The Secret Life of Richard Forrall

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“We’re never going to get this shoot done if the lead doesn’t show!” the director exclaimed. He glanced down at his watch for the fifth time in as many minutes. “And now we’re down to two hours before the next group is supposed to be using the set!”

“You didn’t want to use Johnson, anyway,” his secretary said quietly. “Why don’t we just shoot with someone else?”

“It will take most of the time we have left to shoot this scene if the actor is familiar with the script! Who are we going to get that can be here AND have the script read in less than twenty minutes??”

“Take it easy on the girl, Jack. She was just stating the obvious. Johnson would have messed up the film somehow and you would have lost out on your shoot time today anyway.”

“Richard Forrall!” Jack Morton exclaimed, seeing opportunity’s light for the first time today. “Didn’t even realize you were in town. I don’t suppose you’re up for a fill-in?”

“Thought I was out of the business, or at least that was what you said when you found out your daughter was stealing your original copies to masturbate to.”

Angel Morton blushed behind her clipboard and moved to the edge of the set. Jack had caught her, several years before when she was underage, swiping reels of the shoots with Richard in them for her personal use. Jack had been under investigation for a false accusation of using a minor in a shoot and flipped out thinking someone would believe he had personally furnished porn to his fifteen year old. When she admitted to wanting to get into the industry just to get a chance with Richard, Jack quit using him altogether.

“Water under the bridge,” Jack ventured.

Richard contemplated letting him sweat it out for a bit, but really no harm had been done. He still had his other businesses booming and had just been using these shoots as a way to blow off steam. “I suppose I could be coaxed into your film. Who am I opposite?”

“Ivanna Hump. Angel says she’s already at wardrobe and should be ready in ten.”

Richard sighed. This wasn’t what he had planned when he dropped by the studio, but supposed he could save their film before heading upstairs for the merger. Besides, it would only help his profits since he was there to finalize purchase of the studio. “Give me the script, I’ll read it on the way to wardrobe.”

“Thank you!” Jack breathed, finally relaxing.

Angel handed him a copy of the script (one sparsely covered page, but it wasn’t really about the dialogue in this business) then turned to the director, “Everything is set, then. I have to get to college, Dad.” She kissed his cheek then hurried off set.

Richard glanced over the page, wondering why they would even do this scene as a stand alone. Superhero masks and tights make for big sales with an action-based film, but typically not with a single scene. Ağrı Escort Who knows, Richard thought, maybe this is a separate section of a full length superhero movie and the characters involved were not pivotal enough to be used for the main story. Who were they again?

“Here you are, Mr. Forrall,” the wardrobe assistant said while handing him red and yellow tights with a black mask.

“Robin,” Richard sighed. He set the page on the table and continued re-reading while changing into the ridiculously cheap costume. Guess they don’t want to spend much on something that may get ripped off anyway, he mused.

Ten minutes later Richard was standing in the bedroom-looking set opposite a much better (as in sexier) version of Batgirl. Jack was shouting at the close-up cameramen to get outside the main shoot angle so they could start. Something felt awry to Richard, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Before he could think on it much more, however, Jack yelled, “Action!”

Fuck it. “You know you can’t just leave,” he said forcefully. “I won’t let you.”

“What do you care?” a slightly accented Batgirl questioned. “It’s not like Bruce is going to change his ways and I’m done being treated as a child.”

“It has nothing to do with Bruce.”

“What then?”

Richard tried to convincingly appear hurt by the reply, then tried not to laugh seeing as most facial responses were lost in masked films. “Barbara,” he whispered.

She stopped trying to leave and faced him.

“I love you,” he finished.

Richard forgot what her line was supposed to be, but he didn’t have any more so the fact she jumped right into the kiss didn’t matter. She kissed him like she had been waiting forever to be able to, and he was impressed by her adamant technique. She was voracious, tongues dueling to occupy the same space, then pressing together trying to have the most flesh possible in contact with the other.

His hands worked their way down her purple-clad body, finding the zipper just above her firm ass and working down and around underneath her all the way to the front. Richard, no, Dick Grayson reached through the opening and gently fingered her folds apart letting his thumb caress the delicate nub within. Her kiss became more wanton for a moment before he pulled away from her. Ms. Gordon’s bottom lip pouted for a moment at the break of contact until he lifted her up onto the dresser beside the door and leaned down to let his tongue finish what his thumb started.

She tasted sweet with a hint of, what was it, cinnamon? He pressed his tongue as deep as he could within her before licking back up the front and gently sucking on her clit. Her hands were gripping his hair, pressing his face tighter to her as he worked circles with his tongue around her hood. His cock was highly responsive to the smell Ağrı Escort Bayan and taste of her and struggled to break free of the spandex confining it.

Her stiletto heel boots found his shoulders as she opened herself even further to his ingratiation.

Her hands never released their grip on his hair as she tilted her pelvis back and started forcibly fucking herself with his tongue. He pressed it out as far as he could, but the soreness in the back of his throat told him he would not be able to keep his tongue this rigid as long as she would probably like. One long-sustained pull later, however, her heels were pushing him away and Barbara yanked herself so quickly from the dresser to the floor he had to fight the urge to catch her.

A hot mouth found his bulge through the tights and fingers worked to release the cheap “utility belt”. It fell away and the spandex was pulled down roughly below his package. She engulfed it with her mouth before it even popped up all the way and started bobbing her head vigorously. Batgirl released her hold on his tights and started double-hand pumping his shaft while working the other half orally, occasionally rolling her tongue around the head between attempts to throat him.

Richard watched her work her magic, wondering when Ivanna got so much better at blowjobs. He had to fight his eyes closing or rolling back in his head as the sensation brought him ever closer to unloading. Perfect lips with a small mole above the left corner moved expertly on him, never quite letting his cock all the way out before taking more of it than previously. The mole that had caught his attention nearly clicked in his mind before the sensation of the head actually being swallowed a bit removed all possibility of clear thought.

Batgirl constricted her throat around the end of his shaft, then worked it around for a moment before popping it out of her mouth entirely. She shoved him back onto the bed and straddled his hips, immediately reaching back and violently placing his shaft within her entrance. Richard held her hips firmly and slowly impaled Barbara to her core, resistance minimal with her saliva having completely coated his member. Two-thirds of the way in, he felt her cervix and withdrew halfway just to rapidly stuff her full again.

Batgirl grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the bed as she took over thrust-ministration. ‘Dick’ let her run the scene, allowing only the most infrequent moans to escape his lips lest he lose focus and finish early. Every time she slid down she pushed a little harder, slowly taking more of him within her even if only fractionally. Finally, she stopped violently riding him and, as far as the cameras could tell, sat still though she was really continuing to pull her knees from the bed to add pressure.

It happened suddenly, Escort Ağrı so quickly when it did that it simply looked like a regular thrust. Extra pressure exuded around his cock sliding down as through a single finger pressed against the thumb had been applied and her pelvis dropped the last four inches to make contact with his. Richard’s eyes widened at the sensation, a completely new experience to him being taken all the way. She smiled down at him as a gasp could be heard from the rear cameraman who saw it all, knowing she had taken his entirety and the end of his cock was now within her womb.

She kissed him more sensually than the original fast and deep kisses he had received and started rocking her hips in shorted strokes to keep him well within her. He knew she was getting close, though his experience was nearly unnecessary with her breath getting shorter and her nipples extending to firm points against his chest, even with the light material between them. Her rocking became an extremely short, nearly jacking motion until she suddenly dropped fully against him and froze, caught by surprise with the immediate assault overwhelming her senses. Batgirl’s head rocked back and she screamed.

Her core clamped tumultuously on his shaft and started quivering as her skin broke out in gooseflesh. Richard lost all self control and pressed into her as the feeling overcame all else. His groin clenched and throbbed as he sent pulse after pulse of his seed into his movie mate, the influx attacking already overworked nerves and making her body tighten up into a series of silent screams as her second orgasm joined with the tail-end of the first. Her head jerked several times, her mouth still open but not even able to allow breath to come out.

Richard pulled her back to him, kissing her deeply. Her system slowly came back down to Earth and rapid, quiet coos erupted from her throat as she pressed her tongue deep into his mouth. The motions had skewed her mask and it fell away as she broke free of the kiss to catch her breath. The flushed and vibrant face of Angel, who knew he would be in town and never called for an actress to fill the scene, smiled down at him triumphantly as she squeezed her pelvic muscles to milk the last of the load from his cock.

“Mr. Forrall?” Angel called out pulling him from his thoughts.

“Yes, here,” he replied, getting up from the uncomfortable lobby chair he had occupied far too long.

Angel Morton, Dr. Morton’s daughter and a nurse in his office, hid her blush behind her clipboard at the obvious bulge Richard presented upon standing and tried to force herself to just make eye contact when she finally lowered her makeshift shield to speak with him. “The doctor will see you now.”

Richard shook his head to clear it, then smiled and nodded politely to the cute nurse. His eyes dropped to the small mole aside her lips as she smiled back at him before turning and leading him through the door to an exam room. He checked his watch, noting the lateness of the hour. Half the day wasted in the waiting room for a simple check-up and physical.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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