The Storm Within

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I was sitting at my computer, idly playing a game of Solitaire, vaguely aware of the grinding sound of race cars on the TV, when suddenly I noticed the trees outside beginning to sway and dance in an unexpected breeze. For more than three days, the temperature had been in the 90’s and the humidity…well, it was SO wet, I walked around sweating all day long. So this breeze, slight as it was, was very welcome. I got up and opened all the windows that were able to be opened. As I got back to the last window, which happened to be just next to my computer, I suddenly became aware of how dark it had become outside…and it was only 3 pm!! Oh goody! I thought to myself…a storm. That’s usually the way it is…a build-up of humidity and then…BAM!!

Well, I gotta say, this storm came in such a rush, I don’t think there was even a “calm before the storm” period. The rain pounded down, cascading off the metal roof. The sound of the rain on the metal roof was like listening to a snare drum! The breeze coming through all the windows I had opened was at least 10 degrees cooler than it had been. It was TERRIFIC!!

AND THEN!! The house shook with the thunder…it was THAT close! I’m not one scared by thunder and lightning, Ankara escort in fact, I rather enjoy such storms, especially at night. But, I was on-line to the internet and I knew about the electrical qualities of lightning being able to come through the phone lines. I know of someone who lost FOUR computers that had been networked to her main computer, which happened to be logged on to AOL…that should teach her 😀

At any rate, I’ve always felt comfortable about masturbating (I HATE that word, don’t you?) during a rain storm. There’s something exciting .. something full of sensuous fury and fire about pleasuring myself when it’s raining. Besides watching the rain drops stream down the glass of the windows, the sound of the rain is very condusive, to me, to orgasm.

I decided to use THE WAND, which is hand-held; it has one large vibrating egg (black) at the end of a long wand, which also vibrates, down to the control buttons.

I started out dipping the egg into a box of Bag Balm which is merely a glorified petroleum product and definitely NOT water soluble. I pointed the pointed part of the egg toward my clit as I watched the rain on the window. I was sitting on a stepstool, covered with a Ankara escort bayan towel (so I wouldn’t stick to the plastic stool), spread my knees apart as far as they would go, and stuck that gooey egg right on my already erect clit. OOOOOH!! that felt SO good.

But, after a few minutes, I decided it was not enough. So, I rammed all 10 inches of the wand into my pussy. OH! I pulled up my sleeveless tank top and started pulling on the nipple of my left breast. I tend to be harsher with my body parts than my lover is….I don’t think he realises that sometimes rough can be fun.

After pinching my nipple and lightly biting on it, I decided I need MORE! I opened one of the drawers in the vanity next to the stool and removed THE OSCILLATOR! The Oscillator is advertised by the manufacturer as the ONLY vibrator a woman ever needs…in my humble opinion, I think it needs MORE POWER!! (teehee…I used to have an electric vibrator that dimmed the lights in the whole neighbourhood). At any rate, I gooed the tip of the Oscillator with some more bag balm (I just gotta get some good lube) and placed the ribbed, bumpy tip right on my clit and turned on the Oscillator. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!

I stuffed my left tit into Escort Ankara my mouth, so I could suckle and nibble on it, used my left hand to pump the wand in and out of my cunt, and used by right hand to oscillate my clit. OH MY!! I orgasmed just at the same time as a bolt of lightning lighted up the sky!!

Just at the same time as the second orgasm hit, I was hit by a surge of electrical power that seemed to come through the Oscillator…or maybe it was because I was sitting right next to a window? I don’t know, all I DO know is that I was vibrating faster than the wand AND the Oscillator, put together!!

Hurriedly, I turned off the Oscillator and unplugged it from the wall (it was an outside wall, by the way) and I noticed a wisp of smoke coming from it. OMIGAWD!! I checked to see if there was any smoke coming from ME!! But, no, it was okay. I stood up and then realised the wand was still vibrating its way through my cunt, also vibrating the thin membrane that separates the cunt from the anus. So, I was STILL getting fucked and feeling damned good!

But, I knew I had to stop. Slowly I withdrew the wand from my cunt leaving it vibrating until it was totally out and then I shut it off, with much regret. The egg was still liberally covered with the bag balm and my juices, as well.

For a short time, I was joined with the storm with-out and I became part of the storm with-in, and I was the rainbow with the pot of gold right inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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