The Sun was Watching Us

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The sun was watching her as she kissed me. That’s what Miri was thinking, I was almost sure of it. Her soft rounded lips pressed into mine, parting for me to taste a hint of her sweet strawberry mouth. She leaned into me, luscious brown hair flowing over my shoulder, a gentle hand resting comfortably at the small of my back. Her breasts nestled around my arm, still hidden and mysterious, but warm and inviting even through her clothes. And the sun was watching us.

I slid my hand up to the back of her neck, used my mouth to part her lips a little wider, and was met by a probing tongue sliding through to flicker against my own. My animal drive was urging me on, ready to absorb into her and let go of every thought. But I held myself back just a little longer, letting myself appreciate the moment in context. This was special, something more than just a girl kissing a guy she liked, and I knew somehow that it was important to Miri that I know that.

This was her special place, she’d told me, and it was easy to understand: a secluded shelf of sandstone above a narrow canyon, with the ocean laid out in full view down below. She came here often, she said, to talk with the sun as if to a lifelong friend, to soak up the wind and listen to the sea. That sea was chanting for us now, a thrill-charged whisper urging us closer. I held Miri more firmly, she responded in kind, and our breathless kiss deepened still further, feeding on our mutual curiosity. She was moist and delicious and I couldn’t get enough of her, and the subtle writhing in her chest spoke of a similar need within her. Then her wide brown eyes half-opened, warm and unknowable behind her long dark lashes. Her questioning gaze sharpened, I felt the corners of a smile on her lips, and I knew then that it was much more than a kiss she was offering.

I’d only just met her this morning, and already I felt that I knew all about her–all but the part I was now about to explore. It started as a dating-app meetup at one of the local coffee shops. We both had Wednesdays off, it turned out, and being the quiet lull between spring break and summer, we had the place mostly to ourselves. I was impressed from the start–her pictures didn’t do her justice. Heart-shaped face and wavy hair, athletic build with the perfect amount of curve, and rich tan skin with subtle hints of mixed ancestry around the eyes and lips. But what most caught me off guard was her demeanor, a quiet openness in the way she moved and spoke, that clearly didn’t belong indoors.

After a few minutes of effortless conversation I teasingly called her on it, and even with her complexion I could see Miri was blushing. She was a ranger at the nearby wilderness park, she admitted–admitted, as if that didn’t solidify her place as the coolest girl I’d met in years. I asked if she’d rather go someplace outside, and she seemed… relieved? Nervous? Maybe even excited? In any case she agreed, and soon were in her Jeep — how cool is that! — winding up a canyon road with an ocean wind rippling in our hair and our little seaside town disappearing around the bend behind us. The conversation never broke, even when we had to rise to a shout, and when we left the Jeep behind she took my hand as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She wasn’t even being forward, really. Just… comfortable. It felt good, really good, on a lot of different levels.

After a good ten minutes down the trail, talking and laughing like old friends all the way, she suddenly paused beside a string of boulders emerging from the brush. I noticed a slight tension in her shoulders, an inward-looking quiet in her countenance, and I wondered when that had gotten there.

Then just as suddenly she gave a little nod, as if deciding something, and the tension drained away as her playful smile returned. “I want to show you something,” she said, and she leaned in to kiss me on the cheek–just a little longer, and just a little firmer, than a casual peck. Then before I could react she was scrambling across the boulders on all fours, laughing for me to keep up. I followed as best I could, my attention split between the weathered stone beneath me, and the dark, toned legs and well-rounded ass flexing in front of me just out of reach.

That same luscious ass was gyrating in my lap now, her beautiful legs locked around my waist as she kissed me from above. Her hair cascaded around my face as her spicy scent filled my every shaking breath. I slipped my hands beneath her shirt, trailing up the ridge of her spine, but I didn’t get far before she was pulling my own shirt over my head and tossing it to the side. That was the last sign I needed: she wanted this, and I wasn’t about to try and talk her out of it.

My hand rose beneath her shirt again, smoothly unclasping her bra, and she raised her arms above her head even as she continued to work my mouth with her dextrous tongue. In one motion I pulled back and lifted both shirt and bra off of her, watching in hungry delight esc as her breasts dropped free to hang, quivering, at eye level. I darted forward to lap at the firmness of her nipple, eliciting a gasp, before rising to the tendons of her shapely neck and licking, sucking, nibbling my way slowly back down. By the time I returned her nipples were fully engorged, and with a breathy laugh she pressed my head into her gorgeous tits. I feasted until her muffled moans broke free from her lips and mingled with the birdsongs echoing up the canyon.

With a feral groan she pressed into me, bearing me down until my back rested on the warm roughness of the sandstone. The sun, her silent old confidant, seared the bare skin of my chest and arms as Miri slid further down. The dry heat from above, together with the uneven swells of the lusty sea-breeze, played out in a pleasurable tingling across my skin. The sensation spread lower as my pants came away in Miris hands, and with a teasing grin she knelt on our clothes and lowered her face to my crotch.

Ribbons of pleasure exploded up the length of my fully-erect penis as she ran her tongue from the base to the tip. She gave it a flick at the end and then dove down for another run up the shaft, sending spasms down my legs and into my toes. This time as she neared the end, her hand came up to squeeze me at the base, then she lifted it back with a twist and planted her full lips over the opening at the tip. She lingered there, much as she had earlier at my mouth, gradually sliding wider and probing with soft, quick darts of her tongue. And just as I began to relax into it, she dropped with a slight gulping sound and sucked the head and half the shaft into the warm heaven of her mouth.

My eyes rolled back as I felt a groan escaping against my will. When I regained some control I looked down to find those dark, soft-slanted eyes gazing steadily back up at me while her lips and tongue continued their agonizing explorations. She let out a deep, satisfied hum with her mouth full of my cock, and it was somehow not at all out of place with her bright, almost shy persona. She wasn’t just putting on a show, I realized–all of this was real and sincere, and the fact that she meant it made her a thousand times more sexy to me. It was almost more than I could take. The sound and sight, and the sheer honesty of her, blended with the steady circular motion of her hand and mouth to spark a rising, swiftly spreading wave of sensations from my balls and up through my core. I pride myself on being able to last a good long time, usually, but this girl already had me on the edge. I wanted her, I wanted all of her, and I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I dug my fingers into her hair and pulled her back. I felt my cock clench almost unbearably as she kept sucking all the way up, until finally she slid off me with a pop. I came up on my side and guided her beneath me, both of us moving carefully to avoid scraping on the rock. I lowered her gently on her back, ran a line of firm sucking kisses from her neck down to her nipples once again, and then I moved lower to what I was really after.

Her shorts came away smoothly as she raised her hips to assist me. Her light blue panties snagged only for a moment before I wiggled them free as well. She opened her legs just enough to show me the wetness already there, the emergent folds of her lips pulling open to beckon me in. Her breathing quickened as I lowered my face to her smooth-shaven groin, the sweet musty scent of her juices all but overwhelming me as I approached. I inhaled deeply, relishing our mutual anticipation, and then I began.

I laid my tongue flat against the bottom of her slit, nearly touching the puckered hole of her anus, and slowly ascended along the twin ridges of her lips. Her taste was intoxicating. I made my way higher, savoring, enjoying every centimeter. A long drawn-out sigh lifted up from her throat, quickening my pulse, but still I kept my steady pace. Finally I reached the crowning bud of her clitoris, where I lingered with a gentle swirling motion. Then abruptly I disengaged, just long enough to see her clench with unresolved longing. I returned to the base and made another delicious ascent, just a little bit more quickly this time. Again I lingered, then retreated, and began again once more. Her breathing quickened with me. We accelerated in unison, neither of us aware who was setting the pace, and who was following. All we knew, together, was where we were going; and we were both desperate to arrive there in exactly as long as it took.

I sensed the change of momentum, seconds before she signalled with a raise of her hips. My hands slid up the smoothness of her legs, curving under to embrace the swell of her bottom with a gentle squeeze. I licked and sucked at the hollow of her thighs, heightening her anticipation, then nestled my mouth beneath her pubic mound and drew her swollen clitoris into my mouth. Miri cooed with pleasure, quivering at the waist, her breath escorts growing ever faster and shallower as I pulled with my lips and rolled it back and forth with my tongue. She planted her feet and bucked against me, her fingers scrabbling against the stone for some sort of handhold. With an earthy moan she pulled away, grabbing my head with both hands and pulling me up across her shuddering body for a throaty, gasping kiss. I returned her voracious effort while she struggled to stabilize her breathing; soon she gave up altogether and reached down to seize my cock, guiding it towards the tantalizing darkness of her vagina. I felt my cock throbbing in anticipation, spreading tremors throughout my lower body. It was time.

I raised up on my hands and reached for my wadded-up pants, anxious to get the necessary task out of the way… then pulled back in realization. I’d left my phone and wallet in Miri’s Jeep — and with them, the pack of condoms I’d brought just in case. I looked into Miri’s eyes, trying to keep the disappointment from my face. “I don’t have–“

She cut me off with a shake of her head. “I’m safe,” she gasped out between breaths. Her eyes were begging, her breasts quivering. “We’re safe. Do it.”

It was all she needed to say. My cock jumped as I placed it at the parting of her lower lips. I dipped my head and kissed her deeply, lacing my tongue with hers. Then I pressed into her. She gasped around my mouth as I slid deeper, and deeper still. In a single drawn-out motion, I buried myself to the hilt in her soaking tightness. She rolled her head back and opened her legs wide, drawing me in, her arms gripping tight around my waist and shoulders. I paused at the deepest point, letting her adjust, and then drew back just as slowly, all the way back until just the tip of me remained in the mouth of her clenching hole. She groaned, low and heavy, like an animal in heat. Still her dark, sparkling eyes gazed into mine. I pushed in again.

I fucked her slow, deep and steady, rolling my hips to grind my pubic bone back and forth across her swollen clit. Our options were limited on the rough surface, but it didn’t matter. We were locked into each other, moving together as if we’d been doing this with one another for years. Her legs crawled higher, locking around my ribcage, and finally a few strokes later ending up above my shoulders. The sun, Miri’s sun, glowed hot on my back, on my legs and buttocks–places that hadn’t felt its touch in God knows how long. The canyon wind ran cool between us each time I pulled back to thrust again, feeling like an icy breath wherever her fluids coated me. Her hands were all over me, on my back, my chest, in my hair, and a blissful smile was painted her upturned face as she stared into the open sky.

I felt her calf muscles go tight as she crossed her ankles behind my neck. I was vaguely aware of Miri planting her hands out to either side of her body, then she flexed a the waste to lift her ass and hips high off the ground and draw me in at a deeper angle. I shifted my weight to my knees, far too focused now to care about scrapes, and freed my hands to grope and knead at the sumptuous flesh of her ass cheeks as they began to gyrate around the base of my cock. It wouldn’t be long now, I knew. She was hitting all the right spots, her pussy clenched tight around my shaft and her ass grinding deliciously back and forth across my balls. And from the silent scream that stretched her sunkissed face ever wider, it looked like she was hitting her own spots too.

I doubled down hard, pressing in with all my weight while she twisted and bobbed, then out and back in again. I ramped up the pace, careful not to slide her around, then placed one steadying hand beside her head and lowered my mouth to her joyfully bouncing tits. I licked and pulled with abandon, revelling in her taste and texture and the crescendoing moans of her overwhelming pleasure.

Finally her eyes found mine once again, blinking as if struggling to focus. She opened her mouth to speak but only a voiceless gasp emerged. On the third try she was able to force it out: “I want to ride you!”

Moving together, and sharing a laugh at the occasional awkwardness of our movements, we got me off of her and onto my back. I spread our discarded clothes on either side of me to offer some scant padding for her knees. Miri straddled me, but not how I was expecting: she faced my feet, and her canyon and beaming sun beyond, offering me a gorgeous view of the tight curves of her back and the swell of her exquisite ass.

Her hand moved me into position and she dropped herself onto my shaft. She wasted no time: she knew where she was going and just how to get there, and launched right into a rocking, hip-swinging rhythm. Her hair streamed out in the breeze, her tits were swinging boldly in the full daylight, and I was just along for the ride. And God, what a ride it was.

I dug my fingers into the pliant meat of her ass, spreading her wide and eskort slamming her onto me with every backstroke. My thumb found its way to her tight little ass hole, now coated with the excess of her lubricating juices. I prodded and teased and slid back and forth over the slippery, clenching bundle of nerves. Still she rode me, unrelenting. The sensations were almost too much. I felt in intimate detail the inner walls of her vagina as she repeatedly furrowed them with my painfully rigid cock. With each curving motion she ground her wet pussy lips down to the very root of my cock, then then gripped it tight from within. She held that squeezing grip from the base all the way back up to that sensitive point just below the head. Then she slammed back down again with a half twist on the way. Again and again and again, venting her pleasure in a part-laugh, part-scream that resounded like some wild forgotten music off the canyon walls. God, it was too much!

I felt the swelling rise within me, the inexorable promise of an explosion to come. This time it was too strong, there would be no stopping it; at best I could hold back the tide for a few seconds more. “I can’t hold it,” I squeezed out, more grunt than speech.

“Just a little longer,” she replied just as breathlessly as she quickened her pace yet again. “Hold it for me, I’m almost there!”

I strained with everything I had. It felt like holding back a tidal wave, and one I desperately hungered to be swept away by. I grit my teeth with the effort, shaking from my core with the sweetly exquisite pain of it. Almost there, she said. She ground into my balls with a frenzied assault, triggering every nerve I had in that most sensitive region of my being. I had to hold it in. Just a little bit more… No, fuck, it was breaking through. I couldn’t even want to stop it now.

“Oh God, I can’t–” The words were gone.

“Give it to me!” she breathed out, and before the words left her mouth I erupted. My entire being was focused into the shaft buried within her, flexing and pumping with unbearable intensity. I was scarcely aware of the groan leaving my body; even Miri’s exuberant moans were only vaguely present to my ears. All that mattered was the blissful release of my ejaculation, forcing my fluids deep into her. Again… and again… and again. I last I was empty. Empty and satisfied, as fully as I could ever remember being. And more.

Silence returned, all but our breathing and the birds around us. With a final shaking sigh Miri collapsed forward onto my legs. Her ass cheeks were spread wide, still faintly trembling with the aftershocks of her orgasm. I watched them subside, happy to have held out long enough for Miri to reach her climax. I drew in a slow, deep breath, held it for a moment, and let it out in a silent, contented sigh.

I laid my head back and closed my eyes, relishing the feel of the warm stone beneath me. I drifted in the sound of the birds and the breeze, idly stroking the warm curves of Miri’s backside, comforted by the soft, erotic pressure of her body stretched out across my lower half. Above us the midday sun beamed down approvingly.

Never before had I fucked out in the wild like this. And in broad daylight, no less! I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it, but I knew one thing: I wanted more. I was hooked, intoxicated by the living realness of it. This was sex as we were made to do it, as they used to do it long before anyone ever thought of houses or beds. Then I had to chuckle silently to myself at the unbidden thought: it doesn’t get any more old school than this.

Did Miri do this all the time? It would explain that honest, refreshing sexiness that I found so appealing in her. It was as if her love of nature was broad enough to simply take in human nature, and everything that entailed, without needing to challenge it or justify it in the ways we so often do. Have sex on a rock in full view of the ocean and sun? Sure, why not?

I wondered if she did this with every guy she brought out here. Maybe the thought would have bothered me, before, but with Miri it just fit in a way that felt good. Maybe it felt a little too good; before I knew it my dick was getting hard again, thinking about Miri getting fucked out here every which way.

I was yanked from these fantasies by a crush of bodily excitement: Miri sitting up and twisting around, slippery and sensuous, with my now-rigid dick still imprisoned in the soaking tightness of her pussy. She draped herself forward, tits bulging into my chest, her soft hair spilling around my face.

“Hey there,” she whispered, an almost shy little smile adorning her lips. “You going somewhere with that?”

“Well, I, uh…” What do you say at a time like that? I was just imagine how you fuck other dudes, and I think it’s kinda hot?

She spared me having to explain, pulling off my cock with a teasing little twist and stretching herself out beside me. “Well, just don’t get ahead of yourself. We’ve got all day, you know.”

I had to close my eyes again and send a silent thank you to the gods of sex. This girl was just too good to be real. But the sun was still up there, and I was starting to really feel it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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