The School Assignment

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“No way! Erection?” Claire cried out as we sat in a circle on her bedroom floor, our Human Anatomy notes strewn in the centre. The three of us had grown up with overbearing parents, lived in a very conservative community and previously went to an uptight, religious school. As a result, although we were all 18 years old and going to College now, we had not had much of exposure to sex. “I’ve seen all my brothers’ penises, and none of them has done that,” added Claire.

I often thought Claire could be a model, with her high cheekbones, small sharp nose, and lush shoulder-length black hair. She had a kind of Courtney Cox look. Her body is petite, but everything seems perfectly proportioned and tightly presented.

“I’m just telling you what I’m reading here,” retorted Stephanie, “It says that ‘an erection is a state of arousal in the male that is indicated by increased size, rigidity and blood flow in the penis. In most cases, the resting angle of the penis increases with the onset of rigidity until it points almost in line with and toward the top of the torso.'”

Stephanie is one of the few black girls in our class, and if I were picking her look-a-like, I would say that she favoured Beyoncé Knowles. She has full lips, coiffed curly hair, ample breasts and a glint in her eyes that suggests a wild side.

“All I’m saying,” continued Claire in her refutation, “is that my brothers’ thingees… um… penises have always looked small and limp when I’ve seen them. I’ve never seen them point anywhere.” Claire had risen and gone to her closet. After opening the door, she unbuttoned her white blouse, took it off and hung it up. Then she reached back to unhook her bra.

Whoa!! That was pretty nonchalant. I wanted to stare at her undressing, but I chose to be polite and turned my head away to look over at Stephanie. She was sitting back on her arms behind her. She wore a very tight, baby blue, cotton crop top that failed to hide the outlines of her relatively large aureoles or nubby nipples. Likewise, her tight, low-rider jeans had no success in hiding her conspicuously red thong panties.

“Well, what do you think a hard-on is then?” Stephanie countered, “Haven’t you noticed the bulges in the guys’ pants at school?”

Claire returned to our circle. She had put on a long, red mesh, athletic jersey with large, white numbering on its front and back. Based on the prevalence of pink through the holes in the mesh, I guessed that she had not put on any underwear when she got changed. In fact, I could swear that I saw a little nubbin of a nipple peaking through one of the mesh holes as she stood in front of us, but when she dropped to her knees, it disappeared behind the jersey’s protective screen.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Claire finally yielded, “I just thought some guys had bigger penises.”

I would like to brag that being with these two extremely hot girls was due to my equal social standing, but I have to admit that the opposite is actually true. Claire and Stephanie always chose me to be in their study groups because I was the class nerd. This meant that I would end up doing the assignments for them, resulting in high marks for all of us. But that’s as far as I want to think about the reasons for my being here right now, because if I really analyzed it, I might realize that they included me also because they do not consider me to be a threat or a distraction. I would also like to refuse, at this point, to discuss the effect that this association has had on my social status. I choose to believe that others envy my opportunity to be with these two and to ignore the suggestion that others think that I must be gay.

Ordinarily, I would be fulfilling my part of our division of labour by sitting quietly in a corner of the room writing out our report while they argued about the design of the title page, but this time, I was out of my depth. Human anatomy and sexual behaviour were not topics that were readily part of my experience. In fact, I had not even done the pre-reading due, I guess, to my overriding embarrassment with the whole topic area. Luckily, the girls were more engaged in the research than usual.

“Well, what about you, Timmy?” I jolted back to reality. Claire was suddenly glaring at me intently, “Do you get erections?”

Well, if I was somewhat uncomfortable watching Claire change before, I was completely unnerved by that question. Of course I did; I sort of had one right now, but I wasn’t about to talk about it. “Yeah, I guess…” I muttered weakly.

Claire looked sideways and slyly at Stephanie and then back at me. “Timmy… could you… ummm… do you mind if we… ummm… looked at your thingee?” Claire asked cautiously.

“What?!!” I turned bright red.

Claire approached me on her knees and draped both her arms over my shoulders. Then she leaned forward until the tip of her nose was lightly touching mine. “Come on, Timmy. Please!!” she pleaded softly, her breath breaking against my lips.

My eyes avoided her sudden closeness. “I… I…”

She leaned in further. Her cheek grazed my cheek as her lips approached Anadolu Yakası Escort my ear. The sweet flowery aroma of her perfume filled my nose. Her lips brushed against the opening of my ear, “Please, Tim. It’s for the assignment.” Her tongue touched my earlobe, and my cock went into full erection.

“Okay… I guess…” I said meekly and tried to stand on uncertain legs. I had never been naked in front of a woman before, and now I was going to strip in front of two friends.

“You don’t have to do this,” Stephanie consoled me, but I watched the hardening nipples underneath her top betray her true interest.

Well, there was no putting it off. I fumbled with the buttons on my polo shirt, and as I pulled it over my head, I felt a pair of hands working on my belt buckle and pants button. When the shirt cleared my field of view, I looked down to see Claire kneeling in front of me and pulling down my zipper. I got a huge twinge in my gut as I looked down at the top of her head in front of my crotch and her hands on my fly.

Claire grabbed the sides of my pants and pulled them down to the floor, where I stepped out of them. With a giggle, Claire touched her fingertip to my large bulge and shot a glance back at Stephanie, “Oh my gawd!!!” she shrieked, “I think you’re right.”

Claire quickly reached back up, grabbed the sides of my underpants and pulled them down in a single motion. My stiff cock sprang out from under the waistband of my briefs, and the cool air against my penis accentuated my sudden feeling of vulnerability.

Claire reached up and steadied my oscillating member. “Wow!” she exclaimed, marvelling at its size and stiffness. I couldn’t believe that a woman was touching my penis.

Then, Claire took on a puzzled look. “That’s odd,” she mused. These were not words a guy wants to here the first time a woman sees his cock.

“What’s wrong?” I asked with unconcealed concern.

Claire gently held my penis out with one hand, and with her other hand, she reached a finger to my cock head. “My brothers have more skin here,” she said, running her finger lightly over the top of my head, “And you can’t see this part unless you pull the skin down,” at which point, she reached her fingers around my penis and pulled down the shaft, making the skin on my cock head stretch tightly. I suddenly felt a wonderful tingle travel along my penis and up my spine.

“I read about that,” Stephanie jumped in, flipping through her textbook. “Your brothers have ‘foreskins,’ and Paul has… (flip, flip, flip) been ‘circumcised.'”

Claire let her fingertip glide over my head, exploring all its sides and over the hole in the tip. I let out a slight exhale, which prompted her to quietly ask, “Does that hurt?”

“No,” I responded softly, “That actually feels really good.”

“Really?!!” Claire looked up at me with a huge grin and a glint in her eye. Then she increased the speed and range of her fingertip petting. I exhaled again and realized that I was starting to get very… worked up down below – I don’t know how else to describe it.

Claire stopped what she was doing, reached around to cup one of my butt cheeks and gave me a little push toward Stephanie. “Here, Steph,” she offered, “Have a look.”

The momentum of her push caused me to step awkwardly over the books on the floor. I found some footing in front of Stephanie and stopped, but in compensating for my forward movement, I unintentionally thrust my hips forward. My swollen member just missed her lips, and its head skipped across her cheek.

Stephanie lurched backward in surprise, but then she leaned forward again. She reached up and placed her fingers under my balls, bouncing them lightly up and down as if checking their weight. Then, she let one of her fingers trace gingerly along the side of my pole and up the underside to the tip.

“I’ve got it!!” cried Claire, leaping to her feet and rushing to her dresser. “We’ll take pictures,” she added, holding up her digital camera.

“What?!!” I exclaimed in great surprise.

Claire hooked her hand under my armpit and practically dragged me to her bed. “Don’t worry, Tim,” Claire explained hurriedly, “It’s all clinical or professional or whatever. We’ve left it too late to write this report up properly, so we’ll do a photo essay.”

When we reached the bed, my shins hit the frame, undercutting my support, and I flopped onto the mattress. I probably could have sprained or dislocated the focus of our study with my fall, but the announcement of the photo session had dampened its enthusiasm considerably, causing it to lose its stiffness.

Claire raced around the bed to set up her shot, and I rolled onto my back to get into what I thought she would want for a position. After bringing the camera to her eye, she stopped and brought it down again. “What happened?” she asked, taken aback by my sudden deflation.

Stephanie had risen and was now sitting on the other side of the bed beside me. “I think he just lost his erection or something.”

“That happens? Well, how do we get it back?” Claire asked with concern.

Stephanie had already picked up her textbook and was scanning one of the pages. “It says that ‘an erection is instantiated, sustained and increased by erotic visualization, indirect physical stimulation of a sexual nature and various forms of direct, penile manipulation.'”

There was a long pause in the room.

“Steph,” Claire said slowly, “Get undressed.”

Stephanie’s head snapped over to look at Claire in surprise. Then she looked back into my nervous-looking eyes and limp penis. She smiled as she stood up and removed her top. Her full breasts flopped back onto her chest and settled into position. Her nipples had risen to extend a surprising height above her aureoles.

She quickly wriggled out of her tight jeans and slipped her thong down to the floor. Nervously, she glanced over at Claire and smiled. She went to sit down again, but as she knelt on the bed, she unexpectedly leaned forward and positioned her breasts to hang heavily over my face. Then, leaning forward, she swayed her torso back and forth so that her tits started bumping against my face. I felt some flesh hit my nose, a nipple graze my lips and two mounds push into my closed eyelids. Giggling, she returned to her seated position. “Visualizing anything now?” she asked me impishly.

It had the desired effect. My erection was returning. Stephanie touched it tentatively at first.

“Is he larger or harder or anything?” Claire asked.

“Sort of, but not like before,” Stephanie replied as she moved her hands slowly over my hard-on, twisting it slightly to test its resilience.

“Okay, well let me get a picture of that anyways,” Claire said as she snapped a quick photo.

“Claire!!!” objected Stephanie.

“Don’t worry, Steph. I’m not going to show your face…. Umm… Well, let’s try the direct, physical stimulation thing,” Claire suggested.

“How do I do that?”

“Well, I don’t know…. Try rubbing it with your hand.”

Stephanie slowly moved her hand up and down my shaft. At first, she just used her thumb and a finger, but as she stroked, she wrapped her whole hand around it.

Up and down she went in a slow, steady rhythm. It felt so wonderful, and I squirmed under her motion. “Hmmm,” purred Claire noticing my engrossment, “I think he likes that.” Stephanie smiled at the effect she was having and bit her lower lip.

“So is it bigger?” Claire asked.

“I think so,” Stephanie replied, continuing her stroke, “But it’s also getting sticky…. Give me something to make my hand slippery. How about that hand lotion on the end table?”

Claire leaned across and squirted some lotion into Stephanie’s hand, and Stephanie set to work coating my cock with the lotion and then rubbing it in. Her labour produced an exquisite slurpy-squishy sound.

My condition changed immediately. I had never felt so near to heaven in my life. My prick got rock hard instantly, and something roiled in my balls. I had no idea what was taking place.

“Whoa!!!” exclaimed Stephanie, “That worked!!” As she took her hand away, my shaft stood vertically without support and throbbed noticeably. “Is that the picture you want?” Stephanie asked, leaning back wide-eyed.

Claire stared through the viewfinder. “Yeah, except it’s got lotion all over it,” Claire said, crouching in, “Just wipe it off, and I’ll take one.”

Stephanie reached in and grasped the top of my shaft with her whole hand. She wiped down its length firmly and then repeated the squeegee-ing two more times…. It was a miscalculation. It was just enough to put me over the top.

On her third stroke, I arched my back. “Ohhhh!!!” I gasped, as sperm shot in long spurts out the top of my fountainhead. Everyone was taken by surprise. After the first eruption, Stephanie shrieked and twisted her hand away from herself, causing my second spurt to hit Claire’s jersey. Claire lurched back defensively and raised the camera over her head to protect it. I kept squirting uncontrollably, not knowing what the hell was going on.

When the commotion stopped, we all looked at each other in disbelief. Suddenly, Stephanie started giggling, followed by Claire. I just tried to catch my breath.

Between laughs, Stephanie managed to point to some goo that was dripping off Claire’s sleeve. “Oh, shit!” exclaimed Claire, as she hurriedly whipped the jersey off and onto the floor. As I suspected, Claire was delightfully naked underneath, and her small, pale frame suddenly looked very vulnerable beside me.

Claire’s little buttocks winked back and forth as she padded quickly out of the room to get some wet towels for clean-up. “What the hell was that?” she asked on her return.

“He ejaculated,” Stephanie explained.


“You know, when the guys talk about ‘cumming’.”

“Wow! It didn’t even occur to me that that would happen. So that was his sperm?”

“Yeah. His semen, actually, but it contains his sperm.”

Claire looked down at me as she ran the damp cloth over my impact zone. Her small breasts jiggled slightly back and forth as she rubbed. “I didn’t even know that you were loaded,” she quipped at me, but being still out of breath, I couldn’t respond.

“Did you at least get the picture?” Stephanie asked as she cleaned the few spots on her side of the bed.

“No,” Claire exclaimed, “It all happened too fast.”

“Well, then, what are we going to do now?”

Claire grabbed both of the towels, looked down at me pensively for a moment, and then let the towels drop to the floor. “Go again,” she finally answered.

“What?” returned Stephanie sceptically, “Is that even possible?”

Claire looked back at Stephanie. “What choice do we have?… I think Timmy’s up for it, aren’t you Tim?” she asked, apparently rhetorically. I furrowed my brow but still lay speechlessly.

Stephanie shrugged her shoulders and reached her hand in. She caressed my limp member and slowly coaxed it up and down. It felt really good, but I couldn’t see how it was ever going to rise again.

After a while, Claire asked, “How’s it going?”

Stephanie just shook her head.

“Do need more lotion?”

“No, there’s enough from last time.”

Claire looked at me thoughtfully. Then she put the camera on the end table and sat on the side of the bed. Leaning in toward my face, she whispered to me, “What’s wrong, Tim? Are we not stimulating you anymore?” Then she dropped her head and started nibbling on my neck.

I could feel her tongue and lips as she kissed her way toward my chin and then back toward my ear. At the ear, she took my lobe between her teeth and started sucking on it.

“Oh!” cried Stephanie from the other end of the bed, “I think we’re getting something here. Keep doing whatever you’re doing.” She continued to stroke slowly up and down.

Claire exhaled warmly into my ear. I could hear her respiration increase noticeably. She kissed my cheek repeatedly, and when she got to my mouth, she seemed to lose control. When she raised her head to get a breath, I pressed a kiss forward and caught her on her neck. She inhaled sharply.

She presented different parts of her neck to me, and as I kissed them, she began to whimper. Soon, she raised her body up and lowered her nipples into my mouth. The whimpering increased. She caused me to suck on one nipple for a while and then replaced it with the other one. Her movements became frantic, and Stephanie stopped her activity to see what the cause of the commotion was.

Finally, Claire leaned back with a large inhale, looking incredulously at Stephanie, who was now kneeling at the head of the bed. “I am so wet down there,” Claire exclaimed in disbelief as she reached down to feel herself.

I reached over to check it out for myself, but Claire blocked me. I decided to try again, managed to avoid her guard and slipped a finger along her private area. It was hairless, and I felt like I was sliding my finger across two lips.

She wasn’t kidding about being wet. As I probed, Claire exhaled forcefully and grabbed the headboard for stability. Seeing the effect that I was having, I slid my finger up and down a few more times.

“Ohhhh!!! Unghhhh!!!” Claire cried, prompting her to leap up and straddle my face with her knees. Her private area hovered over my nose and then lowered onto my lips. “Timmy, do that thing you were doing with my neck,” Claire breathed with obvious anticipation.

She reached down and spread her “lips” apart and then manoeuvred herself against the motion of my tongue. Then suddenly, something special must have happened, because she began to yell, “Ohhhh gawwdddd!!!” Her thighs quivered and twitched, and her private area ground into my mouth. “Unghhh!!!” she ended, pulling on my hair. Her torso pulsed visibly.

Stephanie looked at her in complete amazement, “What happened?” But Claire just slid down my body until her crotch was stopped by my pole, which bent back slightly. Hugging my head, she pressed her lips against mine and kissed me repeatedly, tasting the residue of her wetness on my lips. Then she rolled off me and lay exhausted on her back at my side.

“Are you okay?” Stephanie repeated.

“Hmmm? Yeah…. Where were we?” Claire responded dreamily.

“We were trying to get the shot, and he was getting hard until everything got out of control up here,” replied Stephanie accusingly.

“Hmmm,” Claire said, still wistfully, as she sat up and reviewed the situation. “Okay then, give me the book, and let’s try something else.” Claire flipped through the pages, as Stephanie reached down to feel her own private area tentatively. She felt something nice, but then withdrew her hand in embarrassment.

“Okay. Here we go. Steph,” directed Claire, “Put his penis in your mouth.”

“What?!!” Stephanie started.

“Here, look.” Claire raised the book and pointed to the illustration.

Stephanie grabbed the book out of Claire’s hands and read for a while. Picking up my semi-firm member in her hand, she sucked it into her mouth and then let it pull out. Then she read some more, and this time, she sucked on my cock a bit until it became firmer, and she then bobbed up and down on it. It felt even better than previously with the hand lotion. This time is was wonderfully warm and wet.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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