The Surprise

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I stepped out of my car and looked at my phone. I was a little early, but I don’t think Frost will care. She would probably understand why I rushed here so quickly. The surprise from her was enough to get me to drop everything, but the text she sent just over did it. The fact that no cop stopped me was a shocker – and a bit a of a good sign that today is going in my favor. I walked up to the door to find a note in Frost’s handwriting. ‘If you are reading this note, Garret, then you missed me. I left a key under the bottom left leaf of the plant on the right for you, come in and wait. I’ll be back in a bit.’ I swore and crumpled the paper; she knew I’d be early and planned this to make me suffer. I luckily knew she always meant the opposite of what she said when it came to hiding stuff, the key was underneath the top right leaf of the plant on left. I unlocked the door and cautiously walked in as to not disturb her dogs.

I decided to go down stairs and take a nap on the couch. If she was gonna be gone, even if it wasn’t for long, I was gonna take a nice nap. When I got to the bottom of the stairs the lights lit up on their own and my eyes fell onto the image of Frost walking towards me. Her fire red hair was in french style braid that fell over her shoulder. The little makeup she wore complimented her emerald green eyes, making them look even more like a gem. And to finish off her look, she had on a red satin push up bra with black lace trim and a matching thong.

“Surprise, Garret.” The kiss she gave me was gentle, seductive. It drew me forward before she even tugged at the collar of my shirt. When we were close enough to the couch Frost shoved me down onto it and straddled herself on my hips. Her kisses became for lustful the more they occurred. Frost started to pull at the bottom of my shirt. “You’re overdressed” After my shirt came off she started to undo my belt, zipper, and button, but needed help with taking off my pants, which was due to the height advantage I had over her. When my pants were on the floor next to us she lowered herself back onto me and started to undo her bra. Frost covered my eyes with it so I couldn’t see what she did next.

I tried to move it, but she kept it there. “Come on, Frost, let me see.”

She gave me a kiss to get me to stop complaining then stood up. “Be quiet and wait.” I could feel her wiggling her legs, but without my sight I couldn’t figure out what she was doing. When I was able to take her bra off my eyes the first thing I saw was Frost standing above of me, her wet pussy directly in front of me. A smirk grew on my face before I grabbed her hips and started to generously ate her pussy. Frost bit her lip as usual whenever I touched her, but this time she let out a long breath with a hint of a moan. She tasted sweet like a fruit, making it even more enjoyable to do this. Using two of my fingers I spread her lips slightly so I could slip my tongue inside of her. The long breaths she took soon turned shaky as they were filled moans. Hearing them made me lick faster and start to finger her with two that were spreading her lips. Frost started to roll her hips very slightly, wanting more, but I knew she was close so I pulled back to let her catch her breath. It wasn’t long before I surprised her with a nibble on her clit, sending her into a small orgasm. I wanted to continue to give her a full orgasm, but I didn’t want her body to give out before we were even to the real fun. I lowered her back down to my lap and letting her taste herself with a french kiss. After we pulled away from each other I lightly traced my fingers around her weak spots. “My turn?”

Frost gave me a seductive nod and nibbled my ear before getting off me. She turned around and got on her knees in front Ataşehir Escort of me. I would never make her get on her knees, but if she did it willingly without me asking or ordering, I wasn’t going to complain. My boxers weren’t on for very much longer as she wanted to give me the same amount of pleasure I just gave her. I shivered slightly from her cold hand wrapping around my shaft. It was something she could use to her advantage in situations like this, especially when came to teasing. Frost slowly started to move her hand up and down, every time in some way brushing the tip. I let out a low sigh that caused her to tease the tip instead. She could tell that I hated it, but enjoyed it at the same time from the reaction I gave. I was writhing from the sensitivity to her could hand, but she was obviously enjoying teasing me like this. When I started to harden more than I already was she lowered her head down and licked my whole length, still giving most of the attention to the tip. I was about to beg her to suck me, but Frost already took me into her mouth. She must have sucked on some ice cubes before I came over because her mouth was cold like her hands, but it soon started to warm up. I never imagined a simple change in temperature could feel so good; the evidence of the pleasure was obvious in the groans I failed to keep down. It wasn’t long before my dick started to pulse as I came close which Frost used to her advantage and sucked in rhythm with the pulsing. When I was just about to cum she took one last suck down before releasing me. She started to kiss up my body, starting with my tip then working her way up. “Did you bring it?” Frost asked after stopping just before kissing me.

“Back right pocket.” I tried to kiss her but she moved off of me to grab the surprise. She pulled a condom out the back pocket of my pants and tore it open. Frost crawled back onto me and kissed me while putting the condom on me. I kissed her back passionately before she pushed my shoulders into the back the couch while lowering herself onto me. The feeling of being inside of her was amazing, strange, and eye opening all in one. It took Frost a second to collect herself, but then started to move herself up and down the upper part of my shaft. It’s understandable why she wasn’t riding me like a cowgirl on a bucking horse, but I knew she would take a while to warm up to the feeling on her own. So, I took a bit of the directive and helped by taking a hold of her sides and pulling her down while bucking my hips up slowly. Frost let out some of the most lustful and emotional vocal responses that I’d ever heard. They were getting louder and passionate the more I put myself inside of her, and each time I heard them it made want to thrust my full length inside to get her ready.

Within a few minutes of slowly warming up to my cock being inside her, Frost ripped her braid apart and let her hair fall down in a mess, she was ready for the real thing. “I think it’s time to stop playing around.” She moved herself forward and bit my earlobe to get me going. After I stopped shivering I responded with a very selfish smirk and started to speed up how often I bucked my hips. Frost was in ecstasy, loving every moment. The walls of her pussy were tightening around me whenever I buck up and relaxed as I came out, sending me into my own heat driven mind like Frost’s. I took my hands off of her hips to give her breasts the attention that I haven’t given. In my opinion her breasts were perfect; they aren’t massive but still above average. They were soft yet firm enough to be groped properly and fit my hands perfectly, which I used to my advantage quite often. I cupped both of her breasts in my hands, massaging them thoroughly with the ever random rough squeeze Kadıköy Escort to keep Frost in her toes. She moved herself toward me so my self was directly in front of her chest, which was a good and bad idea for her. I used the advantage to start sucking on her breasts, even nibbling her nipple to make her jump and/or scream slightly.

“I know you’re close, don’t hide it cause you think you’ll look more like a whore, you won’t. I’d love it if you didn’t hide it,” I told Frost cause the walls of her pussy were beginning to tighten around my cock as she neared an orgasm. Thankfully my advice was taken, she relaxed and began to give expression that I knew meant she was seventh heaven. With her hands still on my shoulder I was being pushed back more as an orgasm started to rock through her body; her nails began to scratch into my skin, leaving marks that I’d have to cover up. I continued to buck my hips as Frost experienced the orgasm, but it wasn’t long lived as my own orgasm began to rock through me. I would have loved to have done that without a condom, but she would never have let me.

Frost let herself fall onto my torso, both of us out of breath. I had couple more rounds left in me, maybe three, but I never expected Frost have more left in her. So, when she asked, “Ready for round two?” I was surprised, but didn’t care. She got up and took my hand. “Let’s go to my room.” I stood up and let her lead me to our destination. When we reached her room she immediately shut the door and went to her dresser. Frost pulled out a condom and ripped it open. I received an intense kiss while having my balls cupped in her hand and the condoms switched. Frost then did a small twirl to face the other way, obviously seducing me in the way she walked over to the bed. I walked over to the bed after she was on all fours and rubbing her pussy with one hand. Stepping onto the bed she put her hands on the headboard before giving me a lustful smirk. I answered her call and rubbed her pussy with the tip of my dick for sliding it in. Being able to put that last inch in her this way definitely made in a difference in the way Frost felt and expressed her pleasure. She began to match my rhythm by rocking back and forth, though it was a little pointless because I rocked her forward because my thrust were harder than her rocking. I finally gave up and grabbed her hips to get her to stay put. Her moans grew louder the faster and harder I would thrust in. I wish I could drill her, but that would cause her pain at this point, I’ll save that for later.

“Get up, Frost,” I said and pulled her hands up from the headboard and pinned her to the wall in front of us. The only protest I got from her was to not press her head into the wall; other than that she was completely fine and even seemed to enjoy it. I pulled her away from the wall just enough to allow my hands to please her breasts. I was rougher with my hands this time, squeezing them more often and harder than I had before. She was enjoying every minute of it, even asking me to play with her breasts harder. Frost’s nipples were the next targets for my hands to mess with; they were played with a delicate roughness that was obviously loved by her. I tugged and twisted ever so slightly to give her senses a jump, but never enough to cause any real pain. Frost began to emit the same passionate and lustful noises as earlier, but they were more primitive as she finally let herself loosen up fully. Even the feeling of her pussy was better when she finally let it go. I slowly kissed around her neck while letting go of one of her nipples to reach down and tease her clit. Frost responded with a happily moan while trying to get closer to me. To both of our surprises she lasted much longer, allowing Ümraniye Escort me to experiment with her even more. I took her off the wall and tossed her onto her back, then climbed on top to finish off what we had started. Right when she was about to orgasm I reached down to her clit and pinched it, along with a hard pinch to one of her nipples, and a small bite to the weak spot on her neck. Her body seemed to act as if I gave her a double orgasm, but it was probably just a large one. I was still able to go, though close to my own climax. Frost begged to not stop even though she had already gone through two orgasm; if she had been on all fours or pressed against the wall, her legs would have gave out. It wasn’t long before I climaxed with a final hard thrust into her.

After catching my breath I pulled Frost up and into my lap. She used the momentum I gave her to push me down onto my back so she could cuddle with me. I ran my hands through her fire red hair to calm her down and let her relax. She gave me one of the best days I could ask for and I wanted her to relax now. It was something she deserved, and it was something I wasn’t going to deny her. That is, until she executed the last part of her plan. “I do have one for thing for you,” Frost whispered into my ear before nibbling it while slipping off the condom and getting me hard again by cupping my balls and lightly running her finger in circles on the tip. “Sit up,” She ordered after kissing me and standing up. I did as she said out of curiosity of what she was planning. Once I was sitting on the edge of the bed, Frost got on her knees in front of me. All I was receiving at first was a simple handjob to begin with, nothing special. But, it was only to get me harder so she could actually give the final part of her plan. I realized what she was doing right away when she moved closer than necessary for a blowjob and lifted up her breasts. The fact that she was doing this was enough to turn me on even more, making the handjob she gave me pretty pointless.

The feeling of a boobjob wasn’t as great as being inside of a girl, but it was way better than a blowjob. Frost’s breasts were able to please every part of my cock with minimal effort, making it hard for me to not groan. I tried to lift my hips up in an instinctive manner, but I was pushed back down when ever I tried; Frost wasn’t going to let me help with my own pleasure. I was in a comfortable pleasure from this, even leaning back to relax, but she broke that comfortableness by licking the tip whenever she moved her breasts down to expose it. This simple action was enough to make my cock start warm up as I came close. Frost could tell I was close and began to move her breasts out of order, one up the other down while still licking then sucking whenever the moment arose. The actions were beginning to be more than I could take as there wasn’t even a warning feeling before I came. It wasn’t a huge cum shot, but I still covered her the top of her breasts. I fell back onto my elbows panting more than I had after the last orgasm I had. Frost stood up and teased me with a seductive lick of her finger after she wiped some cum off with it. I got up and kissed her, not caring that what she had just done because it was just a little bit.

My hand was again taken by Frost and I was led back downstairs to grab our – well mostly my – cloths. I got dressed slowly, my mind still fixated on Frost’s amazing body and what she had just given to me. I offered to help her clean up the small mess we made, but she kissed my cheek and smiled. “No, you go home. I can clean up. Don’t be too distracted now while driving.” I kissed her one last time and left before she got mad. I was about to climb into my car when I felt my phone go off. Frost sent me a text: ‘Have fun tonight, Garret.’ The text also included a picture of her in the outfit she wore when I walked in, and the same teasing pose that she did while we were in her room. I smirked while getting in the car to leave. This day couldn’t get better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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