The Stranger

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My two girlfriends and I were finally away on our yearly four day shopping spree. We have done this yearly for the past eight years. Always a fantastic trip away together, we shop, we attend the city stage shows and we shop. Though this year would be different, or I was intending for it to be different, We spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday shopping and going to fabulous stage shows, plays, musicals. Sunday was return home day, though plenty to do on the last day as usual, more shopping; I was intending to do more than shop this year.

As we woke on Sunday morning, I had this wonderful feeling of excitement about the morning, the girls where getting ready for shopping. I had other things on my mind. When it was my turn in the bathroom I paid special attention to the areas that I hoped would be explored this morning and double checked that my newly purchased black see-through satin bra looked erotic enough, followed by black suspenders, stockings, matching satin G-string covered by my black, tight, bum hugging, hipster pants, adding my new red jumper, a gold chain, diamond earrings, nothing to flashy, just casually clean. If my girlfriends knew what I had on underneath my clothes, they would have died of shock. I didn’t tell them, though I felt like singing as I was so happy, excited and really scared with a million butterflies dancing inside my body.

As we all finished getting ready, I double checked that the condoms and the slut red lipstick were in my bag and so was an extra pair of panties. I was hoping the G-string would be torn of my body later in the day…

We packed our bags while chatting to each other and headed for a light breakfast and returned to the room to take our bags downstairs as we would not need them till we departed for home late this afternoon.

We left the hotel around 9am, still chatting, heading straight for the shopping centre where we broke up and went our separate ways. I shopped or tried to shop but my mind was else where. I kept looking at my watch the minutes seemed to tick in a backwards movement. I ran into a friend from home. Stopped and chatted about our children for half an hour and then we went our separate ways. It was 9:45am… It was time to meet the Stranger.

I walked out of the shopping centre having told the girls earlier that I would miss our lunch together as I wanted to go and get some-thing special for hubby. I made my way to the agreed hotel lobby and walked through into the bar, it was empty except anadolu yakası eskort for two older men watching Tennis on the large plasma TV. I was so nervous I could feel myself shake, I stood at the bar and waited for the barman to serve me, I was dying for a strong coffee to help stop the shakes. A rather nice young man came around from the other side of the bar and asked me what I would like to drink, “a coffee please” I said. The barman looked at me and said “I’m sorry but the coffee machine is broken, can I get you some thing else to drink”. I was setback on my heels as I wanted a coffee, but regained my senses and asked if I could have a double Tequila lime and lemonade, “I thought, wow this should calm me down”.

I paid for the drink and found a nice clean table and sat down with my back against the wall so I could see who entered the room from either door… As I sipped my drink I started to feel uneasy about what I was doing here and started to think of an excuse to leave. But as I was half way through my drink, I started to feel a bit better. The shakes had gone but the nervousness was still there – millions of tiny butterflies enveloped my entire body – and then he was there standing in front of me. He said “Good morning, are you perchance Veronica”. I replied “yes”. He asked if I would like another drink and I nodded and he turned to go to the bar, he seemed to know what I was drinking. I looked at him while he waited for the drinks. He was tall, well over six feet, a very muscular looking man with a really cute bum, he was very well dressed in a casual manner which made me feel like he had gone to some effort to turn up looking nice..

He returned and sat down and said Hello again and raised his glass to mine. Introducing himself as Geoff, he looked at me and said “you’re even more beautiful than on the screen” “I had imagined you would be pretty but seeing you this close, you are gorgeous” he said. He relaxed back into the chair and took a mouthful of what looked like water.

I said thankyou and we continued with light chatting for a further fifteen minutes, before he said “I want to fuck you, Now “. “I really would like to fuck you Veronica as my cock is as hard as a rock”.

I gently took off one of my Stiletto’s, sliding it up his leg onto his manhood and oh God, he was engorged with pure lust. Thankfully the second drink had settled me and I found myself becoming very wet and noticed that my nipples anadolu yakası escort where very erect. My G-string began to disappear between my pussy lips as I looked at him, and said. “And where do you think we can do that Geoff?” He looked at me and said “how about the men’s toilet” and he slowly got up and took my hand and led me too the male toilet and into a cubicle. He locked the door and kissed me hard and passionately, we stayed locked in that wonderful kiss for ages before I felt his hand reach under my jumper for my breast. I moaned softly to a mixture of pleasure and lust.

He lifted my jumper He asked me to pull him with both hands as he continued to lick and suck my nipples, I could feel his pre-cum on my hands. Oh god I was in heaven.

I let out a moan and then had a full orgasm as he bit into my right nipple, I was so fucking randy.

He stopped and held me while I shuddered with pleasure, kissing my neck gently as I calmed down and then he gently removed my jumper kissing the top half of my body all over as he did so. He then started to lower my hipsters, bending to take then off; he stood, hanging them both behind the door, turning back to me, he let out a sigh of lust. He stood back and just looked at me standing there; his cock seemed to grow larger at the sight of my black G-string, stockings I could taste our mixed cum on his cock, it was a rather salty taste, but not unpleasant, far from it, I loved it, I loved his cock in my mouth, I loved the taste of us. — He regained his erection after I managed to get all of it in my lustful mouth and proceeded to give him a blowjob, I knew I had to swallow his cum as I couldn’t afford to have any on my hair as the girls would know. So I sucked with all the hunger of a slut and finally he came again, and again, buckets loads of cum pumped into my mouth. I was having trouble swallowing it. But he had his hand on the top of my head and kept saying “drink it all Veronica” …… “don’t waste a drop” I gagged a bit, but I continued to swallow all of his cum, I licked it off his shaft till it was spotlessly clean of cum and then I said “Now I want you to fuck me again” “slowly this time” I fluffed his cock into another erection in a matter of minutes and I pushed him back so I could straddle him. Taking his massive cock was no problem this time as I was still dripping with excitement.

As I took the full length of his cock he let out a moan and said “oh Veronica escort anadolu yakası ride me you fucking bitch” and I did, I made him sit still and lent forward so he had a nipple in his mouth and a tit in the other hand. I rode him like a fucking stallion while he played and sucked my tits I was on top and had full power over him and told him that I wanted to cum again, he took his hand off my tits and pushed it around to my bum and stuck a thick finger in my arse and left it there, so as I rode his cock his finger was sliding in and out of my dark hole, I started to get ready for another orgasm but this one seemed even bigger than the last as my whole body stated to shake as I rode his cock and felt his finger sliding in and out with each of my deep strokes; and then there it was the most powerful orgasm I have ever had, I shrieked “oh cum in me Geoff, fill my cunt again” and as I had the most amazing orgasm, he blew his load into me again and again and again until our the combined juices flowed out over him like a waterfall, I was fully spent and lent against him as I tried to recover from the fucking I had just had, I felt sooo good..

We started to clean our selves up and had a few more passionate kisses and we said our goodbyes and he left. I was still in the male toilet washing my face and cleaning my pussy when another male walked in; he just looked at me, smiling with the knowledge that I had just fucked some strange male in here and continued to go to the bathroom, although he kept looking around at me as I was still not fully dressed, standing only in my Black satin bra and Stockings. He stood at the urinal for what seemed ages, and though I wasn’t paying to much attention, I heard his voice start to moan as he bent further over the urinal and proceeded to masturbate into the bowl, he missed of course and shot a few large wads of jism onto the side and then the floor of where he was standing, standing there holding the wall he paused, then stood up and re zipped himself up, as he left the toilet he looked at me, saying “thanks” as he walked past me and out the door.

I continued to clean myself up, removing my slut red lipstick, replacing the torn G-string with the panties in my bag. Once I was satisfied with the way I looked and felt, I looked in the mirror to see my face glowing, I was exhausted, but had that after great sex glow that some how shows and every one you pass can notice it. I started to walk out of this toilet, it was then that I noticed I was walking bandy-legged, wow it was such an amazing fuck I could hardly walk. So I slowly made my way to the first table I could find and sat down, another rush of pleasure overtook my body as I sat and pondered on what I had just done, I felt fantastic; damn that was great fun, I slept all the way home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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