The Saga Continues Ch. 01

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This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman’s biography.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 1 – Prologue

(Author’s note: This is another of those ‘bridge’ stories, interlude-type stories that give information and set the table with groundwork, and also has a case to solve. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the sex and the rest of the story.)

Sunday, October 15th. Little Jack Burke blew out the four candles on his cake after everyone had sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. He demanded the first piece of cake, which was given to him as it was indeed his birthday.

Also at the party was Doug, Michael Todd, Carole, Marie, Jim, Ian, Ross, little Daniel and Patricia Allgood, little Pete Feeley; and adults me, Laura, my mom Phyllis, Todd, Teresa, Cindy, Molly, Tanya, Jack Muscone, Barry Oliver, Teddy Franklin, and Seth and Joanne Warner. Laura had brought Patricia and little Daniel; Daniel and Melina Allgood were not at the party. We were at Todd and Teresa’s house in the Heritage Cloisters subdivision.

“Jack wanted a dog.” said Teresa to me as everyone talked and the children played. “Todd told him, and rightly, that I was allergic to dog hair accumulations. But there is no way we’re giving that mean little boy a dog to abuse.”

I nodded. “He doesn’t try much with Bowser and Buddy because Carole and Marie stand up to him. How is Jack with his cousin and half-brother?”

“He lords it over them.” said Teresa. “But he keeps to himself a lot, too. We don’t treat him any differently than the other boys, but it’s as if he realizes that something’s not quite right.”

“He knew his mother a lot better than the younger boys.” I replied, referring to the late Jeanine Burke. “Having her disappear from his life probably was more traumatic than we grownups might realize. But I’m not the child psychiatrist around here; you’ll have to ask my wife about that.”

“I already have.” admitted Teresa. “She’s observing the kids today, and I figured that was why she brought Patricia and Dan. Or was there something else behind that?”

“Just between us Clan Troy types,” I said, letting my voice quieten to a near whisper, “Melina and Laura know of the tension between me and the Sheriff, which hasn’t really abated after he suspended me without pay. Melina went out of town for what Carole calls ‘meetings’, so Laura and I are babysitting Patricia and Dan, and Sheriff Allgood is at the Sheriff’s Association conference in Midtown, probably drinking it up with the other Sheriffs.”

“Him?” Teresa said, her voice almost scornful. “He won’t touch a drop of liquor. He makes a Boy Scout Troop look like an ISIS cell, he’s so clean.”

I chuckled. “Well, that’s what’s going on. Oh goodness, look at that…”

Little Jack was posing for pictures, with one arm around Marie and the other around Carole. “Uncle Todd, take a picture of me with my girlfriends!” little Jack said to Todd. Carole’s father, that being me, just shook his head, knowing that having a teenage daughter when Carole began growing up was going to be a lot harder… a lot harder. Teresa showed no mercy; she was giggling (well, what passed for it for her) at my facial expressions…

Part 2 – Women’s Whispers

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Fox Two News!” shouted the lovely redheaded MILF reporterette at 7:00am, Monday, October 16th, from in front of the Federal Building on Courthouse Square. “Fox Two News has learned that an agreement has been struck between Governor Val Jared and most members of the State Legislature, Democrat and Republican!”

Bettina started: “In this agreement, the Governor’s Administration will drop the criminal complaint and lawsuits against BigAgraFoods and other companies over hiring undocumented workers being a civil rights violation against black citizens. And the Legislature will not pursue impeachment against the Governor. We have Dr. Romanov of the University’s Political Policy Institute with us. Dr. Romanov, who wins in this Faustian deal?”

“Everyone and no one, Bettina.” said Dr. Romanov. “The Governor’s racist and ridiculous, politically-motivated attacks on BigAgraFoods were never going to work, so he really loses nothing by backing off on them. And the politicians that seriously wanted to impeach Governor Anadolu Yakası Escort Jared would’ve had real trouble showing he’d committed an actual high crime. Unfortunately, the Governor’s white nationalism isn’t a felony crime.

“Additionally,” continued Dr. Romanov, “polls are beginning to show that the People of the State, especially the ones that voted to re-elect Jared, were becoming angry at the increasingly vitriolic rhetoric against him, as the People see it as an attack on themselves and their voting rights and choices. So it was in everyone’s interest to attempt to reach a deal and calmer waters, lest there be a further awakening by the Voters.”

“So does this mean we’re stuck with Val Jared as Governor?” asked Bettina, her voice sounding devoid of hope.

“Yes, Bettina,” said Dr. Romanov, “but he’s a lame-duck Governor with no political support whatsoever. His tax reform plan is being rejected by both Parties, and his racist attitudes have been exposed and rejected by the people and groups that matter. We’re stuck with him, but he’s impotent. So we don’t have to worry too much.”

“Thank you, Doctor Romanov.” said Bettina, who then continued: “And in more local news, Police Chief Moynahan said there would be no promotions to Deputy Chief on November 1st, and that the post could and would go unfilled for the time being. However, there have been nominations for a SpecOps/SWAT Lieutenant as well as a Supervisor for the important Vice Division, though Chief Moynahan declined to make those names public at this time. And now let’s go to Nick Eastwood for Sports. Nick!”

“Thank you, Bettina!” said Nick Eastwood, standing on University Avenue with the Stadium across the street rising behind him. “Both the Wildcats and our University’s Bulldogs have an open date this weekend, and their next game is against each other at Wildcats Stadium on October 28th. The Bulldogs are looking for revenge after the now-infamous ‘Appletree-to-Washington’ play overcame two blocked punts to lead the Wildcats to the win last year! The Bulldogs will have 96,000 Wildcats fans screaming against them, and Sophomore receiver Jamaal Washington, already in consideration for All-Conference and All-America honors, is going to provide the Wildcats with a formidable weapon against the Bulldogs.”

Nick continued: “And speaking of Wildcats Stadium, local authorities have no suspects in the murder of Coach Willy ‘Speedy’ Gonzales at the Stadium a few weeks ago, before the Spartans-Wildcats game. Our own Commander Donald Troy was consulted in the case, but could provide no additional information to help solve the crime. Security measures will be tightened for the Bulldogs-Wildcats game, but these measures should not be an impediment to the fans’s experience at the game.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“The Bulldogs winning will provide the Wildcats fans with a miserable experience.” stated Cindy Ross as we drank coffee in MCD.

“You are mighty damn sure of yourself on this.” I replied.

“But you won’t take a bet on the game.” Cindy retorted flatly.

“What would we bet?” I asked. “If the Wildcats lose, I have to carry a blue crowbar around?… Oh, been there, done that, my first crowbar was blue. And you’re not carrying a red crowbar around, no matter who wins what football game.”

“The red crowbar is sacred, ma’am.” said Joanne Warner helpfully.

“It’s the Commander’s ‘Palladium’.” Cindy replied, a haunting reference to the Consultant of Crime having called it that. “But I have a green one, so it’s even. Sooooo… I guess it’s just going to be office decoration… like last year.” She was referring to her office being ‘properly’ decorated after the ‘Appletree-to-Washington’ play the year before. (Author’s note: ‘Just A Story’ Ch. 02.)

“I guess that’s the bad side of having an office, sir.” said Theo Washington.

“There is no bad side of having an office with a door that closes.” I replied. “It is something to which all of you should aspire.”

“As long as its an office, and not a coat closet.” said SBI Captain Tanya Perlman, driving herself in in her wheelchair.

“Says the woman whose current office is bigger than mine and Captain Ross’s put together.” I replied as I poured Tanya some coffee and handed her the full mug. “So, Ms. Perlman, what brings you here?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Tanya said ‘innocently’. It did not take too much staring at her with my gray eyes to get her to grin and admit the truth. “Okay, I’m here to help plan whatever they’re going to do to you when the Bulldogs destroy the Wildcats.” Everyone broke out laughing. I just shook my red head in disbelief… or despondency…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“All right.” I said as the morning ‘Angels’ meeting Bostancı Escort began at 8:10am, after watching John Hardwood’s worthless news report, a copy of Bettina’s report, but delivered by someone considerably less good looking than Bettina, “what’s going on in my Town they’ve been accused of being white racists, and actually sued the University for suppressing their Free Speech rights when the University was going to shut them down. They won, so the School can’t shut them down without cause. If they were busted on-campus for serving underage people alcohol, that would be cause, and they’d be shut down.”

“Can they be shut down for an off-campus party with criminal charges?” Cindy asked.

“No.” I said. “Well… the School could try, but they’ll be sued again. It wasn’t just Free Speech rights the Kappas sued over, but Freedom to Peaceably Assemble, and that’s actually what won the lawsuit for them. Now they’ll say they were peaceably assembling as a private group off-campus, and the University is trying to deny them their rights again. My guess is that the University will let us handle it, and if the leadership gets potential felony charges against them, that’ll send a message to the rest of them.”

“Other than that, sir,” said Cindy, “it was a pretty quiet weekend for the Detective Division. I’m about to have Theo find a cold case to solve.”

I nodded. “Okay, that’s the outside world. Teresa, what’s going on inside our Police world?”

Teresa said “Sir, let me first ask… are there any plans to promote upper-level Officers? Like to Deputy Chief? Captain of Administration? Captain of Detectives, after you fire Ms. Hardbody here for trashing your office after the Bulldogs whip the Wildcats?”

Cindy’s eyes about popped out of her head as she turned on Teresa. I laughed out loud.

“Man! people are just assuming the Wildcats have no chance.” I muttered. “Even you, Ms. Croyle?”

“Todd is taking me and Cindy and Callie to the game.” said Teresa. “Bulldogs section, so I better get into the spirit.”

“Shit.” I muttered. “I’m going to be there with Theo and Franklin. Guests of the Wildcat University President, for helping with the Gonzales case, and Theo and Franklin being family of Jamaal Washington.”

“Guess Joanne and Mary had better be ready to be in charge, then.” said Cindy.

“The Chief is going to go bonkers.” I said. “I’ll have make arrangements to fly back…”

“Don,” Cindy said, “We’re going in the BOW Enterprises plane.” She made air quotes as she said “The title ‘CEO of BOW Enterprises’ is almost as good as ‘Police Commander’. If anything happens, Teresa and I will be back here in a heartbeat, so don’t stress on it.”

“It’s my job to ‘stress on it’.” I said. “Okay, the question was promotions and positions. The position of Deputy Chief is not going to be filled right now, as Bettina reported. And maybe not for some time. We got along fine without one for a good long time, and we’ll be fine without one now. Holloway is doing fine running Administration, and some of that stuff is going to City Hall, as it stands. Aaron is still doing Physical Properties, and Briscoe is still doing Public Relations. No need to promote anyone, so no holes will be created by promoting someone to Deputy Chief.”

“The reason I’m asking, sir,” said Teresa, “is because Irwin and Rudistan have heard some scattershot that Precinct Captain Briggs is going to make a complaint to the Union that he is being held back from being promoted, and wrongly so.”

“Good grief.” muttered Cindy.

“I’m not totally surprised.” I said. “And I’d be very tempted to put Briggs into Press Relations so his dream of retiring as a Captain, and soon, would be fulfilled. But we’d have to put Briscoe somewhere, there’s no place to put him, and there is no way in hell the Chief is going to put Briscoe into the Deputy Chief slot.”

“Well, sir,” said Teresa, “I’ll just let you and the Chief handle it. That’s why y’all make the big bucks.”

“Har! there are not bucks big enough for what I have to put up with.” I said. “Especially from rowdy Captains planning mischief for my office weekend after next. And speaking of that, why is Tanya really here? Y’all would take her out to lunch if there was any planning of messing with l’il ol’ me to be done.”

“She’s meeting with the Chief, sir.” said Cindy. “Supposedly about cooperation between our CSIs and her Crime Lab. But I think she might be trying to see what her chances are of coming back here as Deputy Chief.” I winced and Cindy said “What?”

“Don’t tell anyone this.” I said. “But I already tried with the Chief to get Tanya in there as Deputy Chief. He took it up the chain, but he didn’t get three words out of his mouth when the Sheriff shot it down. I Erenköy Escort also had a quiet word with Jack Colby and Dagmar Schoen of the Council, and even they wouldn’t hear of it.”

“Why not?” asked Teresa. “As you well know, Deputy Chief is not a field position. Tanya can run the ‘beans and bullets’ side of the Force, wheelchair notwithstanding.”

“I’m not sure what the issue is.” I said. “I suspect some of it is liability-related. Also, while being Captain or above exempts us from the physical fitness requirements of those Lieutenant and under, all Officers from the Chief on down still have to be capable of doing the duties of a basic Police Officer. Soooo, Tanya has a good job and is doing a great job at it, and that’s the way it’ll have to remain…”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Thank you for meeting me.” said Jenna Stiles after she and Cindy Ross were seated at the Cattleman’s Club for lunch.

“No problem.” said Cindy. “What’s new? How are things in the State Attorney’s Office?”

“Fairly busy.” Jenna said. “Your boss, the Iron Crowbar, does too good a job, sometimes. Means extra work for us underpaid State Attorneys.”

Cindy smiled. “Plenty of work for us, as well.”

“How are things with you?” Jenna asked. “The gym… and your new friend, Callie?”

“Oh…” Cindy said, a bit taken aback that Jenna was mentioning Callie. “We’re fine. The gym is doing very well with Ariel and Wanda running it. I almost feel guilty taking in all that money while they’re doing most of the work. And Callie’s doing well as Laura’s research assistant in the Psychology Department at the school. I’m learning a lot about sex just from what Callie is learning and passing on.”

The waitress came and took their orders, then Jenna said “What I wanted to talk to you about, was… well, I know you’re pretty much a political atheist, and that was one of the things that broke us up…” Cindy looked sharply at Jenna as the redhead continued: “… but I do want your advice on a couple of things that have come up.”

“Well, I have little knowledge of political issues, but what did you want to ask?” Cindy replied.

Jenna said “I’ve been strongly considering another run against Gil Krasney next Fall, and Mr. Bennett has been very supportive of it. But this time I’ve been approached to run as part of a team for Mayor, D.A., and Sheriff. Mayor Vaughan is considering a run as the Republican nominee for U.S. Congress against Congressman Condor, who is a Democrat. And there is beginning to be some scuttlebutt that Sheriff Allgood might run for Mayor instead of Sheriff again.”

Hmm, is Jenna fishing for information from me? Cindy thought to herself. But she only said: “So who will you be running as a triumvirate with?”

“For mayor,” said Jenna, “Malinda Adams is considering running. And for Sheriff… Della Harlow.” She peered at Cindy, but Cindy had been trained by the very best to keep her face an impassive sheet of iron… her father being ‘the very best’, of course.

Cindy said “I don’t understand why Ms. Adams would give up a full voting Council seat, which she’s pretty secure in, to be a non-voting Mayor.”

“Well,” Jenna said, “as far as the Council, you are right. But the Mayor also sits on all the Boards that the Board of Commissioners sit on, and the Mayor often nominates the at-large Board members. That’s the real power of the Office of the Mayor. The Mayor also steers legislation through the Town Assembly as well as the Council, and submits the first budget to the Assembly for consideration. The post is not weak at all.”

Cindy nodded. “That makes sense.” After a moment, she said “Are you aware of the full story of Della Harlow leaving the TCPD?”

“I definitely know her side of it.” said Jenna. “And I’ve also heard some of the other side, though not directly and not in full.” That was a ‘hint’, and Cindy decided to make good on it.

“I can give you that other side, and in full.” Cindy said. “Della Harlow was a very good Police Officer for a long time. Orange Order, Star of Gallantry, which is not normal for Administrators to get, and she ran the supply side of the Force very well. Then she just… changed. She let politics really get in the way of her job. She accused a good Detective of being a racist, which he’s not; she tried to set that Detective up for sexual harassment, which Commander Troy squashed like a bug.”

“Then she started letting hatred for Governor Jared translate into hatred for Commander Troy and others, including me and Captain Croyle.” Cindy continued. “By the time all was said and done, she put Officers’ lives in danger, the Commander’s family’s lives in danger… including my life, as I was in the room with him… and Della just became… irrational. So I know you hate Governor Jared, too, but I would suggest being careful attaching your good name to Della Harlow’s.”

“I don’t hate Jared.” Jenna said. “I just don’t agree with his politics and what I and many perceive as his racist attitudes towards minorities and women.”

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