The Ski Bunny Ch. 03

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Ava Addams

Thank you to everyone who ready my previous stories, especially to those who left glowing comments. There will be a chapter 4–the one I have been leading up to this whole time–and probably a chapter 5 too. These things take time to write, so have patience! In the meantime, enjoy this installment. Comments are always appreciated.

My rock-hard cock was shimmering with the juices that it had brought out from inside Sherry’s pussy. I watched it slide slowly back into her beautiful, slick hole. I grunted and she shuttered at the sensation. She grabbed my butt and pulled me forward to make sure I was in as deep as I could go. My pelvis met her butt, and I could feel every inch of her pussy surrounding my cock. God it felt so good!

I pulled out again and my cock sprung up, pointing higher than I could ever remember. I was that horny. I had to push it down to re-enter Sherry’s holy of holies. Once fully inside again I slowly pulled back, then reversed course and drove into her again. Her back arched and lifted up off the chaise section of the couch that she was laying on. Her beautifully large tits thrust up into the air, catching the earliest light of dawn that streamed through the wall of windows. My face hovered right over her tits as I knelt beside the couch. I bowed down and took an erect nipple into my mouth. Sherry squealed at this extra stimulation.

I started sliding my dick in and out of her hot pussy at a faster pace. Her legs were in the air, and I grabbed hold of thighs where they met her perfectly rounded hips. I used this to pull myself into her more forcefully. My pelvis began slapping her ass with each full immersion. Our breathing became heavier, and our moaning and grunting louder.

Sherry squeezed my ass a bit harder, and my lips put a bit more pressure on her enlarged nipple.

“Aww, fuck! Oh yeah!” I found myself saying between nipple squeezes. My dick continued to pound into her pussy.

“Yes Will! Fuck me! Fuckmefuckmefuckme! Fucking motherfucker!” Sherry’s tone of voice became higher and higher until it was a wordless, arrhythmic scream.

Such was the scene that I was replaying in my head as I put on my ski pants, alone in my hotel room. It was the first time I had been there in fourteen hours. All my gear was there—gloves, ski socks, helmet, jacket—dry but still hanging up. My ski boots leaned against each other by the door. A wet spot on the carpet was all that remained of the snow that clung to them when I removed them from my feet yesterday afternoon. It seemed strange that I had paid to spend last night there, but didn’t. It was almost like a teenager returning home eight hours after curfew.

But most teenagers wouldn’t have had as much wild, unrestrained sex as I had. In the last twenty hours, I counted ten orgasms between the two of us, four fingers used to please her, three incredible fucks, two blow jobs, one gondola, one public restroom, a million-dollar condo, and a bra in an aspen tree. That last part was what I was planning to do as I replayed my mental videotape of the fun we had earlier that morning.

We had woken up in her bed just before the morning twilight gave way to dawn. We had gone to bed relatively early the night before, having exerting almost more energy making love to each other than we had done skiing.

Sherry wouldn’t let me leave until I made love to her one more time. At first she wasn’t going to let me leave the bed, but I convinced her how badly I needed to pee. When I returned from the bathroom, she was blocking the doorway. Her legs were spread and arms raised so that her body made a big X. She was completely nude. Her milky white skin stretched over her sensuous curves, lifting her large tits to the point of perky perfection. Her head was cocked back, and she glared down at me with a no-nonsense, almost angry look. But neither her play-acting nor a full night’s sleep could wipe the irresistible beauty off her face.

“Fuck me now or suffer the consequences,” she commanded.

What choice did I have? I wasted no time. My cock was on its way up so quickly that by the time I reached Sherry and grabbed her, it was almost fully erect. We kissed each other so hard that our teeth occasionally clicked off each other. All our lust for each other came through that kiss. We moaned into each other’s mouths and left a sloppy ring of saliva around each other’s lips.

I lifted her up off her bedroom floor and held her by her butt. She wrapped her legs around my hips and helped position her pussy right above the tip of my now rock-solid dick. I could just barely feel her hot mound seeping its wetness onto my tip, then surrounding it. But I wouldn’t lower her enough to engulf me just yet.

“Mmm…please Will…mmm” Sherry eked out as our make-out session continued in earnest. “Fuh-mmm….Fuck me.”

I swung around and moved toward the nearest wall. Sherry’s back hit it with some force, but she didn’t even wince. She just grabbed me harder. The tip of my dick was still Erenköy travesti surrounded by her moist pussy lips. Using the wall for extra support, I spread Sherry’s legs wider and pushed the head of my dick into the tightest part of her opening. Sherry winced at that. I kept pushing past it, feeling every vein of my cock slide past every contour of her pussy walls.

Sherry immediately began a high-pitched panting. We had broken our kiss out of the necessity to breathe, and now the stubble on my left cheek was pressed up against her smooth, flushed left cheek. I let her weight press down on my cock until she was fully impaled. There was no way for me to be deeper inside of her.

“Oh God!” Sherry exclaimed.

“Aww,fuckyeah!” I agreed.

I began to gyrate my hips. My cock moved in and out of her as I pressed her up against the wall. She hung onto me for dear life with her ankles crossed over my butt and arms gripping my back. I began to fuck her faster and faster, finally finding the peak rhythm that I thought I could maintain.

But having sex against a wall is more tiring than most people think, even with a 5-foot-5 hottie like Sherry. After a few minutes of superhero fucking, my arms began to quiver slightly, indicating that they wouldn’t last much longer. So instead of waiting for them to slowly let Sherry down, I mustered what strength was left and began walking down the hall and into the sunken living room. Sherry was still wrapped around me, and her pussy was still wrapped around my cock. She had put on the squeeze down there, just to make sure I wouldn’t slip out.

But I did pull out when I reached the couch, only to push back in again after I had laid her down on the chaise.

Back at the hotel, my room had a musty odor to it, probably from the sweat drying off my gear overnight. I pulled my ski socks on, but they resisted going past my heel. I forced them over. My muscles ached.

The room was dark despite the brightness of the sun reflecting off the snow outside. There was a full foot of fresh powder on the mountain today. Some of it had fallen while Sherry and I made love to each other. That snow was quickly covered up by another layer that fell while we slept in each other’s arms, sweaty and smiling.

On any other powder day I would have gotten in line at the gondola by 7:30 in hopes of getting first tracks. But that didn’t seem to matter much now. It was 9:00 and I knew that the first gondola was now loading with the morning’s most enthusiastic powder-hungry skiers and riders. When they were reserving their spot in line, I was balls-deep inside Sherry’s pussy. That’s a trade-off I’ll take any day!

I tried to clear my head as I yanked the tongue of my ski boot forward and shoved my foot inside. I had never had so much sex in such a short amount of time, especially with someone so gorgeous as Sherry: A killer bod, a beautiful face, accented by dirty-blonde hair that only a real, girl-next-door could have, and when we weren’t having sex, we seemed to get along famously. All this, and she was four years older than me! She certainly looked younger than 34.

And 34 is how big I guessed her tits to be when I squeezed them as she lay on the chaise. I still had my mouth on one of them, adding to her physical stimulation. I flicked one nipple with my tongue. I rolled the other between my thumb and forefinger, while my other fingers pressed into the rest of her soft breast flesh.

My dick was still slamming into her pussy. Every time I bottomed out and our skin slapped together, I felt a little hint of heaven on my cock. Having it fully surrounded by her hot, wet, smooth pussy made me wonder how I ever survived without it. Every time I found it in me to increase my rhythm for a few seconds, Sherry’s yelps increased to match it.

I released her nipple from my mouth and leaned back up to watch my slicked up dick slide in and out. It was such a beautiful sight: Her hungry, glistening pussy lips enveloping my big stiff rod, taking its entire length, squeezing tight around it and leaving no room to spare. The opening just past her inner pussy lips was the tightest. It was there that I could feel the most pressure around my veiny shaft with each insertion. I increased my rhythm again and kept it at a high level. Our bodies were slapping against each other and my dick was getting about all it could take. Or so I thought.

Just then, Sherry’s screams indicated that a storm was coming.

“Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohshit! It’s coming! I’m cumming!”

Sherry squealed into my ear while her body writhed involuntarily. Her hips moved up and down irregularly, and I struggled to keep up my gyrations and follow her pussy. I propped my body on top of hers and commanded my pelvis to pound her pussy for all it was worth! My orgasm had started too.

Sherry wailed in a higher pitch than I thought she was capable of voicing. Her pussy spasmed around my cock, squeezing in pulses so fast it was almost vibrating. My orgasm Beşiktaş travesti built up so fast and went so high that I just couldn’t take it anymore! But I physically couldn’t stop fucking her pussy. I kept slamming her until the absolute height of my orgasm opened up the floodgates, and I released stream after steam of cum into Sherry’s quivering pussy. As I grunted through shot after shot, my semen raged out of my balls, through my dick, and deep into Sherry’s vagina.

With one more push of my hips and one more grunt, one more shot of cum transferred into her, and we gradually came down from our highs. Our breathing was that of a downhill racer having just crossed the finish line. The couch was littered with droplets of sweat. I collapsed on top of Sherry, and for the next few minutes she held onto me with her arms, legs, and pussy.

I was still replaying all of this by the time I walked out of the hotel room. The sunlight was blinding. I walked toward the gondola, three blocks away. My muscles were aching and I was already shaking from exhaustion. Doubts started to creep into my head about whether it was safe for me to ski the more difficult terrain that I relished. Sherry and I had skied our asses off yesterday, burned about 2000 more calories that night with our exploits, then humped until our muscles nearly gave out this morning. My walk was the stiff skiers’ walk of ski boots wrapped around feet, poles in one hand, and the other hand stabilizing skis that rested on my shoulder. I had to stop and rest for a moment with one block to go.

Another reason to stop was to wait for my erection to go down. I had a raging hard-on making a tent with my ski pants. The mental play-back of this morning’s fuck fest had gotten me all worked-up again. I was too tired and satisfied to care if anyone saw it. It just hurt to walk with it. Still, despite the exhaustion, despite the discomfort, I was smiling because I was about to go skiing on a powder day—something I loved almost as much as having sex—and especially because I knew I would see Sherry again.

Earlier that morning, sunlight was reflecting off the snow-covered mountains outside Sherry’s condo. It poured in though the wall of windows in the living room where we had recently finished having sex. She was making a quick breakfast for us before I returned to my unused hotel room to fetch my ski gear and head out to catch what was left of a powder morning.

Sherry still looked sexy, wearing nothing but a short, silk bathrobe that matched the amber wildflowers on the countertop island. Like her dress from last night, it was barely long enough to cover her ass.

“Are you going to tell Anneliese about all this?” I asked between sips of coffee.

Sherry laughed. “Probably, when I get home.” She laughed some more, and I began to think she was laughing at more than just what I had said.

Anneliese was responsible for bringing Sherry back from the brink of self-destruction when she was a teenager. She had spoken very highly of her, albeit briefly, at dinner the night before. They were still good friends and kept in touch.

“Do you live near her?” I asked.

Sherry smiled again. “Oh yes. Very close.”

“Still your guardian angel?”

“Mmm…It’s kind of a two-way street. In fact, I’ve been protecting her more often lately. That’s kind of why I stopped sleeping around and doing drugs. I found that I had something to be responsible for: her. Watching out for Anneliese was something bigger than myself.”

“Why? Was she in trouble, too?”

“Sort of, at first. And it was my fault.”

Sherry looked at me and giggled. I must have had a very confused look on my face, because that’s how I felt.

“Don’t worry,” she said. She placed her hands on my cheeks and gave me a peck on the lips. “You don’t have to understand right now. All that ‘she saved me, I saved her’ stuff isn’t the end-all, be-all of our relationship. We just enjoy doing everything together. And we trust each other with everything, so yeah, she will hear about this. Even if I tried to hide it, she would know something is up, and she’d get it out of me one way or another.”

“But you’re going to wait until you get home?”

“Mmm-hmm,” she confirmed.

“And where is home?” I asked as Sherry swung around and plopped a fried egg onto the plate in front of me.

“Gladstone Lake.”

“No kidding!” I replied, flabbergasted. “I live in Cedarwood West.”

“So we’re at opposite ends of the same metro area, eh?” Sherry glanced at me mischievously as she sliced a banana. “Maybe the fun doesn’t have to end here.”

My face must have lit up at this suggestion. Sherry looked back at me and giggled. I was elated at the thought of seeing her again. And it wasn’t just for the sex. I really liked this girl on a personal level. We had the same sense of humor, she was great at the sarcastic yet playful banter, and we both felt comfortable opening up to each other about our personal lives. Not Avcılar travesti to mention she was one of the few people who could keep up with me on the slopes (aside from the locals, who put me to shame every time they whizzed by me). She was a rare find. Intimacy aside, I rarely connected with anybody as quickly as I did with her.

It made sense, though: Better sex comes with people who can connect on a deeper level. And by God, our sex was fucking incredible! Yet I knew there was still much I didn’t know about her. I was eager learn.

“When are you going home?” I asked as I ate.

“Well,” she sighed, “My plans are to fly back early next week, but more often than not lately, my vacations have been cut short by some crisis at work.”

“Can’t you manage that from here?”

“I’ve tried. Laptops, telephones and video conferencing are great, but some jobs just have no replacement for physical presence.”

I looked up from my eggs, expecting her to explain more. “It’s a smaller company, and…I’m kind of an executive,” she said sheepishly before sliding a banana slice between her lips.

“Kind of?”

“One of the big ones. On top.”

“Not last night you weren’t!” I cracked.

Sherry threw a banana slice at me and scrunched up her nose with a playful sneer.

I started to count my fortunes. She was smart, had money, experience in bed, and was at the peak of her sexual drive, yet she was as playful as a college student and beautiful as a recent graduate. And I was her new sex toy. As she turned to put some cranberry juice back into the refrigerator, I looked at the curves of her bathrobe, directed very closely by the curves of her body. My cock twitched and I asked myself again whether I believed she was really as old as she said she was.

“So you’re leaving tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I confirmed. It was day five for me, which was all I could get. “Are you sure you can’t ski with me today?”

Sherry had told me earlier that she had to ski with representatives from a potential new client today. She prided herself on the personal relationships she made with her clients, but none of them were sexual.

“How would I explain you to the DiMarco representatives?” she asked.

“I dunno,” I said as I finished my egg. “Tell ’em I’m your new fuck toy and that this is how you roll at your company.”

Sherry looked at me sensuously. “How I roll?” she teased.

“Yeah, lemme show you,” I replied. I reached up under her bathrobe and grabbed her ass. She spun around and grabbed my hand.

Her first instinct was to stop me before anything got started, but the look of desire on her face hinted at an inner conflict. She wanted to give in, even though we were both still very satisfied from our last romp in the hay a half hour ago.

“Careful there lover boy,” she flirted. “If we start again you’ll miss all the powder and I’ll miss landing my new account.”

“Just don’t land them the same way you landed me,” I joked.

“Don’t worry,” she said, smiling. Her smile could make all of my worries disappear. “Just don’t forget to call me next week, right?”

“Right.” How could I forget? I almost called her as soon as I left her condo a half-hour later, just to hear her giggle again. But I decided that I could wait. Next week was only two days away.

I got on the gondola after waiting in line for fifteen minutes, then shared the cramped space with six other strangers. That’s what I get for arriving so late on a powder day. The light smell of sweat–from previous and current occupants–gave the small cabin some rough-edged character. I started thinking of the fun that Sherry and I had yesterday. What were the chances that this was the very same gondola car? Would the scent of sex still be there?

As the gondola’s path dipped below the tops of some nearby Aspen trees, I reached inside my right jacket pocket and squeezed the brassiere that I had swiped from Sherry earlier that morning. The bare branches of the tree passed by slowly. I could feel a grin forming.

The skiing was great that day: Bluebird sky, a foot of fresh powder, and just as warm as yesterday. But no Sherry. Her absence made a bigger difference than I could have anticipated. Each drop-off, each corduroy-groomed cruiser, and each leftover powder stash seemed less of a thrill without Sherry. The ski trip had lost just a bit of its luster. Enough to notice.

Why should it feel different?I asked myself. I started this trip on my own, and I had known Sherry for only one day now. There wasn’t even any guarantee that I would ever see her again, despite her request for me to call.How could I feel this way about anyone so quickly?

I tried to regroup and enjoy what was left of my vacation. But as much as I tried to focus on tackling a new double fall line, on carving the perfect turn and surviving moguls, I just couldn’t get Sherry out of my head. The situation did not improve when I decided to take another drop off of Lovers’ Leap where we first met. I didn’t hesitate this time. I jumped right off, landed it, and stayed upright through the run-out. I passed the spot where we fell on each other. It had been covered in a thick blanket of sparkling white snow, and then torn apart by dozens of ski tracks.

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