The Stag Do

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Mike (stag), Dave (best man) and the three mates were all on their way back to the hotel after several beers in town. “Why arent we going to the strip club, it’s a stag do!” Mike asked. “Oh I have something much better waiting for us at the hotel” Dave said with a huge smile on his face. Knowing exactly what that meant they all started cheering “Dave you legend, I knew you wouldn’t let us down”.

Although most of the lads had partners they always looked for girls for 3 somes or more when in new cities “what happens on tour stays on tour” was always their motto.

“This one is extra special tonight boys, for Mike’s big occasion I’ve done extra research. She’s such a slut I almost didn’t believe she was real, but I tested her out before you boys arrived. She really is an all access slut, and fit too!” They all started cheering and unconsciously upped their pace back to the hotel.

“Right lads, shes waiting in the bathroom in my room, so when we get there just head into my room and wait by the bed. If you need the bathroom then go in your own rooms first”

Dave and two of the other went straight o his room whilst the others went to their rooms to get ready. Ten minutes later they were all in Dave’s room waiting for the fun to begin “ready boys” they all cheered.

Dave went into the bathroom and a few seconds later emerged. He was holding a lead an on the other end was a girl wearing a cat mask, covering her face but leaving her mouth exposed and a skin tight body suit. She was crawling behind him. “Fucking hell Dave, yes boy” Mike was clearly happy. As Mike lead her towards the bed she crawled shaking her hips flicking the kitty tail that was part of the suit. She climbed on the bed in the doggy, well I guess kitty, position. “Mike as it’s your stag do only right you unwrap you present. Slightly confused Mike walked behind the girl and a massive smile was on his face. In the car suit was a zip. Mike unzipped it to reveal the girls shaven pussy and ass “fucking hell lads, the tail, it’s a butt plug. What a slut, this is going to be awesome”.

As quickly as they could they all got naked just leaving their clothes where they fell. They were already hard at the thought and sight of the collared slut they had before them.

Mike was the first up and wasted no time with foreplay or anything like that “time to use kitty like the slut she is” he said as he put his 7” cock into her with one hard thrust catching her by suprise and causing her to scream out “I think she likes it” one of the guys laughed. Mike reached down and grabbed the lead pulling her head back and causing her to choke. “Stop standing there wanking and someone put their dick in her mouth”. The was a scramble and Dave won the fight. He got on the bed in front of her and she took his cock in her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down taking as much of his length as she could. The two guys did a high-five as they assaulted her body from either end. Something they had done several times before. ateşli gaziantep escort “You’ve done well heremate, she’s tight as fuck and gripping my cock like a pro!

“Fuck sake Dave, are you going to play nice all night?” One of the guys said, getting on the bed and pushing him out the way “that’s not how you do it”. He put his hand under her chin lifting her head, another on the back of her head and started to fuck her face like it was her pussy “ugh ugh ugh ugh” was all that could be heard as her throat was fucked over and over. “Damn this girls got skills” he said continuing the assault on her tonsils. Putting two hands on the back of her head he pushed his dick all the way into her throat until her nose was resting on his belly, holding her there for a few seconds as she fought him until he let go and let her catch her breath, a few gasps of breath and her drooling all over the bed he thrust his cock in again repeating this three times. On the fourth time, he let out a loud grunt and shot his cum straight down her throat. She gagged coughed and heaved “you better not spill a drop” he said. She looked up at him, tears coming out of her bright read eyes she swallowed. “Kitty loved the cream” he laughed and sat down with a beer. “Next” he joked.

Mike stopped fucking her and walked round to the front, “Kim still won’t do this, I’m sure this whore will” he said as he sat in front of her. He lifted his legs up exposing his ass. He didn’t have to say a word as she shuffled forward and started licking his asshole “oh yes that’s the fucking ticket. Go deep”. She continued flicking her tongue around his puckered ass and along the line towards his balls. He reached down and spread his cheeks as wide as he could, she buried her tongue in his ass, pushing it in as far as she could and flicking all around his bud. “God this feels so good”. The next guy stepped forward “I want to taste how good she is before you all ruin her” he said as he knelt down behind her and started licking her pussy. “Every time, every time, hurry up so we can bet back to fucking her”. He didn’t take long, pussy taste sweet he said “my ass taste sweet too” Mike shouted laughing. As he stood up after savouring her pussy, he took his turn to fuck their entertainment. He was a bit more gentle than Mike but still taking what he wanted. He took his time working in and out of her tight pussy several times before 5 or 6 rapid thrusts causing his skin to slap against hers and moans of pleasure as she continued to rim Mike. He slowed down a bit before ‘slap, slap, slap, slap’ as he again fucked her hard.

The last guy not to enjoy her yet stepped forward “my turn” he said “but lets step this show up a bit” as out pulled the butt plug tail out “yes lads, come and look at this ass gape” they all stood up including Mike to have a look, “not the first time she had something up there is it” someone commented. “Time to make it one more, but what do I do with bakımlı gaziantep escort this” he said holding up the butt plug. “She liked the taste of my ass “Mike said, “let’s she if she like the taste of her own” as he took the butt plug and put it in her mouth. She closed her lips around it and swung her head causing the tail to swing “filthy slut” a few muttered. He grabbed the lube and applied it to his dick and squeezed some on to her ass and massaged it in using his fingers. He pushed the head of his dick into her ass, held it for a few seconds as she moaned in pain and pleasure before sliding his dick all the way in with one smooth thrust “fuuuuccckkkk” she called out as she gripped the side of the bed, her knuckles going white. “What an ass she has” he said as he gave her a hard spank causing her to squeal out and leaving a hand mark on her only bit of exposed skin. He worked his cock in and out of her ass, slowly building up the rythm and feeling her body start to relax and accept the attack on her colon. He pushed her so she was flat on the bed and used all of his weight to thrust in and out of her ass like a wild animal. “Fuck fuck fuck mmmm fuck fuck” the girl was saying in a stifled scream as all his mates cheered him on whilst taking a drink of beer.

“Shit I need to cum” “fuck off not yet, we want a clean ass first” someone said. “Fine, I’m sure this will be ok” he said as he climbed off, spun her round, took the butt plug out of her mouth and replaced it with his cock, she dutifully took his dick sucking up and down, flicking her tongue over the tip. “She really does like the taste of her own ass”. He pulled his cock out of her, gave it a few strokes and several waves of cum shot out into her mouth and over the face mask. She swallowed every drop and ran her tongue around her mouth getting every drop she could.

The orgy continued long into the night, each guy taking their turn to fuck her ass, pussy, mouth, whatever they wanted and however they wanted. “This girls got stamina, I’m sure she’s getting wilder as the night goes on. Most have run away by now”. They all had their asses rimmed, some multiple times and at least 3 had gone straight from her ass to her mouth, and not once did she moan. Ok bad choice of worlds. Not once did she complain.

“Lads it’s late, well early, time for the grand finale.”

Dave grabbed a mug off the table with bits of paper screwed up inside. Mike went to take one “erm what are you doing?! You know the rules. Your stag so you’re last”. “Bastards” he said.

They all took a piece of paper In turn “second, I’m ok with that”. “Third, shit”. “Fourth, but know I love that”. You’re messed up” dave said “but that means I’m first and Mike, you’re last. Dave walked over to the bed, took her off and stood her on the floor, he lightly pushed her and she bent over, feet on the floor, body on the bed and her pussy and ass sticking out. “Need to ensure there’s no cheating” bayan escort he said as he replaced the butt plug in her ass.

He stepped behind her, rubbed his dick along her folds and started to fuck her as all the others lined up next to him. He was tired and had already cum once but didn’t take him long, with one last thrust he held his cock deep and unloaded into her, until now, clean pussy. The next guy stepped up and repeated the process. He equally didn’t take long and wiped his dick on her ass “easily the best one yet, I thought that bird in Leeds would take some beating but this girl’s miles ahead” they all nodded in agreement. The next guy followed suit adding to the mess already in her pussy and dribbling down her leg. The 4th guy stepped up, rubbing his dick over her pussy and leg, scooping up as much escaped cum as he could, the lads all groaned in disgust, as he finally started fucking her. He lasted a bit longer than the others, clearly enjoying the sensation before grunting and cumming himself. “Over to you Mike” dave said. Mike took his place behind her sliding into her well used pussy. “You know I hate this but she still feels so good after all this. Make sure you keep her number”. It didn’t take him long as he’d been rubbing his cock whilst waiting. Timed with each thrust “and…that….makes….five” he grunted as he came in her.

All the lads high fived and congratulated themselves. Dave grabbed the lead and she got back on to her hands and knees and crawled to the bathroom, shaking her ass so the tail shook and leaving a trail of cum behind her. All the boys cheered and sat down with a fresh beer.

Dave reappeared from the bathroom as the girl cleaned up.

“Dave you’re the best best man ever” Mike said.

“Thanks, but I’d wait with the praise for now, I have one more surprise”. All the lads looked shocked, from his tone they knew this was taking a turn, and not in a good way, but too drunk and tired to know how.

Dave took an ipad out of his bag and set it up on the desk. Opened a video and stood back. After a few seconds Kim, Mike’s wife to be appeared on screen.

“Hi Mike, you werent expecting to see me tonight were you” She said with a serious face and a mischievous grin. “How you thought you could get away with it is beyond me. I’ve always known that lads are lads and never wanted to know what you all get up to. Ive been happily ignorant at what you do as you always come home to me. But Jessica, MY BEST FRIEND” she screamed “my best friend and your best mates girlfriend” Mike looked at Dave. Dave just stared forward not looking at him. All the others sobering up instantly, afraid to move. “You’ve devastated me Mike. I never thought you could do this. But worse you’ve embarrassed me in front of all of my friends. It’s only right I humiliate you in front of yours. And I have” the video stopped.

“What, fuck, what. Dave what the fuck is going on”. Dave sat down, took a sip of beer and pointed towards the bathroom. At that moment, Kim walked out the bathroom! Still in her the cat suit but the face mask off and a coat on. “Now all your mates have fucked your girl. Your ex girl. Don’t call, your stuff will be in the bin if you want it and I’ve had the locks changed” With that she walked out closing the door behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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