The Sister

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Kyle made his way into the guest room after taking a shower. He wore nothing except a white towel wrapped around his waist, the skin of his body still glistening with water. He rubbed his palm across his chest as he began to open his suitcase. His skin was very pale, but it wrapped tightly across his well-muscled body. Kyle stole a glance of himself in the mirror, and couldn’t help but stare for a few seconds. He had always been comfortable being void of clothes in public, such as a beach or a locker room, and had always been the envy of men around him. His chest was perfectly chiseled into a well-formed six-pack, and his flexed upper arms told you that he could bench press a respectable amount. Kyle continued to feel his body as he dropped the towel around his waist to the floor, revealing the coup-de-grace of his physique.

He had unintentionally grown an erection while in the shower, and the thought of pleasuring himself crossed his mind several times as he washed his well-toned body. His penis extended a full seven and a half inches from his groin, and curved slightly upward in its erect state. Its color was slightly darker than the rest of his skin, but similar to the rest of his body, it was completely hairless. Kyle always tried to keep his manhood as clean as possible, and he had just shaved his pelvic region a couple days ago. He moved his hand on the underside of his shaft and bent it so that the head of his erection was pressed up against his abs. He began to touch himself in this way, while resting his left hand on the back of his neck and continuing to stare at himself in the mirror, smiling slightly. He was completely mesmerized by the sight of his beautiful naked body, as he continued to rub his huge cock against his toned chest.

Suddenly, a noise sounded from outside the room. Kyle ceased masturbating and walked over to the door, glancing out in the hallway. Seeing no one, he shrugged and left the door slightly ajar. He was currently a guest in his friend Ethan’s house, and to his knowledge there was no one else in the house except him and Ethan’s younger sister, whom he never met. Kyle walked back to the suitcase, his erection still protruding from his naked body. Kyle gripped his right hand around his cock and began to ankara escort masturbate quickly as he searched through his suitcase. He pumped his erection furiously and was quickly on the verge of ejaculating-

“Oh my God!”

Kyle quickly turned around and saw a young girl standing in the doorway, her hands held up innocently.

“Oh, crap!”

Kyle quickly grabbed the towel from the floor and wrapped it around his waist once more, but his erection was still clearly visible from under it.

“I’m so sorry!” the girl said genuinely. “I didn’t know Ethan had anyone over- I just needed to come pick up some clothes-“

“It’s fine, it’s- no problem,” Kyle quickly stuttered, still breathless from being caught naked by a young girl. She looked to be no older than eighteen, wearing jean shorts and a loose purple shirt. Her dark hair was held in place by a pair of sunglasses perched on her head.

“This is so embarrassing,” the girl said. “I’m really sorry. Are you a friend of Ethan’s?”

“Yeah. He invited me over to stay a few days. I’m Kyle.” Tucking the towel tightly around his waist, Kyle leaned forward to offer her his hand, which she shook, smiling.

“I’m Kaylee. He didn’t tell me anyone was staying over. Again, I’m really sorry-“

“Hey, it’s no big deal,” Kyle said, smiling. After the shock of her entrance, Kyle began to see the beauty in the girl. She shared her brother’s attractiveness: a thin face, a small but firm nose, and beautiful, huge green eyes. She smiled innocently, and crossed her arms.

“Are you, um- are you hard right now?” she asked.


“Your- I mean I can see your-“

She pointed to the huge bulge through the towel around his waist. Kyle quickly covered it with his hands.

“Uh, yeah, but- it’s just a- it’s not-“, he stammered, heavily embarrassed by his huge erection. Kaylee laughed.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed! Can I take a look?”

“What?” Kyle asked incredulously, pulling the towel tighter around his waist. “How old are you?”

“I’m nineteen. Come on, just let me see,” she asked softly, slowly walking over to him.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea- Ethan could be home any minute-“

“Ethan doesn’t have to know ankara escort bayan anything. Come on. I’m nineteen,” she repeated, slowly running her hands on either side of Kyle’s well-muscled torso.

“I’m serious, I don’t think we should- ” Kyle continued to protest, but Kaylee had already run her hands underneath the towel and released it from around his waist. Kyle held on to the towel as Kaylee kneeled on the ground and took in his huge erection.

“Oh my God, you’re so big,” she said quietly. “I’ve never been with anyone as big as you.”

Kyle opened his mouth to protest, but Kaylee began rubbing his cock very seductively, and his breath was quickly taken away.

“How does that feel, baby?” she asked.

“So good,” Kyle said. “You’re sure that you want to-“

Kaylee opened her lips and began to slide Kyle’s dick inside her mouth. Kyle let out a small gasp and bent his head backward, basking in ultimate pleasure. The feeling of his huge cock sliding back and forth in Kaylee’s mouth was exhilarating. He had never reached such pure sexual satisfaction as this, the act of such a beautiful, young girl giving him the blowjob of a lifetime. They stood locked together for some time, Kyle standing completely naked with his massive cock thrusting in and out of Kaylee’s gorgeous mouth. Eventually, Kaylee ceased blowing him and Kyle was awakened from his reverie.

“How was that?” Kaylee asked, standing up and gazing into Kyle’s eyes.

“So unbelievable,” Kyle said, resting his hands on her waist. “You’re amazing.” He bent forward and began to kiss her. Kaylee returned his kiss, sliding her tongue sightly into his mouth while feeling his chiseled chest. Her hands eventually retreated back to his erection, and began softly pulling at it. Meanwhile, Kyle dropped his hands below her back and began to squeeze her ass.

“Come on,” she said, continuing to pull at his penis. She held his dick tightly and walked him over to the other end of the room, similarly to a dog on a leash. She sat down on the bed and quickly removed her jean shorts and her thong underneath.

“Come on, do me,” she said, smiling.

Kyle, seizing his opportunity, grabbed her ankles with each of his hands and pulled them up escort ankara under his beautifully-toned upper arms. He gazed at her and smiled. Her beautiful pussy was shaved and incredibly smooth, and she looked to be so tight that he guessed she couldn’t have had too many sexual liaisons before this. Kyle grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy, beginning to thrust it in and out. Kaylee immediately let out a massive orgasm.

“Oh, yes, baby!” she screamed. “Harder!”

Kyle pushed until he was completely inside of her. She let out another scream, and he smiled. “How do you like that, baby?”

“I love it so much! Your cock is so big!” Kaylee continued to scream. She reached up and pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a magnificent pair of tits. Kyle, amazed by her beauty, mounted the bed and pressed his body against hers, his massive cock still pumping in and out of her wet pussy. He bent down and kissed each of her nipples. Her breasts were the perfect size; Kyle placed his hands upon them and began to massage them. He was completely hypnotized by her beauty, her dark hair spilling across the bed, her attractive face basking in the sexual glory he was giving her, and her gorgeous body, naked and his for the taking.

Kyle briefly glanced at the door, and imagined how angry Ethan would be if he walked in on them, his best friend balls deep in his sister. Kyle pushed the thought away and continued to make love to Kaylee. Soon, he began to feel the familiar surge through his penis as he reached climax.

“Baby, I’m cumming,” he said. He removed his cock from her pussy, and Kaylee quickly sat up and took Kyle’s dick in her mouth once more. She began to lick his entire cock inside her mouth, and Kyle let out another gasp as he began to ejaculate. He rested both his hands on the back of his neck, kneeling on the bed while Kaylee continued to take his huge cock in her mouth as he exploded inside of her. Thick streams of cum began to run down her face. She swallowed as much as she could, and continued to blow him as he shot more and more cum into her mouth, taking in everything that he gave her. Finally, Kyle could feel himself cease ejaculating. Kaylee continued to suck him until his cock was completely dry. She took his dick out of her mouth, and kissed it lightly before smiling at him.

“That was so amazing,” he said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her naked body closer to his.

“Let’s do it again sometime,” Kaylee said, kissing him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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