The Royal Fall Ch. 11

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Everything was going great for Meredith. Each day she got to sleep in late, be waited on hand and foot, and waste the hours away doing whatever leisurely activity happened to strike her fancy. The servants all looked super cute in their new uniforms, and none of them hesitated if she ordered a good hard fucking. In fact, most of her days were spent in some form of sexual activity. Her puppy was always fun to play with, and she’d gotten even more enthusiastic recently. Of course, everything paled in comparison to her Mistress. The best part of her day was always when Mistress Zenith came to reward her for being such a good girl.

Meredith knew that her mind was changed. Thinking was harder than it used to be, and sometimes she struggled to find the right words. If an idea got too complex it would start to get fuzzy, and it would be harder to focus on. At which point she decided it wasn’t worth the effort to think about, so she just moved on. On to whatever sexy thought next happened to float into her mind. But even though she knew her mind was under some sort of magical spell, she was happier than she’d been in a long time. Each day was free of responsibilities, free from the obligations and duties she’d put up with for so many years.

Much like her thoughts, her memories of the past were a bit hazy. Meredith remembered being the Queen, and she remembered her battle against Zenith. It wasn’t a pleasant memory. Meredith shuddered at the thought of how she’d struggled against her Mistress, using all the magic she knew to try and keep her at bay. Thankfully it hadn’t worked. And now as a result, she got to spend her days at her Mistress’s side in massive lust-fueled orgies.

“What do you think, Puppy? Aren’t you so much happier like this?” Across her thick thighs, Bellwyn lay on her back with her belly upwards. Although the suit covered most of her body, her tits were completely exposed, allowing Meredith to freely play with them at her leisure. Her soft hands gave them a firm jiggle, and she laughed as they flopped around in place. Her puppy tried to squirm out of her grasp, but Meredith held her firm. “You’re feeling extra playful today, aren’t you! Come on, I know you like getting rubbed.”

Their playtime was cut short, however. The air around them started to shimmer, and Meredith instantly knew who was coming. She let go of her pet and clapped her hands in excitement. A moment later, Zenith teleported directly into the room, her posture regal and composed as usual.

“Someone’s excited. How are you, my sweet babygirl?” There was a time Meredith would’ve been offended by such a condescending title. Now, however, she simply squealed in anticipation.

“Mistress Zenith! I’ve been, like,super horny thinking about you.” It was a bit redundant for her to say that. Meredith was always horny, and she was always thinking about her Mistress. Still, she wanted to show her appreciation as best as she could.

Zenith just chuckled at her enthusiasm. “I’m sure you were. And don’t worry, I’ll play with you till your heart’s content in a bit. But first, we have some business to attend to.” Her voice was low and seductive, but it had a firm edge that meant business. “There’s a very special day coming up, one that I told you about. Do you remember what it is?”

Meredith wracked her brain. She remembered the conversation, and being told about something important coming up, but at the time she’d been busy playing with her tits instead of listening. “Is it someone’s birthday?” Her face lit up in excitement. Birthdays meant celebrations, and celebrations meant orgies.

“No, nothing quite so basic. Soon we’ll be having the coronation ceremony!”

Coronation. It was a word that Meredith recognised, but she couldn’t quite remember what it was. Something about the Queen? Butshe was the Queen. Or at least, she had been. Still, her Mistress was excited about it, which meant it had to be a good thing. “Woah, that’s awesome! I bet it’ll be the funnest day we’ve ever had.”

Zenith shook her head. “You don’t even know what that is, do you.” She was still smiling though, and she ruffled Meredith’s hair in a playful manner. “Not that I blame you, of course. All dumb and giggly. You’re perfect like this, you know that?” Naturally, Meredith responded with a giggle. “But you can’t be a Queen like this. So you’ll need to give up the crown to someone else.”

That made sense to Meredith. She didn’t have any interest in being Queen anyway. Any time spent ruling was time she wouldn’t spend fucking, bursa escort and that just couldn’t be worth it. “So you’re going to be cora.. corno… become the Queen?”

“Why of course, my dearest. After all, I’mclearly far more fit to rule than you ever were.” Zenith was beaming as she spoke. “Although, don’t expect me to stay here all the time like you did. No, I’ll be leaving most of my responsibilities to my new lieutenant. Someone you should be perfectly familiar with.” She tapped her finger on her chin. “Come to think of it, your daughter was the one supposed to take over the throne. How do you think she’ll react when she sees you giving it away to someone else instead?”

The question confused Meredith. It felt so obvious, even for her. “Of course she’ll be happy. It’s what you want, and what you want always makes me feel good. Obviously Cherry will love the new Queen as much as I will.”

Although it had felt like a redundant question to her, Zenith’s smile implied that she was happy with her answer. However, before she could respond, there was a muffled scream from across the room. Bellwyn came charging towards Zenith, racing along the floor on her elbows and knees as best as her bondage would allow. She slammed into the sorceress’s shins, head first, doing her best to try and knock her over.

Naturally Zenith was completely unphased. Meredith, on the other hand, was deeply upset at her puppy’s outburst. “No! Down girl, bad. Bad!” She scooped up Bellwyn’s struggling form, pulling her way from their Mistress. “I’m so, so sorry about this. She’s usually such a playful girl.”

“Oh I know, believe me, I know how she usually is.” Zenith didn’t sound upset in the slightest. Rather, she sounded amused by the situation. “I thought I had trained her better by now. But no worries, this will provide for an excellent opportunity. I was planning to save this for later, but now…” Zenith raised her hand, and weaves of magic began to spiral around Bellwyn. “She’s been your puppy for long enough.

Meredith felt tears forming in her eyes. “I’m… I’m not going to have a puppy anymore?” There was a tremble in her voice, and her lip quivered as she spoke.

“Aww, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to play with her. You’ll just be playing with her in a different way, that’s all. And she’ll still get to be your puppy every once in a while, I’m just giving her some different duties.” The mystical vortex swirled into a vertical shape with Bellwyn trapped in the centre.

When the light cleared, Bellwyn was no longer a pet on the floor. Instead, she was merely a humanoid shape trapped in a rectangular frame, similar in size to a large painting. Her entire body was covered by a single sheet of latex, hugging her curves and pressing tight against her skin. A single tube ran from where her mouth looked to be upwards, but aside from that her entire face was covered.

Zenith waved her hand, and Bellwyn’s sealed prison floated over to a wall, where it hung in place above the bed. “There you go. She’s all safe now, and you can still play with her.” Zenith emphasised her point by moving a hand along Bellwyn’s breast, giving it a firm squeeze. Bellwyn moaned and writhed in place, but her limbs were trapped in a spread eagle fashion. “It’s quite a simple contraption. Two separate layers, with all the air between them sucked out. It leaves her trapped with no space to move. Quite ingenious, isn’t it?”

It certainlysounded impressive, although Meredith was having a hard time following the explanation. Regardless, she walked over and started massaging Bellwyn’s vulva. A sensual moan escaped the victim. Meredith squealed in excitement, and began poking and prodding around to see what other sorts of fun sound she could get her new toy to make. “Oh wow, this is so cool! Thank you Mistress, I’ll have lots of fun with this.”

“I’m sure you will, sweetie, I’m sure you will.” Zenith shook her head. “But don’t get too excited yet. I’ve got another toy for you, one that I’m sure we’ll be able to enjoy plenty.” Once again, Zenith worked her magic. This time she summoned a medium sized object into her hands. It was shaped like a disembodied torso, only it had fairly detailed anatomical accuracy. In fact, as Meredith looked at it, she realised it had an actual vagina. One that was glistening with moisture, throbbing clit fully erect, and outright pulsing with need.

“This is a very delicate toy, so we’ll need to be gentle with it.” Zenith inserted her fingers and began rubbing. “Go ahead, escort bursa you can feel it too. Just remember to use your lightest touch.”

That was an order Meredith was happy to follow. She inserted her own pointer and middle finger, feeling them next to Zenith’s inside the dripping pussy. Meredith gasped aloud in surprise. “It’s warm! And actually moist, I can really feel it!” She wriggled her fingers around more, revelling in the unique toy. “It feels just like a real vagina.”

Zenith chuckled at her reaction. “That’s because it is. Here, let me show you.” The sorceress waved her hand, and a circular image materialised in the air. It was showing the dungeons, with a nude figure frantically moving about inside of a cell. Her hair was messy and unkempt, and she was staring at an empty pedestal outside of her reach, head darting back and forth between it and down between her own legs.

“It’s been a while since you’ve seen her, but that’s your daughter.” Meredith’s eyes widened at her Mistress’s words. Cherry was always so well composed and proper, so it was a surprise to see her in a desperate state. “You’ve been a good girl, and you’ve listened well. But some of the others… they need different kinds of motivation. Which is why I took away the most important thing in the world to her.”

That line hit Meredith hard. She couldn’t imagine something so precious and valuable being taken away. The sounds of moaning from the wall filled her ears as she stared at the pussy in front of her. “So now she can’t even masturbate? What’s she supposed to do with her spare time? Thatis mean.” She couldn’t imagine anything worse to lose. “Not that I’m saying you’re wrong, I’m sure she was a bad girl and she deserved it. But that’s such a cruel fate.”

“Indeed, it is a cruel fate. But it’s one you’ll be able to help her with.” Zenith pulled back, although she continued to stroke Cherry’s pussy as she spoke. “See, I’m going to have fun today, and I’m going to give out an orgasm. But I’m only going to give it to one of you. So if you want, I’ll make you cum, and then-“

“Okay make me cum.” Meredith didn’t even bother waiting for her Mistress to finish. She heard the magic words, and that was all she cared about.

Even Zenith blinked in surprise. “I… you haven’t heard the full story. Your daughter’s been getting teased for over a week now, constantly on the edge but never allowed to cum.” There was a sharp intake of breath from Meredith at the thought of going so long without cumming. “It’s been tormenting her, driving her insane. Even now she’s begging for forgiveness, and she’s willing to follow orders now, just like her mother.” That made sense. Meredith was smart enough to know that following her Mistress’s orders was good, so everyone else should follow them as well.

“Now you can give her an admittedly well-deserved reward,” Zenith continued, “and give her the climax she’s craving. She’s been so long without, and is really suffering. Or I can just giveyou a climax instead, even though you just had one.”

Meredith felt a little strange that her Mistress was still trying to lay out the options. Of course she remembered her precious daughter, and how much she loved her. She remembered there was a time she would’ve sacrificed everything she had to help Cherry reach her dreams. That was the sort of kind and loving mother Meredith had always been. She had treated her Kingdom the same way, being a caretaker and protector to anyone who needed it, regardless of what it cost herself. What choice would she make if she wasn’t under her Mistress’s spell?

Once again, Meredith felt her mind start to go fuzzy. It always happened when she focused too much on her past self. All that mattered to her was what she wanted here and now. And she wanted her Mistress to make her cum. Why would that be a bad thing? Each of her three orgasms that day had felt wonderful, that was without her Mistress.

“I want to cum.” She was practically drooling as she said it. “Please Mistress, I don’t care about whatever it costs, or what you’re doing with Cherry. I want to get fucked now!”

Zenith smiled. “Very well, I suppose that can be arranged. I’m glad you chose that, I’ve got something extra special planned for you.” Once again, Zenith began casting a powerful spell, only this time it was targeting Meredith herself. “You’re quite beautiful as you are, but I still think some changes are in order. Something that’ll let the people see just how far their former Queen has fallen.”

Meredith bursa escort bayan felt a strange tingling sensation wash over her, like a limb falling asleep, but everywhere. Looking down at herself, parts of her were already starting to shift and expand. Her hips widened, and with them her already thick thighs became extra plump. She could feel her rear getting extra padding as well to match. Meredith had always had a large chest, but now her tits were expanding to ludicrous sizes, with every movement causing them to jiggle and ripple about.

However, the biggest change had to be one between her legs. Meredith’s clit was growing hard, harder than normal. In fact, it just kept growing past its fully erect size. Soon it was the length of her finger, and it was increasing in girth as well. She let out a giddy cheer as she realised what was happening. Her new cock finally stopped at a hefty ten inches, and it was thicker than anyone she’d slept with before. A pair of balls also dangled beneath her.

Meredith wrapped a hand around her cock. The feeling was electrifying, completely different than before. “Ooh, that’s nice. Thank you, Mistress!” She was still masturbating herself as she spoke. “I can’t wait to try this out in all sorts of new positions. Are you going to… help me out?”

“Not this time, no.” Zenith shook her head as she watched her plaything. “As fun as it would be watch you explore your new body, I’ve got other matters to attend to. But don’t worry, I won’t be leaving you empty-handed.” The toy containing Cherry’s pussy disappeared, and through the magical window, Meredith could see it reappearing on the pedestal outside of Cherry’s cell. Her daughter jumped at the sight, but there was no further reaction.

Another coalescence of magical energy formed in Zenith’s hand. “Do you remember your daughter’s maid? The one who was with you during the ritual?”

Meredith had to pause to stretch her memory. “You mean Valia? She was always such a dutiful and obedient maid.”

Zenith chuckled at her description. “Very good! And yes, she certainly was when you knew her.” Her spell finished casting, and she was holding another fake torso, with another real human pussy attached. Only this one had a small pair of tits over its chest, instead of the smooth fake material. “This one is different from your daughter. You can be as rough as you like. In fact, I fully encourage you to be as rough as possible.”

She handed it to Meredith, who wasted no time in exploring the strange toy with her fingers. The life-like nipples reacted perfectly to her touch, and there was already a hefty amount of lube pouring out of the pussy. “Wow, thank you so much Mistress! This is theperfect gift.” To Meredith’s lust-addled mind, she could hardly imagine anything better. She sat down on the bed, legs spread apart, and pressed the tits of the toy into her own massive pair. “I hope this feels good for you, miss maid.”

The tip of her cock pressed against the pussy, its warm and wet texture only exciting her further. Zenith took one final glance around the room. “Have fun with that, dearest! I’ll leave this display of your daughter here. Between it and Bellwyn, you’ll have plenty of material to excite yourself while you play with your new toy.” Meredith was hardly listening. She absentmindedly nodded as her Mistress teleported away, off to train another one of her playthings.

After a minute of soft pushing, Meredith’s cock slipped inside. It was everything she’d hoped it would be. Back in her days of being the Queen, Meredith had heard rumours about a perverse item, called an “onahole” by the people. It was essentially a handheld toy that replicated a vagina, and its entire purpose was to help pleasure cocks. Merdith felt like she was using an especially fancy onahole. It had nerves connected to a real person, but that didn’t matter to her. It was a warm hole she could fuck to her hearts content as much as she wanted.

As Meredith began pumping the toy up and down, lifting the torso and thrusting it back into it, she stared at the magical screen. Her daughter was furiously rubbing between her legs, screaming wordlessly into the void. But she wouldn’t get to cum. She would stay denied, while Meredith was allowed to cum over and over again, as much as she wanted. And why shouldn’t she be allowed to? It made her feel good, and whatever made her feel good had to be the right choice.

Her lusty moans filled the room along with the steadyschlap schlap schlap of a wet and messy vagina, one whose only purpose was to pleasure her. She would cum inside it, and she would cum again, and she would spray her cum on the toys tits and on her bed and all over herself. Whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

It was her right, after all.

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