The Sales Lady Ch. 01

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Jason Braun had in the last 6 months had broken up with his girlfriend Candice who he had dated for 3 years, changed job location by moving to a new city. Candice was a great friend but that was all he ever felt for her. She on the other hand wanted more from Jason than he was prepared to give. She wanted marriage, kids, and the big picket fenced house. I wasn’t ready for that or to be more accurate. Candice wasn’t the one I wanted that with.

After the breakup, I knew I had to make a new start. Luckily the engineering firm that he’d worked for 5 years after graduating college had an opening in the Dallas office. The Lead Project Mgr for a new warehouse complex was his now. Jason was doing very well for himself as the Firm was very happy with his ability to get jobs done on time and within the budget. This project, if completed successfully had a guaranteed 30% bonus in addition to his $120,000 salary.

Being a young successful single male Jason chose a trendy loft apartment to live in. It was in the heart of the Uptown Dallas nightlife area. Although Jason was never a nightlife kind of guy he loved his condo. Plus work had him working long hours and that was his priority. After a long exhausting week, Jason was about to watch his alma mater play the early Saturday game. Just as he had dropped onto the couch there was a knock at his door.

At first, he decided just to ignore whoever was knocking on the door. When again there was a knock and ringing of the doorbell. Damn it he thought as he paused the pregame show to see who was at the door.

Looking through the peephole he saw a middle-aged woman holding a large briefcase and binder. Who the hell is this he thought.

Opening the door. Yes, he asked?

Hi, I’m Janice, from some major perfume cosmetics company.

He heard her spout out. The name escaped him as he wasn’t that concerned about it.

Is the lady of the house home, she asked?

Well no, with a chuckle he replied. It’s just me.

Not to be denied a potential sale, Janice quickly replied.

We have a full line of Men’s products I can show you.

Taking a long look at the woman, Jason thought why not come on in. Always the gentleman he asked her, would you like a bottled water or soda?

Bottled water would be nice, the saleswoman replied.

Retrieving a bottle from the refrigerator he walked back into the living room. Here you go as he handed the cold bottle to her.

Oh, thank you, as she looked at him from the couch as she was getting samples and brochures out of her briefcase.

I’m sorry, what did you say your name was and who are you with?

Holding out her hand, I’m Janice Henderson with the Allure Cosmetic Company.

Taking her hand in his, Hi Janice, I’m Jason. But I don’t believe I would be interested in any cosmetics.

Of course, you wouldn’t but we also have a full line of Men’s products. Why don’t you have a seat and I’ll show you all that we have to offer.

Jason sat down on the other end of the couch. Janice started into her sales pitch on this and that. He wasn’t listening to what she was saying as he was taking her in not at what she was saying but how she looked.

She reminded him of a woman that was his mom’s best friend as he was growing Escort Küçükköy up. As he started to notice girls, Ms. Lisa caught his eye so much so he had a crush on her during his high school years. This woman although similar had a much more curved body than he had remembered Ms. Lisa having. Being roughly the same height, hair color, and the sound of her voice sealed the deal for him and his memories. So much so, that he was getting a little turned on with the memories of the fantasies he had with Ms. Lisa.

Jason, is there anything that I’ve shown you that you’d be interested in trying?

Not really listening to a word she had said, Jason stammered. Um, do you have any colognes?

Even though he never liked wearing cologne. Candice had bought him a bottle when they were together. But he never used any of it unless she begged him to. That bottle didn’t make the move to the new city.

A little frustrated, Janice went over the samples that he could try. Here are two of my favorites handing him the sample cards for Jason to smell. There’s also a lotion that comes with this scent. I think you will find it’s not as strong as the cologne itself.

Smelling them both Jason wasn’t too fond of either scent. Nor was he interested in buying really anything from this woman. But she did bring back fond memories of Ms. Lisa. So he had an idea.

Janice was taking a drink of the cool water when Jason gave her a shocking proposal.

Look, I’m going to be honest with you Janice. I’m not interested in really any of this stuff. But I’ll make a deal with you.

Okay, go on? Cautiously curious about his proposal.

I’ll buy a bottle of your favorites men’s cologne but you have to do something for me in return?

I’m not sure what you mean, Jason.

What I mean is, I’ll buy your favorite cologne but you have to show me your breasts?

What? Are you serious?

Oh, I’m very serious, I’ll buy the cologne in exchange for you showing me your bare breasts. Jason said, with all the confidence he could muster in his voice.

I can’t believe you would ask me to do such a thing, Janice said horrified.

Look I understand you’ve probably never been asked such a thing. But I’m very serious about the cologne for a look at your breast. I might also add, I suspect you have spectacular breasts.

His comment both angered but also oddly flattered Janice.

She replied, young man, I’m old enough to be your mother, and for you to ask me such a thing is both rude and disrespectful.

You are probably my mother’s age and although I admit my proposal may be inappropriate I mean you no disrespect. What I’m asking is between two adults and it stays between the two of us. Plus I really would like to see your breasts.

Janice began putting items back in her briefcase. As she was doing so, she said, I could never do what you’re asking me to do.

Are you sure you can’t sell me a bottle and show me your breasts? What’s the harm in that? How much is the bottle anyway?

Flustered she answered, $89.00! I’m sure you’re not interested in paying that much just to see my breasts.

Do you want cash or a credit card? Jason answered as he went to retrieve his wallet. If I give you Mecidiyeköy escort cash then you know how serious I am because I can’t cancel the sale once you leave. But if I paid with a credit card I could simply cancel the charge after you left. But if I give you the cash you’re now carrying a lot of cash and I’d hate to make you a target for being robbed. So which would you prefer Janice? Either way, you want me to pay, the sale will be finale with me I assure you!

But I didn’t say, I would! Janice said as she watched the young man walk back to the couch with his wallet. She could see a slight bulge in his shorts, which both surprised and aroused her. Was she exciting him? How could this be? How could an older woman make a handsome young man like him excited? That thought made her body tingle all over, especially in her private parts. Her body was betraying her as it had been a long time since she was able to have this kind of effect on a man. A man half her age at that.

So which will it be Janice?

Janice just looked at Jason with that, “Oh crap what do I do now” look.

Look I know this is an unusual request of you.

Boy, you got that right, Janice replied.

Janice, I promise, all I’m asking is for you to show me your breasts for no longer than 2 minutes. I will sit here on the end of the couch with you on the opposite end. So how do you want me to pay for the cologne?

A credit card will be fine she said, resigned to just getting this over with.

Shocked by what he just heard Janice say, he quickly gave her his debit card. So when do I get the cologne he asked her. Wanting to keep her mind distracted from thinking about this any further than she needed to.

I just need some information from you. Which involved his name, address, and phone number. Once I receive the item I’ll notify you so I can either have it delivered to you or I’ll deliver it to you.

Not wanting to miss another chance to see Janice. Oh, I’ll want you to deliver it to me of course, he said with a big smile.

Of course, you would, she said with a snarl.

Now for your part of the transaction, Jason said, as he leaned back against his end of the couch with his hands in his lap. Mainly to try and conceal the full-on erection he was having in anticipation of what he was about to see.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, she mumbled under her breath. With her head down as she couldn’t look at him from embarrassment. Janice slowly unbuttoned her blouse then she took it off sitting it aside revealing her white bra that was full with her breasts that appeared to be a full C cup in size. She then reached behind her back to undo the clasp with her right hand while her left hand held it up in front. With that, she looked up at Jason mustering as much nerve as she could then she let her hands fall exposing her breasts to him. She watched as his eyes grew big as her naked breasts were now in full view.

Jason was amazed at what he was seeing. He could have never imagined breasts could look so perfect, especially from a 50+ woman. Her breasts were still very much full and plump. They hung in the perfect teardrop way that he so loved. Her areolas were brown and proportionate to the size of her Merter escort bayan breasts. The best part was her thick large nipples that were very hard and protruding out. He thought back to Candice whose breasts were the same size as Janice’s would have killed to have these breasts.

Janice your breasts are in my opinion are by far the best I’ve ever seen in person or anywhere else! They are simply AMAZING!!

You’re just saying that because I’m letting you look at them.

No, no, no, I mean it! Looking at her in the eyes, I mean it, Janice. I was expecting nice, but WOW!! My ex-girlfriend would be so jealous of you.

What she was hearing from this young man was buoying her confidence. So much so that she straightened her back even more as she felt his eyes devouring the vision of her breasts from afar. Other than her husband and her doctor, he was the only other person to see her naked breasts. She could see the lust and admiration in his eyes as he stared at her and it excited her. She could feel her nipples becoming very sensitive and hard. She was aching to touch them or be touched but she wasn’t going to allow that to happen.

Ok, you’ve seen enough, I’ve done what you’ve asked me to do.

With that, she started covering herself with her clothes. She felt a twinge in her genitals or more like an electric shock when her sensitive nipples touched the fabric of the bra. It had been a long time since she had felt anything like this. It surprised her so much that when it hit she let out a little moan.

What was that? Jason asked, knowing full well what it was. As he too was feeling that same excitement himself. How was he going to stand up to show her to the door with the tent that was now prominently protruding in his shorts?

Oh nothing, Janice replied. Knowing full well that the moan was due to the flow of her juices between her legs. She was hoping that it hadn’t soaked through to the back of her tan skirt. She was now in a rush to get her stuff together so she could quickly exit.

Jason in turn was having his concerns. He was hoping he would have a chance to adjust himself before she noticed it. So as she stood up and briefly turned her back to him. He quickly adjusted himself to where it wasn’t as noticeable but it was still obvious he had a massive erection. When Janice turned back around to make sure she had everything she saw it. Her knees nearly buckled under her as she was so surprised she got him so excited.

Well as I said, you’re Ummm. Janice stumbled for words to say.

Cologne, Jason helped her find the word.

Yes, cologne! It will be next week so I will call you with Ummm. As she glanced back down to take another look.

Jason saw what she was looking at and it made him proud that she was looking at him or more importantly happy with what she had caused.

Yes, you will call me to set up a time for you to deliver it to me! He said, with a sly smile as she caught her looking at his crotch.

Or I can mail it to you? She sheepishly replied.

No, I prefer you hand-deliver it to me. I mean I’d hate for it to get lost or broken in the mail. So I’ll be anxiously awaiting your phone call to set up a time or for any reason that you may want to call me.

Knowing full well that Jason was allowing her to call him anytime she liked. That excited her to think he would just be interested in talking to her. Well ok, that was all she could say, afraid if she said anything more she would be asking for more than she was prepared to handle. And with that, she was out the door.

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