The Shoot Ch. 03

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After the huge scandal involving the owner and editing chief of DAMSEL Jane Parsons broke out all over the fashion industry about her shooting adult porn in her studio, she had no choice but to step down and relinquish all rights and powers to the company share holders. After her world in the fashion industry crumbled, Jane embarked on a new profession into the world of porn.

Jane kept a low-key profiled and moved out of state. Once she was settled, she set a private small time photo shoot studio servicing only as a front for her porn production. She wished Connie and Ellen, her former busty assistants could had joined her but in order to keep their names out of the press and scandal, she fired them and promised not to have any further contact with them.

Jane wasn’t looking for assistants this time around. She just wanted performers. She was having a really hard time finding any to her liking. The small town she moved into didn’t have any potential prospects. So to say the least, business wasn’t booming but luckily for her, she still had millions and millions of dollars stashed away in off shore accounts so money wouldn’t be an issue for years to come.

Feeling a bit down in the dumps, Jane decided to head to the local super market; Super Save, to retrieve some of her favorite comforting foods. She was nearly complete with her shopping list except for one thing in the dairy section. As she walked up to the ice cream shelf, she looked around and saw a young woman a couple of feet down.

“Jackpot!” Jane said astonished.

Even from a distance, Jane spotted the woman’s huge ample jugs, as they largely jutted a bit low on her chest as if she was trying to smuggle melons out of the store. She was no where near Connie’s size but looked to be closer to Ellen’s or a cup size small. Still, Jane observed as the woman’s big tits jiggled and bounced effortlessly. She grabbed two different flavors of ice cream and proceeded to walk towards the busty woman. The woman seemed distracted as Jane got closer and got a bigger eyeful of the woman’s huge fun-bags. She looked to be about 5’3, a bit chubby in which made her tits look even bigger. She was the first woman Jane saw in this small town with a set of huge tits.

Above those huge jutting breasts, the woman’s face didn’t look attractive. She sort of had a troll face with pasty skin and scatter freckles. Big brown eyes, big ears, bit of a wide nose, full lips, and a square-shaped chin. Jane hoped she had all her teeth. The woman had a few moles located on different areas of her face. Her hair was dark brown, long, fizzy, and looked unwashed tied in a ponytail. She had a country bumpkin mannerism which wasn’t uncommon since Jane lived near the sticks also known as lots of farming areas.

The medium loose hanging t-shirt the woman wore was gray and a bit dirty. The enormous melon-shaped jugs the woman had housed under her loose shirt stretched the shirt far enough to exposed her rather large overhung gut. Definitely not the most attractive sight, Jane thought. As mentioned, she was a bit on the plump side but only so far that it gave her an amazingly large and nicely shaped ass jutting from behind her.

“Excuse me, miss?” Jane said politely.

The woman turned around and had a bit of innocence and shyness on her face.

“Yes,” the woman answered. Her pasty cheeks started to turn red as if she was embarrassed about something.

“I’m new here and I was wondering which ice cream flavor is the most popular? Lime green or white chocolate?” Jane asked.

“I would go with white chocolate,” the woman answered.

“Thanks. I love ice cream a lot, so I figured I would try some different flavors.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“My name is Jane Parsons.”

“Shyla Blackwell.”

After the short formal instruction, the two walked to the checkout station. Jane couldn’t help but to observe Shyla’s big tits as they bounced within the supportive cups of her bra. The bra strap looked wide and massive as evident being pressed against her shirt.

“And your total comes to; $45 and 89 cents, Shyla” said the cashier.

While Shyla scrambled to find her money, Jane scooped the cashier out. He was somewhat cute and looked to be in his mid 30’s or early 40’s. He was definitely experiencing a great deal of hair loss as the whole top of his head was bald while the sides were a low buzz cut. He had big blue eyes that drifted between ringing Shyla up and gawking at her huge tits and a dark roughly looking stubble. He looked to be about 5’7 and a bit on the heavy side from evidence of his potbelly bulging beneath his sweater and store vest. His name was Geraldo as she read it off his name tag.

“I don’t have much again this week Geraldo. The farming is a bit low and I still haven’t found a new job yet,” said a nervous Shyla.

“Don’t worry Shyla. I’m sure we can work something out, as always” he said, as if he was implying a sexual favor.

“Don’t worry Shyla. I’ll spot you the money,” said Jane.

“Oh, I couldn’t. I don’t even know you.”

“Don’t be silly Shyla. Situations Alanya Escort like this is how people get to know one another. And you can pay me back once you get on your feet.”

“Thank you. I promise, I will pay you back.”

Jane saw the disappointment across Geraldo’s face as he took her credit card and checked out Shyla’s groceries. Shyla unleashed her crooked smiled, which was a bit cute given her uneasy appearance, at Jane for helping her out of this jam. She stayed behind as Geraldo rung up and checked out Jane. The two talked while they walked over to Shyla’s old, worn down red pickup truck.

“I know its none of my business but it seems like your having a bit of some financial problem,” questioned Jane.

“Yeah. I got laid off from my regular job a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been in between jobs like fixing things here and there for neighbors. I live on a farm with my grandparents and our corps haven’t been growing as fast lately due to the weather. And it cost to feed a lot of the animals we have and neither one of my grandparents are healthy enough work,” explained Shyla.

“That guy, Geraldo, do know you him well?”

“I see him here and around town a bit when I’m running errands…” Shyla nervously spoke.

“I get the feeling that there is more to it then that. What does he mean by we can work something out, as always? He’s a grown man, so I doubt he would need help fixing things but help in other areas,” hinted and concluded Jane.

Shyla hesitated to dish the dirt.

“Only a few times when I didn’t have enough money to pay for my groceries, I’ve given him head, boob jobs and I even like him fuck my feet. That’s as far as it had gone,” said Shyla.

“Does he have a big dick?” bluntly asked Jane. That made Shyla’s face become red with embarrassment.

“Its about average size I guess but pretty thick,” Shyla replied. “I do have a boyfriend but its kind of a long distance relationship kind of thing. He’s wheelchair bounded and lives in Chicago. I’ve never met him. We only talk on the phone and send pictures.”

Jane didn’t really have much of a reply to that. She just wanted to get straight to the point.

“Say, I am a photographer and I’ll pay you a good amount of money if you work with me?”

Shyla again blushed and just smiled shyly.

“Um, I don’t know. I’m not exactly photogenic.”

“Its all magic Shyla. Leave that part to me and you just do as I say. Okay?”


“Good! Here’s my business card with my studio address on it. If you can, be there in 30 minutes, okay?”


As Shyla drove off in her worse for wear pick up truck, Jane returned to her luxurious Aston Martin only to find a parking ticket stuck in the windshield wiper.

“What the hell?” she exclaimed.

“Sorry ma’am. You were parked in a handicap zone with no handicap sticker,” said a squeaky female voice.

“That’s funny because I didn’t see any…… ” trailed on Jane, as she turned around before she could finish her statement and was vastly blown away by the height of this woman and more so by her humongous set of spherical-shaped tits housed beneath the woman’s turtleneck sweater and police vest. The largest pair of boobs she had ever seen up close. They made Connie’s tits look like oranges and they were more then any grown man’s hands could cradle as Jane witnessed.

“I am very familiar with that look. It’s the; Oh no! I got a parking ticket reaction!” chuckled the naive woman. Jane came to her senses and gathered from the looks of it, this Amazon of a woman with the insanely giant breasts was a parking inspector.

“Oh, yes… The parking ticket. My very first one. I was simply blown away,” sarcastically said Jane, as she was still somewhat in awe at this gangly woman who’s monster tits were at shoulder level to Jane.

She had to be about 5’9 to Jane’s 5’5. There was a youthful innocence aspect to her despite having a bit of a manly looking face with strong Ukrainian facial features that might not be appealing to a lot of guys. She had milky white skin with big olive-green eyes, a short cut sandy-brown bob hairstyle that reached shoulder-length, and a sizable mouth with a slight overbite. Besides having gangly arms and legs, the inspector had a slender yet wide frame that gave her a shapeless body with no hips or ass. She did have board manly shoulders and a large wide chest that was warranted due to her gargantuan watermelons.

“Well judging by your fancy car and clothes, I would say $400 is chump changes to you,” said the giddy parking inspector.

Jane nodded and smiled politely as she just couldn’t pry her eyes off the woman’s colossal torpedoes. They looked so profoundly heavy and so full that their own mass propel them declining towards her waistline. Jane started rubbing her own lower back as a gesture to how plainly monumental back-breaking the parking inspector’s tits come across. She also was practically foaming at the mouth wanting to get a look at those behemoth watermelons in their naked glory. Jane took her eyes off the Alanya Escort Bayan inspector’s remarkable spheres for a split second and noticed she had a bit of a discomforted look on her face.

“Is everything okay?” Jane asked.

“It’s this new fucking bra I’m wearing. It’s cutting me in half,” the inspector complained.

“Ouch… Let me guess, wrong size?” Jane speculated.

“You got that right. This bra was designed for women with 34 DDD’s. As you can see, I’m clearly not a triple D girl. My actual bra size is 36K. Those bra sizes are harder to find and very expensive.”

“K! Holy shit! That’s fucking ginormous,” replied a stunned Jane.

“Fuck yeah! Tell me about it. Try walking around with watermelons strap to your chest everyday. You know, it’s funny because all the other women in my family including my mom are flat chested. I’ve always been the one with the biggest boobs in school since the sixth grade. Even bigger then the female faculty. Gym class was my worse subject, as it would be for any girl who had big tits. The gym teacher got his rocks off to me doing jumping jacks and just about any activity that involved me or mainly my huge tits in motion. During dodge ball, kids would basically throw their balls at my tits just to see them bounce,” explained the chuckling parking inspector. “And if having huge boobs wasn’t difficult enough for me, being extremely tall with freakishly enormous boobs really made me stand out from the crowd. I think I was more ashamed of my height then my tits growing up.”

“Well, with tits like yours, you must have had guys knocking on your door, left and right,” said Jane.

“Naw. I was pretty much labeled a freak heading into my high school years. Only mindless jocks and computer nerds found my tits attractive.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yeah. It wasn’t until 3 years after I graduated from high school when I had my first kiss and loss my virginity. To be fair, it was with my stepfather.”

“Your stepfather???” replied a bewildered Jane.

“Yeah… Douche bag had been infatuated with me since my boobs started growing. Before he became my stepfather, he was close friends with my mom and she ended up cheating on my dad with him. A year later, they got married and he moved into the house. Mom worked a lot, he had no job like the broke ass bum that he is, and I opted to work instead of go to college, so he and I were around each other a lot,” the inspector explained.

“When did you start sleeping with him?” Jane asked curiously.

“About a month after he moved in. Kind of foul, I know, but I was an extremely horny girl who never had a guy touch her and he has a pretty big dick which my mom couldn’t satisfy. Up until our first night, he never tried anything on me. On that night, he came into the kitchen and confessed how much he wanted me and he proved it by growing a huge erection right in front of me, telling me that it was because of me. How could I not find that romance?” explained the frivolous parking inspector.

“I don’t know to be honest,” replied an alarmed Jane. “Are you still sleeping with him?”

“Naw. Not after my mom divorced his ass 2 years ago after she caught him fucking another woman from the neighborhood,” she explained.

“So let me get this straight.. While your mom was married to him, you screwed him and I’m guessing she didn’t know you guys were screwing behind her back? So it took him being caught with another woman for your mom to divorce him and for you to stop sleeping with him?”

“Yeah, I know. It was a horribly wrong scenario. Just another reason why my life sucks and to add on to that, I hate my fucking job. If I had a really high paying job, I would be able to afford the bras I need for my ever-growing tits.”

Just then, an idea came to Jane’s mind as she soaked in everything the parking inspector rambled about.

“What if I could get some custom made bras?” suggested Jane.

“What? Really? You would do that for me? Why? I don’t even know you and had to fine you for parking in a handicap zone,” the parking inspector replied.

Jane normally would had felt insulted but she liked not being recognized while starting over.

“I’m Jane Parsons and I’m a professional photographer. I’ll get you some bigger bras if you agree to take a few snapshots in them?” Jane purposed.

“Is this a scam? Am I on some hidden camera show?” questioned the busty inspector.

“No. I’m legit. I own the photo studio a couple of blocks from here. I don’t know from experience of what your going through but I do know girls who have the same problem as you. I’ve helped them, so let me help you?”

“Okay, bet! And if you could please, have the bras customized in black, green, and pink. Oh and make the black one lacy. Oh, and make the pink one see-thru! Oh, and my name is Charlene Rose.”

“Well do, Charlene.”

Jane gave the titanic tit queen Charlene Rose her business card. She told Jane she would be in touch about setting up a photo shoot once her shift was over in a few hours. After that short discussion, Escort Alanya Charlene drove off resuming her parking inspecting duties and left Jane with a blissful smile and a $400 parking ticket…

Jane returned to her studio and tired to get everything set up on time for her appointment with Shyla Blackwell but it was hard after running into the largest pair of tits she had ever seen. She still couldn’t believe her fortune of running into Charlene. She was still enthralled by the vastness of her breasts but a bit skeptical at how low they truly extended without the bra. Tits Charlene size just boggles the mind and Jane couldn’t wait to get her into the studio and that bra off those monstrously behemoth torpedoes. The visualize of any man having his hands all over Charlene’s mountainous rack while his hard dick was inside her started to perk Jane’s nipples and wet her panties.

“Looks like I’m ready for Shyla.”

Moments later, Shyla arrived on time and Jane greeted her at the door. She was still dressed in the same inelegant clothing as earlier but it didn’t matter to Jane. They were going into end up in a pile on the floor in just a few minutes. They chatted for a bit with Jane revealing a little bit of her photo shooting experience and throwing in a couple of lies here and there.

“Shall we get started?” suggested Jane.

Jane ran through a practice shoots of just taking pictures of a wallflower Shyla in what she was wearing on a prop sofa just to better ease Shyla into the mood.

“Not bad Shy. You have real potential,” lied Jane, as she continued to butter up Shyla. “Now we’re going to change it up a bit. See that outfit on the chair? Could you go to the bathroom and put it on.”

Shyla did as she was requested. She returned a few minutes later with the outfit on and had a puzzled and concerned look on her face.

“You want me to take photos in this?” questioned Shyla. She had on a Super Save uniform. Tan pants and a green shirt with Super Save stretched widely and largely distorted across her enormous breasts.

“Oh yes. You see, this is a very special shoot Shyla and you will know why in a minute. Now be a doll and unshackle your huge cans from that annoying bra please,” commanded Jane.

Shyla was taken back by Jane’s questionable request.

“What kind of shoot is this?” questioned Shyla.

“The kind where you cooperate to pay off the debt you owe me,” replied a smiling Jane.

“But it was only $45?”

“I know and I plan on getting my moneys worth! Trust me kid, I know what I’m doing. Now, without taking off your shirt, remove your bra.”

Shyla really didn’t know what to think of the situation but knowing that she didn’t have the funds to pay Jane back right away, she did as Jane wanted. She reached behind and under her shirt to unclasp the multiple latches to her massive bra. Once the bra was unhooked, she pulled the straps off her shoulders and pulled the bra out from beneath her shirt. Unsupported, her considerable breasts drooped to their unpretentious sloping demeanor and Jane was seriously turned on.

“I’ve seen bigger but they are really nice,” praised Jane. “What size are those?”

“38 EE,” nervously replied a blushing Shyla, as she cast aside the enormous ugly garment with her huge tits the size honeydew melons swaying without restraint beneath the supermarket t-shirt.

“I know a guy who would love to get his hands and cock on those. You can come in now!” hollered Jane.

Shyla was surprised to see Geraldo from Super Save walk into the studio in just a pair of white underwear and gray socks. His man junk looked hard as it swelled up against his underwear.

As Jane suspected it, the man looked like he had never done a push up in his life or seen the inside of a gym. Man boobs, round potbelly, flabby arms and thick black hairs all over his torso, arms, and legs. Shyla had seen Geraldo’s cock quite a few times but never the rest of his body. He smiled at an unease Shyla as he sat down beside her on the sofa. His big blue eyes solidly focus on Shyla’s undulating huge tits that were just inches away from him.

“Well this is going to be intriguing and fun,” mumbled Jane.

“Um, I don’t know about this,” said Shyla. “I do have a boyfriend.”

“Shyla… Your boyfriend is off the Internet. He lives miles away and you told me he was in a wheelchair. Geraldo here has a nice cock for you to play with,” replied Jane. “Now just relax and pretend me and the video camera aren’t here. It’ll just be like another day of you owing him money for free groceries.”

“She’s right,” agreed Geraldo. “It’ll be just like all those times you give me head and let me fuck your tits and feet but we’re just going a bit further to pay off the nice lady who paid for your groceries. Besides, it works out for me perfectly. Been dying to get a full taste of your body Shyla. No more teasing. No more foreplay. The whole enchilada.”

Shyla’s face turned heavily red as she leaned back on her elbows and allowed Geraldo to move in and plant his lips on hers. His breath tasted a bit foul but she started to get turned on once his hands started pawing her big breasts from the outside of her shirt. His thumbs rubbed circles over her nipples and increased their hardness. Jane just walked around the couple as they made out and zoomed in on the action.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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