The Sister-in-Law

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I pulled the car off the road and drove down the track a couple of hundred yards, stopping in a small clearing. I switched off and the summer twilight fell silent except for the faint cooling sounds from the engine.

Jo, in the passenger seat, didn’t say anything, but turned her head towards me. I reached out for her hand, and held it. I was aware that one way or another, my life was going to change forever in the next few minutes.

I’d first met Jo, my sister-in-law, two years ago, when she was 52 and I was 55, She’d returned from Canada, where she’d been living for the past 7 years, and I had felt an attraction to her the first day that I met her, but had tried to rationalise it as the natural pleasure of meeting a sexy, intelligent and attractive lady.She seemed as glad to meet me as I was to meet her.

For the past 18 months I’d been increasingly drawn towards her, -when we met we’d hug and kiss(on the lips- none of this ‘mwah, mwah’ air kissing.!) and I’d imagined that the hugs were a little closer than those normal between close relatives.-Anyway, during the past year I had started to fantasise about her.-Did she feel the same way about me? (God! Wouldn’t that be wonderful…!) I didn’t know, and couldn’t ask, so I had to burn in solitary lust, thinking of what might be…

Let me describe Jo. Quite short and very cuddly (I thought of her as ‘Rubenesque’ and spent an appreciable part of most days mentally undressing her..) She spoke with a soft Lancashire accent, and had a particularly dirty laugh..She had been married, but had divorced about ten years before our meeting, and as far as I knew, she wasn’t in a steady relationship.

A blonde when we first met, she had recently reverted to her natural brunette.Her lips, when we kissed in greeting or goodbye, were soft and warm and sweet and I’m getting a hard-on just thinking of her..I had constructed some detailed fantasies involving us both, – I must have taken myself in hand (so to speak..) thinking of her, hundreds of times since we met. I seem to be getting hornier as I get older..I’ve always had a high sex drive, unlike my wife, who shows very little interest in sex.

My Portugese Fantasy…

One of my favourite scenarios is when the three of us go on holiday for a week at aholiday apartment on the coast of Portugal. During the week, my wife drives 50 miles to Faro in our hire car to stay for two days with an old school friend. I assured her that we wouldn’t feel abandoned, and that we’d find ways of passing the time..

The first night after she’d left I was in the double bed, viscerally aware of Jo., in her bed just across the lounge..I had an erection. I pushed the bedclothes down to the foot of the bed. I started wanking slowly, pinching my nipple…I was well away in fantasy-land, trying not to gasp too audibly as I worked at my cock, when I heard a faint sound from Jo’s room…It sounded like quiet sobbing, or heavy breathing..I held my breath, and could just hear, over the breathing, the faint rhythmic sound of bedsprings..I quietly got up from the bed, and, preceded by my throbbing erection, padded Alanya Escort silently across the lounge, stopping just outside Jo’s room.

The door was slightly open, and the sound of her soft gasping was louder..I pushed the door fully open, and could see, in the streetlight filtering through the curtains, Jo, lying naked on her back, her right hand between her legs, moving in time with her soft panting breaths..her left hand was grasping her breast and rubbing her nipple.. I slipped into the room.

‘Jo?’ I whispered.

She stopped moving, and then turned her face to me..I couldn’t read her expression as her face was in shadow, but she replied,

‘Dom! oh Dom!…please, my love, finish me off.!’

I was at her side in two strides, and as I leaned over her, she spread her legs wide, and I leaned down to lick her wet hairs and slit..she tasted so delicious. -my tongue darted in and out, savouring her sweet juices, and she gasped,

‘Come into me, darling, I want you to finish me off with your cock..’

I knelt between her legs which she raised and wrapped around my waist, pulling me down onto her hot, wet cunt. She grabbed my rigid prick and pulled it to her slit….

‘Oh! God! Jo, Jo, my love’ I gasped, ‘Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?’

As I said ‘this’, I leaned forward and my cock split her open and slid into her wet pussy so easily.

I rammed her hard and fast, lost in the divine sensation of my cock held tight in her sweet cunt. She bucked up against my thrusts, screaming softly as she felt my swollen shaft deep inside her.

‘Oh! Jesus! I’m coming, I’m coming!’ she cried, and gave a final spasm as she climaxed, her cunt tightening on my prick.

I screwed her as she whimpered with release, and pulled out of her, my cock slippery with her hot cum.

‘Now finish me off, ‘ I whispered, and she grasped my throbbing shaft and wanked me until I was on a hair trigger..

‘Come over my tits, ‘ she said.

I knelt over her as she jerked me off, spurting my hot load over her lovely tits, and placed my cock between them, pushing them tight together so that every drop of cum was squeezed out..

We slept deeply, twined closely together on the bed…

End of Portugese Fantasy.

So, -we sat in the gathering darkness, holding hands in a companionable silence. I wondered if she could hear my heartbeat – it was deafening me! I leaned over to give her a brief brother-in-law kiss, and she didn’t say anything, just turned her face to mine (‘this is it’..) I thought, and the air was filled with the smell of burning bridges.

Her lips touched mine, and I felt the softness and warmth of them…two seconds, three, -longer than we’d ever kissed before..Does she feel the same?.Then it happened. I felt the smallest movement of her lips, and then (and then!) the tip of her tongue pushed gently into my mouth and between my teeth. I didn’t respond for a second, -in shock! then I moved my tongue to touch hers, and our world changed forever.

Jo let out a low moan, and pressed her lips tight against mine, and her grip Alanya Escort Bayan on my hand tightened..Then we were sucking each others’ tongues hard, and the next thing I was aware of was her lifting my hand to her breast…my hand trembled as I brushed her erect nipple through her blouse, then pushed her blouse up so that her bra was revealed. She pulled her lips away from mine and whispered my name over and over again..My hands moving of their own accord, I turned towards her and lifted her brassiere, -her gorgeous smooth, full titties fell into my hands, and I lifted a breast and took the swelling nipple into my mouth, running my tongue around it and nibbling it gently..

Jo lifted her lovely breasts toward me so that I could kiss them more thoroughly, and as I did so, my hand slipped to her knee. We were both lost in our arousal, and I moved my trembling hand slowly up the inside of her thigh, under her short skirt. Slowly, slowly, until my questing fingers touched her panties…I could feel her heat and wetness and felt my cock filling my trousers to bursting. Throwing all my doubts to the winds, I slowly slid a finger up past her panties into her hot lips.

She groaned softly and raised her hips.

‘Take them off, love..’she whispered, and I slid her panties down and off, then she spread her legs as far as she could, and put her hand behind my head to pull me down to her slit..I nuzzled deep into her hairs and hot cunt, and my tongue played with her swollen clit..

‘I’ve wanted you to do this for so long’ she gasped, and felt her hand rubbing on my swollen cock, and pulled away from her delicious slit to undo my belt and trousers. Jo’s fingers were on my zip in a moment, and in another moment my throbbing cock had sprung out into her hand..

‘He’s so big and lovely’ she breathed, and she leaned over and licked the tip of my engorged prick..I nearly came there and then, but managed to control it.

She pulled down the foreskin so that my swollen wet head was bare, then her mouth went down on me and I stopped thinking-my hand was between her thighs, and I was fingering her in time with her thrusting my shaft deep into her mouth.

‘Oh, Jo, I want to fuck you so hard!’ I gasped.

She pulled off my cock.

‘I want it, too’ she said, – have you got a blanket?’

Well, I’d got an old waxed coat in the boot, and three minutes later she was on her back under the trees, her legs wide apart, and I was kneeling between them, the tip of my throbbing prick just touching her wet hairs..

‘Are you sure you want this? I asked, already knowing the answer.She nodded and reached out to grasp my nob and pull it down into her wonderful cunt.

I gasped with pleasure as my cock slid slowly up inside her hot wet passage, until my balls were tight against her hairs and mound, and then she started to fuck herself on me, thrusting her hips hard against my cock, as I rutted her so deeply..I leaned down to kiss her, and as we twined our tongues, she shivered and came suddenly, her cunt tightening on my prick. I was already on the brink, and this Escort Alanya was the trigger that made my cock spasm and pump my hot come deep inside her..

We lay quietly as our heartbeats slowed, and the enormity of what had happened slowly sank in.

‘How long have you known?’ I asked her.

‘Since the day we met’, she answered, as I pulled slowly out of her and she held my cock, masturbating me slowly and rubbing our sticky cum over her thighs and stomach..’It’s been so long since I’ve had sex, -I’d almost forgotten how good it is’ she smiled and we kissed again.’If you only knew how many nights I’ve lay in my bed fingering myself and wishing you were there’.she said.

‘Not as many times as I’ve wanked myself to exhaustion thinking of you’ I replied.

‘Did you have any fantasies about us’ I asked.

‘Oh, yes’, she said. ‘One of my favourites is when you visit me at my house and I’m waiting for you in the hall, dressed in some old bra and panties, -I know they’re going to get ripped’. she laughed softly.’They stay on about ten seconds before you have me on the floor, skewering me like a butterfly on a pin..’

My cock was stiffening again, and Jo leaned down to lick the tip.

‘Then we go to bed for days, only getting up to eat’.

I reached down and slipped my finger into her sticky cunt, finger-fucking her slowly.

‘One of my fantasies is where you visit us for a few days’ I said, ‘and whenever we meet in the house and Pam. isn’t in sight, I grab your sweet titties, kiss your nipples, and feel you between your legs -in the evening you take a shower before bed, and I make sure that I’m upstairs when you go to your’re standing there naked with your nightdress above your head, -the room smells of soap and warm woman..I come up behind you, reach around under your arms and lift your wonderful titties, squeezing your hard nipples. Then my hands slide down your stomach to your thatch, and I pull you back against me as my fingers part your wet open your legs to let me in further, ‘

As I said this she laughed softly and spread her knees wide..

‘Like this?’ she whispered…

I couldn’t resist it..(Not that I was trying to!)-.My cock was plunged into her within seconds, and we made frantic and sweaty love, -coming at the same moment, -it was mind-blowing..!

When we’d got our breath again, I continued…

‘I finger you until you’re sopping wet, then you go to the bed, kneel with your lovely bottom raised towards me, and reach behind you to pull your lips open wide.. ‘I want you deep inside me, lover’ you whisper, and I place my wet, hot glans against your wide slit and ram it in suddenly..

‘Is that O.K.? I gasp, as I feel your tight walls sliding on my shaft..

‘Oh, yes! yes!’ you cry softly, -‘Push, oh! push.’

I climb up onto the bed behind you and shag you mercilessly, pushing you down flat on the bed, lying on you as my cock spears you so deep, until you cry out, muffled by the pillow, –

‘Oh! God! I’m coming, I’m coming..!

And I feel your hot juices gush, as I climax and pump you full of my hot load…

‘What a lovely thought’ said Jo, ‘from now on that will be one of my fantasies as well’.

‘It doesn’t have to be a fantasy any longer’, I said, ‘let’s do it tomorrow’.

‘Why tomorrow?’ chuckled Jo throatily, ‘We’re both going to need showers tonight…’

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