The Shy One Ch. 04

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Sunday came, and the family of six had a big breakfast together. Things were much more frantic in the house with all four of the kids around. Aimee, Tara, Brad and Cassie were bustling and talking and bickering and laughing.

Afterward, Cassie sat in one corner of the sunny family room, watching them all read. Mom had a magazine, Dad the morning paper, Brad the sports section, and she, Tara and Aimee all had paperbacks. She loved it when they did this. It made her feel comfortable and secure. She thought it would always be one of her favorite memories of summer.

That and her time with Brad. Her real favorite memories were any of her moments with Brad, erotic or mundane.

Cassie herself read voraciously. Usually, she was completely absorbed in her reading, focused and conscious of nothing else. Not today. Today she was distracted.

Cassie looked at the sun streaming in through the east windows, hitting Brad in his chair like a spotlight. He kept glancing over at Cassie. She liked that. She stole quick glances herself whenever she could. For a while he became lost in an article, and she was able to study him uninterrupted for a long time.

Cassie liked the sharp angles of his jaw and cheeks, with the constant hint of the shadow of a beard, even right after he’d shaved. His head was like a chiseled block. He worked out so much even his faced looked muscular. She admired the tight sinews where his neck spread into his broad shoulders, above a barrel chest. Even beneath a loose t-shirt, the lines and edges of his pectoral muscles showed.

She wished that he would walk around shirtless at home. No one would care, and she’d love it. She wished she had the nerve to ask him to do it.

Then he glanced her way again. She let him catch her looking at him, then smiled happily and returned to her book.

As soon as she felt him look away, she went back to studying him. He’d gotten Mom’s blue eyes and thick, black hair, like her, but he kept it neatly out of his handsome face. He’d avoided getting the childish freckles that she and Tara were cursed with.

Brad looked at her yet again. She widened her smile, holding his gaze until he became uncomfortable and looked away, pretending to go back to his reading.

He used to do it all the time, to look at her. She noticed. She had always noticed. He had stopped when she started playing with Lisa. Cassie called it “playing”, to herself, because it was never anything more. It was just something fun to do, something to try. And it had made Brad pleasingly jealous.

Lisa was nice, and she was experienced, and a good kisser. Cassie felt inadequate and inexperienced when it came to sex. So Lisa made for a fun summer adventure, and a good teacher. She hadn’t expected it to bug Brad so much, but she also hadn’t intended for it to last more than a few weeks. But now it was all working out.

Cassie got up and moved over to sit at Brad’s feet. She didn’t touch him. He seemed a bit squeamish since last night, more than a little nervous. He probably had serious regrets. She didn’t, but she could give him his space. But not too much space. She wanted to be as close to him as she could.

* * *

The bright morning seemed to drag on forever, getting hotter with each passing minute. Aimee and Tara, having been working all summer, started the day eager to go to the beach early. They were disappointed when both Cassie and Brad said they were “beached out”. It then took the two sisters forever to get ready, to pick bathing suits, to get their gear together, and to get out. Cassie thought they’d never leave.

As soon as they did she stood up and walked over to the stairs. Mom and Dad were still home, but they’d stay down here. Probably.

Once at the base of the stairs she stopped and stared silently at Brad. He knew she was looking at him again, and he was purposely avoiding looking back. Cassie grew impatient waiting for him to look her way. When he finally did she didn’t smile, she didn’t make any expression, she just stared back into his curious blue eyes while starting up the stairs.

He quickly dropped his gaze back to his magazine, so she stopped after just a few steps. He looked back at her then, and she added a look of intensity to her expression. It was a blank expression, but an intense one none the less. Maybe there was a bit of a plea in it. This time he took the hint, putting his section of the paper down beside him. Cassie continued up the stairs, knowing he’d follow soon.

* * *

Cassie had her skirt unclasped and slipping to gaziantep escort bayan reklamları the floor along with her panties almost before she reached the top of the stairs. She went into Brad’s room to turn some music on, not caring what it was. She turned it up enough to cover any noises she might make, but not so loud as to cause her parents to come up and complain.

She walked back to her own room. She enjoyed the wicked, free feeling of walking naked below the waist, through the hallway of the house, with her family downstairs.

Once in her room, Cassie leaned forward on her elbows against her dresser, looking at herself in the large, oval mirror hanging on the wall above it. The music drifted in through the walls and hallway, something new she didn’t recognize, with a strong bass and a fast beat.

She looked at all of the freckles, and her black eyebrows, plucked narrowly, and her naturally long black eyelashes contrasting sharply with the blue of her eyes. Her too long bangs fell across her face down past her irises, the way she liked them, as if she were hiding behind them.

She looked at her thin, tiny lips, beneath a small, slightly upturned nose. It all seemed so soft and subtle. She wondered how attractive she really was to Brad, if he’d like it better if she had fuller lips, or more pronounced features. She wanted to be beautiful for him, like he’d said she was last night.

Cassie looked further down at her reflection, down into the collar of her own shirt. She could see her small, bare tits hanging inside her loose fitting top. Brad would be able to see, too. Cassie hated her tits. They made her look like a little girl. But Brad liked them, or at least he always strained to catch a glimpse. Cassie couldn’t wait to let him see them now, just like this.

Then he was there, in the open doorway, staring at her. She didn’t stare back, and she didn’t turn, but she was aware of everything he did by his reflection in the mirror. She kept her gaze locked on her own face, thinking about how he could see her bare ass once again.

She couldn’t look him in the eye. She couldn’t even risk looking him in the eye. She couldn’t let him see how badly she wanted her brother to fuck her. She felt like a whore. A warm blush rose in her cheeks.

Brad looked nervously back down the hallway and stairs, toward where their mother and father were still sitting and reading. He was so cute when he got nervous, Cassie thought. Cassie rarely got nervous, at least not enough to show it. Except for the blush just now, she admitted to herself.

Brad hesitated, then as always gave in to his desire and stepped into her room, smoothly closing the door behind him. It was darker and cooler here than downstairs, hidden from the morning sun. It had an artificial feeling of complete privacy. It seemed that she was finally alone with him.

Cassie felt a thrill run through her as Brad’s hands dropped to his belt and started to undo the buckle. Cassie still hadn’t seen his erect cock. She’d felt it five times now, but had never seen it. Lisa had spent hours describing it to her. She’d described its size and girth, every bend, the shape and color of his cock head, how it changed as it grew, aroused by thoughts of being with her, everything.

Now Cassie was going to see it for herself. And Brad was going to fuck her again, alone, without Lisa there. It would finally be just her and her loving brother.

* * *

Brad dropped his shorts as quickly as he could. He wasn’t in a hurry to get it over with, but he was desperately afraid they’d be caught, with Mom and Dad right downstairs. He wasn’t sure that the music was going to cover Cassie’s noises, if she couldn’t restrain herself more than usual.

He shouldn’t take the chance, he knew, he should at least leave some clothes on in case someone started to come upstairs. He could leave everything on, even his shorts, with just his cock sticking out. That would be safest, but he wanted Cassie to see his body. He pulled his shirt up over his head, then stood just behind and beside her, completely naked, so she could get a good look at him in the mirror.

She didn’t look, though, she kept her bright eyes steady, always staring, unblinking, straight into her own. Brad reached forward to brush some of the hair from her pretty blue eyes. He wanted to finally see her eyes as he entered her.

He allowed himself a momentary caress of her ass with one hand, too. Cassie sucked her breath in as gaziantep bayan escort reklamları he did it. He wasn’t sure if that was good or bad, if it was a sign of apprehension or satisfaction. He traced the outline of her ass with one finger, then slid it up and down the crack between her ass cheeks, working slowly closer to her two holes there.

He thought briefly again about his parents downstairs. He fought his anxiety off, stepping behind his baby sister to guide his cock easily into her once again.

Brad pushed in and out of her slowly this time, gently and smoothly and easily, in sharp contrast to the way he’d always fucked her before. He wanted to be her lover, now, not her rapist. He wanted to be gentle and easy. He wanted to be a tender, loving brother.

He could see her face for the first time, with his cock insider her. He’d always been forced to watch the back of her head until now. She’d been as faceless as he. She wore a soft, warm, tight lipped smile. She had closed her eyes as soon as he’d entered her, tipping her head slightly back and smiling contentedly, like a cat being petted, as he eased his cock in and out of his little sister. She looked calm and happy.

He’d fucked her so many times, now, but he was still amazed at how hot and tight her cunt was. It almost felt like his cock wouldn’t fit, except she was so wet and slippery that he slid into her easily. The heat of her covered his cock, overwhelming his senses, almost forcing him to feel and think about only that, only his cock and her cunt. Everything else faded away like background noise. The musical feel of his cock in her cunt was the only thing he really knew.

Brad looked at both of their reflections. He realized now, with elation, that he could see his baby sister’s bare tits down her shirt. They hung freely beneath her loose fitting top, which in turn hung freely away from her body. Each tit shook gently with every thrust he made, first rocking forward so he could clearly see her entire nipples, then back, where they quivered briefly before he pushed himself into her again. He studied their beautifully conical shape, enhanced only by the slightest of curves at the bottoms, before rising to wonderfully small, hard, pointed nipples at their tips.

Brad was overcome with the urge to make them move, to make them dance. He thrust into her harder, only for that reason. They moved a bit more, so he quickened his pace, trying to make his sister’s tits dance wickedly for him, like two nasty puppets on a string.

As he screwed her faster, Cassie’s smile widened. Her teeth showed now, and she began to moan. Brad stole a glance back at the door, again conscious that someone might hear her, but he didn’t stop.

When no one came upstairs, he began to push himself into his sister even harder. She moved her hands onto the edge of the dresser to steady herself against his thrusts, to push back into him. Each time he rocked his hips forward, she pressed her ass back against him just as hard.

Brad rested his hands on her shoulders, then slid them down her arms to find her hands. She immediately grabbed him, interlocking her fingers with his.

They stood there, fucking, hands tightly entwined. Cassie’s eyes opened, but she again stared only at herself. Her head snapped forward and back with Brad’s movements.

Brad stared at her reflection, marveling at the expression of joy on her face, listening to the wonderful, subdued sounds coming from her mouth. They were sounds that he was drawing out of her, or forcing out of her. He would push his cock in from behind, and a wicked high pitched whisper of a squeal would come out of his little sister’s mouth. He did it over and over again, relishing the feel and the sight and the sound of it all, his ability to make his sister squeal at will with his cock.

He felt his cock growing, losing control. Cassie’s pussy pulsated, gently, then again, more firmly, as she came once, then once more. She bit down a louder scream, then came yet again and couldn’t hold back. It seemed like a torrent of small orgasms took her all at once.

A moment later, Brad heard a noise down the hall. Still, he couldn’t stop himself. They were going to be caught, but he couldn’t stop now. He had to come inside her again first, inside his little sister. He had to make her keep coming, and come himself, too. He had to give her as many climaxes as he could, so that it would be love, not rape. It didn’t matter if their parents caught them.

It escort gaziantep bayan reklamları wasn’t rational, he knew, but he had no control.

As if she sensed his need, Cassie came violently for him. Her cunt muscles quivered and tensed and gripped him with the force of ever more intense, unending orgasms. She pushed herself back onto his filling cock, fighting back tortured screams of lust.

Brad closed his eyes to avoid the inevitable, to avoid the sight of his mother’s or father’s face as they walked in and caught them in the act of incest. He heard the door open. Whichever of them it was stood there in silent shock.

He thought about what he was doing. He was fucking his sister. He was fucking his beautiful baby sister. He was ramming his cock into his pretty little sister. He was ready to come into his adorable, sweet little sister.

Moments passed with no interruption. Then Brad’s thoughts instantly, irresistibly returned to how he felt inside Cassie. He felt his cock growing. It surged and grew and stiffened, feeling like it was going to burst. Then it did. He drenched the insides of his little sister with his cum, mixing it with hers, filling her with all he could give her.

When he was done she continued to grind her ass back into him. She whimpered and moaned, while he stood there panting and sweating, holding her hands in his, caressing them with his thumbs. He finally opened his eyes, looking first at her, then daring to look in fear in the mirror, over Cassie’s shoulder toward the door.

Lisa stood there, grinning. She had already closed the door silently behind her. When she saw him finally look her way she stepped forward to sit near them on Cassie’s bed.

“Shit, you guys are bold,” she said. “Even I wouldn’t have had the nerve to do that,” she added, looking back at the door, toward the constant danger of them being discovered by their parents.

Cassie’s smile widened further, as she insatiably ground herself a few more times onto Brad’s cock. She turned to look Lisa in the eye. Brad was jealous of that. He’d just fucked her mercilessly, and she had refused to look at him, her brother and lover, but she looked right at Lisa. It was as if he had still only fucked her anonymously. He had still only serviced her, or raped her.

“Your mom and dad let me in and told me to just come up when you didn’t answer,” Lisa explained. “Luckily they didn’t come get you themselves. Oh, and before I forget, they suggested you turn the music down. I think you should have turned it up, myself.”

Brad reluctantly let his cock slide out of his little sister. The suddenly naked feel of it was almost physically painful. Cassie immediately straightened up, leaning back into him to maintain the contact, still holding his hands. She rubbed her face against his neck, as her soft ass rubbed against his wet, shrinking cock.

Brad caught a glimpse of them both in the mirror, petite, half-dressed little Cassie with naked, thickly muscular Brad, both of them glistening in the heat with sweat from their exertions. She was smiling and pressing against him lovingly, again like a cat, this time nuzzling its owner. The look on her face made Brad feel wonderful.

Then he thought about Lisa, sitting there watching. It hit him with both guilt and jealousy that Cassie was supposed to be Lisa’s girl. He released her hands to scamper over to his pile of clothes.

“I’d better get dressed,” he mumbled needlessly, betraying both his anxiety and a touch of anger.

“So what do you guys want to do today?” Lisa asked, seemingly oblivious. “I mean, for the rest of the day.”

Brad looked at Cassie, who moved to sit beside Lisa. Cassie looked at her in silence, but with an expression of interest. She waited patiently for Lisa to open up.

“No, I’m not mad,” Lisa said, answering the unspoken question. “And I’m not at all jealous. To be honest, Cassie, you’re really cute, and very hot, but you’re just not catching on to this whole lesbian thing. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you’re straight. And someone has to eat my pussy soon, or I’m going to explode. I can’t keep waiting for you.”

Cassie smiled, Lisa grinned, and Brad laughed nervously, but his spirits immediately lifted.

“What’s worse, if Brad had ever fucked me the way he just fucked you, I think I would be looking for a guy myself,” she added, widening her wicked grin. “I wish I had a brother.”

Cassie smiled at the floor. She leaned over to give Lisa a quick kiss. Lisa pulled back momentarily, then kissed her again, lingering on her lips, letting the kiss grow passionate.

Brad felt another wave of anger and jealousy. Cassie could kiss Lisa like that, but hadn’t yet kissed him once. Cassie could look at Lisa and kiss her, but not even look at him when he screwed her.

Cassie popped up off the bed to get her own panties and skirt and quickly pull them on.

“Come on, let’s go,” Lisa said, standing up and heading to the door. “I want to go sailing today.”

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