The Sharper Edge

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This story was inspired by, and is dedicated to, the magnificent Whiptress.

I arrive at Mistress’s at the appointed hour. I brush lint off my navy blue suit. As I straighten my red tie I feel the black leather collar under my shirt. The small lock is positioned directly behind the knot in my tie.

I ring the bell, and Mistress opens the door. She says nothing, and I follow Her in. Even before the door is closed I am on my knees.

She points to my suit coat. I remove it. She points to my tie, and I hand it to Her. She threads the tie through a ring on my collar. She pulls, leading me on my knees to the living room. She puts Her high-heeled boot on my head and gently pushes my head to the floor. I reach down and take my shoes and pants off. My red rubber panties shine in the light. Reaching down, She makes sure that my chastity tube is still in place. Three weeks have passed since Mistress bolted it on. I am so desperate for release I will do anything She asks. Of course, I will anyway.

Mistress uses the toe of Her boot to raise my head. From the desk She takes an art knife, a slender razor blade at its tip. She makes a line from my collar, down my chest, to the first button on my shirt. The blade makes a red line on my chest, but doesn’t draw blood. Yet.

Mistress cuts the thread that holds the first button, then the second. My shirt opens, and the top of my corset is visible. Black rubber, with red side panels. It is tight against my shaved torso, and stops below my breasts. Mistress uses the knife to cut the third button. My nipples are now exposed. Each Maltepe Sınırsız Escort has two piercings, a ring that runs side to side, and a post that runs top to bottom. Mistress flicks the knife against my nipples. I flinch in pain.

Mistress runs the knifepoint around my breasts as She tears at my shirt, ripping off the remaining buttons. I do not move, for fear of the blade. I kneel still, in just my rubber panties and corset.

Mistress pulls the tie, and I rise to my feet. She leads me to the kitchen. The knives on the counter frighten me. But I know I will do as She says, for Her commands are the reason I live.

Mistress bends me over the back of a straight-back chair. The tie, still attached to my collar, is tied to a rung on the front of the chair. I put my hands through the slats on the chair back. Mistress knows no bonds are needed on them. I will keep them there, as Her wishes are stronger than any restraint.

Mistress walks to the counter. She selects a chef’s knife. 10 inches long, a sloping triangle. She holds the blade in front of my face, drawing it across Her hand inches from my eyes. She walks behind me, and inserts the point between my panties and my ass. Slowly, the blade slides down the crack of my ass. I shiver from the feeling of the steel, thankful that the cutting edge points outward, as She presses the other edge hard against me. Slowly She forces it down, slicing my panties with the sharp blade. I feel every part of every inch as the back of the blade traces my ass crack.

My panties fall, and my encased cock Maltepe Suriyeli Escort is free. My balls hang down. Reaching into a kitchen drawer, mistress pulls a ball of twine. She unwinds a length, and starts wrapping it above my balls. She pulls it tight, then wraps it around my balls, separating them and stretching them out.

My cock strains against the metal sheath. Mistress ties another length of string under the head, just popping out of the restraint. She ties a slipknot and pulls it tight. I clench my teeth. Even this pain makes me desperate to cum, But I know I must not, not yet.

Mistress unties the tie, and pulls me upright. Another length of string is cut, and this one is tied through my nipple rings. It pulls them close to each other. The pain is incredible, but I know that I must accept it. Cringing would only make Mistress mad. And when She gets mad, She sends me home. I could never bear that. I will do whatever She wants.

Mistress pulls the string tied to my nipple rings. I follow, as She leads me down the steps to the basement. The lights are off. I cannot see. As always, I trust my mistress.

At the bottom of the steps She stops. I feel a mask placed over my eyes. It’s a sleep mask, covering my eyes. I hear a switch flipped, and feel the warmth of light on my skin. But I can see nothing.

Mistress leads me by my nipples. She stops. I stop. She puts Her hand on my shoulders, and pushes me down into a chair. But the seat of the chair is not flat. A rigid dildo juts from the seat. Gently Mistress pushes me down. I must Maltepe İranlı Escort make the effort to push the dildo into my ass. My breath becomes shallow and rapid. It is long, and penetrates deep into me..

Finally it is all the way in. Mistress uses a remote to turn the dildo to vibrate. My heart is racing, my breathing even more rapid. Mistress removes the tie from my collar. Moving behind me She uses it to tie my hands behind me.

I hear Mistress pull a bar stool across the floor and position it in front of me. She pulls the string from my nipple rings through the ring on my collar. As She climbs the stool, She pulls it tight. My head moves forward, buried now in Her magnificent womanhood. I begin to lick Her, finding the spots She has taught me to find.

As She starts to become excited, She pulls my nipples, harder and harder. Her right foot finds my cock head, and grinds onto it. Her left foot finds my balls, flat against the chair, and begins to crush them. I start to bounce up and down on the vibrator, but She pulls my nipples hard. I stop, and experience the vibration in my ass.

Deeper and deeper my tongue plunges into Her. She is now crushing my balls with no mercy. I deserve none. In and out, in and out my tongue goes. Many lashes have trained me how She demands my worship be done.

Mistress approaches climax. My nipples feel like they are being pulled off. My balls are in such pain I can scarcely endure it. But I must. She demands it. My cock aches against the metal sleeve.

Then mistress tenses, and relaxes. My worship has been accepted. But my use for Her has not ended. She turns the vibrator to its maximum speed. My nipple lead is tied to my cock head, pulling both tight. I finally reach a climax, a dry climax, since my balls are tied and my cock imprisoned.

And mistress speaks Her first words of the evening.

“You’re welcome.”

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