The Roommate

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He paced the space of his duplex, wondering what it was like to have a roommate. He had just put up the flyers two days ago and his phone was already ringing off the hook. There were a few he was interested in and was having come in today to look at it, but he was still nervous. He went through the checklist of things in his head, “make the bunk bed, check, vacuum the floor, check, clean the so-called kitchen, check, look good,” he ran to the mirror in the bathroom to check himself. Sighing with relief he said out loud, “check.” He looked around the bathroom making sure he got most of it clean when he heard the knock at the door. Butterflies immediately filled his stomach in anxiety. He checked the peephole and his eyes almost popped out of his head. He opened the door gingerly, trying to be cool, and was greeted with a warm smile.

“Hi! My name is Jessica,” she smiled putting out her hand.

“Matt,” he replied with a nervous smile.

Matt thought she was so beautiful. Her long, brunette hair went down to about halfway between the middle of her back and her shoulder. Her hazel eyes sparkled like the many stars he would look at in the nighttime. She stood about five foot six inches, which Matt liked to call fun-size, but in her heels she seemed much taller. She wore a very tight tank top where he swore he could see her nipples jutting out. Her breasts were 34C, or at least that’s what he guessed they were. He shook his head to quit thinking about it and get down to business.

He let her in and told her to have a seat on the futon/couch that he had, and sat in his desk chair. She flashed him a smile as she sat down and crossed her legs. Matt basically went over what kind of person he was looking for as a roommate, and all the monotonous rules that his duplex had. Though he knew the second he laid his eyes on her that she was going to be the perfect roommate.

After everything was done with her, he already knew she was going to be the one. But, being the fair person he is, he went through the rest of the interviews. Though, honestly, he didn’t even pay attention to the other girls’ answers. Later that night Matt called Jessica and told her she could be his roommate and that she could come with her stuff tomorrow. She was nothing but ecstatic about her being able to live in a duplex with a roommate. As he hung up he got ready for bed and lay down for the night.

The next day Matt was up early and excited about his new companion in his duplex. She knocked at the door around 10 A.M. and she caught Matt just as he was getting out of the shower. He quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and hurried to the door. She quickly sized him up seeing his pecs and abs clear as day. She silently marveled them Anadolu Yakası Travesti as she walked in with her suitcase with what clothes and miscellaneous items she had brought with her. He walked back into the bathroom and did his usual after-shower routine.

She yelled to him from the other room, “can I use the free space in your closet for my clothes?”

He laughed as he combed his hair, “sure, take all the space you need just leave my dress shirts in it.”

She then enthusiastically took out his clothes and lightly set them on the bed. And, following his instructions left his dress shirts in. She arranged her clothes the way she usually did, formal, casual, then very casual. Just as she was turning to grab some more shirts she saw Matt walk out of the bathroom in just his boxers noticing the lump in them. Now the tables were turned, and she was staring him down. Matt acted like he didn’t notice but he knew that she was staring and he was damn proud of it. She quickly blushed and looked away to put up more clothes. Matt looked up to see her very tight shorts she had changed into and what he thought as the outline of a thong inside of them. His mind pondered what was under them, but he then started getting dressed for the day. He threw on his Metallica shirt and cargo shorts and sat down at his desk to check the weather.

“Looks like it’s going to be a nice day outside, would you like me to show you around town?” Matt asked Jess as she finished putting up her shirts.

She turned around and she had also had changed into one of her many Blink-182 shirts, “that sounds awesome, when do you want to go?”

“Whenever you’re ready I’ve got a Dodge Charger if you’d like to ride around in that,” he said proud of his car.

“Sure!” she hurried into the bathroom to freshen up to leave.

Matt waited on her, running through the things he wanted to do with her in his head. And that’s when the dirty thoughts flooded into his head. His cock in her pussy riding her while she is tied up. He could feel his cock rising in his pants, but he knew that that would be more than embarrassing. He quickly got the thought out of his head by thinking about math, something he often did to get rid of his erections. Thankfully, just as he did, she walked out and couldn’t have looked better.

“So, where are we going?” she asked as they walked out of the door.

“Just, around town,” he said back with a devilish grin.

Matt took her to the intermittent bars, clubs, and restaurants and fast food places. He even took her around to a few stores which showed to be where Jess would be spending her time when she is bored. Eventually, after walking around the town square, Jess started to Antalya Travesti complain about being tired so they hopped in his car and drove back to the duplex.

When they got back, Matt marked off his “Days until school” calendar, and noticed it was already 11 at night. Jess went into the bathroom, took off her shirt, her bra, pants, and thong, and started the shower. Matt yawned as he laid on the futon, and turned on the TV to watch some bad late night shows. He was used to being up late and watching the shitty shows, but what he wasn’t used to was the girl naked in his shower. He tried but of course failed as to not think about it, her soaping down her body, probably even being very horny and thinking about some guy’s cock. He laughed at himself as he had the quick thought it would be his. He heard the shower turn off and he immediately tried to get the thoughts out of his head once again. Though, for some reason, he couldn’t this time. He looked down to see his erection in his pants and rearranged it so it wouldn’t be so noticeable.

She walked out about five minutes later, hair wrapped in a towel with a white t-shirt on and basketball shorts. She sat in his desk chair and turned to watch TV. Matt quietly and what he thought to be unnoticeably moved his eyes up and down her figure. He slowly kept following the curves of her body with his eyes. She could see him out of the corner of her eye, and being the object of him being a voyeur excited her. Jess blushed slightly as she felt herself getting very wet. She knew she needed some relief from it and quickly excused herself.

She saw his erection in his pants as she was walking out and couldn’t help but think about it. Matt sighed as she walked out knowing he would have nothing to look at. But she walked into the rather large bedroom that they would have to share and quickly got under the covers of her bed and pulled off her shorts. She immediately went to work on her clit. Working it in her fingers and sighing in relief thinking about Matt fucking her. She saw his erection in his pants as she was walking out and couldn’t help but think about it. Oh how she wanted him to walk in on her, but, at the same time, she was afraid at what his reaction would be.

In thinking about all of this, she came quickly. She accidentally moaned out loud but hoped to god that he didn’t hear, but he did. She was tired from the day and slowly fell asleep. He, on the other hand, was quick to pull out his cock and make him orgasm himself. He turned off the TV, took a quick shower, and put on his boxers and got into his own bed. He immediately noticed the smell of pussy, but didn’t know what to think and drifted off to sleep.

At about 4 in the morning, Ataşehir Travesti Jess awoke from a dream and knew what she wanted to do. She crawled into bed with Matt. She got into a spooning position with him and could feel his limp cock nestled in between her legs. She took off her shirt without moving too much so she didn’t wake him up, and put one of his hands on her breasts. She smiled at how warm his hand was and cuddled up to him and fell back asleep.

Matt woke to Jess in his bed naked. At first, he was in shock. He didn’t know what to think, or what to do. All he could think was what he wanted to do with her. She was just so beautiful laying there naked. In thinking about all of this, he noticed his cock growing. It was strained against her soft skin.-Suddenly, he was worried he was going to wake her up, so he quickly rolled over and thought about what should be his next move. Of course, driven by lust, he rolled back over and began to work her clit.

She jumped awake, moaning loudly. He jumped at her moaning but just kept going on. The night before she didn’t think that she would be in this position, but she thought what the hell it feels good. She was shot out of her thoughts as Matt slipped his finger into her tight cunt. She licked her lips in the pleasure of it all; she wanted his cock so bad. She rolled over and reached down and worked his cock making sure that it was nice and hard for her later. She slid down the bed, rolled him on his back, and slipped his 7 in cock into her mouth, sucking on just the now purple head. He was in total ecstasy, he moaned his pleasure to her to which she increased her speed. Now bobbing up and down slipping it further and further into her mouth, Matt knew he needed to calm her down.

He got an idea and remembered he had some rope. He knew she couldn’t refuse the offer he had at hand, so he pulled away from her, leaving her whimpering and confused on the bed. He grabbed the rope and devilishly smiled at her. She immediately knew what was going on and smiled back in acknowledgment. She got on her knees, turned away from him, and put her hands behind her back. He, of course, took the rope and tied her hands together.

She looked back at him and only uttered two words “punish me.”

And that he did. He pushed her forward and slammed into her pussy. She screamed at the pain and pleasure she experienced. He changed between spanking and fucking her. His cock sliding in and out of her, her face being ground into the bed, and the burning of her ass as he slapped it again and again. He went faster and faster feeling the wetness and tightness of her pussy. The deeper and faster he went, the louder and longer she moaned. Finally she collapsed into the bed cumming hard all over his cock. He too came inside of her at that moment, overtaken by all the excitement in the atmosphere.

They both fell into the bed together, exhausted from what had just happened. She snuggled up to him to fall asleep. Matt knew this was going to be a nice long year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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