The Rose Garden 5

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Brian returned to Beth’s naked form with two snake whips and handed one to Riff. The whips were braided of supple brown leather and flexible their whole metre length, except for the short handles which were loaded with shot to give a stronger snap at the end of the whip’s travel. The ends of the whips were dragon tails, fearsome in look, but louder and less punishing than narrower lashes. Riff watched fascinated as Brian turned the dragon tail on Beth’s tits.

“Aaaagh,” Beth cried as the first lash landed square on her left nipple and left her panting for breath as the pain radiated out from her nipple, now swelling and turning red.

“Aaa ohhhh eeeehhh,” she screamed as the second lash landed perfectly on her right nipple, and the night birds woke up to add their own screams to the night’s concert of pain.

Riff noted how Brian then used an overhand stroke to deliver the dragon tail to the tops of Beth’s tits, and an underhand stroke to lay red welt lines on the underside of her firm female globes.

At ten strokes, Brian stepped back and motioned to Riff to continue. His whip strokes were not as hard or as accurate as Brian’s—the lash landed sometimes on the sides of her breasts or her belly below—but most were on target until Beth’s crying had subsided to weeping and her nipples were red and swollen.

Then the two men retreated behind the slumped figure of Beth whose tear-stained face suddenly whipped around to see what they were doing. Too late. First Brian’s whip landed on her ass, and a split second later, the tail of Riff’s whip.

Crack! Crack! “Aaaaargghh” Beth yelled with a choking sound as both men laid into her flogged bum with their whips. But each stopped after the agreed ten strokes, leaving her shaken and sobbing, but alert enough to watch Brian carefully, afraid of what he might do next.

And the next thing was worse still. Two male volunteers had appeared with stakes which they drove into the forest soil near Beth’s feet on opposite sides. To these they attached ropes which they clipped to each of her ankle cuffs, thus keeping her legs spread apart. This also put more weight on her arms suspended over her head, and she began to tire and to ache in all her arm joints and muscles.

Brian behind her was showing Riff how to hold the handle of the snake whip low and snap it upwards to make the lash stroke curl up. As soon as she realized what he Edirne Escort was doing, Beth’s eyebrows shot up in shock and fear, but too late to speak. The lash from behind found her ass crack and curled upward to strike her pussy.

Pain shot through Beth’s cunt lips and pubic mound. “Aaaaahhhhhhh!,” she screamed. “Ow ow ow … ooohhhhhh” Watching her from in front, I saw the leather lash snap out from between her legs and kiss her left labium, leaving an angry red welt shaped like a dragon tail.

“Aaaaaarrrggghhhh,” came another scream as a second perfect shot lashed her right labium and left a matching welt.

Several more shots contributed to the swelling on Beth’s pussy mound and its tracery of red welts, and then a final shot right in the center of her cunt bush. The stroke was so hard that the lash forced open the labia a little and landed the dragon tail on her clitoris. Her screaming and crying set the night birds squawking again high above them. Riff was delighted.

He now circled around his victim, examining Beth’s naked body for bruises and welts and places where his whip could make his own mark on her. She snapped her head around as he moved to keep him in sight, deliriously fearful that he would also whip her cunt. This of course was his goal.

However, he kept circling. As he moved from behind her around her right side toward her front, Beth relaxed briefly and dropped her gaze. That’s why the lash on her cunt caught her completely by surprise.

“Aaaaahhhh,” she screamed, and the look she flashed him was pure terror and supplication.

He had raised the whip high and angled it down between her legs so the lash caught more of her asshole than her cunt, but it hit square. The next few did not, adding red diamond lines to her upper thighs and lower belly, so he moved back behind her and finished his ten strokes by sending the whip’s dragon tail up her bum crack to land with a satisfying smack on her snatch in front and eliciting a blood-curdling scream through the night air.


The special volunteer ladies attended to her again. This time after they laid her on a rush mat they applied soothing compounds to her wounds, a fragrant mixture of scented oils and healing creams that brought relief flooding instantly through her sore, throbbing nipples and vulva. In response to Beth’s question, Mamie said, “All natural substances, my dear. Edirne Escort Bayan We grow all kinds of exotic plants in the botanical gardens, and many are there to be harvested for their medicinal properties.”

Beth nodded in wonderment. This was an amazing place, the botanical gardens, worth visiting for their own sake, even without the special treatment she was receiving from the special volunteers. “I feel much better, Mamie. Thank you. You seem to know what to do.”

Mamie nodded and regarded her with a grave smile. “Oh yes. We have all been under the men’s lashes and have learned how to heal.” Beth’s eyebrows shot up. “Oh yes,” Mamie said again. “We all know how the kisses of the whip can make the strokes of the cock into a spiritual experience for a woman.” They all laughed sympathetically. Beth, despite her fears, managed a smile.

Her return under the overhead tree limb and attachment to the hoist was unsteady, her feet sometimes failing her, but her determined step showed she was willing to experience whatever Brian and Riff had decided to do to her next.

This time under the tree branch they had placed a wooden device that resembled the sawhorse but with a top made of two boards attached along their length at a right angle. The top was set with the menacing angle pointing up.

Two tall, smiling men from the special volunteers lifted naked Beth onto the angle, ensuring it fit right into her cunt slit. I once again locked her wrists onto the hoist rope and lifted her hands high over her head, while Brian attached weights to her ankle cuffs to pull her cunt down hard onto the rough wood.

Two naked ladies came over with a breast clamp made of two bamboo rods joined at the ends with metal bolts with wing nuts. I noted the ladies’ asses and tits for later, especially the one with golden pubic curls.

With Brian on her other side, I placed the bamboo rods on Beth’s chest above and below her breasts, and we twirled the wing nuts on both sides to tighten the clamp and squeeze Beth’s tits out and force her nipples erect. To these we then applied floggers, to the delight of the crowd, who enjoyed having a new toy to play with, and Riff of course, who watched her nipples jump with each stroke. Brian then produced a set of long sterile needles which he and Riff proceeded to insert through Beth’s tits above and below each nipple. A sharp intake Escort Edirne of breath from Beth followed each sharp insertion, and a thin, crimson trail of blood down each soft round breast.

The breast clamp and whipping inspired Riff to attack her pubic mound with his whip, just above her cunt on the wooden horse. Her cunt was getting red and sore, and she was increasingly uncomfortable, trying to move her pelvis to relieve the pressure on her cunt. Riff’s whip bit into her pubic mound and her ass cheeks as he moved around her.

Beth’s cries into the hot, jungle night reached a crescendo as the whip flashed on her buttocks and cunt mound, and the wooden horse crushed her intimate lips. “Aaaaarrrghhh … uuuhhhhh …. oh oh … owwwwww aaaaaa huh huh … aaaahhhhh.” The crowd was delighted.

Then I raised Beth slightly so the wooden horse could be removed, now soaked in one spot by Beth’s cunt juices, the vain attempt by her vagina to lubricate the rough wooden rubbed her labia sore.

As Beth’s feet touched the ground, she murmured a sigh of relief to find her weight on her feet again, instead of her arms, although her feet were still anchored to the forest floor more than a shoulder width apart.

As a final personal touch, Riff opened his small sack and grabbed a rope he had ***********ed himself and fashioned for this session. It was black braided nylon, about two centimetres thick, and featured knots tied every ten centimetres or so.

This he handed to Brian who stood behind Beth. Brian then flipped one end of the rope up between Beth’s legs where Riff caught it. They then raised it up until the rope ran right through Beth’s ass crack and her pussy crack.

Then like lumberjacks on a crosscut saw, the two men sawed the knotted rope back and forth through Beth’s cunt, rubbing her labia and smashing the knots into her clitoris, slowly at first, then faster and faster as her pain grew and she began to cry and twist her hips to dislodge the rope.

Brian enjoyed this novel form of female punishment, but he became concerned when the group of special volunteers, who also had not seen this form of sex punishment, began to take photos and video with their phones, all of which was prolonging Beth’s punishment as the rope ran back and forth from her ass crack to her cunt crack and back, pulling on her pubic hair as it went.

Once more, the ladies of the special volunteer group came to Beth’s rescue. They took her down and laid her on rush mats under a blanket after applying healing lotions that also let her sleep for an hour, at which time the night sky began to lighten.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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