The Smell of Sex Ch. 12

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Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.


‘I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ Laura thought, as she walked as swiftly as possible to the communal showers, with her blushing face staring intently at her feet. She had to walk with her legs pressed closely together in order to keep the vibrator from slipping out. Unfortunately, the poor girl couldn’t cover her privates with her hands because she was carrying the loofah and the bodywash.

Luckily, Laura made it to the bathroom without being seen, but as she walked into the shower she saw two other girls taking a shower. ‘Fuck! They’ve seen me, just gotta play it cool and relax. I’m sure this isn’t the first time they’ve seen a naked girl in shower before, so what if this one has no towel or pubic hair, and a vibrator humming in her pussy.’

Laura went down to the shower at the very end, turned on the hot water and stepped into the spray. She looked out of the corner of her eye and she could see both the girls looking critically at her. ‘They must think I’m some kind of slut for coming in here with my pussy bare and aroused,’ Laura thought as she lathered up the loofah and began to wash herself, trying to ignore the vibrator below, which was insidiously bringing her closer to the point of no return. She could taste Monique’s sweet secretions leaking from the panties in her mouth.


‘Wait did I just moan out loud?’ Laura thought. Then she looked and saw both of the girls laughing at her and appraising her body. ‘Oh God! It’s Bula and Becky!’ thought Laura as she remembered wearing the large panties today as an apron. ‘I wonder if they were hers.’ Laura turned her back on the two girls and pretended to ignore them, while she continued to shower, but all the while her mind was on the vibrator humming in her pussy.

“So my little blonde friend, you look like you could use a little of Bula’s help. Why don’t you give me your soap and sponge now?”

Bula grabbed the loofah and the body wash, clasped tightly in each of Laura’s hands and spread her arms wide. Laura tried not to give them to the pushy girl but as her arms were spread, the distance between the two girls decreased, until finally Laura was pressed firmly up against the large girl.

“Ewwww … you are a randy little thing aren’t you? Are you trying to get frisky with me?” Bula had the poor blonde almost riding her thick thigh, before Laura let go of the loofah and bodywash.

Laura would have given anything not to have Monique’s panties in her mouth right now. The mouthful of panties kept her from telling this dreadful girl to leave her be and the vibrator she held tightly with the muscles in her pussy kept her from running.

“Yes, when I saw you walk in here with no clothes or towel, showing off your shaved cunt and freshly spanked ass, I said to myself, Bula, this succulent fuck toy is in *need* of your assistance.”

‘Oh God! I can’t believe I’m strutting around with marks on my ass from Latanya’s crop. What must this girl think of me?’ Laura wondered as she blushed a deep red.

“Mmmmpphh!” Laura screamed and turned around as she was goosed from behind by Bula’s tall skinny friend Becky.

Then Bula captured the wet blonde in her big arms and began to squirt the cold body wash all over Laura and then lathered the struggling girl up with the loofah.

Bula was in ecstacy as Laura’s struggles caused her to rub her slippery wet body against Bula’s larger one. “Feels good doesn’t it baby? I love the way it feels when you rub your slippery body against me like a horny little slut.”

Laura ceased her struggles in hopes that the large girl would leave her alone if she stopped arousing her. Much to her dismay, Bula kept up her ministrations, as her tall skinny friend looked down at Laura with superiority.

Laura tried to relax as it seemed there was no way to escape her predicament. Although, the attentions did feel good as the vibrator hummed in her pussy.

Then Bula began to lather Laura’s cunt and Laura could feel the warm tingle of an orgasm beginning to flow from her sex. “Tsk … Tsk … Tsk” Bula said as she discovered Laura vibrator and switched it off. “Dirty slut, you are going to have to get cleaned first.”

“Mmmmppph!” Laura moaned as she ground her ass into Bula’s hairy pussy in hopes of getting some relief.

Then Bula proceeded to wash the distraught girl again. This time Becky took Laura’s hands and stretched her arms over her head and then let go. When Laura’s arms began to descend, Becky slapped the blonde’s right breast.

“Mummpluphh!” Laura tried to protest Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort around the panties, as the tall girl once again raised her unresisting arms high over her head. This time Laura got the message and kept them up this time. She looked at Becky hopefully and was rewarded by a slight smile from Becky’s superior gaze.

Then the tall girl bent down and began to slap the insides of Laura’s thighs until the blonde girl got the idea to spread her legs. ‘I wish she would just tell me what she wants me to do,’ thought Laura. As the blows continued, Laura spread her legs obediently until they stopped. She was angry that the two girls were treating her like a piece of meat, yet her dripping cunt told a different story.

All of a sudden Laura’s feet slipped on the soapy tile floor and she was only saved from doing a split by Becky’s quick hands. To Laura’s dismay, Becky didn’t pull her up any higher, but instead left her struggling to find purchase with her feet. Laura had to tighten her thigh muscles tightly to avoid doing a split. As a result this put pressure on the dildo forcing it out, which she had to compensate for by tightening her internal muscles. It was a battle of the wills and gravity seemed to be winning.

Laura was quite helpless as she held herself in this position. Laura couldn’t even open her eyes because she was now covered in suds and Bula continued to lather her with the loofah. Every muscle in Laura’s body began to burn, as she tried to stay in this awful position. Whenever she grew lax and her arms drooped or her legs bowed, Becky would slap her tits, thighs, ass or pussy to correct her.

To make matters worse, Bula laved her harder and harder with the loofah.

“Just let me know if I’m being to rough precious,” Bula said as she rubbed the loofah painfully of Laura’s hard nipples.

“Mmmmph…” Laura gasped as she sought to protect her tender teets.

Slap! “Arms up fuck toy!” Becky demanded the compliant girl.

Then Bula moved the loofah down to Laura’s tight stomach and then…

‘No please not *there*!’ thought Laura as Bula rubbed her sex with the rough sponge.

the panties in Laura’s mouth flew out hitting Becky in the face as she screamed. Ouch you bitch, that fucking hurts!” spat Laura as the vibrator shot out of her cunt and the poor girl landed on her ass on the hard tile floor. She got to her hands and knees, trying to find purchase on the slick floor and lift herself up, but a large hand on her head held her in place.

“Awwww … Did big Bula hurt the little girl?” Becky soothed Laura, while she wiped the soapy lather out of Laura’s stinging eyes.

“There there … let Miss Becky see where it hurts,” Becky slapped the insides of Laura’s thighs, until she spread her legs wide so that her sex could be inspected.

Becky proceeded to stroke the quivering girl’s cunt until she was moaning delightfully. “You should be ashamed of yourself for talking so cruel to Bula, she was only trying be nice to you, she just doesn’t know her own strength.”

“Why don’t you make it up to her. You do want to make it up to Bula, *don’t you*?” Becky said as she grabbed the base of the vibrator and thrust it in out and of Laura’s sex to emphasize her point.

“Ahhh … yes!” Laura gasped at the intrusion.

Becky removed the vibrator from Laura’s cunt and handed it to Bula, while Bula parted the blonde girl’s hair that was hanging in her face. “Good. Now open wide and say *Ahhh*”


The skinny girl shoved two fingers in Laura’s pussy and Bula pushed the base of the humming vibrator in the blonde’s gaping mouth.

“That’s a good girl Head straight, keep looking forward at big Bula’s ass bitch!” Becky demanded while Bula got down on her hands and knees with her large ass facing Laura.

Laura didn’t know what to think. Sometimes it seemed like the two girls liked her and at others they hated her. Now, with a vibrator sticking obscenely out of her mouth, while Becky barked orders at her, Laura was sure they hated her.

“You know what to do girl. Go on … make it up to Bula!” Becky said, while the sound of her sharp wet splats, as she spanked Laura’s ass, echoed off the walls. While she spanked she also explored Laura tight sex with a finger to give her extra motivation.

To escape the blows on her already abused ass, Laura aimed the vibrator at Bula’s wet pussy and pushed her head forward until its flesh-colored head parted the fat girl’s lips.

“Oh Fuck!” “Ahh” The two girls moaned as Bula shoved her ass back embedding the vibrator in her cunt, which in turn pushed Laura back into Becky’s Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort fingers.

SMACK! “Posture bitch, posture!” Becky slapped Laura’s ass as she moved the girls limbs so that her legs were spread wide, her back arched and her ass held high in the air.

‘Fuck! Goddamn that feels good!’ Laura thought, as she felt another finger penetrate her tight cunt. ‘I feel like such a whore in this degrading position, but it feels so *good* so *right*. Is this what a sub feels like?’ she wondered, as she tried to fuck herself on Becky’s long fingers.

“No bitch! You don’t back into my fingers! Flex at your stomach and hips, bring that ass out and up!” Becky commanded.

Laura followed instructions, working her body on the skinny girl’s fingers, while Bula impaled herself on the vibrator held in Laura’s mouth. ‘Up and out. Up and out. Fuck that feels good!’ Laura thought, as her hips settled into the rhythm of this slutty swivel.

“Good girl…Fuck it like the whore you are! Here’s a little reward for you fuck toy!” Becky, said as she added another finger to Laura’s sex.

“Ugh!” grunted Laura. She wondered how many fingers were in her now and she stopped working her hips, due to the distress coming from her tightly stretched pussy.

“Up and out – up and out!” demanded Becky, as she pinched Laura’s clit between a thumb and forefinger and began to pull it up and out, then down and in. Laura had no choice but to follow her clit, as her pussy tried to accommodate the width. She could feel each knuckle as the fingers made their way in and out her stretched sex.

“Such a fun toy, only a thumb to go,” Becky reassured Laura, as she tried to push her whole hand in Laura’s bulging pussy.

“Mmmmmppph” Laura cried, as slobber and Bula’s cum dripped down her mouth to her tiny breasts. She bucked her hips as she struggled to dislodge the hand from her painfully stretched cunt.

SMACK! “Position bitch! Don’t you dare drop that vibrator or I’ll let Bula come back here with her *big* hands.” Becky warned.

It was a hopeless situation and Laura was in no position to fight. She thought back to the last time she was in the position with Latanya and Tamara and tried to remember how she handled it.

“Yes, that’s right bitch, relax, give up that pussy,” Becky encouraged as she felt Laura muscles cease to fight the intrusion.

‘Becky owns my pussy.’ Laura thought to herself, as she tried to relax and give herself over to the penetrating fingers. Through submission came victory as finally, the hand slipped past her strained opening deep into her cunt. ‘Oh Fuck! I’m filled!’ she moaned to herself.

Becky made a fist with her hand and then asked, “Want to see how I can fuck two girls at once?” Not waiting for an answer, she proceeded to push forward and back with the arm that was embedded deeply in the blonde’s cunt.

Poor Laura had no choice but to follow the motions of the hand as it was driven hard against her cervix or pulled back, in which case her tight pussy would bulge outwards, but the fist was much too big to be dislodged.

“Fuck me with that dildo Becky! Ahhhh….Ugh…shove that dildo up my pussy baby!” Bula cried.

Being called a dildo and treated as such caused some of Laura’s old spirit to rise up. ‘I’m a person, not a fucking dildo,’ she thought. However, she wasn’t able to remain angry long, because her concentration was taken up by the in and out motion of Becky’s hand. Laura attempted to anticipate the motions, but when she did, the cruel girl would switch motions causing Laura to gasp in pain when her body moved in one direction and the fist in another.

“Don’t think dildo! Just feel my hand and follow my lead. Dildos don’t think!” Becky said, as she spanked Laura’s ass.

Laura resigned herself to being fucked by this cruel girl. Her whole world centered on the hand in her cunt. When it plunged in, she moved forward and pushed the vibrator into Bula’s pussy. When it withdrew, she moved her head back until the vibe was just out of the large girl’s blossoming cunt.

In and Out. In and Out. “Oh Bula, you look so good, being fucked by that dildo. Does it feel good baby?” Becky asked.

In and Out. In and Out. “Ahhhh Fuck Becky! I love it when you fuck me,” Bula gasped. “I’m going to cum all over this dildo! Oh! Oh! Keep fuckin’ me with that toy!”

Laura felt like an interloper … an object to be used by one girl to satisfy her lover. *A dildo.*

In and Out. In and Out. “Oh Yes! Fuck my pussy Beck! Fuck me with that dildo!” Bula cried.

In and Out. In and Out. Laura’s concentrated on feeling the movements Maltepe Vip Escort of Becky’s hand. She felt her body responding to the delightful torture. ‘Oh Fuck! I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum from the fist in my pussy!’

In and Out. Suddenly, the hand stopped. Laura waited for the hand to move so she could follow the direction. The seconds felt like eternity as she hovered on the brink of an orgasm. The distraught blonde began to push her body back and forth driving the vibrator in Bula’s sex, while impaling herself on the fist as she slid back.

“You’re trying to think again dildo,” Becky warned. Quivering, Laura willed her body to stop. However, Bula it seemed, didn’t have any such restriction and began to pound her large ass against Laura’s face, as she impaled herself on the vibrator protruding from Laura’s mouth.

“Ahhh motherfuck!” Bula moaned.

SMACK! “Position toy!” Laura had no choice but to remain stretched out in her whorish position, while Bula quivered and quaked as her climax began.

“Oi Oi Oi Oi! I’m cumming Beck…I’m cumming!” Bula cried as she ground her fleshy ass over Laura’s face.

“It’s my turn with the dildo now Bula,” Becky said as she withdrew her hand from Laura’s pussy, leaving the poor blonde feeling empty and incomplete. Laura was then positioned on her back, with her legs spread wide. The vibrator was taken out of her mouth and turned on; then replaced. “My turn now dildo, if you don’t mind, I’m going to turn you on now. Oh, I forgot, you are just a dildo; of course you don’t mind,” Becky giggled, as she turned to face Laura’s feet and mounted the vibrator sticking out of her mouth.

Laura teeth rattled as the vibrator hummed in her mouth. ‘Please, please let me cum,’ she begged silently, while she felt Bula tease her further by pouring the remainder of her body was all over her sex. Then, she felt Bula’s large arms slip underneath her knees, lifting her legs off the floor and into . .

“Mmmmmm,” Laura moaned, as her slippery bare pussy was met by Bula’s large hairy mound. “I’m going to fuck you with the dildo now Beck,” declared Bula, as she began to forcefully grind her sex against Laura’s.

The rough tile floor hurt Laura’s back and head, due to her uncomfortable position – folded up as she was, but right now she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. She knew she was being used as some sort of sex toy by these girls, but she was too caught up in the overwhelming sensations she was experiencing.

Above her she could see Becky’s ass flex and tiny brownie wink at her, while she ground her sex against Laura’s tender lips. The vibrator hummed in her mouth, causing her teeth to rattle and Laura’s head felt funny – as if her brain was vibrating as well. Down below, the lather had built up between her and Bula. She had no control over what was going on and she loved it. ‘Is this what it is to be a sub?’ she wondered.

“Mmmmpphhhh!” Laura cried as the two girls used Laura’s body with wild abandon. She tried not to think and submitted herself to take what pleasure she could from the two girls and she could feel it down below; the warm tingly feeling that signaled an orgasm spreading from her soapy sex. ‘Fuck Fuck Fuck…Oh here it comes!’ she thought as felt a wave of pleasure emanate from her cunt.

Through her sexual haze, Laura could here Bula’s strange cries that signaled she was cumming as well. It felt like Becky was trying to smother her, as the small girl rode Laura’s face while she spasmed. Laura’s pert nose was buried in the girl’s ass, so Laura tried to hold the dildo with her teeth and breathe around it. However, when she did so, Becky’s copious discharge poured through the gap, forcing Laura to swallow quickly to avoid being choked. Laura would have been horrified in these perverted acts just a few short days ago, but now she took pleasure from them.

Afterwards, the three spent lovers lay underneath the running shower, connected to each other like a chain of daisies. Finally, Bula stood up on shaking legs and helped Becky get to her feet. The two lovers frenched, ignoring the dazed blonde at their feet.

Laura felt like a third wheel and didn’t think she could manage another orgasm tonight. She stood shakily, picked up the vibrator and toiletries then walked back to her dorm room, leaving a trail of water in her wake. She was too tired to even bother trying to hide the vibrator or to feel ashamed of her condition.

The dorm-room was dark and Monique appeared to be asleep. Laura was exhausted. It had been a hard day. She fell down on her bed without bothering to dry off and went directly to sleep.

The red light on the black box that was supposed to reverse Laura’s perverted inclinations was curiously off.

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