The Sex Express Ch. 02

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Alexis Fawx

The train eased to a stop, jerking as its momentum was finally snuffed out. Carl peered out the cracked window blind, but was greeted with nothing more than the pitch black of the night. He had lost all track of time and had no idea how far the train had traveled or why they could possibly be stopping.

It was normal for the train to go express through all the seldom used stations outside of the city. That usually guaranteed an uninterrupted ride for the last hour of the trip. But sometimes the train was forced to stop and pick up or drop off passengers at one of those smaller stations, and it appeared that just that situation had occurred.

He look Kelly in the eyes, the bubbly blonde who lay naked on top of him, the two of them cuddling after a wild and crazy love making session. She didn’t seem too concerned with what was happening she was content to lay on Carl’s warm body and rest.

Carl on the other hand was becoming a little apprehensive. They were the only persons in the carriage but the chance that someone else may stumble across them worried him. He frantically craned his neck from under Kelly and tried to see around the grubby high backed chairs which surrounded them. He couldn’t see anything from their hide, a bank of two twin seats facing each other near the rear of the carriage. He looked across the aisle and could see Kelly’s business case and papers sitting on the seat she had occupied at the start of the journey.

“Hey, maybe we should get dressed, what happens if someone comes in here?” Carl suggested trying to appear calmer than he was. Kelly stirred, lifting herself with her arms and towering over Carl who was pressed deep into the chair back. Her breasts swung underneath her and provided a tantalizing spectacle, one which Carl forced himself to ignore.

“Why? Hardly anybody gets on the train at this time of the night. And if they do I’m sure they won’t disturb us,” Kelly spoke serenely, genuinely unconcerned with Carl’s fears. “Besides I’m enjoying myself, aren’t you?”

Carl gulped. His mouth was dry from his exertions. He didn’t want to disappoint Kelly, the object of his desires, but he was getting more and more worried that someone would catch them in such a compromising situation. “I think we should at least pull on some of our clothes, just in case,” he reasoned.

Kelly shook her head gently, gazing down into his eyes. He could feel her hips wiggle under his hands and a faint twinge in his groin as his manhood stirred inside her. She leaned down and gave him a soft peck on the forehead her lips hovering above his ear. “Don’t worry so much, nobody is going to catch us, and besides I intend on taking you home tonight.”

Carl smiled in reply. He gave her a delicate kiss on the lips, his lust reinvigorated. “That’s good, but we still have to get dressed before we get off the train. While I don’t want to spoil the moment I think we should at least regain some modesty.”

She smiled back at him, lifting herself and straddling his crotch, her hands pushing firmly down on his chest. She squirmed from side to side, her efforts matched with a devilish look as she tried to tempt him into more. With an exaggerated sigh she motioned that she was going to climb off him, when suddenly she froze.

A pneumatic hiss screeched through the air, the familiar sound of the internal carriage doors opening and closing. It sounded as if it had come from the front of their carriage. Kelly ducked her head back down, pulling herself firmly against Carl’s body so she wouldn’t be seen by whoever had opened the front door.

Carl guided Kelly to his side, his cock sliding from her moist pussy. He felt grossly out of place with only his black pants wrapped around his ankles, the rest of his business suit lying in a wrinkled mess under him or scattered on the floor between the seats. He lifted his head to peer between the high backed chairs and see if anyone had entered the carriage.

There was no immediate movement, so he pushed himself further out of the seat and chanced a glimpse over the seats and down the aisle. Standing in the door way was a tall lean woman carrying a hefty backpack like those used for hiking. He quickly ducked back down between the seats, hoping that he hadn’t been seen.

“Oh my God, someone has just gotten on and is standing at the front of the train,” he frantically reported. Kelly finally showed some hint of anxiety as she looked back at Carl stunned to the point she couldn’t say anything. “We have to be quiet … here.”

Carl reached around his back and found Kelly’s skirt and passed it to her. She held the limp garment unsure of what to do, still trying to formulate a plan on how to respond to the situation.

“Quick grab all our clothes, maybe they won’t notice anything and will sit down up front,” Kelly said in a hushed tone. Carl rolled away from Kelly and dug out his shirt and suit jacket, he looked around hurriedly to see where the rest of their clothing had disappeared to. He yanked Kelly’s moist black panties from Maltepe travesti the crack between the seats and almost threw them at her.

Kelly seemed to be just holding what Carl passed her. She was making no effort to get dressed. “Quick pull them on before she comes down here,” pleaded Carl.

He ventured another look between the seat backs to see what the woman was doing. He caught a quick glimpse of her and she appeared to be stationary a few rows in from the doorway. The door let out another hiss as it automatically slid shut behind her and the train began to accelerate roughly away from the platform.

“I think were okay, she doesn’t look like she is coming this way.”

“Are you sure?” Kelly now looked rattled, she was looking for reassurance, but Carl was already a ball of nerves. Kelly let out a deep sigh she tried to ease herself into the foot well between the two rows of seats in an effort to quietly get dressed.

Carl again craned his neck to see between the chairs, confident that he couldn’t be seen by the woman. He took a deep breath and tried to steady himself, his heart was racing, beating loudly in his ears, the adrenalin coursing through his veins. Suddenly the tall lean woman began to walk down the aisle, slowly. She appeared to be looking for a seat to sit in amongst the empty rows.

“Oh no, she’s coming this way,” announced Carl his eyes darted around their immediate surroundings. He prayed that he had retrieved all their clothes and that the woman wouldn’t see anything and thus would sit down before she reached the back of the carriage.

The woman kept her slow and steady pace, stopping every couple of steps to balance herself as the train jerked forward or leaned into another turn, her heavy backpack weighing her thin frame down.

“I think she’s stopped.”

Kelly gulped noticeably she was struggling to arrange her skirt, but still had not got the opportunity to pull it back on. Then her face went pale, her eyes focused in a direct line past Carl and at the aisle floor. Carl noticed her gaze and followed it to its destination. There sitting on the dirty stained grey carpet was her black lace bra, it was partially lying out in the aisle, and was surely visible to the woman.

“Oh no, my bra … it’s,” she never got a chance to finish Carl fumbled with the seat as he tried to get a better view of the woman. She was now standing mid way down the aisle and her eyes gave her away, she was looking at the discarded underwear. Carl held his breath, his heart thumping madly as she stepped cautiously towards the rear of the carriage, and towards them.

He wanted to warn Kelly but his mouth was devoid of any saliva, he couldn’t bring himself to utter a word. Kelly read his mind, she knew what was about to happen and froze.

The newly embarked passenger glided down the aisle, momentarily swaying with the train’s motion, her eyes never leaving the lace bra. Both Carl and Kelly remained totally still, neither even daring to breathe as she came into view, her head and shoulders visible above the seats.

She was visibly caught off guard by what she saw. As if running into an invisible wall she halted, her eyes casting themselves upon the two naked lovers curled up in their secluded corner.

The woman stepped forward and awkwardly slung her heavy backpack to the floor, standing it on its end against a seat on the opposite side of the aisle. She bent down in a calm controlled manner and fished the offending bra off the floor. She then sedately reached across Carl’s naked body and handed it to Kelly who nervously accepted it and tried to offer a faint thank you.

Carl couldn’t believe his eyes, the woman who had a tall lean figure, was so calm and didn’t appeared to be fazed at all by what she had discovered. She had short auburn hair, dark yet inviting eyes, she wore a casual white sleeveless shirt emphasizing her petite shoulders and arms. A three quarter length brown skirt with a floral motif completed her dress, she wore buckled up worn sandals. From first impressions Carl immediately equated her as being a backpacker, they were common travelers on the north bound train, heading to the retreats up in the hills surrounding the city.

Her lips parted and she smiled, “I am … sorry … for intrusion, yes.” She spoke broken English with a heavy European accent which Carl could not readily place. “I mean not to … bother you.” Again she smiled to emphasize her attempted apology.

“That’s alright, we shouldn’t have been …” Kelly tried to sound conciliatory but it seemed to be lost on the woman. Her eyes had not left Carl since she arrived. She seemed fascinated by him.

“Yeah, I’m sorry that … you aren’t going to tell anyone, are you?” Carl blurted out. He immediately regretted saying it, it sounded like he was trying to save his own skin. His chest expanded raggedly as he took a deep breath, his hands shaking by his side.

“No, I not tell anyone … but I … how, do you say,” she paused raising a finger to her lips and Ümraniye travesti gazing into space obviously searching for the right word. “I like … you were fucking, yes?”

Her broken English seemed to echo through Carl’s mind, the word ‘fucking’ given particular weight. She stood resolutely not wanting to retreat or excuse herself, her stare never leaving Carl. He felt a shiver run up his spine as Kelly placed her supple hand on his hip and beckoned him to turn towards her. He twisted his head away from the European woman’s gaze.

Kelly was still naked, holding her clothes in a bunch over her lap. “I think we should excuse ourselves and get dressed before anyone else comes,” she said in a whispered tone so that the other woman would not hear their discussion.

“Yeah, this is starting to get a little weird.”

Kelly bent over in her seat and pulled her panties over her feet and up her legs, trying to remain as modest as possible. Carl followed her lead and fumbled with his pants which were firmly wrapped around his shins.

“No, no,” called the woman. Carl turned to see what she wanted, her hands were held out signaling him to stop. Her eyes were again fixed on him, she seemed to be ignoring Kelly altogether. “I like … I like to fuck yes. You and me,” she patted her chest with her hand, “you and me, we fuck.”

Carl bit his tongue, he was about to laugh at what was said but didn’t want to offend the woman. He wasn’t sure if it was a question or a demand being made of him. She smiled with a bizarre innocence like it was an everyday occurrence to ask a stranger for sex. “Ahhh, I’m not sure if I …” he replied cautiously.

He turned to face Kelly who was trying to pull her skirt back on without making a show of it. She immediately refocused on Carl. She appeared to understand his confusion. Kelly didn’t know what to do either. She gave him a soft peck on his cheek and lingered by his ear. “Ummm, I don’t know what to do.”

“Yeah but what am I suppose to say to get rid of her?”

“You don’t have to get rid of her if you don’t want to,” Kelly’s eyebrows rose and fell in a suggestive manner. Carl still looked lost. “I won’t hold it against you if you do. In fact I think it would be hot seeing you with another woman, isn’t that every guys dream, to have two women in one night?”

What Kelly had said blew Carl’s mind, his jaw fell open as he figured out what to say. He took a few deep breaths and fought to compose himself, turning back to the strange woman. “Ahhh what exactly are you saying?”

He almost jumped as Kelly playfully slapped his rear and she giggled, she mumbled something incoherently. The woman stepped closer now standing over both lovers and within feet of Carl’s exposed body.

“I’m sorry … my English is not good. I mean you and me,” again she pointed to Carl and then patted her chest to demonstrate what she was saying. “You and me … we fuck.” Her voice sounded cheery, she looked over at Kelly for the first time and smiled but then returned to Carl.

Kelly finally stood up, her ruffled skirt fastened around her waist. She picked up her bra, blouse and jacket and stepped around Carl’s legs and back into the aisle. He watched in disbelief, as if Kelly was abandoning him. She stopped and looked up to the woman, “He’s all yours.”

She smiled at Kelly her long slender fingers reached out and she brushed Kelly’s full breast with an open hand, like she was patting an animal. Kelly didn’t noticeably respond but stepped back to where she had left her business case and she sat on the arm rest facing back towards Carl.

“You like watch,” nodded the woman addressing Kelly. She responded by smiling in agreement.

Carl sank back into his seat and almost flinched as the woman stepped closer to him. She bent over, her hand resting on the seat back above him to steady her body. He watched her slender lips pout then open, her tongue pronounced as she spoke, “My name is Katya.”

Her soft wet lips left a sloppy trail on his forehead as she gave him a provocative peck. He looked down the top of her loose white shirt seeing her pert breasts and pronounced shoulder bones. Her auburn hair hung limply down the sides of her face just below her ears, her eyes were bottomless in their gaze.

Katya rested her left hand on his right shoulder, softly massaging it as she moved her legs closer to his. He noticed the golden polish on her nails and that each hand was adorned by two or three rings. She looked down his body stopping at his crotch, “ewww, you not hard for me.”

He sucked in a breath as her hand took a hold of his subsiding erection, he could feel her cool touch on his still moist skin. The sensation was exquisite as she slid her fingers down to the base of his prick and teased his sack with the tip of her little finger. Carl looked back over to Kelly who had half pulled on her bra, but had stopped to watch Katya. She smiled to him and encouraged him to continue.

Carl turned back to Katya who stared back at him, her tongue Tuzla travesti peeking out of her lips and gliding across them before disappearing again. Her stroking was slow but firm, her fingers forming a tight seal around him.

“Well I guess you’ll just have to get me hard again.”

“Ewww, you naughty boy … I suck you.”

Katya’s head slipped down his naked chest, she repeatedly pecked the pale skin of his stomach and over his navel. She giggled as she crossed his untamed pubic patch. With a cool indifference she aimed his cock up to her lips and cast a piercing stare back at him. Her wet lips wrapped themselves around the flesh of his knob before sliding down his shaft and back up. He could feel her tongue dance across his flesh as she continued to run her open mouth along his manhood.

“Oh yeah that feels good,” groaned Carl his hand resting on the top of Katya’s head, her hair twining around his fingers careful not to snag her. He closed his eyes and felt every minute sensation, a surge of blood pumping back into his prick.

Katya continued to apply her own saliva sloppily to his skin, she nibbled gently on the underside of his cock and it firmed noticeably. Her golden nails took hold of his shaft, her other hand sliding down his torso and cupped his tight scrotum, rolling it from side to side. Carl groaned as a shiver went through his body.

He watched as Katya took his entire knob into her mouth, engulfing his flesh and easing more and more of him in. She began to gyrate back and forth with her lips, her hands twisting over his skin causing a pleasurable burning sensation. Her thrusting picked up and Carl could feel his swollen cock butt up against the roof of her mouth. He looked down seeing her face drawn out and eyes wide open as she sucked back hard on him.

He fidgeted in his seat, Katya’s elbows bumping into the inside of his thighs urging him to stay still. He watched as her rear thrust into the air and she stooped further over him, his cock still firmly wedged in her mouth. He wasn’t quite sure what she was trying to do.

Gradually the suction on his excited cock increased and he could feel her lips take more of his flesh in. He watched in astonishment as she removed her hand and sunk further down his length. All of a sudden he felt the head of his cock rub against the back of her mouth. With a jerk a tight ring squeezed around the side of his knob and a pulsating sensation ran back through his shaft into his torso. She was taking him deep throat.

Carl couldn’t believe the strength of her suction as she drew back on him, her tongue wrapping around the base of his cock. Katya looked as if she was about to gag but repositioned her body over his lap. A deep visceral moan rumbled from her body.

“Oh that is so hot,” moaned Carl he could feel his sexual hunger returning. He looked over at Kelly who had not moved an inch, absolutely astonished at what Katya was doing.

Katya gently withdrew herself at a snail’s pace, her lips grossly stretched over Carl’s girth. With a soft peck on the head of his knob Katya gazed adoringly at him. She took a firm grip on the base of his cock, his flesh a pinkish hue engorged with blood and rock hard.

Carl remained in his seat as Katya stepped back and stood straight, giving him a cheeky look. With little hesitation she bent over taking a handful of her skirt and pulled the airy fabric down revealing her long sinewy legs, kicking the skirt away. She wore a pair of conservative brown cotton panties.

“Ewww, you taste good and you hard now,” she purred in her broken English. Katya’s fingers danced over her panty clad mound. She began to graphically rub her pussy through the fabric of her underwear. Carl swore he could see a small wet patch begin to appear. “You make me wet now.”

Katya threw her head back as she began to rub her mound in a rough circular motion, her panties straining to keep her covered up. A solitary golden finger slipped under her panties and snagged them, pulling them aside and revealing the pink flesh of her blossom. Carl had never experienced anything like this in his life and stared attentively as Katya parted her swollen labia and displayed her love canal. Her folds contorting with her fingers every whim as she erotically touched herself and pleased her inner desire.

She slid a single finger deep into her pussy probing herself with a surprised look on her face, her shallow breaths adding to the exhilaration of the moment. “You like my … how do you say … my pussy?”

“Oh yeah, I love your pussy.”

“You touch my pussy?”

Katya stretched her hand out, her moist fingers grasping Carl’s wrist like a vice and purposefully pulled it toward her. He watched on as his own hand drew closer and closer to her gaping slit. With a tentative touch he made contact with her damp skin, her folds easily parting as he explored her. She murmured in a language he did not understand as he teased her pussy lips apart, once again revealing her bright pink blossom,

“Ewww, you naughty boy, you like to play with my pussy?” Katya’s innocent voice was amazingly seductive. Carl could feel himself getting harder and wanting things to progress, he noticed Kelly in the corner of his eye. She was watching them intently as if beckoning them to go further.

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