The Sitter Pt. 03

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(All characters in this story are 18 years or older.)

The Sitter; Part-3

Sherri and Jake lay naked and cuddling atop their sheets after a comfortable and satisfying session of sex. With her head on his shoulder, and her fingers tracing little circles around her husband’s nipples, Sherri said, “It’s been more than a month since we’ve had Tina over; you think I should give her a call and see if she’s busy Saturday?”

“Sure,” he agreed. “If you’re up for it, I’m all-in.” He had been wanting to get together with the little nymphet again for weeks, but he was afraid that if he suggested it, Sherri might become jealous.

“You know,” Sherri said, “I never would have imagined it before it happened, but it actually turned me on to watch you fucking Tina.”

“I’m glad,” he said. “Because, God’s honest truth, baby, if it made you mad or jealous I’d never do it again. I love you way too much to fuck it up by fucking someone else without your permission.”

She stretched her neck to kiss his cheek, and said, “Thank you. I love you, too.” She paused a moment, and then went on, “But that does bring me to a question I have for you.”

With a good guess where she was going, he said, “Shoot.”

“Would you be okay watching me fuck some other guy?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said without hesitation.

She chuckled, and said, “Didn’t have to think about that very long, did you?”

“Oh, I’ve thought about watching you work all your magic on some other lucky guy plenty of times,” he replied.

“Really?” she said. “You’ve fantasized about me cheating on you?”

“Not cheating,” he answered. “Doing it with permission. You know how I sometimes just sit and beat off while I watch you fuck yourself with your rubber cock? God, it makes me hot to see you work yourself up by rubbing that knob through your pussy-lips and then sucking your own juices off it.

“Then, to watch that expression on your face and how you lift your ass off the bed to meet it when you push the fake dick up your cunt. And then there’s the sounds when you start to fuck yourself. The squishing of your wet pussy, your moans and little squeaks as your imaginary lover hits you in just the right spots with his stiff dick. Even the sounds the bed makes as you writhe around under him.

“Then, watching you hold the dildo shoved balls-deep up your hungry cunt while you pull and twist your nipples. And finally when your whole body goes tense and you clamp your eyes shut while you grind the fat head of the rubber cock against your clit and you blow your orgasm. Oh, yeah! You make me horny as hell just watching you fuck your dildo! I think watching you with a real live stud, fucking the hell out of you, would be mind-blowing!”

“Apparently just talking about it, too,” she said with a little chuckle as she slid her fingers up and down his resurrected boner. “So, would you think of me as a slut-wife after that?” she asked. “After I fucked a stranger in our own bed?”

“Of course not,” he answered. “You’d be doing it with my blessing while I jerked off watching you.”

“How about if I got him to fuck me doggy style and then let him slip his stiff cock out of my dripping pussy and push it up my ass?” she said. “How about if I let him beat off in my face and blow his big load of cum right into my mouth? Would that make me your slut wife?”

Jake laughed, finally getting that his wife was talking about being called a slut-wife as a good thing, and he said, “Yes. I think that would qualify you as a nasty, cock-sucking, cum-dump, nympho, slut wife!”

She laughed and said, “Oh, you say the sweetest things! And just so you know,” she went on, “that night when we first got it on with Tina; the reason I was so horny at the restaurant was because I had been jerking my pussy off to some Internet slut-wife porn earlier.”

“Where was I that you were forced to take maters into your own hands?” he asked.

“Next door, at Charlie’s,” she said. “And all I wanted was a self-propelled quickie so I’d be relaxed at dinner.”

He laughed, and said, “How’d that work out for you?”

She laughed, and replied, “Yeah, not so well. Well, not until later, anyway.” She went on, “So I’m watching the movie and rubbing my clit and dipping my finger in and out of my pussy. There’s two college kids that the voyeur hubby had brought home to fuck his wife, and he’s sitting there stroking his dick while they have her on her hands and knees with a stiff young cock hammering in and out of her cunt and another one fucking her mouth.

“I was getting a good head of steam behind my orgasm when the phone rang and I made the mistake of answering it. It was Judy, and I wasn’t able to get away from her before I needed to get ready to go out. So, rather than being relaxed all night, I had a gallon of hot pussy-juice built up inside me, dying to get out, and the vision in my head of getting spit-roast-fucked while you were watching and beating your meat.”

“Wow! Being a slut-wife is a pretty hot fantasy for you, huh?” escort tanıtımları he said.

“It is!” she replied, “So, how would it be if I ask Tina to invite Ricky to join us, and we can explore that in reality?”

“Baby, the thought of seeing you fuck and suck another guy is a one-hundred-percent turn on for me,” he answered, “but I don’t know that I’d like it to be Ricky. From what Tina’s said, he seems to be kind of a brut with his big donkey dick, and I couldn’t stand to see him hurt you. And then there’s my own insecurity. I mean what if you find you really like his BWC and then I can’t satisfy you after that?”

She gave him a kiss and hug, and said, “Thank you for worrying about me, baby. I won’t lie; I have some concerns, too. From what Tina’s said, that big schlong could be almost scary. But my curiosity about taking a big dick up my pussy pretty much balances out those concerns. And from an ego standpoint, I see it as a challenge to teach him how to use his gift so he’s not the only one getting pleasure. I’d like to think I could teach him some technique beyond the jam-bam-thank-you-ma’am that Tina describes.

“As far as me becoming addicted to his BWC,” she went on, “not a chance! No matter how much I might be able to teach him, he’d never have the skills and techniques that you have. If you put Dale Earnhardt in a dump truck, it’s still never going to be a race car. Plus, you have the ability to put your partner first; it doesn’t sound like he grasps that concept, and I don’t know that it can be taught.”

“Okay, I get what you’re saying. I guess I can be on board with Ricky being the lucky guy that makes you my slut wife,” Jake said. “Go ahead and give Tina a call, and let’s see what she thinks about inviting him. As hard as it is from me to imagine, he might not be into multiple partners.”

As Sherri stroked Jake’s hard-on all the way from pee-hole to balls, she said, “So, do you think you might take the opportunity of multiple partners to explore your bi curiosity? I think that would be hot as hell to watch!”

“I won’t say that it hasn’t entered my mind,” he answered. “But I don’t know how good it would be—how representative it would be—to try it with a jumbo-dog the first time. I mean, I’ve seen porn of women sucking BBC’s and it looks like their jaws hurt and they can only get the head in their mouths. Seeing you, and Tina, and other porn stars with a more normal size dick seems like it would be much more enjoyable.”

“You’re probably right,” Sherri said. “From what Tina’s said, it sounds like giving Ricky head would be just that; sucking his cock-head.”

As she spoke she slid down in the bed and kissed his cock-head. She smiled up at him, and said, “There is so much more to enjoy about cock sucking than just the head.” With that she pushed her mouth down over her husband’s dick taking it all the way down her throat with hardly a flinch.

He let out a contented, “Mmm,” as he rubbed his fingers gently through her hair.

After enjoying her deep-throat blow job for a bit, he said, “Spin around here and let me eat that slut-wife cunt! It’s only had my cock in it tonight, but I can pretend it was being filled and stretched by some stranger’s dick before you came home to me.”

“Don’t forget, his buddy fucked me up the ass, too!” she said as she climbed onto him. “Maybe you can still taste him if you stick your tongue up there.”

She barely got his cock back in her mouth when he lifted her from her prone, 69 position, had her sit straight up, and told her, “Fuck my face with your sloppy slut-wife twat, baby! Sit on me and grind your cunt and your asshole across my face! Tell me what those two horny college kids did to you in the backseat of their car!”

She wiggled her hips, and ground her asshole over his mouth, and as she felt his tongue jab up into the tiny opening, she said, “Two? Fuck, baby, there were four of them!

“We hardly got out the backdoor of the bar before two of them had my tits hanging out of my blouse, another yanked my skirt up around my waist, and the other one used a jackknife to cut my panties off while I was walking! Shit, my pussy-juice was running down my legs!”

As she related her made-up story, she was stroking his spit-and-precum slick boner.

Tongue-fucking her puckered sphincter, he reached around her and inserted a thumb up her cunt and diddled her clit with the side of his fingers.

“So, right out in the parking lot they bent me over the hood of their car, and while two guys held my arms stretched out, the other two took turns fucking my cunt.

“Then they switched, and the next guy wet his cock in my cunt then stuck it up my ass. Then they all took turns up my ass.”

“Oh, baby!” Jake groaned. “I could use a turn there!”

Sherri got up off his face, turned around, and lowered herself down onto his cock, taking it all the way up her cunt, first. She lifted up and came back down with her husband’s pussy-lubricated dick lined up gaziantep escort telefonları on her asshole. She eased herself down but was surprised at how easily her little pucker accepted the invasion … and how good it felt.

“Oh, fuck!” he moaned as she lowered her ass until she was sitting on his legs. She then reached down and began fingering her pussy.

As she began bobbing up and down, he said, “So, what did your friends do after fucking your tight little asshole?”

“They shared me,” she said. “I looked over to see two other guys and a girl watching the action, and one of my “friends” said, ‘Hey, you want some of this, too? This slut can’t get enough cock, and I’ll bet she’s hungry for pussy, too!’

“Before I knew it, the chick was on the hood, and they were pushing my face into her hairy cunt while six cocks took turns fucking my ass and pussy.

“One of them came inside my cunt, another shot his load all over my ass, but the others wanted to cum in my face.

“They pushed me onto my knees, along with the other girl, and as we kissed and sucked each other’s tongues, they jerked off all around us. One after the other they blew their hot loads of cum between our faces, and we sucked and lapped it up as quick as it splattered us.”

“You fucking slut!” Jake growled at her and twisted his body, flipping her off onto her back beside him. He quickly climbed on top of her, lifting her legs and pinning them to her chest. With her ass lifted up he inserted his cock back into her asshole and began fucking her as hard and fast as he could.

“I’m sorry, baby!” she cried. “I promise I’ll never do that again!”

“The fuck you won’t!” he snarled. “I just want to be there the next time!”

With that he pulled his cock from her ass, and beat off furiously for about ten seconds before he shot his load of cum onto her belly.

When he had squeezed out the last drops he leaned down and began to lap it up, sucking it into his mouth. Being his second orgasm of the night, it wasn’t a big load, but when he had collected all that he could find, he stretched up and shared it with his wife in a tongue-swirling open-mouth kiss.

When he collapsed on her, exhausted, he said, “God, I love you … slut!”

She laughed, and said, “Wait ’til we try the real thing!”


“Hi, Tina,” Sherri said when Tina answered her call. “How have you been?”

“I’m doing well,” she replied. “Busy at work, but that makes the days go by fast.”

“That’s always good,” Sherri said. “How about your nights? If those aren’t too busy, Jake and I would love to get together with you again, Saturday.”

“That’s funny,” Tina said. “I’ve been thinking about calling you guys, too. I’d love to come over Saturday night.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful,” Sherri replied. She then went on, “So, Jake and I were talking about this, and we were wondering if maybe you’d like to invite Ricky to join us.”

“We broke up,” Tina answered. “Three of four weeks ago; a little after the last time I was with you guys.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” Sherri said, meaning it on multiple levels. “I hope it wasn’t because of us.”

“Actually, it was,” Tina replied.

“Oh … I’m sorry,” Sherri said. “We certainly never …”

“No. Don’t worry about it,” Tina interrupted her apology. “It’s a good thing. Seeing the kind of loving, caring, open, and trusting relationship that you guys have made me want more from Ricky. But I guess I never realized how possessive he was.”

“How so?” Sherri asked. “If you don’t mind talking about it.”

“Well, the condensed version is that I told him about being with you guys, thinking it would turn him on when I suggested that he join us,” Tina explained. “Oh, but I was going to clear that with you before just showing up with him, of course,” she added quickly.

“And obviously, we’d have agreed,” Sherri said. “He wasn’t interested?”

“The idea of having a three-way with you and me had the blood flowing to his dick, but when I talked about sucking Jake’s cock while he fucked me, he completely lost it—his boner and his composure. Apparently, him screwing you would be okay, but me screwing Jake at the same time was over the edge. He called me a tramp and a slut—and not in the hot dirty-talk way that you had—and he stormed out.”

“Oh, Tina, I’m sorry,” Sherri said.

“No, it’s okay, really. It forced something that should have happened long ago,” she replied.

“Breaking up with Ricky?”

“That and hooking up with a close friend I’d had since grade school,” Tina answered.

“A friend with benefits?” Sherri asked.

“Not until after Ricky and I broke up,” Tina said. “Because Vic and Ricky were friends, too. Vic had always been that friend I could talk to about anything—even more than any of my girlfriends. He was never judgmental and I knew I could trust him with any secret.” She laughed, and added, “Heck, I told him about the first time I masturbated my pussy to an orgasm gaziantep escort bayan telefonları before I told any of my girlfriends.

“Anyway, I went to Vic to cry on his shoulder, and after telling him what had happened and why, one thing led to another, and we ended up in bed together. Sherri, that was the most wonderful love-making session I ever had! No offense to your husband, but that was just fucking with him; this was making love, and oh, what a difference!”

“I am so happy for you, Tina!” Sherri said. “Those are two different things, and they are both wonderful in their own ways.”

“Oh, yes! And we’ve done both!” Tina replied. “The fucking was incredible after I told him about my encounters with you guys.”

“So, Vic is comfortable with you continuing to see us?” Sherri asked, hoping she knew where this was going.

“Oh, yes! And he’d love to be part of it, if that’s okay with you and Jake,” Tina answered.

“It’s absolutely okay!” Sherri replied. “But just out of curiosity, how is Vic endowed in comparison to Ricky?”

“Much more like your husband,” she answered. “Damned near perfect, in my opinion.”

“Oh, that’s great! Jake and I were having some discussions about Ricky’s BWC.” Sherri said.

“Oh, there is one more thing,” Tina said. “And he can keep this completely hidden, if you think he should, but Vic is bisexual.”

Sherri laughed, and replied, “It turns out that Jake and I were talking about that, too. I don’t think that will be a problem, at all.”

“It would have been with Ricky; he’s a complete homophobe,” Tina said. “He has no idea that Vic is bi.”

“So, how about dinner Saturday night?” Sheri asked. “That will give us a chance to get to know one another a bit before we come back here to our house. We’ll pick you guys up.”

“I can’t wait!” Tina answered.


Dinner was relaxed and enjoyable with all four able to talk comfortably—if in low tones with lots of euphemisms—about sex. In the privacy of the car on the way home, the euphemisms disappeared, and Sherri related the story of their first accidental encounter with Tina.

Tina had told Vic the story already, but hearing it from Sherri’s point of view, with her talented—and lewd—way of telling the erotic account, it had both of the guy’s dicks generating wet spot in their pants, and both of the women’s pussies wet.

After telling the story of the second encounter, Sherri said, “So, you can probably tell that I am both a voyeur and an exhibitionist, but I’m also an aspiring slut-wife. To that end, I’ve come up with a role-playing fantasy that might be fun to play out, tonight.”

She then explained that Vic would play the part of a computer tech guy that she called to get rid of a virus on her laptop. “Of course, I would be home alone when you show up,” she said with a suggestive lilt.

“And where would the husband and the girlfriend be during your tech support?” Jake asked.

“You don’t have parts, right away, so to start with you’ll just be outside watching through the window,” she answered. She then went on to explain their roles and when they would enter the picture.


At home Sherri moved her laptop to Jake’s office at the back of the house so that Tina and her husband could look in through the window without being seen by passers by. Vic then went outside to the front door, and rung the bell.

“Hi. I’m with Tech Doctors,” Vic said when Sherri opened the door. “Somebody called about a virus?”

She took a moment to look him up and down appreciatively, then replied, “Yes, it just froze up all of a sudden. Come in. Thanks for getting here so quickly.”

“I was in the area when they got the call,” Vic said as he stepped past her, taking a long look at her cleavage.

She saw him look at her half-exposed tits, but she made no move to turn away or cover up.

She led him into the office, sure that he was checking out her ass as she walked, and hoping he could tell she wasn’t wearing panties under her tight skirt.

She motioned for him to take the chair at the desk, and said, “It just all of a sudden froze. The mouse, the keys; nothing works.”

“What were you doing when it froze?” he asked. “Were you on the Internet?”

“Yeah,” she replied a bit hesitantly. “I was, um, looking up a recipe.”

“I think I know how to get around this,” Vic said as he tapped some keys. “I wonder if I might trouble you for a bottle of water while this is running.”

“I have beer, if you prefer,” Sherri said.

“If you’ll join me,” he replied, looking up at her and letting his eyes hang for just a moment on her tits before they made it up to her eyes.

“I think I will,” she said with a wide smile.

When she returned a couple minutes later with two bottles of beer and one more blouse button undone, Vic said, “All done. You’re up and running, again. You need to be more careful about the porn sites you visit, or get a much better anti-virus program.”

“P … porn?” Sherri stammered. “That … that must have been my husband.”

“Your husband downloads porn onto your computer?” Vic said after taking a swallow of the beer. “Well, he must have some hot fantasies about you,” he went on and then tapped a key that brought up a photo of a woman bent over the arm of a couch getting fucked from behind while another guy held her head and had her mouth shoved all the way down over his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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