The Slave Ch. 02

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My master dresses me in the morning. Black pumps, black pencil skirt, and a black turtleneck to conceal my collar. She washes me, shaves my legs. Puts on my lipstick. My glasses.

We look like any other professional couple riding the train to work. My master reads the paper and I play hearts on my phone. The jostling makes the anal beads sing inside me. She put them in before we left to remind me of my place. I wonder which partner she’s going to give me to. I hope it’s the cute one.

It’s just a normal day at the office. It makes me hot to know what’s going to happen right under their noses. We say good morning to Esther in reception and I make my master a cup of coffee. The kitchen is empty and she tweaks my nipples while it brews. Two sugars and one cream.

Once we get to my master’s office, she hog-ties me and puts a ball gag in my mouth. She leaves me on the floor of her private bathroom. I can hear her working through the door.

My master unties me around lunch and gives me a packet of crackers to eat. She takes a tiny key from the bottom of her bra and unlocks my collar. I stretch my neck and massage the skin.

“Hey Cam,” she says.

“Hi Holly,” I say.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“No, I am very into it. Unless it’s going to make things weird around the office?”

“It’s cool. Don’t ask me how I know but Ethan is a major freak. He’s going to love you.”

“Which one is Ethan again?”

“The cute one. I mean, obviously. Who else would it be?”

“The one with the ear hair?”

“Ugh, stop. No. And I wasn’t kidding about wanting to do something nice for him. He majorly saved my ass with the Koenig account. I probably would have gotten fired if it weren’t for him.”

“How do you know he’s a freak? Did you bang him?”

“Gross!” She gives me a playful hit. “We get paired on trips a lot, and let’s just say I know things. We’re bros. We share common interests.”

“I will gladly be your ambassador of goodwill and fuck him stupid.”

“That’s my girl,” she says. “But I need to get going, I’m late. Let’s find Ethan.”

She puts my collar back on and fingers the heart-shaped tag. It has her name on it.

“Love you, baby.” She kisses me and locks the clasp. “Now show me your tits, slave.”

“Yes, master.”

I lift my shirt and present my chest. She wipes a mascara clump off my cheek.

“Go make Ethan happy. Or you’ll be in big trouble when we get home.”

“Yes, master.”

We ring the buzzer and he calls us into his office. We close the door behind us.

“Hey, you brought your better half!” Ethan leans back in his chair. “Camila, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“She’s not Camila today. She is my present to you for the afternoon,” my master says. “We’re playing a game for the next few days where she has to do anything I tell her to. And I told her that she has to serve you until I get back from the presentation, as a thank you for Koenig. She’ll do anything you tell her to do. I mean, anything.”

“Are you…” Ethan pauses. “You sound like you want me to have sex your wife, but that is a crazy thing to Anadolu Yakası Grup Escort say. Am I reading the room correctly here?”

“You can do whatever you want, I’m not here to run your life. But I would if I were you.” She caresses my breast. My nipples are visible through the turtleneck. “She can say no if she wants. But she won’t. Ever.”

“Okay, so this is obviously the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me. But still.” He takes his feet off the desk and leans forward. “This feels like a trap. Did HR put a wire on you?”

“I’m dead serious. This stuff is fun for us, we do it all the time. And I thought, for obvious reasons, you would be into it. She won’t tell me anything that happens in here.”

“Hmm. You make a persuasive case,” Ethan says. “Alright. I’ll have sex with your beautiful wife. But only as a personal favor to you and not because I’ve wanted to fuck her ever since she wore that red dress to the Christmas party.”

“Excellent.” She pinches my ass on the way out. “Have fun, I’ll be back around four.”

I sit on the edge of his desk. I take off my glasses and shake my hair loose.

“How may I serve you, master?”

“Oh my God. Unreal.” He covers his face with his hands. “Call me master again.”

I slide my hand under my shirt.

“As you wish, master.”

He puts his hand down the front of his pants.

“Keep talking like that.”

“You are my master and my king.” I part my legs. “I will follow your every instruction with complete and utter obedience. I am fully and completely yours.”

“Bet you’re hungry for some of this,” he says as he strokes himself. “Do you ever miss it? Real dick?”

“I want yours.”

“Okay, I want to talk to Camila now, not the fembot. Can she come out?”

“I am no one. My only purpose is to serve you.”

“I can say anything I want and you’ll do it, right? And you’ll say no if you don’t want to? Well, that’s what I want. I want to rail Camila.”

“Okay.” I smile and drape myself across his desk. I stretch my limbs and arch my back. “Hi, I’m Camila.”

“It is truly my esteemed pleasure.” He pulls my shirt up to my ribs. He kisses my stomach. “Will you still do anything I tell you to?”

He kisses my stomach again, lower this time. My breathing gets shallow.


“But you’re still Camila the real person? And Holly’s good with that? Or did she only want me to fuck the sexy robot?”

“I am Mrs. Camila Webb and I am under strict orders from Mrs. Holly Webb to make all your wildest fantasies come true. If you tell me to be myself, I’ll be myself. Are we done yet?”

“Fine, fine.” He runs his hands over my clothed breasts and feels their shape. He has fingers like a piano player. “So tell me about dicks. Do you miss them?”

“No, not exactly.” I let out a sigh of release as he traced the insides of my arms from my wrists to my shoulders. “No offense. Dicks are fun but vaginas are infinitely better. That’s just a fact. Besides, we have a lot of toys, and if I ever want the real thing I go out and get it. I just have to check with the missus first.”

“No Anadolu Yakası Manken Escort argument there. Has she ever said no?”

“Actually, no. I guess not. But I always pick appropriate people so I guess it’s not too surprising.”

“Do you have sex with men together?” He pushes my shirt up all the way and massages my bare breasts. I rub my thighs together anxiously. My shoes fall to the floor.

“God no. She likes to watch sometimes but she is not interested in men. She’s never even kissed one.”

“Really? Not even at, like, summer camp or spin the bottle?”

“Really. She does like choosing guys for me, though. Since she’s not attracted to them it’s always interesting to see who she brings home. But people can surprise you. She broadens my horizons.”

He kisses my palms and the inside of my elbow.

“Does Holly get strange too?”

He traces the side of my breast with his finger.

“Sometimes, but not as often as me. She has other interests.”

He presses on my pelvis with his palm and slides his hand down the front of my skirt. I curl my toes. He separates my labia and places his fingertips inside but doesn’t penetrate me. He lightly taps in circular motions.

“Holly doesn’t give a lot of detail, but from the fragments I’ve been able to piece together it sounds like you guys have an insane sex life.” He pats my vulva with four fingers pressed together, gradually increasing in speed and strength. “I admire you guys, I really do. It seems like you’ve got it figured out. I wish I could be that honest in a relationship. I just end up cheating instead.”

“Yes, our sex life is amazing, she is my world, she is my everything, blah blah blah, but right now you need to stop talking about my wife and fuck me.”

Ethan slaps my vulva and takes my face in his hands. He kisses me deeply.

“Would it be TMI if I told you I’ve had dreams where you said that exact same thing? But then Holly would usually join us, or that redhead from the mailroom, which doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. Is it going to happen?”

“It is not, sorry.” I put my hand in his lap and feel his bulge. “What would you like me to do? I’m all yours.”

“I want you to do a striptease for me.” He gets comfortable in his chair. “Make it nice and sexy. I’ll put on some music. “

I face his chair with my back to the floor-to-ceiling window. We’re on the 20th floor in a forest of glass and metal. The sun streaks through the clouds and hits my body like a spotlight.

I move seductively to the music, touching myself and running my fingers through my tousled hair. I slowly remove my shirt. I let my skirt fall to the floor. I’m naked except for the garter belt that holds up my thigh-high stockings. I close my eyes and feel my curves.

I dance in front of the window for the whole city to see. I gyrate my hips in time to the music and part my legs so he can see my pussy from behind. I move ever closer to the window until I’m face to face with my reflection. I see Ethan working his shaft behind me. I kiss my mirror image and press my breasts against the glass. I put Anadolu Yakası Masöz Escort my palms against the window and rub my pussy against the cool surface.

Ethan mounts me from behind. My feet and hands are planted, and our bodies press against the glass. I grab his tie and pull him close. We fuck like animals. He holds his orgasm until I’m ready. He rubs my clit until I climax and cums after I’m done.

He pulls out and wipes the semen off my leg. He holds a wad of tissues against my crotch to absorb the rest. He kisses my hip bones, kisses my vulva.

“Will Holly know I came inside you? Should I not have done that?”

“It’s fine, and yes, she’ll know. She doesn’t like me to wash after I’ve been with another person. Don’t tell her I told you this, but the first thing she’s going to do when we get home is go down on me. Actually, she’ll gag me and tie me to the rack first, then she’ll go down on me. She likes me clean.”

“Holy shit. That is fucking nuts,” he says. “God, Holly is such a badass.”

He touches the curve of my ass and runs his finger along the crease at the top of my thigh.

“You can tell her whatever you want, by the way. But I would appreciate it if you said you were satisfied, whether it’s true or not. And if it’s not, you know. Sorry.”

I laugh.

“I am very pleased with your performance. I can give her the play-by-play if you’d like. Spare no detail. She might even touch herself while we talk.”

“Fuck yes, do that. Can you text me and let me know if she gets off on it?”

“If she gives me permission, sure.”

“Deal.” He spanks me and stands up. He throws the soiled tissues in the wastebasket and kisses the base of my neck.

“Hey Camila, if it’s cool, can we do more of that ‘master’ stuff?”

I get on my knees and look up at him longingly.

“I am completely at your service.”

“Good.” He rests his hand on top of my head and drums his fingertips. “Now that that nice Camila lady is gone, the two of us can get real nasty. Are you a nasty girl?”

“Yes, master.”

I suck on his fingers.

“Are you a nasty little slut who’s going to do whatever I say?”

“Yes, master.”

“I want you to get into the child’s pose on top of my desk and show me your asshole.”

“Yes, master.”

I do as he commands. I lie with my hands palm up on the desk. I hear him breath heavily behind me. He jacks it, harder, harder, stops.

“What the fuck.” He pops out the first anal bead and I gasp in ecstasy. “You are full of surprises, aren’t you?”

He slowly pulls the beads as he pleasures himself. I moan into my knees. I nearly forget we’re in an office. He cums on my feet.

“Man, my therapist is not going to be happy with me.” He buckles his belt and fingers my asshole one last time. “Alright, you are incredible but I’ve got a ton of work to do. Why don’t you chill on the couch and play with yourself until Holly gets back.”

I lie on the couch and move like a sex goddess. I feel him under my control. I caress my body and touch every inch of skin.


He takes his hands from the keyboard and turns to me. I keep pleasuring myself.

“You’re going to have to stop making those adorable sounds or I’m never going to get anything done.”

“My queen has a ball gag in her office. It’s in the bathroom cabinet.”

“Right. Of course she does. Don’t move, I’ll be right back.”

I hold my breath and wait for my master to return.

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