under the cold shower for several minutes, before he realized that the woman of the house was standing in the picture window before him. He waved and shut off the water.
“Mrs. Curtain!” he called. She waved and made her way to the front door.
“Hi Bart,” she said, giving his firm body the once-over. He realized that she was admiring his figure in the wet t-shirt. He didn’t mind, constant work in the hot sun tended to harden his body, in the summer months at least. Roofers didn’t work in the winter, hot weather was needed to melt the tar strip which held the shingles into place.
“Can I use your cordless?”
“Sure, Bart. Do you want to come in?”
“Not dripping, I don’t,” he laughed, shaking some of the water out of his long hair, then flinging it back over his shoulder.
“Oh, don’t worry about it, come on in,” she insisted, holding the door open. Bart reluctantly skipped inside, then stood dripping on the rug. She reached behind her nearly perfect ass and yanked a towel off a shelf, then handed it to him, while glancing at his body again. Bart dried his hair, while following the sway of Mrs. Curtain’s hips with his eyes, as she went to the phone, standing on the table.
She had been hitting on him since the day he arrived. Normally he wouldn’t mind, sex tended to lessen the complaints of a customer. He didn’t mind call-backs if they were for sex. She was about 35 years old, rich, and had a great figure. Under normal circumstances he would have been sniffing around that lush ass of hers like a fox terrier. But he had a fine woman waiting at home, and he didn’t want to fuck that up.
Bart finished drying his hair and tossed the towel into the open washer with a practiced basketball toss. He looked down at himself in disgust. Roofers wore levis to withstand the sharp gravel in the shingles, and most of all the heat. His levis had lasted out the season, and seen better days. They were threadbare and saturated with tar. Mrs. Curtain, on the other hand, was dressed in shorts and a white sleeveless blouse which was tied above the waist. The top three buttons were open, one more than had been open when she went for the phone, he observed. Only her white, lacey bra contained that mammoth pair of fine looking breasts, which bounced as she walked. His eyes remained fixed on those breasts as she approached. She held out the white cordless phone and he took it absently, then pried his eyes away from her chest. She had a slight smile on her face.
He dialed, while looking around the room in order to resist the temptation to stare. It didn’t work. His eyes automatically returned to her breasts as she moved, and they jiggled.
“Yeah,” Phil said in a foul mood.
“Boss, I need Edirne Escort more shingle.”
“Where are you?”
“Where am I? I’m on the Curtain job,” Bart said in disgust.
“You’re still there?”
“Yes I’m still here, and I need more shingles.”
“Shit, you should have had more than enough. How many do you need?”
“One square, maybe a bit more,” Bart said as he watched Mrs. Curtain slide her hand into her shirt and absently rub the cleavage between her breasts. Bart felt his cock hardening in his pants. She probably wasn’t doing it to tease him, it was just an absent gesture.
“Fifteen year, double tabs,” Bart reminded him as he watched Mrs. Curtain’s breasts bulge and vibrate around her hand. He was so close he could almost smell them. What a pair of breast. And as far as he could tell, her husband was gay. What a horrible waste of a good woman.
“The truck is going to Del Rio the first thing in the morning,” Phil said in a distracted manner, “I will have them drop a few off. You have enough to last out the day?”
Bart started to say no, then thought better of it. “Sure, as long as the truck shows up early.”
“It will. Finish the shingles and clean that job sight before you leave. I want you out of there by tomorrow night.”
Bart watched Mrs. Curtain sit on the arm of the couch, then cross those long, sexy legs of hers. They were tempting, very tempting. What the hell, Brenda would never know. He had the afternoon free now. Just a little taste…
“Ok boss, thanks a lot,” Bart said, hanging up and stepping forward to give Mrs. Curtain the phone.
“Any problems?” she asked with a slight smile.
“None that I can think of. I guess I’m free until morning. I might knock off early,” he said, blatantly staring at her breasts. He licked his lips, then glanced up at her face. She was all smiles.
“You could spend some time with me,” she offered in a quiet voice.
“Yeah, I guess,” he tried to sound uncertain.
“It’s too hot for the hot tub, and the sun is brutal out at the pool, but I do have a whirlpool in my bedroom. Are you interested?”
“A whirlpool? Sure, if your husband won’t mind.”
“He won’t. He has few interests at home, but many at his office. He never comes home until he has too. We have hours yet.”
Bart sank down to tie his shoe. He stared at the long, sexy legs crossed just a few inches in front of his face. He could see right up the open leg of her shorts, clear up to her panties. His cock hardened more, beginning to throb and hurt. He fumbled with his shoe lace for another moment. Mrs. Curtain took this as an invitation and slowly stood. Her pussy was now directly in front of his face. Her pussy was so close he could smell it. It smelled delicious, a little like pussy and a little like lilacs. The small blue and yellow lines on her white shorts were so close that they blended into a collage of color. He hardly noticed. He inhaled deeply, taking in her heavenly aroma. Slowly, with a will of their own, his hands came up and touched the back of her legs. Gently, they slid up into her shorts, until each hand held a cheek of her ass. He kneaded them firmly, while pulling her pussy up against his nose. He inhaled again. He heard her take a deep, shuddering breath. She moved slightly, spreading her legs.
Bart pushed up the left leg of her shorts until he found the crevice between her leg and her body. He kissed it softly, then licked it. It was fresh, warm, and slightly Edirne Escort Bayan salty. He licked his lips for a moment, then licked the other crease. She shuddered, melting in his hands. Her slender soft hands came down to rest on his long blonde hair. She caressed his hair absently, while he inhaled the aroma of her pussy once more. It was more that he could stand. He yanked down her shorts and panties in one quick jerk. He sat facing her lightly haired pussy. She had huge pussy lips and a clit which extended out past those lips. No wonder she was always horny, with a clit so big it would be stimulated by simply walking. It must rub against her underwear all day long. He cupped her hand against her ass, and rubbed her clit with his thumb. She moaned and leaned forward, over his head.
“Kiss it,” she whispered, almost in his ear. Eating pussy was something that Bart seldom did, but he could make a slight exception. He reached out and licked her long, stiff clit lightly, while his thumb plunged up inside her pussy. She gave a shuddering gasp and pulled his face tight against her pussy. He sucked the clit into his lips and milked it, before strumming it with his tongue.
Bart didn’t mind stimulating the woman, but he needed attention himself. It was time to sink his cock into some hot meat. He stood, spun her around, and bent her over the arm of the couch. She stood with her ass presented, her hands on the back of the couch, as he stepped out of his levis. He grabbed his cock in a work-hardened hand and pressed it against the entrance to her pussy. He rubbed it up and down briefly to lubricate it, then shoved. He sank his cock into her pussy up to the hilt. She gave a little cry, but pressed back against him. Her pliable ass cheeks were mashed out of shape by his hard hips. He shoved hard to get the best penetration he could. His hands went to her hanging breasts. He pulled her blouse apart and filled his hands with womanly globes of flesh.
“Oh fuck yes,” he sighed. Slowly he began pistoning his cock in and out of her wet cunt. The slap of hips against soft ass cheeks grew loud in the room. Her moans of passion were even louder. Mashing her tits in brutal fingers, Bart fucked Mrs. Curtain in front of her own picture window. He knew that it would be impossible to see inside, with the reflection of the light outside. Children passed on the way home. He watched them absently, as he plunged up into Mrs. Curtain’s sweet ass. His cock was well-lubricate, sliding in and out smoothly. Her moist pussy was hot now, very hot. Moisture from her pussy was dripping down from her pussy and creating a wet spot on the carpet. Her hands clawed the material of the couch, as his hard penis filled her body cavity to the breaking point. She felt his cock clear up to her abdomen. It was just what she needed.
She had been watching Bart since the day her arrived. She had even gone into her bathroom to masturbate with a picture of his hard body in her mind. Once she even began masturbating on that very couch yesterday, but the passing mailman frightened her into the bathroom at the last moment. Now she was actually being fucked by the young man right in front of her window, and she didn’t care.
His hard, pistoning cock was filling her ass with fire. His hands on her breast hurt, but were not intolerable. There may be bruises later, but who would notice? Certainly not her husband. He had not filled her with hot meat since just after their honeymoon. Even then it had not been as Escort Edirne good as it was with Bart. He was wild and young, his desires were as hot and urgent as her own.
“Fuck me good,” she screamed in sudden abandon. Bart pumped into her ass several more times, then stopped. His legs were getting tired. He pulled out of her wet pussy and pushed her down on the couch.
“Roll over on your back and grab your ankles,” he growled. She hurried to comply. Feeling silly with her feet up in the air, she waited as he knelt before her. She gasped at the first contact. His cock entered her pussy, pushing slowly, intolerably slow until his full length was inside her. He felt even larger from that angle, and she could watch him as he fucked her. He fucked her pussy for several more minutes, then pulled it out, rubbed it against her ass and shoved. She screamed as the huge cock seemed to split her asshole apart. He reached down and rubbed his hand over her pussy, rhythmically massaging her clit and wet pussy lips, while his hard penis slid in and out of her rectum. The fire from both seemed to blend together into one massive fire. Before she could get ready, her pussy began to spasm and she found herself in the middle of one massive orgasm. He continued to pump away in her ass, while she mindlessly babbled and raved, hunching her pussy against his rotating hand, and her ass against his pelvis. All too quickly, it was over. But to her amazement, he was not through. He continued to pump away inside her ass, renewing the glow that had just been extinguished by her orgasm.
She felt the fire building again, much faster than it had before. To her astonishment, she felt her pussy clenching stronger and stronger until a second orgasm tore her loins apart. A twisted smile lit Bart’s face, while he watched her thrash around on the couch. He liked the feeling of her ass clenching on his hard cock. He liked how she hunched her pussy against his hand, trying helplessly to satisfy herself. He liked showing her who was in control.
Then the smile left his face. He was going to cum. Pumping faster and faster, thrusting in tune with the loud slap of flesh, and the sticky liquid sounds that came from his hand in her pussy, he groaned and closed his eyes, only aware of the heat and spasms in his own loins. With an animal cry of lust he heaved his cock into her ass and froze. His cock hesitated, then spewed hot cum into her ass. She withered on his cock, trying to stimulate a third orgasm inside her pussy. He ignored her, straining and grinding his pelvis against her ass. He heaved and jerked as his cock filled her hot rectum with cum, then grew still and began to wilt.
“Finish me,” she hissed.
“Sorry, I’m done,” he said, pulling out of her ass. He fell back on the carpet, exhausted. She leaped off the couch and approached him.
“Finish me,” she demanded.
“I can’t,” he said, laying back and relaxing. She straddled his body and sat on his hip. Before he knew what she was doing, she began sliding her pussy back and forth on his hip, fucking him in a way familiar to lesbians. He rested his head on his hand, watching her as she rubbed herself to a third orgasm. She grabbed his back and hard chest, holding on while her pussy jerked and spasmed against his hip. Finally she rolled off and laid with her body melting into his. It was hot in the room, but he didn’t mind her body resting against his. It felt soft and nice.
“I should have run out of shingles before this,” he said with a smile.
“I should have hid them sooner,” she giggled.
“They’re heavy as hell,” she said. “I almost killed myself getting them off that damned roof. They’re in the garage,” she laughed.

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