The Summer Get Hotter

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Summer in Indianapolis is not the most comfortable, especially when you have to wear Army khakis every day. The atmosphere on the base was relaxed, no formations or duties were assigned. The NCO club was a very popular place at night, the beer was cheap, so most guys stayed on base. There were a large number of enlisted women there, but most were interested in the other women.

I had received a call from Glen earlier that evening and we were going to meet at the main gate later that evening. I was looking forward to meeting Glen and Sharon again, it had been a few days since we had been together. I changed my clothes into something a lot more comfortable than the uniform.

I made my way to the main gate to wait on Glen to pick me up. When I got there he was already there sitting in the car, the windows down. I went to the passenger side of the car and got in. Glen seemed to be genuinely glad to see me, he was all smiles. Glen’s house was about 15 minutes from the base, on a good night. We were sitting at a stop light when Glen reached over and placed his hand on my cock.

Glen asked “Are you ready for a fun night?”

All I could do is reply “Oh yeah, you bet.”

My cock jumped at Glen’s touch, just the thought of Glen doing more than touching my cock turned me on. It had been longer that I would like to remember since a man had sucked me off. I know there were guys in the Army who took a chance and had sex with other guys, but it was just way to risky. I realized how horny I was for another man to give me some head.

Glen made it a point to let his hand stay on my cock after his initially touched me. I knew it was going to be a good night with Glen and Sharon. I was curious as to how Sharon responded to Glen’s advances to another man. I had this feeling that he enjoyed other men and Sharon possibly enjoyed watching him at his best.

We pulled into their garage and got out of the car, feeling the summer heat on the concrete as we went into the house. I was very conscious that Sharon would notice that I was semi hard from Glen’s hand on my cock, it had not gone completely down. I could feel that Sharon knew and was enjoying the idea that it did happen.

We all sat in their family room, Glen bringing in some drinks for everyone to enjoy. We talked about the last couple of days. Then we talked about the first night, how we all enjoyed it and felt we were ready for another night of pleasure. Glen was sitting beside Sharon his hand was on her thigh, softly caressing it.

It was easy to see that Glen was hard, his pants were tented, showing his excitement. Sharon was definitely enjoying Glen’s attention to her thigh. Her hand had moved over to touch his cock. She took the head of his cock between her thumb and forefinger and was massaging it thought the material of his pants. It was obvious this was having the intended impact on Glen, his body would convulse with her touches.

Glen asked “Does anyone want another drink?”

Sharon laughed “This is fine for me, I would hate to miss something.”

I was fine, I was more concentrated on what was in store for all of us tonight.

Glen stood up, a large spot on his tan pants. He was still very hard, but it was obvious that Sharon’s attention had impacted Glen. He went back into the kitchen to get another drink. When he returned it appeared that the spot was actually larger than before. Sharon noticed the spot and that I had noticed.

Sharon said “Glen why don’t you take your trousers off, you have a large spot on them. Maybe even remove your shorts since they will also be wet.”

Gel removed his trousers and shorts, standing there, his cock proud, and the head glistening with precum on it. I found it interesting, here Glen was standing, a rather small cock, around 5″, thick and cut, very straight, yet it was a very attractive cock. The head on his cock was a mushroom head, not a huge head, but it fit the size of his cock nicely. The pee hole was placed in the head perfect, it was visible and seemed to make the cock have a very sexy appearance.

Glen suggested that we take our drinks and go into the bedroom. That didn’t require a second invitation for anybody as we all got up and headed into the bedroom. When we got into the bedroom it was obvious a lot of thought had gone into make tonight a night of fun and pleasure. I noticed some toys on a night stand, the bed had nothing on it except for sheets and there were several large pillows on the bed.

Glen had removed his shirt and was now completely naked. He moved around the bed, to the side and lay on the edge of the bed. His cock was still Escort bayan erect, but had gone down slightly.

Sharon stood there next to me, her hand touching my cock. We turned slightly, facing each other, then our lips touched. The softness of her lips was incredible, just slightly parted, but so sexy. Our first kiss was short, then the second kiss was longer and deeper, her tongue running along my parted lips. My tongue touched her tongue, sending this electric signal to my cock. It seemed to literally jump to another level of hardness as we kissed. My hands on her ass, pulling her hips into me, letting her feel the hardness of my cock.

Sharon’s hands were on my cheeks, softly holding my face as we kissed, her breathing now heavy and her nipples fully erect. I ran my hand up, just under her breasts, feeling their weight in my hands, straining her bra. I cupped it, gently letting my thumb brush across her nipple. This made her jerk slightly as she caught herself when her knees moved slightly. I felt the nipple through the material, kneading it between my finger and thumb. Sharon had almost stopped breathing, her eyes almost closed and her mouth was slightly open.

I unbuttoned her dress, kissing her on her chest. Her chest was flush, a warm glow to it. I pushed her bra up, exposing her breasts, cupping each lovely breast in my hands. I kissed her erect nipple, slightly teasing it with my lips, then going to the other nipple and repeating the kiss. Her hands were on my head, holding me against her body, enjoying every kiss.

I slid the straps of her summer dress off of her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Sharon stepped out of the dress, giving it a slight kick out of they way. I unhooked her bra, dropping it with her dress. I loved how her body looked in just her panties, her breast were full, firm, gorgeous nipples, a very light brown color, a wonderful contrast to the soft flesh color of her breasts. She had such hard nipples, maybe a quarter of an inch long, like an erasure on a lead pencil.

I noticed that Glen was laying on the bad, on his back, his hand was around his cock. He was running his thumb across the head, spreading the precum over the already glistening head. The sight of Sharon and I had excited him and he was now fully erect again. I could tell the sight of Sharon and another man was a huge turn on for him.

I removed my shirt and pants, kicking my shoes off, standing in nothing except my shorts and socks. I bent over to remove my sock and Sharon’s hands were on the cheeks of my ass, her fingers already sliding along the crack of my ass. I stood up, removed my shorts, my cock bobbing as I turned to face Sharon.

She moved over to the bed, laying in the middle, next to Glen. I lay beside her, my hand touching her stomach. Glens hand was on her cunt, his fingers were rubbing her swollen lips. I let my hand cup her breast, teasing the nipple as I leaned over and kissed her. Her back arched slightly with all of the attention she was getting. I covered her nipple with my mouth and let my tongue run over her nipple, softly squeezing her breast with my hand.

Glen was now between her thighs, his face was buried in her cunt, his tongue was inside her. Her hips would move slightly, indicating that the attention Glen was giving her was being well received. Her legs spread more, letting Glen into her easier. Her hand was now on my cock, holding it, stroking it slightly. She moved down to my balls, holding them, gently squeezing them. I could feel she was increasing the pressure, but the feeling was intense and seemed to just make my erection harder.

As Sharon and I kissed, I felt Glen’s mouth on my cock, his lips were surrounding the head of it. It felt so good, his mouth was so soft and gentle, his tongue knew just how to play the head on my cock and it was making it’s way down the shaft. His hand was massaging my anus as he became more intense in sucking my cock. It was very obvious, Glen had considerable at sucking cock.

Sharon had moved over me, her legs straddling my face, her cunt in view. I felt her lowering herself down to my face, as she shifted slightly forward. I let my tongue touch her anus, running a slight circle around it. Her hands were digging into my shoulders as the rimming was impacting her. She lowered herself more, wanting more attention on her ass. I let my tongue play with her anus, until she moved her hips and I entered her pussy with my tongue. The taste of her wet cunt was sweet, yet the aroma was musky.

Glen was still sucking my cock, it was such intense pleasure. I could tell that Glen enjoyed Bayan escort sucking cock and was very good at it. I could feel that I was getting much closer to cumming, so I put my hand on Glen’s head, pushing him off. He sensed that I was close so he stopped. He moved up to pay attention to Sharon’s ass as I licked her. I could look up, her breasts were swaying in the open as her body moved with all of the attention. Suddenly her body convulsed and I could feel and taste her juices running down and into my mouth. She tasted wonderful, the flow was intense, seeming to run for a long period of time. She seemed to reach a point that she need to have the brief break and she lowered her body to lay on top of me. Her breathing was short and shallow, her body was now sweating.

I felt Glen’s finger running around my anus, then slightly enter. I spread my legs to allow him to play with my ass, Sharon still lying on top of me. His finger slid up into my ass, stroking me slowly. I tried to move my hips with is strokes, the feeling had me rock hard. I felt him insert another finger, this really made me hot and horny, the feeling of my anus being spread more. Glen pushed my legs wider, my ass now fully exposed. I could feel his legs brushing mine, the head of his cock was now pushing against my anus. He probed my ass, gently, letting a little of his cock open my ass, the head felt as though it was in. He pushed more and I could feel has shaft inside of my ass. I wrapped my legs around his ass as he started to fuck my ass.

Sharon kissed me, our tongues touching and her hands touching my nipples. Glen was fucking me faster as I sensed that I was so tight and was affecting Glen. Suddenly I heard Glen grunt and then I felt his cock jerk as he shot his load. I felt his cock spasm over and over, knowing that he was filling my ass with his cum. He leaned against Sharon’s back, his cock going limp in my ass. I heard a slight popping sound as his cock left my ass, the head finally dropping out.

Sharon rolled off of me, laying against me, my cock pushing against her monds and stomach as we lay on our sides. I moved over her as she rolled on to her back, spreading her legs to let me between then. My cock was now rubbing her cunt lips, feeling the wetness and swollen lips. I guided my cock inside of her, she was so wet it slid in with no resistance at all. Her hips thrust up immediately, pushing all 7″ of my cock inside of her. We started to get into a rhythm, feeling my pubic bone hitting her clit with every thrust. She put her legs around me, locking her ankles to hold on. I was lifting her body each time, and dropping down on her with each thrust, knowing her clit was on fire and bringing her close to climaxing.

Suddenly she started to squeal and I felt the warmth of her juices covering my cock, she was now so slippery it was hard not to pull out with each stroke. Her body convulsed and her breathing was very shwllow. It seemed that she continued to flow for several seconds, her body finally quivering as she started to complete her climax. I had almost come to a stop as she came, letting her recover a little before we continued.

Glen had watched the entire thing after he had returned from washing up, and was masturbating at the sight of Sharon cumming like she did. I put my hand out to his and pulled him toward me. I took his cock in my mouth and went down his shaft, feeling his head with my tongue.

Sharon witnessed this and suddenly thrust her hips upward, wanting my cock again. I again pushed hard against her with each thrust, hearing her moan every time I pushed against her clit. I felt Glens cock swelling, and his hips were now thrusting as he fucked my mouth. I felt the first spurt hit my throat as Glen started to cum, then a few more, but he was cumming for the second time and he didn’t have a lot this time. I swallowed what he gave me and sucked until he couldn’t stand it and backed out. At that moment Sharon started to cum again, this time she almost screamed as she bucked and I could feel the second flow, it was very warm and was possibly more intense than the first. I could feel it flowing, out onto both of us. The crack of her ass was slick and wet for her cum, the bed had a large wet pool beneath her. I felt my groin tighten, I couldn’t hold it. I said something and started to shoot my load inside Sharon. I know it was a lot, my body literally convulsed with each spurt it was so intense. I must have shot 7 or 8 huge spurts into her and then I could feel a few smaller ones.

We lay with each other for a few moments, my cock still inside of her. She lay almost limp now, Escort spent for the orgasm she had just experienced. I let my cock slide slowly out of her.

She looked so peaceful, just laying on her back. I kissed her breasts, then down to her stomach. I could smell her wonderful musky aroma, the scent of her juices were wafting in the air, filling my nostrils with the scent of her cunt. I kissed her monds and heard her moan when she felt the kiss. I slid between her legs and touched her lips with my fingers, letting them slid on her juices. I lowed my mouth to cover her cunt, letting my tongue run along her lips and between them. I slowly inserted my tongue as far as I could inside of her, tasting her juices, mixed with my cum. I slowly ran my thumb across her clit, very softly and caused her body to jerk. I pushed her hood back as far as I could and let my tongue run a tiny circle around her clit. I continued this for a few seconds, when suddenly she held my head tight and cam again, this time her hips humped my mouth and I was taking all of her juices. I sucked on her cunt, attempting to capture all of the juices I could. She slowed and let her body collapse on the bed again.

Glen was standing beside the bed as he leaned down and kissed Sharon, their mouths open and each tongue was touching, flicking against the other. I rolled over to the side of the bed, laying there watching the two of them. Glen got up on the bed, moving between Sharon and I. He kissed me on the lips, and he put his hand on my cock, stroking it. I moaned with the pure pleasure of his touch. He again went down on my cock, taking all of me into his mouth. His tongue was driving me insane, it felt wonderful. I knew I wanted to shot my load and I didn’t have to wait long. I felt it coming all to soon, my stomach tightened and my groin contracted. I felt my load shoot from my cock, spurt after spurt. Glen’s head was bobbing furiously attempting to coax as much cum from my cock as he possibly could. I gave as much as I could and just the touch of his tongue on the head of my cock caused me to jerk.

I lay there, exhausted as Glen came up, kissed me and whispered “Thank you.”

Sharon had apparently watched and was masturbating at the sight of Glen sucking my cock. Glen was now paying attention to Sharon, kissing and sucking on her tits. He was very had, his cock didn’t sway as he moved around he was so hard.

Sharon rolled over on her stomach and raised her ass, spreading her legs at the same time. Glen was behind her now and he was pushing his cock inside her ass. I knew how she felt now, Glen’s thick cock inside of her ass. She would rotate and push her hips onto his cock, and it didn’t take long before Glen gave in and came in her ass. I know it must have been hard for him to cum, he had done it several times already that evening.

We all lay on the bed, exhausted and spent. I know I was sated and hoped that my partners felt the same way.

Glen and I got dressed as Sharon lay on the bed, naked, exhausted and lovely. I leaned over and kissed her, thanking her for a lovely evening.

Sharon asked “Can you come over again tomorrow?”

I replied “I’d love to.”

Glen and I left, getting into the car to go back to the post. He was in a great mood, excited about the evening. We were maybe a block from his house when he reached over and took hold of my cock. I was amazed at how quickly I was hard again, and his touch was so good on my cock.

Glen asked “Can I suck you one more time before you go?”

I wasn’t sure if I could cum again, I had already cum several time that night, but the very idea of Glen suck me off was overwhelming.

I replied “Sure, why not.”

Glen drove to a spot behind a complex of buildings, it was almost totally dark. He unzipped my pants, unbuckled my belt, pulling my cock out. He went down on it immediately, again with the eager desire to please me. I leaned back in the car, letting him work on my cock, his tongue again driving me crazy. I could feel it, my groin tightened and I felt a spurt, then another. I came again, letting Glen swallow what cum I had left in me.

I just sat there as we left the dark location and headed back to the post. We talked as he drove through the city, my cock still exposed. When we were close to the post I zipped my pants and got ready to get out of the car. I knew I was going to sleep well that night.

As I got out of the car Glen said “I’ll pick you up tomorrow, about the same time.”

I replied “Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Glen said “Oh, I almost forgot, our son will be home tomorrow, he has been attending college on the East Coast.”

I replied “OK, no problem”

I sat in the barracks, wondering how having their son home might impact the pleasure we were all having.

I did sleep well, it had been a wonderful evening.

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