The Sixth Floor Ch. 02

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This story was originally published on Literotica under another username.

It is my firm belief that long-held and slow-to-be fulfilled desires are a painful joy that far too many people fail to appreciate. Pleasure denied is pleasure heightened and prolonged. Instantaneous gratification may temporarily satiate the body and the ego but it does little for the mind and the soul.

Desire is most paramount when it is tended, cultivated, nourished, and permitted to slowly and painstakingly grow until an engorged and ripened bounty can be blissfully harvested. The wait is maddening, often producing nearly unbearable physical and psychological torture. A quick and easy release beckons and seemingly offers an enchanting solution. This is a fool’s agreement though, trading the possibility of near rapture for a fleeting moment of fun. It is the exchange of one’s birthright for the scantest of sexual morsels.

During the week following our sixth floor encounter, I could scarcely think of anything other than my new acquaintance. Thoughts of her body freely roamed my mind and there were seemingly no barriers that I could erect to prevent her from commanding both my waking and sleeping mental self. I obsessively remembered the feel of her skin and the smell of her hair. The sounds of her quickened breath and soft moans still filled my ears as I tried but failed to focus on other things.

I’m thankful I didn’t ask her name or get her phone number because a quick text or a short voice message would ruin the entire affair. It would introduce reality into a world of fantasy. At this moment, she and I are tabulae rasae, blank slates. I am everything that she needs me to be and she serves the same function in return. Our minds fill-in unknown details and concoct back stories that create something unique, a blend of fantasy and reality that is almost artistic in its scope and execution.

I pine for, and fixate on, the dark-haired beauty throughout the week; my mind and body pumped and primed. I go through the motions, working, attending meetings, seeing friends, reading, writing, and doing everything I would during an average week. I lack focus though, and must consistently remind myself not to become lost in her. I carry her panties in my pocket to work each day and place them in my top desk drawer. When I am alone I rub my hand against the soft fabric and sometimes hold them to my nose, so that I can smell what remains of her. At home I rub them against my cock enjoying the subtle eroticness of the action.

When Tuesday finally arrives I can think of little else besides her; my cock rigid throughout the day as I remember our library encounter. As 11pm at last comes, I force myself to slowly walk the stairs to the sixth floor. Fluorescent lights blink and flicker and the building is so quiet that my footfalls echo throughout the annex.

I wonder if she hears me coming as I walk toward the scene of our first meeting as I pass rows of stacks filled with leather bond classics. Normally, I would stop and browse but tonight there is nothing further from my mind.

Finally, I turn down the proper row and she is there, leaning against the shelving while pretending to read a paperback copy of Catcher in the Rye. I know that she heard me coming and is not really concentrating on the book, but I allow her this small contrivance. Her dignity thus remains intact when I “startle” her by scraping the toe of my shoe against the tile floor creating an audible squeal.

She looks up from her book, trying hard to mask any emotion. Her deep brown eyes expose her excitement though; her dark dilated pupils oxymoronically illuminating the heightened state that she wishes to keep secret. He face remains an emotionless facade but the stale library air is filled with tension and longing.

I try to remain calm and collected but I want nothing more than to fuck her. She is so stunning that it almost physically pains me. I search her face and body for a flaw to latch upon. Something to which I can anchor myself so that I am not left adrift as the waves of longing and desire overtake me. I find nothing except smooth alabaster skin, raven hair, and endless beauty. I unabashedly stare, losing myself in the moment and in her.

She bites her bottom lip out of uncertainty and nervousness and the visual of her square teeth against her pink lips sobers me from my sensual intoxication. Called to action, I walk the three scant steps and kiss her. My right hand holding her neck as my left hand roams her breasts.

I’ve spent a week building her up in my mind, my version of her is more fiction than reality and the illusion bursa escort threatens to overpower us both. Her mouth accepts my invading tongue as my hand rubs her nipple through her tight shirt and bra. She tastes of arousal, restlessness, and a hint of spearmint gum. My tongue runs along her sharp teeth and pulls back just in time as she roughly bites my bottom lip, drawing blood. A coppery taste fills my mouth and only enhances my already overwhelming excitement.

I push her backwards and press her against the bookshelves, using my body to wedge her against the stacks. I hold her arms immobile as I kiss her again. Her teeth purposely nipping at my punctured lip. Only her mouth engages me as I prevent her from touching me with her hands. I suck her tongue into my mouth as she struggles to no avail to free her arms and hands.

I kiss down her throat and neck, grazing my teeth against her smooth skin. She smells of lilac and tastes of sweat and soap. I lick, kiss, and softly bite the side of her inviting neck. Her breathing intensifies and she grudgingly starts to vocalize short, harsh, guttural sounds that sustain my efforts.

I slowly snake my tongue along the ridges of her ear, feeling her body quake. I take her soft earlobe into my moth and methodically suck it, causing her to audibly sigh and whimper. My hands free her arms knowing that the need to struggle has left her.

I lick up her lobe again and softly whisper directly into her ear. My hot breath against her delicate skin.

“You’re so sexy. I love the way your skin feels on my lips,” I vocalize, needing to tell her how beautiful she is.

I rub and fondle her breasts through her shirt and bra as I kiss down to the side of her pale neck. Soon my hands are under her top and I trace the outline of her nipples through her undergarment. Unhooking her bra from the back, I free her breasts from captivity and let my fingers travel unhampered across her mounds.

My fingers rub and stroke her hard nipples, slowly circling her areolas and then softly pulling and pinching them. She squeals as I do this and hastily turns her face in embarrassment at the way she reacted.

I lift her shirt and watch as my hands continue to slide up her body, across her stomach, and under her breasts. Her body is beautiful, a pale wonderland of possibilities and potentialities. It is a corporeal Oz, a land which beckons me to explore its topography and geography.

I feel her buxomness and the weight of her breasts in my hands as I cup her bosom and continue to stroke and pull her nipples.

The sounds of her heavy breathing fill the stacks as I lower my mouth to kiss and lick her breasts, lapping my tongue flatly against her hard nipples.

I lose myself in her, succumbing to my basest of selves. The irony of devolving into my most animalistic state in a library is lost on me in the moment. She is all that exists. She is all that is. I am absorbed in her as I unconsciously lick and suck her nipples.

My tongue traces long slow circles around her areoles feeling the small solid bumps against my tongue’s tip. Then licking with short quick strokes against her nipple bud. Eventually taking her stiff nipple softly between my teeth and rolling my wet tongue against it. My warm breath touching her smooth skin as I continue to softly lick and bite her.

My hands flow down her stomach, playing with her navel ring as my mouth remains preoccupied with her breasts. I am entranced as my fingers rub her smooth skin and impulsively tug at her belly button’s metal charm.

Soon one of my hands slides between her body and her skirt and my fingers brush against her underwear. As my mouth continues to fixate on her breasts my hand snakes downward, feeling the hot wetness beneath her thin satin panties. While my lips suck her nipple, I grind the palm of hand into her pussy with only her panties’ slight fabric between her skin and mine. I press my hand against her sexual core and feel her stoutly push back.

I rub her stronger and grind deeper, hearing her moan softly. My fingers begin to pull at the crotch of her panties in an effort to quickly slide beneath. My index and third fingers reach her womanhood and feel her overpowering wetness.

I unhappily remove my mouth from her breast and I momentary curse myself as I watch my hands slide out from under her skirt. I leave her for a moment and walk to the end of the aisle to retrieve an abandoned round step stool. The short squat stool’s high pitched squeaks fill the stacks as I slowly roll it towards her.

The jarringness of our quick parting and the stool’s loud bursa escort uncomfortable screech has made her anxious and uneasy and when I return I kiss her lips deeply and slide my fingers through her dark hair.

I sit her down and position her body so that soon she is seated on the front edge of the round stool, about two feet from the ground. I lean her back against the book shelves so that she slightly reclines.

She looks at me with a potent cocktail of nervousness, anticipation, and desire. The mixture emboldens and enthralls me and makes me yearn for her even more, if that is possible. During my brief absence she had pulled her shirt down and adjusted the rest of her clothing in an effort to regain some of her stolen modesty.

“Open your legs,” I order in a short, flat tone. My voice surprising us both as it knifes through the silence. My words float in the air, seemingly filling the empty library and creating an unstated uneasiness.

Now is the point when her nerves could get the best of her and she may decide that she no longer wants to be a part of this union. Until now she may have been ruled by strong passions and desires but by slowing down our fervor I may have ruined the game. It’s a calculated risk I take, because the possible rewards far outweigh the potential negatives. Although I may have spoiled this encounter, we also could find shared desires that propel us to new erotic heights

She looks at me questioningly, appearing to take a moment to understanding what is being asked of her and to decide how far she will actually go. She then slowly slides her legs open allowing me to peer up her skirt.

I stare at her smooth pale thighs and focus on her black panty covered crotch. She is sex incarnate; the embodiment of desire. I want nothing more than to slide off her panties, spread her legs, and fuck her.

“Wider,” I command and observe as her thighs open further in order to accommodate my stare. She looks downward, refusing to meet my gaze as she displays her body for me. My eyes drink in the sight of her as my cock strains against my pants and throbs from the torture and torment of inaction.

“Take off your panties,” I demand and watch as she lifts her eyes and stares directly into mine. Never breaking eye contact she removes her small black underwear and drops them to the floor. Her eyes peered into me, declaring that she is in control of her actions. I may be using her but only because she lets me and wants me to.

In the last few moments she has visibly transformed from a nervous and seemingly shy girl to a more composed and confident young woman. Some part of our new situation has sexually stirred her to level that was not evident just seconds ago.

She leans back and spreads her legs wider than before, daring me to look. I continue to focus on her brown eyes though, not willing to be the first one to look away.

She smiles softly appreciating that I am up to her silent challenge but also knowing that she won’t lose this contest of wills. Her hand slides leisurely down her body and out of my line of vision.

I observe her slowly inhaling and biting her bottom lip and know that her hand has found her pussy. The sounds of her breathing and small slight moans now fill the former silence.

I watch as her face become a totem of sexual desire and fulfillment while continuing to will herself to retain her gaze. She fights to keep eye contact as her fingers rub and stroke her pussy.

Her face is beautiful, lost in her needs and passions but all the while unceasingly staring at me. I hear the barely audible noise of the friction created as she rubs herself and I momentarily lose control as I quickly look down at two of her fingers sliding deeply into her wet pussy.

I silently curse myself for letting her best me but also am relieved that I can now take in the entirety of her performance. She gracefully smiles in acknowledgement of her victory and momentarily looks upward as a tiny gesture of triumph.

I watch her fingers rapidly thrust in and out of her center and I start to rub myself through my pants. My cock aches and strains and begs to be set free as I keep reminding myself that I need to remain in control. I need to assert myself and stoically watch her. I need to display my dominance and let her be the submissive she obviously should be.

My cock orders me to tend to its needs and, although I fight the sensation, it is a losing battle. I want her so badly that I cannot stop myself. Almost unconsciously I unzip my pants and quickly release my throbbing cock.

Before I realize bursa eskort what I am doing my hand is sliding up and down my dick shaft. I roughly grip my cockhead and stroke my erection.

I watch my companion as she continues to pleasure herself and the heightened pace and increasingly needy look on her face signal that her orgasm is eminent.

Her breathing slows, her head throws back, her body shudders, and she silently screams as an orgasm rips through her.

I stroke my cock furiously as my cohort shakes and quivers through numerous orgasmic aftershocks. Pleasure has ravaged her body and she enjoys the aftermath’s quiet stillness.

After several moments she regains her composure and turns her attention to my solitary sexual flagellation. She silently watches me stroke my cock, satisfied in the knowledge that I am doing it for her. Knowing that my need for her has driven me to abandon my respectability and risk humiliation and public scorn.

She stares at me as I feverishly rub my cock, excited by her newfound attention. I peer back at her overwhelmed by my need to fuck, suck, lick, kiss, bite, and do at least a thousand other things.

“Come here and suck my dick,” I order, wanting nothing else in the world except to feel her warm mouth on my angry cock.

I instantly realize that she had been waiting for this and watch as she practically leaps to fulfill both of our desires. Apparently the idea of being told to suck my cock excites her almost as much as it does me.

In one quick motion she bridges the distance between us and gingerly takes my cock from my hand and grips it inside her fist. Her long thin ivory fingers momentarily stroke and tease my cock, as she instantly drops to her knees and before I can comprehend that it has happened my dick fills her mouth.

Her sexy dark eyes look up at me as she bobs up and down taking about half the length of my cock into her angelic mouth. I groan as she licks my cockhead sending shivers throughout my body. Her left hand cups my balls as her right strokes my shaft allowing her wet tongue to lick and flick my engorged mushroom head.

“You’re a good little cocksucker,” I opine, knowing that my words will stroke her submissiveness and fuel her excitement.

“You look so sexy. You were born to be on your knees with a cock in your mouth.”

My words encourage her to redouble her efforts as she sucks me harder and faster. Her divine mouth and tongue fill me with yearnings and desires, the intensity of which overpower me.

Unable to hold out any longer against her oral onslaught I manage to warn her of my impending climax moments before my cock erupts, spewing my hot sticky cum into her inviting mouth. As I cum I feel as if I have reached some sort of sexual nirvana and have entered into a state of orgasmic bliss.

I blankly stare into the abyss and am lost in the totality that surrounds and fills me. I am adrift in the moment and unable to successfully processing the sensations that swallow me. Sensing that I am lost, my companion becomes my Virgil and guides me back from my sexually altered state.

Having swallowed my load, she kisses me deeply making me taste my cum on her lips. I rapidly regain control of my faculties and cup her face in my hands softly stroke her skin.

Slowly we untangle our bodies and straighten our clothing. Not wanting our pairing to end but knowing that any further action would only sully the evening’s proceedings.

There are at least a thousand things I want to do to her, with her, and to have her do to me, but waiting will only make them better. At this moment she is still more fantasy than reality and I want to hold on to that illusion for as long as possible.

I don’t know who she is, I haven’t heard her voice, I don’t even know her name and in the moment that is perfect. As time passes our truth selves will eventually emerge; the coming days will reveal us more fully, flaws and all.

For now we can both be each other’s fantasies. We are mental aberrations, briefly made flesh, and then again relegated to the mind’s playground. I hope to enjoy it for as long as I am able.

After smoothing her skirt and adjusting her bra through her shirt, she walks to the end of the aisle and silently looks back at me. I watch as she turns the corner and listen as her heel strikes reverberate through the night. Finally, she reaches the stairs and soon I am alone again.

Before long I follow her example and leave the sixth floor and eventually the library itself. I walk home in a daze, thinking only of her. Memories of how she tastes, smells, looks, and feels engulf me and she again intoxicates me, this time from afar. I worry that I am losing myself and try to regain some semblance of control over my thoughts and desires. I plan for our next encounter and I enjoy the afterglow of a flight of the imagination briefly made real.

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