The Substitute Ch. 05

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Big Tits

All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old


When the last firework popped, and all the colorful cinder sparks had fallen away, Mary McGuinness squeezed her little cunt a final time around her father’s softly retreating prick. She imagined drawing its ultimate fizzling drops. Instead, Jock’s cock jumped, as he flexed within her grasp, and delivered up another dram from his private reserves.

“Ohhh, Pahhh-pa,” Mary whispered. She dug her nails into his buttocks and felt the taut cheeks relax as he finished firing the light load.

“Uhhnn, my sweet Mary-Mare,” Jock groaned into her neck. He raised up and kissed his daughter tenderly while smoothing her damp blonde bangs away from her forehead. Her face shone with a patina of sweat. Jock tickled her lips with a low chuckle. “I love to see and feel the morning dew on my blossom’s beautiful face,” he said. “It tells me all I need to know.”

Mary smiled up at his rugged handsome face. Her burners were banked and their warm glow seeped through her entire body. She uncurled her toes and kissed Jock’s nose lightly. “Ummmm, Papa,” she hummed. “It’s probably not ALL you need to know.”

Jock laughed aloud and rolled off of her and out of her iron single bed. As he stood on the wood floor, pulling on his blue-black-and-gold tattersall pajamas, he countered, “Well, it’s all I need to know at five in the morning on the Fourth of July! Come on and get going… your Mama’s going to want a lot of help pulling the picnic together.” He bent over, kissed Mary’s brow, and stole a last taste of her salty ‘dew’ before turning and leaving the garret bedroom.

“Oh SHOOT!” Mary exclaimed and smacked her pillow with her open palm. “I WANTED to tell him… I’ve GOT to tell him… and Mama… AND TEDDY!” She got up and walked to her free-standing oval corner mirror. She slowly turned, this way and that, and stared pensively at her nakedness from all angles. It was difficult because the early morning sun through her dormer windows cast ambiguous shadows. She sighed and idly stroked her belly as she stepped to her wardrobe.

Downstairs, Jock headed for the master bedroom and saw his wife, already in her slip and stockings, standing in the big bathroom, brushing her teeth at the sink. He called to her, in passing, “Mare’s up and will be down soon.”

Isabel spit, rinsed, and replied, “I imagined she WOULD be… It’s good of you to CHECK on her, though. An eighteen-year-old girl, fresh out of high-school, MIGHT take a notion she was too grown up to go on a holiday picnic with her Mama and Papa.”

“I told her you would appreciate her help,” Jock added, not turning around for fear his soft, but still fat, penis might give him away despite his pajamas. “She’s in a good mood. I don’t think we have to worry about THAT.” He moved on through the door quickly.

“Mmm-HMMM!” Isabel looked at herself in the mirror and plucked an errant hair from her eyebrow. “Ow!” She yipped, then said, under her breath, “YOU were in there GOOD, weren’t you, you little bugger!”

After a light breakfast of cereal and coffee, Jock went to the garage and busied himself, whisking and shining his already spick-and-span pride and joy: A maroon-and-red 1927 REO Flying Cloud sedan. Isabel and Mary bustled efficiently around the kitchen, pantry and various closets, preparing and packing for the day’s events at Lakeside Park.

“Mama,” Mary began, only to be cut-off.

“Mary, I deviled eggs yesterday… they’re in the ice-box!”

“Mama,” She tried again.

“And fetch those two old thick Army blankets… We’ll want THEM for sure!” Isabel overrode her and kept moving. Mary gave up and silently performed all tasks as directed until, at last, the preparations were complete and the car was packed.

As Jock pulled the automobile out of the garage and into the alley between Oak and Nutwood Avenues, he looked over his shoulder at Mary, centered in the back seat. With a wink and a grin, he said, “I hope Ted hasn’t forgotten and is ready. It’s an hour drive to the lake and I don’t want to waste a lot of time waiting for him.”

Mary hit Jock’s shoulder lightly with her fist and hissed, “Don’t be a mean TEASE, Papa… You KNOW Teddy is always ready!” She laughed to underscore that she got her father’s joke, while she thought to herself, “And SO am I!”

Isabel kept her hands folded in her lap, but smiled with her daughter and husband. “I put a couple of card decks and paper and pencil in the hamper,” she chimed in. “Give us something to do until it’s dark enough for fireworks.” She did not know why Jock and Mary redoubled their laughter when she said ‘fireworks’, but it was infectious and she joined their mirth.

Edward Trotter, the thirty-year-old mathematics teacher at George Washington High School, who had graduated Mary from teasing boys to fucking men, and was now officially wooing her, was ready and waiting. When the REO pulled into the alley between Holmes and Garvey Streets, gaziantep escort telefonları he was standing by his fence-gate, dapper in cream flannels and blue blazer.

In keeping with the holiday, he had deployed a red-white-and-blue grosgrain band around his straw boater and sported matching bracers. He deliberately risked social opprobrium and wore a collarless white dress shirt, although he kept it buttoned to the neck. His black-and-white tuxedo shoes gleamed in the morning light as he climbed into the backseat with Mary.

Kissing her cheek, he greeted her, “Good MORNING!” Then, leaning over the front seat, he stuck his right hand in front of Jock McGuinness. As they shook, he said, “This is going to be a SWELL day, Jock.” Turning to his right he beamed at Isabel. Winking with his left eye, out of both Mary’s and Jock’s sight, he told her, “I can hardly wait to spread the blanket… and get in your BASKET, Izzy! I just KNOW there’s a TREAT in there for me!”

Isabel flushed at his double-entendre, but maintained her composure. “Well, that’s right,” she replied crisply, “but you’ll HAVE to wait… and find out WHAT I have in there… in good time… right along with everyone else.”

Ted settled back, boldly put his arm around Mary’s shoulder, and hugged her up against him. Her breasts compressed between her vising arms as he squeezed her between his strong right hand and his ribs. She inhaled reflexively, increasing the pressure as her bosom rose on her inflating lungs. Ted watched her nipples pop out, appreciating how her thin cotton dress and lingerie were inadequate guards for her strong rubbery pips.

Mary moaned quietly as she exhaled, then turned and said, sotto voce, “Be-HAVE, Teddy… Mama and Papa are right THERE!” Feeling her cunny tingle and begin preparing itself, she angled her ankles, closed her knees and jammed her thighs tight onto each other. Trotter grinned, relaxed his hand and slid it lightly to her elbow, then back up under the loose material above her shoulder point. As he flexed his fingers in her flesh, she squirmed and hissed, “I MEAN it… SSStop!”

Jock tilted his head and spoke to the cabin roof, “Everything OK back there?”

“Yes, Papa,” Mary said through her constricted throat. “Everything is just FINE.” She glared at Trotter and mouthed, “I… TOLD… YOU!”

Chuckling softly, Ted withdrew his hand and asked, “How long to the lake, Jock?”

“Oh… well, you know it’s about 25 miles. This baby could get us there in forty-five minutes ordinarily. But, with the parade preparations in town, and the other picnickers, like us, I expect it’ll be at least an hour.” He looked at his wife. “Wouldn’t you think, Isabel?”

Agreeing equably, Isabel smiled back, “I’m sure you know better than I do, Jock. Did you check to make sure the Beaman Street Bridge isn’t closed?”

“Oh yeah… the parade route is all south of Corinth Street, my dear,” Jock assured her. With collective sighs and rustling, the passengers settled in as the sedan moved along Porter Street, pointed for downtown.

At 10:15 a.m. the REO rolled through the Lakeside Park entrance gate. The two great river rock pillars, topped with carved lions, seemed ostentatious to many visitors. If they inquired, however, they would learn the entire property was once known as ‘Lion Head’ and was the former estate of the multi-millionaire, Jasper Leo. When he bequeathed the acreage to the county he stipulated they could do anything they wanted to with it, but the gates must remain intact and in good repair.

When the car was parked, Jock said, “You girls go and find the lemonade stands, Ted and I will wander and claim a good spot. We’ll come back and unload later. You ready, Ted?” All agreed and the party divided on their missions.

The park was filling up with folks arriving by car and wagon, but they mostly headed toward the huge bunting-wrapped gazebo and bandstand. Jock scoffed and pointed. “Ha! Look at the lemmings… The music and fireworks can be enjoyed without sitting right on top of it.” In just a few minutes of scouting, the men found a perfect perch, on a broad level grassy knoll, overlooking the lake and shaded by a nice black hickory tree.

“I think you’re right, Jock,” Ted complimented. “This is a great spot for privacy. The band will be background, not blaring distraction… and I see where the fireworks are set up to shoot out over the water. We’ll have a perfect view.” He shrugged off his blazer and laid it on the turf. “That’ll mark the spot. You want to get the ladies up here to babysit while I go to the car and get started packing in?”

Jock nodded agreement and headed down to the shoreline while Ted followed up on his plan. Meanwhile, Mary and Isabel had not only found a lemonade stand, but also an unoccupied bench by the water. As they sat, sipping their refreshing pink drinks, Mary stared at a female wood duck swimming in the cattails escort gaziantep telefonları near the shore. Four juveniles swam right behind her in her wake.

She decided to try talking with her mother again. Looking over her shoulder, she assured herself they were alone. The passers-by were intent on their own business. “Mama, I have to tell you something… it’s real important.”

Isabel, no longer preoccupied in her kitchen with picnic preparations, finally heard the urgency in her daughter’s voice. “What IS it, honey?” As she asked, she set her lemonade on the ground and took Mary’s free left hand in both of hers.

Tears formed in Mary’s eyes and she blurted out, “I’m going to have a baby, Mama… I just know it.”

Isabel looked at the ducklings and smiled, knowingly. “Of course, you are, honey. That happens to ALL of us… sometime. I had YOU didn’t I?” Isabel squeezed her daughter’s hand and thought, but did not say aloud, “In fact, I’m pregnant with a brother or sister for you, right NOW.”

“NO, Mama…” Mary protested as she heard her mother’s misunderstanding, “I mean I am going to have a baby SOON. I haven’t had the curse for two months!” Water streamed over her cheeks and her lips quivered as she spoke, for the first time, the words she had been withholding for the past week.

“What’s THAT you SAY?” Isabel could not hide her surprise although she managed to keep her voice low. “Are you sure? Sometimes Aunt Flo’s visit IS delayed, you know.” Keeping her own counsel, she continued declining to reveal that her own period had not arrived – also for a second straight month.

“Yes, Mama,” Mary sobbed. She put her unfinished drink on the ground and dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief. “I’m as regular as the train, Mama… every fourth Monday, usually in mid-morning, it starts.” Her chin shuddered as she brought her weeping under control. “It didn’t come on May 26th and it didn’t come on June 23rd, or in the ELEVEN DAYS since then!”

Isabel scooted close on the bench and held her distraught daughter against her own deep chest. She rocked her like she was an infant and cooed, “There, there, Mary. Everything will be OK.” Making the natural assumption, she added, “You LOVE Ted, don’t you? And your Papa and I certainly think he’s a fine man. I’m sure he’ll do right by you.” She withheld the fact that she had no clue whether Ted or Jock was the father of her own implanted egg.

Mary wailed anew into her mother’s heaving bosom. She thought, “What if my baby ISN’T Ted’s?” She had busily made love to Trotter every Saturday for the past eight weeks, and, once school was out, they had managed to create at least two more weekly opportunities all through June. But also, Jock had been ‘waking her up’, three mornings a week, ever since that fateful Sunday when he caught her coming home late from Trotter’s house. All Mary was really certain about was that she could say nothing about her incestuous affair, even if her father was the father.

Jock walked up as Isabel was comforting Mary. He did not hear her say, “Don’t worry about a thing. I’LL tell your Papa. YOU tell Ted about it… TODAY. I’m sure it will be fine.”

“What the hay? Why are you sad-faced and crying?” Jock sat on the end of the bench, behind Isabel, as he inquired.

“Just female stuff, Jock,” Isabel said, over her left shoulder while stroking Mary’s back. “I’ll talk with you later. We’re OK.” Changing the subject, but continuing her ministrations, Isabel asked, “Did you and Ted find a good spot already, then?”

“Yes, it’s just up yonder,” Jock answered. “Can you come and watch it while we bring the gear from the REO?” Assuming an affirmative, he stood and held out his hands to assist the women from the bench. Their drinks and the ducklings were forgotten as the trio returned to the knoll. When Jock left to meet Ted at the car, Isabel turned to Mary and faced her, holding her elbows. Mary felt instantly better as her mother’s energetic support flowed through her forearms and up to her heart.

“Mary, when the men get back, I’ll take your Papa off for a little stroll. You be BRAVE, just like you were with me, and tell Ted he’s going to be a daddy.” She gave her daughter’s arms a wiggling shake and gazed into her eyes. “Now, THIS is IMPORTANT: Don’t say ‘Let’s get married,’ or anything of the kind. You don’t want to scare him into doing the wrong thing.” She leaned in, kissed Mary’s cheek and concluded with a wink, “I’m betting he will come to that decision on his own. It’s always nice to have a fellow ASK, even when WE do all the PLANNING and corner him!”

When the blankets were laid out, anchored by the great hamper, a fallen tree branch and some nearby stones, Isabel tugged on Jock’s overalls and said, “Take me to the bandstand, Mr. McGuinness… They’re playing our song.” Jock smiled as he allowed his wife to lead him away. He did not know what had happened over the past gaziantep escort bayan telefonları two months to make her so lovey-dovey again, but he liked it.

As her parents drifted away, Mary sat down, pulling Trotter with her by his pants cuffs. Cuddling into him, she decided logic and the calendar indicated he was more likely the father of her baby than was Jock. While they nuzzled silently, she reviewed the timeline.

Trotter had taken her virginity on Mrs. Anderson’s desk on Friday, May 9th. He had come inside her, on the 10th, twice more. Plus, she had pushed his sperm into herself after he ejaculated on her chemise. It was true that her father forced himself on her, after her spanking on Sunday the 11th, but she figured, by then, Ted had already sown his seeds at the most fertile midpoint of her regular cycle. If the damage was not already done, then it was a dead heat, between competing sperms, for the egg she must surely have spawned shortly thereafter.

Taking a deep breath and enjoying the feeling of her swelling breasts flattening against Trotter’s hard chest, Mary came right out with the news. “Teddy… we’re having a baby.” Although her voice was low and her tone was soft, Ted reacted as if he had been slapped with a board.

“WHAT?” He pushed back and stared wide-eyed. “I must have misheard,” he thought. Aloud, he asked again, “What did you just say?” When Mary repeated herself, and he clearly got the message, he immediately asked, “Who else have you told?”

Mary worried that he was upset and would be, in her mother’s words, ‘scared into doing the wrong thing’. She clung to him and put her head on his shirt. “I only told Mama. I HAD to, Teddy… it’s not like it can be a SECRET.”

Calming down as he thought through the situation, Trotter held Mary close and sincerely said, “That’s OK… you’re right. Will you… MARRY me? Will your dad APPROVE? What about your MOM? Does she hold it against me that you’re in a family way?” Even as his words poured out, his mind raced equally fast through the possibilities and he thought, “Holy Smokes! This could be a QUINELLA! If I marry Mary, I’ll have even BETTER access to keep fucking IZZY!”

Unless he missed his guess badly, Isabel would never let on about their spontaneous Mother’s Day porch fuck. And certainly every one of their many subsequent trysts – at his cottage; at the Wheeler Hotel; even in her and Jock’s brass four-poster one Tuesday afternoon in mid-June – were only more reasons for her to stay silent. And cooperatively available. Grinning from ear-to-ear, Trotter thought, “Talk about the fox in the henhouse!”

Pulling Mary in closer, with his left arm behind her back, he placed his right palm, on her dress and rubbed her belly. “Do you think he, or she, can feel me? I feel YOU… you are no different than you were last week.”

“You’re being silly, Teddy,” Mary giggled. “Just ’cause you can’t feel my baby doesn’t mean you WON’T feel my baby as HE grows.” She rubbed Trotter’s face. “I KNOW he is a son… YOUR son… OUR son.”

Trotter smiled cagily and pushed his hand below the dress hem. Returning, slowly, along the inside of Mary’s thigh, beneath her slip, he traced her bare skin upward. Mildly surprised to find no underwear, he tickled her peach slit with his index finger until she coated him with her ooze. She gasped and pulled his face to hers.

“Well, maybe I can feel him from the INSIDE,” Ted intoned as he kissed her beckoning parted lips and parted her beckoning wet nether lips. Stabbing her high and low with his tongue and his fingers, he listened to Mary moan as she rocked back against the crook of he arm and came squirting.

In his peripheral vision, Ted saw Mary’s parents approaching at a distance. Withdrawing his hand from her soaked cunt, he wiped Mary’s juices across her mouth as they broke their kiss and separated. Ted hastily dried his damp fingers on the rough olive drab blanket wool as he stood and greeted Jock and Isabel when they arrived. “Mr. and Mrs. McGuinness,” he stated formally, “I have just asked Mary to marry me… and she has accepted… provided, of course, YOU don’t have objections to a high school math teacher who will likely never be rich or famous.” He flashed a toothsome boyish grin and hung his head.

Isabel and Jock looked meaningfully at each other. Jock stepped forward and pumped Trotter’s hand. “We were hoping you would come to that sooner or later… Glad it’s SOONER… SON.”

Isabel smiled and nodded, then stepped up and gave Ted a big, warm, smooch on his lips. “Welcome to our FAMILY, Ted. You are a VERY special man and will always be so.” She moved to the hamper and asked, “Who’s ready for sandwiches?”

The smorgasbord was plentiful and the family finalized the timing of the nuptials as they ate sandwiches, deviled eggs and pound cake, while leaving sufficient for a supper before dark. Isabel pulled out the cards and suggested a bridge game, but Jock gainsaid the idea. Laying back on the blanket and pulling a pillow beneath his neck, he patted his gut and announced, “I need a snooze. Wake me in thirty minutes or so and I’ll be better company.”

Mary stood and laughed a lilting tinkle. “I know what you mean, Papa,” she said. “I’m all full, too… but I think I need a WALK to shake down the food.” She looked at Trotter and her mother. “I’m going to the shore and watch the ducks, if anyone wants to join me.”

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