The Single Dad

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Greg was so sweet, we just couldn’t help ourselves. He had a 17-month-old daughter; his wife had left them both without a trace 6 weeks after giving birth. Undiagnosed postpartum depression, Greg figured. His daughter played with my son (14 months) and Jen’s two daughters (3 years I was really crossing my fingers that we wouldn’t be rejected.

He was blushing, too. “You guys are…very attractive to me, yeah. And you’re both awesome, too, of course. But…we have four kids here. And you guys are…well, married, right?”

Jen jumped in. “Our husbands aren’t into us in our current condition, Greg. We’re feeling neglected, and we know you’ve been lonely for some time yourself. As for the kids, we’ve got two babysitters meeting us here in 10 minutes. There’s a hotel two blocks from here with a room reserved.” All three of us sat in silence for a solid minute, Greg processing the offer as Jen and I hoped to God we wouldn’t be humiliated.

Finally, he spoke. “Okay, I’m…I’ve just been so…” His eyes were tearing up. “It’s been…lonely, like you said. I’m sorry you’ve been ignored by your husbands; it is 100% their loss. Your…companionship would be very, very welcome. You’re both really, completely okay with all this?”

We both nodded. “It’s been pretty thoroughly considered from every angle,” Jen told him. “We just think it’d be really nice for all of us. I think we all kinda need it, really. So…we’re on?” Four pregnant female eyes looked at him hopefully for confirmation.

“Yes,” he said after releasing a big, audible breath. “I could absolutely use it. Have I been…Was it obvious that I’m attracted to you guys?” His face reddened again.

Jen touched his shoulder this time, comforting and tender. “You probably look at our bumps a bit more than your average guy, I’d say. And the few times you’ve touched my belly, at least, you’ve…lingered a little, maybe? It’s flattering, though, especially since we think so highly of you.”

I nodded in agreement. “Yeah, you give an enthusiastic and thorough pregnant belly rub, it can’t really be denied. Which I think we both…well, love, honestly. We like our bodies, too, Greg. And we like to be appreciated. And we thought you’d be…generous. In some ways we haven’t seen for quite a while. So…” I looked over at the two young women approaching us: our babysitters were arriving. Greg and Jen looked over, too.

Greg slapped his knees with his palms loudly. “All right, let’s do this!” He smiled goofily, prompting Jen and me to laugh out loud. We all spoke to the babysitters, filling them in on whatever details each of us deemed relevant for watching our kids. It was a quick conversation: we were all eager manisa seks hikayeleri to get to the hotel, I could plainly see.

We were in our room 15 minutes after we’d broached the sexual topic with Greg. It was fantastic: no one had sufficient time to reconsider what we were about to do. “Okay,” Jen took control once we were inside and the door was closed. “Let’s all just strip, get it over with. No turning back…” All three of us got right down to it, dropping every article of our clothing to the floor as quickly as we could manage.

Greg was relatively thin but visibly muscled, masculine in body hair but not quite hirsute, and quite well-endowed (both girth and length were rather impressive). Jen’s bump, even at just 6 weeks more developed than my own, looked huge to me. It hadn’t dropped quite yet (though she rocked an awesome outie already), but it looked like gravity would win the battle imminently. Her milk had clearly come in, too, tits resting heavy and swollen on top of her substantial belly. My own breasts were certainly pregnancy-enhanced, but still not anything to write home about in their persistent modesty. My belly was firm to the touch but not yet particularly striking to the eye, still more a curvy 2nd trimester protrusion than a glorious 3rd trimester sphere.

Both of them turned me on. From following the glances they were each throwing around the room, it seemed that all three of us were pretty damn attracted to everyone else in the room. This was surely a promising start. Wordlessly, Jen got to her knees in front of Greg and took the head of his cock in her mouth and the shaft in her right hand, left hand gripping his ass. I was impressed and inspired by her forwardness and efficiency. Deciding to take action myself, I moved to Greg’s side and placed his left hand on my belly, right hand on my left breast. Getting under Jen’s cock-working, I cupped his balls in one hand and grabbed the back of his head in the other as I went in for a deep kiss.

We went on in this fashion for three or four minutes, when Greg broke away from our making out and said breathlessly, “I’m getting real close to cumming. What should I do?” All three of us were on sexual pause as we considered: we didn’t want to waste a precious load, after all.

I had an idea. “I’ve fantasized quite a bit about having someone shoot onto my bump?” I offered meekly, hoping I wouldn’t weird anyone out. Both Greg’s and Jen’s eyes went wide as they nodded slowly, very clearly digging the idea. I laid on my back on the edge of the bed and motioned them to my side. “Jen, would you mind finishing him onto my belly?” I asked as casually as I could, feeling myself getting ever wetter in anticipation of fulfilling a long-held fantasy. She positioned his cock right over me, her fervent jerking pushing it against my bump every few strokes, to my absolute delight. I started touching myself, climaxing almost effortlessly before Greg even could. Shortly, though, he began moaning loudly as rope after rope of warm cum shot onto my bump. It felt almost as good as it looked; I could feel my horny fluids dripping onto the hotel’s comforter.

“Can I rub it in?” Jen asked softly. Holy shit, she was reading my perverted mind! I nodded enthusiastically; she kneeled next to me on the bed and went to work with both hands (Greg remained standing and observing, idly playing with his refractory period-limped dick). She rubbed the cum over every square inch of my belly, applying a bit of pressure to enjoy the firmness of my bump, still encased by a layer of fat. At first the pearls of cum remained distinguishable as she moved them around me; then I looked wet and shiny all over; finally, I shined with a white opalescence that took my breath away and took my pussy to new heights of dripping wetness.

“Jen, 69 me,” I managed half-breathlessly through my intense arousal. It surprised me how much I wanted her, as I’d really never had such thoughts about a woman and hadn’t considered us fooling around together in my imagining what would occur during this dalliance: I thought we’d both focus on Greg, basically. She stopped rubbing my gleaming bump and looked at me with concern on her face; it didn’t seem like she’d anticipated lesbian action, either.

“I’ve never done…anything with another pussy. Have…have you?” I was disappointed to see some nerves creeping back into the proceedings, though they were more than understandable.

Carried away in the moment, though, I was quite willing to try something new. “No, no, I don’t know what I’m doing. Just get on top of me, get your bump on mine, let’s eat each other out. Okay?” She nodded slightly and climbed into position on top of me. Our bumps pressed together felt fantastic and sort of fertility-goddess-magical, the stickiness of Greg’s load keeping us literally connected to boot. “Let’s focus mostly on each other’s clits, we’ll be fine,” I offered some beginner-level oral strategy. I followed my own advice in my approach to performing cunnilingus on Jen, too; it worked remarkably well. She got me off first, but the first climax I inspired in her followed mere seconds later. We kept going, moans thrown around as rapidly and flagrantly as our tongues at each other’s crotches. If I counted correctly, she got me off four times to my getting her off thrice. Slightly disappointing to lose this particular contest, but overall an extremely successful initial lesbian experience. I liked pussy, it turned out.

We finally disengaged from our 69ing position, and I looked over at Greg for the first time in…10 or 12 minutes, maybe? It was hard to know how much time had elapsed, but it was clear that he’d made it past his refractory period, cock rock hard in his slowly and rhythmically stroking left hand. So the obvious question at hand was: what to do next with that dick? I wanted it inside me, but Jen did, too, I presumed. Better address it directly: “Jen, how are we gonna share that nice cock of his?”

She put her hand under her chin in an exaggerated display of careful consideration. “Well…why don’t we give him a little variety? Maybe you get in a sort of missionary position, what with your more modest size, and I get in position for doggy? And he can move between us as he pleases? What do you guys think?” There was unanimous approval, so I laid down on the bed with my legs hanging over the side, pussy flush with the edge: a variation on missionary that took my bump into account. Jen got on her hands and knees on the bed, belly and breasts hanging pendulously (and so very hotly) from her torso. Greg would have to lower his body slightly to get inside me and stretch upwards a bit to get inside her; otherwise, he could move between us with ease.

And that he did! He managed to last for quite some time on this second go ’round, pulling out of one of us when he felt climax creeping up on him to take a beat and put it off a little longer. Jen and I would touch ourselves (and each other) when not being actively fucked, which was fun in its own right. When he finally told us he couldn’t hold off his orgasm any longer, I implored Jen to get on her back to take this load on her bump. Greg and I rubbed it into her together; once she was shining like a precious gem, she had a delightfully perverse request: “Lick it off me, Greg,” she said nonchalantly. He did as he was told, Jen and I both masturbating furiously as we watched him do so.

We all laid down on the bed afterward, breathing hard across the board. “Well, Greg,” I tried to sum things up. “I hope sex with a couple preggos was a good time. I think we both enjoyed and appreciated your cock and the good use you put it to. We all deserve a good time, I think, and I’m certainly satisfied that this was a very good time.” Jen and Greg both nodded.

“So, you guys both have a few months left in your pregnancies, right?” Greg asked. We confirmed it. “I don’t want to shake things up too dramatically, but…new weekly activity?”

Our kids would be fine with babysitters for a few hours each week, we all agreed. We also agreed that we really needed to keep fucking each other, preferably on a regular basis. And so it was decided…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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