The Second Honeymoon

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It was supposed to be a second honeymoon for my wife and me celebrating the anniversary of our reconciliation. The resort, located in Cancun, was adults only and all inclusive. It had several pools, bars and restaurants as well as its own private beach. What we didn’t know was that most of the couples there were swingers.

Carrie and I had begun exploring our sexuality since our reconciliation and we were big on sharing and exploring our fantasies. Many of our fantasies centered on the Dom/sub lifestyle with Carrie being the domme and me enjoying being her sub. The aspect of being submissive that intrigued me most was being forced to do things that are not normally socially acceptable as well as public sexually oriented humiliation. To her credit, Carrie had taken to the domme role like a fish to water.

We were seated at a bar after too many drinks to count. Carrie’s hand was rubbing my hard cock through my shorts when an attractive brunette woman in her early 30’s came up to her and whispered in her ear. A big smile spread across Carrie’s face and she whispered something to the brunette as she gave my hard throbbing cock a squeeze.

”What was that all about,” I asked.

”You will find out soon enough my pet,” she said with a mischievous grin.

We finished up our drinks and Carrie led me down to the hot tub. The brunette, who introduced herself as Tina and her husband, Todd, were sitting on the edge. They were both naked and Tina was stroking Todd’s unusually big dick. It was easily ten inches long and thick enough that her hand didn’t completely circle it.

”Sit down piggy,” Carrie said, slipping seamlessly into her domme persona.

I looked for a chair to sit in and Carrie gave me a stern look. ”Take your fucking clothes off and sit next to Tina and Todd,” she ordered.

I quickly took my clothes and settled beside Tina. She looked to be about 30 with a pretty face and short multihued red and blonde hair. Her tits were spectacular; they were probably 36dd with almost no hint of sag. She was about 5’3” with a tiny waist, a flat tummy with two tattoos and a fantastic full round ass.

Carrie stripped her clothes off and climbed into the water beside me. “Are you ready for some hot sex piggy?” She asked as her fingers wrapped around my growing cock.

”Mmmmm, yes mistress,” I responded.

”Good, because we have a few surprises for you piggy. Here is the first,” she said as she stood in front of Tina and wrapped her arms around the buxom woman. Tina pressed her lips to my wife’s and kissed her as I watched in shock.

Carrie had never shown any interest in girl/girl sex. In fact she had always said it was disgusting and she had no interest in it, yet there she was naked in a semipublic hot tub with her arms around a sexy naked woman kissing passionately. The kiss got deeper and sloppier as their passion consumed them. Tina wrapped her arms around my pretty wife as they continued to kiss. Her thick muscular thigh pressed between Carrie’s legs and my wife began grind her overheated pussy against it. Tina’s French manicured fingernails raked down Carrie’s back as she sank to her knees in front of my sexy wife and pressed her mouth to the smooth shaved flesh of Carrie’s wet pussy.

Carrie moaned loudly as Tina’s tongue slithered over the slick wet folds of her pussy. Tina slid two fingers inside my wife’s cunt and began stroking her g spot as her long tongue slurped at Carrie’s hard sensitive clit.

My wife held Tina’s head tight to her shaved pussy as the first wave of her climax washed over her body. ”Oh fuck,” she moaned, ”I am fucking cumming. Oh god, yes.”

Her body shook and quaked as her ankara escort body was racked by the most powerful orgasm of her life. Carrie slid to the ground, her rubber legs unable to support her. She lay on the ground beside the hot tub as her chest heaved and she panted furiously to catch her breath.

Tina picked up my wife’s head and placed a cushion from a chaise lounge under it and then kneeled with her legs straddling my wife’s face.

”Oh god,” my wife said as Tina lowered her dripping wet pussy to my wife’s virgin tongue. I looked on in awe as my heretofore straight wife pleasured a total stranger next to a semipublic hot tub. Carrie’s tongue flicked out and slithered along the slick wet folds of Tina’s pussy.

”Oh god you are good,” Tina said as my wife sucked her hard clit into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Carrie began licking Tina’s clit like a puppy drinking water and Tina exploded coating my wife’s face with her succulent juices. Tina squeezed her big tits and ground her cunt against my wife’s pretty face as she came hard on my wife’s inexperienced yet talented tongue.

”Carrie baby you were fantastic. Let’s go up to our suite where we can all have some fun. I want to watch Todd fuck you with his monster cock and then we can do what we talked about in the ladies room earlier,” Tina said in a soft sexy voice.

Tina, Todd, Carrie and I dressed and then we walked up to their room. The girls held hands and Carrie kept stealing kisses the entire way.

The girls embraced as soon as they walked through the door to the room. Tina pealed off her shirt exposing her magnificent tits as Carrie took her own shirt off. They embraced again and kissed deeply as their tits pressed together. Their shorts and panties fell to the floor as they kissed passionately. Their tongues entwined as they cooed noisily.

Tina led my wife to the bed and positioned her on all fours. Tina knelt behind my wife and started to kiss and lick Carrie’s tight asshole, making my sexy wife moan softly as she slipped two fingers into her wet pussy.

Todd quietly undressed beside me and then stepped behind his wife. He slid his big cock into Tina and started to fuck her with smooth rhythmic strokes.

Tina’s breathing got raspy and uneven as her husband fucked her. She turned around and told Todd to fuck my wife as she slid under her in a tight 69 position. Todd climbed on the bed and pushed his huge dick into Carrie’s wet pussy filling her more than ever before.

I watched with envy and pealed off my clothes as Todd and Tina pleasured my wife. Todd fucked Carrie hard and fast and his balls slapped her clit with each powerful stroke.

Tina looked at me from between her husbands thighs with lust filled eyes and told me to get on the bed and fuck her. I looked at my beautiful wife as Todd plowed his big cock into her. A glazed look covered her face as she moaned and yelped with each powerful stroke. Tina began to lick Carrie’s pussy as I climbed onto the bed and eased my hard dick into her waiting hole.

Carrie looked up at me with a love filled smile as I took Tina’s legs in my hands and held them up in the air. The position gave my wife a great view as my shiny wet cock slid in and out of her new lover.

Carrie lowered her face to Tina’s sopping wet cunt and started to lick her big hard clit. Her tongue was everywhere licking Tina’s clit, pussy lips and my cock as it slid in and out of Tina’s wet hole.

Tina was the first to cum under the talented ministrations of my wife’s tongue and my pistoning cock. The powerful image of her cumming at the mouth of my wife pushed me over the edge. I shot ribbons of ankara escort bayan thick cum into Tina’s hot pussy and then pulled out allowing Carrie to suck the juices from my softening cock and Tina’s wet hole.

Tina’s tongue attacked Carrie’s clit as Todd continued to fuck my wife hard. He eased his thumb up Carrie’s ass and her body exploded in an amazingly powerful climax. Todd, unable to hold off any longer, came deep inside my pretty wife’s wet pussy.

”Okay piggy,” Carrie said to me, ”on your back slave. It’s time to clean up.”

I lay back on the bed as my wife lowered her cum filled pussy onto my mouth. ”Drink it all my pet,” she cooed as gravity drained Todd’s thick warm cum into my mouth. I swallowed down his delicious seed as my wife ground her well fucked cunt against my face. When I had thoroughly cleaned my wife’s pussy she climbed off my face and bent down to kiss me. She whispered, ”that was only the beginning my pet. Tonight will be a night of firsts for both of us.”

I looked up and saw Tina with a big strap on dildo fastened around her tiny waist. Carrie slipped seamlessly into her domme role and ordered me onto all fours. I quickly complied and took my position on the bed. Carrie then commanded Tina to lick my asshole and lube up the strap on.

Tina lewdly stroked a generous portion of lube onto the big plastic phallus and then bent down behind me. Her long wet tongue slithered over my sensitive anus and taint before penetrating my asshole. She tongue fucked my asshole making me moan with pleasure. She sank two fingers inside me as she continued to lick around them and soon my cock was rock hard. Carrie fastened a cock ring over my turgid member and then ordered her new friend to penetrate my asshole with her big strap on cock.

Tina was obviously experienced with her strap on and quickly sank it all the way in as I groaned with a delicious combination of pleasure and pain. The buxom redhead settled into a hard fast rhythm as her girl cock stroked my prostate making my entire body tingle. She grabbed my hair and pulled hard making me wince and forcing me to look up. As I looked in front of me I saw Todd’s giant cock in front of my face. He stroked the long shaft as precum leaked from the bulbous purple head.

”Suck it,” Carrie hissed as her fingers plunged into her soaking wet pussy.

I was shocked. We had never discussed guy/guy sex at any length and in fact she had always expressed disgust at the mere mention of it. Yet there she was ordering me to fellate another man, and not only was she not disgusted by it, she was obviously very turned on by it.

I looked at her pleadingly, begging her with my eyes not to make me do it but the lustful gaze covering her pretty face said it all.

”Suck his cock slave,” she demanded, ”and don’t look at me like you haven’t fucking wanted this since we reconciled. Mandy told me all about your bisexual fantasies and I have been waiting for this moment for a long fucking time.”

Tina continued to ravage my virgin asshole as her husband rubbed the leaking head of his enormous cock over my tightly pursed lips.

It was true that Mandy, my girl friend during my separation from Carrie, and I had shared our fantasies. Mandy has expressed a desire to watch and help me fellate another man but I honestly thought that died with our relationship. I also thought that my heretofore straight wife had no desire for bi sex, either hers or mine.

”Suck his cock now or I will whip your fucking ass so god damn hard you won’t be able to sit for a week,” my sexy wife yelled.

I slowly opened my mouth and allowed Todd’s big dick to slip past escort ankara my lips. I could taste the salty tang of his precum as my head slowly bobbed on his iron like rod. My tongue pressed against the underside of his cock as he pushed his hips forward forcing it deeper into my throat.

Tina continued to mercilessly fuck my gaping lubed asshole. Her hands held my hips tight as her pelvis slapped hard against my ass. Her big strap on continued to stroke my prostate and I felt my orgasm begin to build despite the fact that no one had touched my hard throbbing cock.

Carrie sat in a chair and watched Todd and Tina use me like a fuck toy as her fingers furiously stroked her clit and simultaneously pounded into her sloppy wet hole.

Todd held my face in his hands as he slowly fucked my mouth. I could feel the thick veins and creases of his big magnificent cock with my lips and tongue as it slid in and out of my virgin mouth. He pushed his hips forward and I opened my throat to allow his hard throbbing member to sink all the way into my mouth. Todd groaned as I deep throated him, burying my nose into the trimmed patch of hair above his cock. My eyes watered and I fought my gag reflex as Todd’s giant cock tickled the back of my throat.

Tina fucked my ass hard with her girl cock until I came hard shooting buckets of cum onto the bed. Satisfied that she had done her job she climbed off the bed, removed her strapon and cuddled beside my wife. They kissed deeply before Tina began a wet journey down Carrie’s body. She settled between my wife’s thighs and began eating Carrie’s soaking wet cunt as my wife watched me suck Todd’s huge cock.

I sat up and wrapped my arms around Todd’s muscular thighs as my head bobbed faster over his thick cock. My fingertip tickled his sensitive asshole as my free hand played with his smooth shaved balls. Saliva ran down the shaft of his hard cock and I started pumping my hand up and down his shaft as my mouth sucked hard on the head. Todd cried out in pleasure as he came hard. Ribbons of thick tasty cum splattered the back of my throat. I greedily gulped down his delicious cum as he held my head tight and filled my mouth until drops spilled down my chin.

Carrie came hard as she watched me drink Todd’s cum from his throbbing cock while Tina licked her sweet wet pussy.

Todd held my head in place and his cock softened in my mouth. ”He is quite the cock sucker Carrie,” he said to my wife as I continued to suckle on his flaccid dick.

Carrie walked over to me and kissed me lovingly as she tasted his cum on my lips. Her tongue slipped deep into my mouth and slithered up and down mine. My hands roamed over her sexy body as our tongues entwined in a deep passionate kiss.

”I love you baby,” she said softly, ”now more than ever. That was the hottest thing ever.” She pulled me down on the bed and wrapped her arms around me. Tina climbed into bed beside Carrie and Todd joined us beside his buxom wife. We pulled the covers up and drifted off to sleep in a tangled mess of sweaty, exhausted flesh.

I awoke at 7am with my arm draped over the two women. Todd’s cock, stiff with morning wood brushed against my hand. I wrapped my fingers around the stiff rod and slowly moved it up and down his huge shaft.

Tina whispered something to her husband and then to my wife.

”That’s a good idea,” Todd said as he turned around. He took my cock into his mouth as his own dick hovered over my mouth. I took the hint and accepted him into my mouth. We blew each other in a torrid 69 as the girls licked our assholes and sucked our balls until we both came at nearly the same time. We each swallowed the warm load of cum then kissed the girls deeply, sharing the thick creamy goo. I drifted back into an exhausted sleep.

When I awoke I was alone in bed. My head throbbed from a hangover and my jaw ached from sucking Todd’s giant dick but my life had opened to a new world of possibilities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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