The Surprise

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It’s an amazing thing to discover something new. Especially when you discover something new about yourself. I had this picture of myself, see, and what I saw was a boring, middle-aged guy, slightly chubby, stuck in a dead-end office job living the most ordinary life imaginable. I wanted adventure! I wanted something new! So when Anne suggested that we have an open marriage, it didn’t take much arm-twisting to get me to agree.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife. I love her more than anything or anyone in this world. She is, and always had been, my best friend. It’s exactly that closeness that made it possible for me to imagine her being with another man. I knew her love for me would remain undiminished, as would my feelings for her. It’s just sex. It’s like her going to play bridge with her girlfriends or me going bowling with the guys. The sex would be another activity that we did without each other. That’s all.

My expectation was that Anne would get laid right away. It’s easier for women. If a woman walks into a bar and announces, “I want to fuck!” then she’s going to have a line of men applying for the position. If a man did the same thing, he’d be thrown out as a creepy pervert. Hell, I was even tentative about installing Tinder on my phone.

The truth of what happened was that Anne did not go right out and find someone to fuck. She told me later that she was waiting on me to do it first. She wanted me to be unfaithful so that it was okay for her to be unfaithful. A week went by after our decision to open up our marriage. Then two weeks. We didn’t ask each other how it was going. I didn’t want to know details and I had none to share. It was as if we had changed nothing about our life.

And then came Saturday.

I was supposed to be golfing. It was bright and warm but not too hot, and I had a lot of frustration I needed to let out. Instead, my golfing partner called to say he was too sick to come, and I didn’t want to play by myself, so I turned around and headed home. It was a half hour to the golf course, and I was halfway there, so I’d been gone from the house barely thirty minutes when I returned home to find a strange car parked in the driveway.

My blood ran cold. This was it, I thought. Anne had someone in there right now. She was fucking a strange man in my house. I was angry at first, but that quickly faded. Wasn’t this what we’d agreed on? Where else was Anne supposed to go? After the anger evaporated, I was left with a strange feeling of happiness. Anne had been the one to suggest the open marriage, which in my mind meant she was the one who wanted it most. She was getting what she needed right now. She would be happy, and her happiness is what made me happy.

Following that, I felt horny. My wife was being fucked. God, it was sick, but I wanted to see it. I was out of the car before I knew I’d made a decision. I could sneak in through the back door, I told myself. They’d never know I had even been there. One little look and then I’d leave. I just had to know she was okay. I wanted to know if she was truly happy doing this.

By the sound of things when I entered the kitchen, Anne was very happy. I could hear her moaning loudly right away. They weren’t in the bedroom, they were on the sofa in the living room. Damn it! That’s where I took my naps! I took off my shoes and my sock feet made no noise as I crept over the linoleum floor to the doorway. I braced myself for what I might see. Some big black guy pounding my wife’s asshole? Two men? Someone I knew?

I didn’t expect to see the sleek body of a woman laying between my wife’s pale legs. They were humping at each other and kissing passionately. Anne looked so amazing, so fucking sexy, and I felt a weird sense of relief that she was having sex with another woman instead of some man. My manly ego was not dented. Not much, anyway. I watched my wife’s pale, slightly plump body writhing beneath the lithe, tanned blonde on top of her and began Alanya Escort to rub my erection through my pants. The plan to take a peek and leave had flown out the window.

“I’m going to cum!” Anne shouted, breaking off the kissing. “Uh! Uh! Uuuhhh!” Her lovely face scrunched up as orgasm washed through her. I saw her lock her legs tightly around the blonde, watched her tremble, saw her cute toes curling, and I felt elated. Anne relaxed eventually, and the pair kissed again. “Are you close?” Anne asked.

“Not really,” the blonde replied in a raspy, sexy voice. “I told you, it’s not so easy for me. It feels wonderful though, Anne. It really does.”

“I’m so glad I met you,” Anne said, caressing the blonde’s face.

“Me, too,” the blonde replied. I was too far behind them to see the blonde’s expression, but Anne’s smile was beatific. Slowly, the blonde began to grind again. Anne groaned and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she was looking right at me.

Her eyes widened. I froze like a statue, suddenly ashamed of myself for watching her. She couldn’t miss the fact that my hand was squeezing my cock. Her shock quickly melted into a smile. The blonde was nibbling her neck and couldn’t see Anne’s mouth silently forming the words, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I mouthed back at her. Anne crooked a finger at me, beckoning me closer. I shook my head and she motioned more emphatically.

“What is it?” the blonde asked, lifting her head.

“Charlotte, do you remember what we talked about earlier?” Anne asked. “About Sam?”

“Your husband? Oh! Yes, I remember,” Charlotte laughed. “About the fact he was what got us together in the first place, right?”

“Yes,” Anne said. “You confessed that you thought he was hot, that you wanted him to fuck you, and then…well, this happened.”

Charlotte lifted herself a little higher. “What are you getting at, Anne?” she asked. “Do you think he’d go for it? Would you be okay with it?”

“Absolutely,” Anne said, pulling Charlotte back down on top of her, squashing their ample breasts together. They kissed tenderly. Anne said, “What if he was here right now? Would it be okay if he just came up and, I don’t know, put his cock right up your ass?”

To my surprise, Charlotte moaned. “God, yes!” she said. “I’d fucking love that. I told you, I wanted him to be my first.”

“Just like he was mine,” Anne agreed. “I think it would be wonderful. I can picture him right now, taking off all of his clothes, creeping up behind you while you fuck me, getting in behind you, his strong hands on your hips…”

Charlotte moaned and shivered. “My God, you’re good,” she said.

Anne laughed. “Imagine it, Charlotte,” she said. “Sam’s thick, hard cock probing you, entering your asshole, filling you up. Think of him on top of you, on top of both of us, you fucking me while he fucks you so deeply, filling you with cock and then his hot creamy sperm.”

Charlotte moaned again. “Please,” she grunted, thrusting against Anne harder. “Please, more.”

Anne looked at me. “Yes, more,” she said. “Imagine it happening right now. Now!”

That was it. I was over the edge. Off came my shirt. Down and off went my pants. I awkwardly used my toes to remove my socks and then shucked off my briefs on my way to the sofa. My hard cock bobbed in front of me, pointing the way. There were times when I’d wished I was more endowed. Every man wishes that at one point or another. My simple five inches had always been enough for my wife, though, and I hoped it would be enough for Charlotte.

She jumped, startled, when I touched her soft ass. She twisted around to look at me over her shoulder. “Sam!” she gasped. Then she noticed I was naked. She whirled to look at Anne.

“He came in a few minutes ago and he’s been watching,” Anne said. “This is what you want, right? If you don’t…”

“No!” Charlotte said sharply. “I mean, yes! Yes, Alanya Escort Bayan this is what I want.” She twisted to look back at me. She looked at my cock. A moan slid out of her throat. Anne tugged on her, turning her, pulling her down on top of her again.

“Fuck her, Sam,” Anne said. “Fuck her tight asshole.”

Anal sex was something Anne and I had tried a few times. I loved it, but Anne didn’t get anything out of it other than feeling uncomfortable, so I stopped asking for it. Now, getting behind Charlotte, my cock was literally drooling. Anne spread her legs wider, one leg hanging off the sofa. Charlotte spread hers as much as she could on the sofa cushions. It was ungainly, but that wasn’t going to stop me. I ran a hand up Charlotte’s back, relishing the hot softness of her skin. Anne was soft, too, but Charlotte had a layer of youthful muscle beneath the skin that Anne did not. My wife was gentle, Charlotte was an athlete.

My cock probed between the woman’s ass cheeks and it was my turn to moan. I grabbed my cock with one hand and tried spreading her cheeks with the other. Charlotte let her full weight rest on Anne as she used both hands to reach back and pull her ass cheeks apart for me, revealing an adorable pink puckered asshole.

That wasn’t all that was revealed, either. Below her asshole was her sex. For a moment, I just froze, trying to assess what it was I was seeing. Not a pussy, no. Balls. Tiny balls and below that a thin cock that disappeared into my wife’s pussy. Charlotte wasn’t exactly a woman. She was transgender. My wife was having sex with a shemale. And, technically, now I was too.

“It’s okay, Sam,” I heard Anne say to me. “Please.”

Any homophobia I had went into hiding when she said that. Charlotte was not a man, she was a woman. Her genitals didn’t matter. I pressed the head of my drooling cock against her asshole and pushed. Charlotte gasped loudly. My cock didn’t want to penetrate her, so I leaned back, spit onto my fingers, and rubbed the fingers against her asshole. I probed into her with one finger, making her groan. Out came the finger, and in went the cock. I pressed against her sphincter again and, this time, I began to ooze into her. It was amazing to watch my cock vanishing into Charlotte’s rectum. I’d never watched my cock entering Anne. I told myself I’d have to do that next time we made love.

“It’s…going in,” Charlotte said raspily to Anne. “I’ve got a cock inside me!”

“I’m so happy for you!” Anne said, hugging Charlotte. The blonde let go of her ass cheeks so she could take some of her weight off of Anne, but I didn’t stop. I eased back, pushed, eased back, pushed again, sinking incrementally into Charlotte’s ass. Finally, my graying pubic hairs were flush against Charlotte’s toned ass cheeks. She let loose with a long groan and shuddered.

“Congratulations,” Anne said to the woman. “You’re totally not a virgin anymore.”

“Oh, my God,” Charlotte moaned. She gasped when I pulled back, gasped louder when I shoved back in, and then moaned again. After that, the room was filled with the sounds of lovemaking. I thrust into Charlotte which pushed her little dick into my wife’s pussy. I pulled back, and Charlotte withdrew from Anne to push her ass back at me, wanting me inside again. We repeated that over and over, my hands grasping Charlotte’s waist, my wife’s arms around Charlotte’s torso. I listened to the squelching of Charlotte’s cock moving in and out of Anne’s wet pussy. I heard them kissing passionately. I heard the soft slurp my cock made every time it withdrew from Charlotte and plunged back in. I smelled pussy and musk, but what I did not smell was ass. My cock came out of Charlotte’s rectum as clean as it went in.

Finally, maybe five minutes later, I couldn’t take anymore. “I’m going to cum!” I announced.

“Don’t pull out!” Charlotte yelled, slamming back at me. “Don’t pull out, cum inside me!”

I Escort Alanya think I screamed. My orgasm was one of the strongest I’d ever felt. I slammed deeply into Charlotte’s ass and jetted semen deeply into her bowels. I thrust back and forth in small motions, milking the pleasure and the sperm out of me, spewing it into Charlotte’s body.

Charlotte suddenly went stiff. “Cum…cumming!” she cried out.

“Yes!” Anne said, clasping the blonde tightly. “Cum, baby. Cum in my pussy! Fill me up!”

Charlotte arched her back. I could feel the pleasure rippling through her. She thrust at Anne just as I had thrust at her, giving my wife whatever load her feminine body could produce. I found my face near Charlotte’s, so I kissed her shoulder and neck. She twisted so that our lips could meet. Briefly, the memory of the fact that she was born a boy flitted through my brain and then was quickly dismissed. It didn’t matter. She was curvy, feminine, beautiful, soft, wonderfully woman enough. The kiss was brief but filled with promise.

She then lay down on Anne, panting. My cock had slipped out of her, so I leaned back on my heels and watched my cum flowing out of Charlotte’s gaping asshole. Even as I watched, her sphincter closed up, trapping most of my load inside her. I looked lower. Charlotte’s cock was shrinking down to a tiny size. Anne’s pussy was glistening wet, but I saw no semen. Eventually, Anne got Charlotte off of her, rolling her to the side, against the back of the sofa, allowing me to crawl up and kiss her deeply.

“I love you so much, Sam,” she said, caressing my face.

“I love you too, Anne, with all my heart,” I told her.

“Aww! You two are so sweet,” Charlotte said.

Anne giggled. “You don’t know who she is, do you?” she asked.

I turned to look at Charlotte. It was the first time I’d really looked at her, and I tried to guess where I might have met her. Slightly Asian features, brown eyes, meaning the hair was probably dyed, full sensual lips, curving jawline…she was stunningly attractive. But I couldn’t place her.

“Does the name Charlie ring any bells?” Anne asked.

Suddenly, it clicked. “Charlie!” I said. “From…from next door! You moved away when you were, what? Fifteen?”

“Uh, huh,” Charlotte nodded. “We moved because I wanted to transition. Mom and Dad are very liberal, thank God. But I never forgot you.”

“Did you hear what she said, Sam?” Anne asked. “She said she dreamed of you being her first. And you were. You’ve made her dream come true.”

I think I blushed. “I’m honored, Charlotte,” I said. “I never knew. I’m sorry.”

“You couldn’t have known,” Charlotte said. “I was really good at hiding it. But I’m not hiding it anymore. I’m twenty-three and I have my own life to live. As a woman.”

“What about this?” Anne asked. “Are we going to be part of our life now?”

Charlotte groaned. “Jesus, I hope so,” she said.

“I think I’d like that, too,” I said. If anyone had asked me if that’s what I’d say in this situation before that day, I’d have laughed and told them no fucking way. Strange how imagination feels so flimsy in the face of reality. “Charlotte, can I kiss you again?” I asked.

She didn’t answer, she just leaned forward. I met her halfway and we kissed. It was tender, gentle, wet, and incredibly erotic. When we parted, Anne’s face was right there, smiling. We both turned to her at the same time and the kiss became a three-way. Tentatively, I slid my hand over Charlotte’s breasts and down to her crotch. I grasped her little cock gently. It began to swell in my hand. My own cock had never fully deflated, and now it began to swell as well.

“Hey, what do you two think about moving this to the bedroom?” I suggested.

“Yes!” Charlotte agreed. Anne just beamed at me. I got up first and then helped Anne to her feet. Charlotte sprang up and sprinted past us up the stairs, her cock bobbing in front of her. Anne laughed.

“You sure you can handle this?” Anne asked, sliding her arm around my waist.

I gazed down at my perfect wife and smiled. “As long as you’re by my side? I’m ready for anything.”

“Good,” she said. And then she led me upstairs to our new mutual lover, and we’ve never looked back.

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