The Steadman Briefs

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Jack Newman was known for one thing: Winning. For years, there was no one with the legal prowess or resourcefulness to beat him in court, or anywhere else for that matter.

That is, until a young Sarah Parker stood across from him during a trademark dispute case. This small-town Midwestern lawyer from nowhere intrigued the King of the Big Apple. Offering her a spot in his form, she quickly earned her way to Partner.

“Sarah,” Jack called across the bullpen from his office. “Grab the Steadman Briefs and prepare for a long night.”

“Yes, sir.” She said, collecting the papers she had been working on, moving them from her office into his. She organized the documents on the table and continued working.

Jack had picked up his phone and asked, “The usual?”

Only half paying attention, half still focused on the briefs, she replied, “Uh huh, yeah, that’s fine.”

Jack ordered the food and sat down across from Sarah, picking up another folder from the box she had brought in.

The food finally arrived around 7pm. They took off their jackets, rolled up their sleeves, and moved to the couch to eat, as the last associate left the office and the bullpen lights shut off.

“Finally.” Sarah said, pulling the pin from her hair. She shook her head as her hair fell from the high bun she had it in. She kicked off her high heels as she lightly tousled her hair before she returned to the food.

With food still in his mouth, Jack slammed a document down on the coffee table in front of them.

Sarah wiped her mouth and hands before picking it up and reading it. “Is this-?”

“Look at the date.” Jack said, swallowing hard and wiping his mouth. “Final nail in Hoffman’s coffin.”

“This is irrefutable proof that Steadman began developing his product a whole three months prior to Hoffman.” Sarah explained.

Jack nodded, “We’ve got ’em.”

He walked over behind his desk and pulled out two whiskey glasses, clinking a couple pieces of ice in each glass, he poured in an expensive, aged Scotch.

Handing a glass to Sarah, he sat down next to her, close enough that their thighs pressed lightly against each other. The escort çapa each took a sip of their glass and relaxed into the couch.

A few more sips and Sarah leaned over, resting her head against Jack’s shoulder. He moved his hand onto her thigh, his fingers grazing the soft skin between her legs.

“Is this really happening?” Sarah thought to herself.

“I know you’ve been thinking about this for a long time.” Jack brushed her hair behind her ear and whispered, “You’ve finally earned it.”

It was true. There were several nights where Sarah had touched herself to the thought of Jack. Work took up too much of her time to try and pursue a relationship outside of it, and all of the random hookups she had always left her unsatisfied, wanting more. It was easy to see why her mind turned to the one man who had never disappointed her.

Taking a sip of his Scotch, he set his glass on the coffee table and turned, sliding his hand under her skirt. Almost if a pavlovian response, she found herself wildly aroused, her loins throbbing, craving the sensations to come.

As his fingers pressed against her warm peach, he found her panties already damp with anticipation. With only a light rubbing, Sarah was already breathing heavily.

Watching her bosom heaving, Jack stopped rubbing and began unbuttoning her red billowing top. Pulling it open, he revealed her matching red lace bra, conveniently clasped in the front.

He placed his hand on her tight stomach and dragged his fingers up, over her bra, to her neck. With a firm grip, he pulled her lips to his. As his hand slid back down her chest, he dexterously unclasped her bra, exposing her buxom, perky breasts.

Picking up his glass again, he took a gulp, finishing the last of the alcohol in his glass. He placed it back on the coffee table and pulled out a piece of ice, pressing it against one of Sarah’s taut nipples.

With a sharp inhale, she arched her back and bit her lip. Moving the ice to her other side, Jack grabbed her breast as he latched his mouth onto her chilled nipple, swirling it around with his tongue.

Returning the ice to the glass, he swapped eskort istanbul to her other nipple as his hand returned to her thigh. Sliding under her skirt once more, his cold fingers burned against her hot skin.

His fingers firmly pressed against her pleasure mound, he began rubbing her damp panties, quickly turning her heavy breathing into an audible moan.

As if a switch flipped, he swiftly reached up and ripped her panties off. Holding them in front of her face he whispered, “I like my whores to be quiet.” His tone was aggressive, but this excited Sarah even more. “Nod if you understand.”

She nodded with an open mouth. He shoved the panties into her mouth and placed his hand over, holding it shut. Using his free hand, he slid between her legs once more.

The wet mess proved more than lubricated enough for him to slide his middle finger inside of her. Her eyes grew wide as she fought to suppress her urge to let out a loud moan.

“Of course you’re a noisy slut.” He said, his tone disgusted, as he slid his ring finger inside of her and used his thumb to press on her clit.

Sarah tried to stay quiet, but as the pleasure built it became impossible for her to hold in her whimpering moans. Each time she made a sounds, Jack pulled his hand from her mouth and slapped one of her breasts.

Jack moved to his knees on the floor and laid Sarah along the couch. She felt his fingers seem to slide deeper inside of her.

Already on the brink of climax, she didn’t take long for the throb of pleasure to spread across her body. Jack relaxed his grip on her mouth and let her moan as the orgasm washed over her body.

As the climax began to wane, Jack didn’t stop. The sensitivity in Sarah’s loins grew in intensity. She reached down and grabbed his thick, veiny forearm with both of her hands.

Jack pushed on her chest, pinning her to the couch. “I’ll tell you when you’re done.” He said, continuing to pleasure her sensitive parts.

Sarah’s body began to twitch, throb, and spasms with the overload of pleasure. As her body began to clench, Jack finally released her.

Pulling the panties from her mouth, eskort bayrampaşa Jack used them to wipe his hand off. He walked over and poured another glass of Scotch. Sarah laid on the couch, trying to recover, her breathing heavy.

When Sarah sat up, Jack sat down on the couch next to her. “Be a good little slut and take care of this for me would ya?” He said, sitting back, spreading his legs.

She climbed down between his legs, her body still weak, and unzipped his pants. As she pulled them down over his knees, his massive member sprung to life. It was even larger than in her fantasies.

Starting at the base of his shaft, she licked her way up to the tip, exploring it with her tongue. Placing it in her mouth, she began bobbing up and down, using her hand to massage what her mouth couldn’t reach. Jack sat back casually sipping on his Scotch.

When he finished his drink, he said, “That’s enough.”

Sarah pulled herself off of him. Jack stood up and helped Sarah to her still wobbly feet.

Taking her by the hand, he led her to the large glass window. Standing behind her, he fondled her breasts as they looked out over this city.

Pressing Sarah against the glass, Jack lifted her skirt over her ass. The windows were cold against her bare breasts.

She pushed back against Jack’s member, until it began to slide inside of her. Her jaw dropped as every inch of this thick shaft stretched out her eager loins. The fullness she felt was something she had never experienced before.

Grabbing her hips tightly, he started sliding in and out. He finished each cycle with a firm thrust, deep inside of her. Unable to hold them in, she let out loud breathy moans with each pump.

As Sarah’s legs started to shake, Jack grabbed her hips even tighter and held her up, her toes barely touching the ground.

As Jack finished, he thrust deep inside of her and held it, as he filled her up. When he slid out, she straightened her skirt, letting his cum dribble down her leg.

Sarah stumbled back to the couch. Jack filled his glass once more and turned to put the bottle away. When he turned back, Sarah was sipping on his glass with a raised eyebrow.

With a smirk he poured a second glass and moved to the couch next to her.

“Maybe this should be our pre-trial ritual instead.” Sarah said with a chuckle.

Returning a chuckle, Jack replied, “I think we can do that.”

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