The Sweet Taste of Innocence Ch. 01

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Michael Sanchez smiled devilishly at the sexy young brunette sitting across the table from him. Her deep sapphire eyes and mousy hair shone under the glow of the candles, and there was a small blush in her cheeks as she pushed a bite of mashed potato around her plate nervously. Her white dress stood out bright as snow against her tan skin, with those dark curls cascading down her shoulders, mixing hot and cold in such a sensuous manner. Michael was forced to shift uncomfortably in his seat. The girl obviously noticed and he shrugged then flashed another smile, as if challenging her to ask. Her eyes flicked quickly back to her plate and the blush darkened.

Bringing up a mental picture of her profile in his mind, Michael picked out the pieces of their conversations before she had come here. She loved a man who was forceful, knew what he wanted, and demanded it of her. Her greatest fantasy was to pleasure herself and a partner in public; a wish he intended to grant tonight. Of course, the lounge where they were taking their meal was a private one for his own use. The only other people were the waiters and waitresses, and a few of his other servants planted about to give the feeling of a real restaurant.

He leaned forward to whisper to his date, “How are you enjoying yourself my dear?” She nodded slowly and his upper lip twitched. “Are you alright, Darling?”

The girl squirmed a little, her delicious-looking breasts shifting, barely contained in the dramatic sweeping drop of her neckline. She was obviously not wearing a bra, at his request, as her nipples were beginning to harden and poke through the flimsy material. He wondered if she had followed his other orders and rested his hand on her knee under the table.

“Is my sexy little slut having problems?” He asked, his voice little more than a husky growl.

The girl blushed, her gaze wandering nervously about the room. Michael smiled more, knowing she had no idea that the people there were his own personal staff. She nodded slowly, and dropped her gaze. He could see the resignation in her stance, and knew she would fall perfectly into the role they had conjured up for her for the night. “M-Master,” she whimpered quietly, her hands sliding between her thighs as she clenched them together. “P-please…”

“Please what?” Michael coaxed, using his thumb to massage her knee, relaxing her legs again. As she released them, he slid his hand up her inner thigh and to her moist pussy, using his whole hand to rub over her outer lips. A small moan escaped her lips and she grabbed his wrist, making him stop.

“Let me do it, please?” she begged, her tone hoarse and needy. He pulled back his hand, an amused glint in his eyes as he could hear her slip her fingers against her wet cunt. The hardness of his cock pressed uncomfortably against his dress pants. This girl, in all her innocence, was so erotic, it was almost more than he could manage.

“Only if you lift your skirt so I can watch.”

Horror flashed across her face for a moment, Cihangir travesti but she did as she was told, beginning to lift the hem of her dress and massaging her clit slowly, her breathing becoming more shallow and heated. He moved his chair around the table a little and pulled hers out so the whole dining room would obviously be able to see what was happening.

“Higher,” he encouraged her.

“B-but people are watching,” she protested.

“And…?” he argued. Her scent rose to greet him with such tantalizing warmth. He almost lost it, but regained his composure just in time to see her reluctantly lift her skirt up over her round, smooth ass, and reveal her pussy fully. It glistened and shone in the glow of the low lights as she rubbed it, moaning at the sensation she was creating for herself.

He couldn’t help but to reach out and start rubbing it again, feeling his fingers glide through her wetness as he rubbed her clit. “Good girl.” She moaned loudly, closing her eyes in pleasure. He smiled, watching her clit swell as he rubbed it, slipping a finger inside, feeling how tight her young pussy was. Gently, he began moving it in and out, hooking it slightly to tease her G-spot. She squirmed slowly in delight, her full lips panting heavily.

Slowly, keeping his finger inside her, he slid her over and into his lap. She laid her head back against his shoulder, a move that showed him just how much she enjoyed the feelings. Smiling evilly, He spread her lips wide to show off her glistening pussy to the members of his home. In this way, he meant to drive home the fact that he was head of this house; that he was top dog; alpha wolf. The girl just lolled there, completely relaxed in his grasp.

Still fingering with one hand, Michael used his free hand to pull her neckline down, letting her breasts pop out, leaving her exposed to the whole dining room. The scent of sex rose about them like steam, and he could hear the rustling of restlessness among his household. He fondled her breast in one hand and continued to finger her, massaging her clit with his thumb.

“Oh, Master,” she exclaimed. “I’m going to cum.”

He slowed his motion, testing her resolve a little before nodding. “Cum, my slave.”

At those words, it was as if a button had been pressed and the girl came, her juice flowing out over his fingers, lap and the floor as she tried to hold in a scream. He smiled as she released, loving the tension of her climaxing pussy as he pulled his fingers out of her depths. As she came down from her heaven, panting hard and limp, he reached beneath her to undo his dress pants. Her eyes widened as he murmured, “Of course we aren’t done yet.”

Eagerly, his cock sprang out, rubbing against her soaking pussy, teasing and tantalizing against her fiery flesh. She moaned loudly against him and squirmed, positioning herself perfectly over him. He smiled, just rubbing the tip over her skin, testing her.

“Please,” she begged in a breathless whisper.

“Please Fındıkzade travesti what?” he asked, smirking as he rubbed a little harder, his thumb finding her clit again.

Her voice dropped a little. “Please put it in me.”

He smiled and replied, “I can’t hear you.”

She raised her voice a little to mutter, “Please, enter me.”

He got close to her ear and smiled cruelly as he whispered, “They can’t hear you.”

The girl bit her lip and hesitated, and he froze, waiting for her to make up her mind. To his surprise, she actually mustered up the strength and said loud enough for the whole room to hear, “Please, Master, enter my pussy with your thick, long cock.”

He nibbled her neck in approval, enticing a moan from her before sliding in hard and deep, making her gasp as he felt her stretch around him and swallow his length. Slowly, he began pulling out, lifting her slowly so the tip was barely inserted, before releasing her hips and letting her slide back down. He continued this slow teasing motion for a good ten minutes, slowing even more every time the girl seemed close to climax.

Pretty quickly, Michael felt bored with this little game and stood, the girl still impaled on his throbbing cock. He moved so she was pressed securely against the table and started moving again, thrusting in and out of her tight pussy, going a little harder with each stroke. Each thrust brought on a stronger wave of passion and heat as he began to pick up the pace. Pretty soon, the glasses and dishes on the table clinked in protest to the mind-blowing exhibition being performed against their table. Michael grunted with effort and the girl’s moans and border-line screams reverberated through the room as she was pounded mercilessly.

Just when it seemed the place would explode with sexual tension, Michael roared in satisfaction, completing his act with the force and possession of the true Master he was. For a moment, a hush fell over the dining room as the young woman shuddered beneath him. Slowly, teasing her with his hesitation, he pulled out of her body and moved from behind her, quickly pulling up her chair to catch her as she fell back in exhaustion. It didn’t take long for the previous chatter to murmur through the room again. Only the occasional glance between the two kept stoked the fire that had just erupted between them.

Still, as usual, Michael found that after a while, it was hard to maintain eye contact with a woman he had no interest in ever seeing again. Eventually, he rose, without looking at her, and turned to leave, muttering that a room was available to her should she decide to stay overnight. He thanked her for a fine evening and left without another word, his frame stiff, and his aura cold. As with every encounter before, this was just business, and for Michael Sanchez, pleasure would always be just business.


Emma let out a tired sigh, blowing her blonde bangs out of her face and back Fulya travesti off to the side where they belonged. It had been a long night, and she finally remembered why she had stopped going out dancing with her girlfriends. Her head spun and buzzed a little from one too many drinks as the girls pushed into the arms of various strangers.

To be honest, Emma was content to laze about her studio apartment and read about relationships without the complicated twists and turns of actually having one of her own. Plus, her friends’ conventional methods of “match-making” were, put bluntly, slutty to an extreme.

Passing the full length mirror in her entry way, Emma glanced into her reflection. Thick eyeliner was smudging from the sweat of gyrating to rhythm-less music and her lipstick was smudged from a near make-out miss with one of her final suitors. Her red tank top was skewed from falling asleep in the back of the cab on the way home and her black tiered skirt was crumpled. She had taken off her strappy heels at the door, cursing them, wondering how she had managed to dance in such death-traps.

Walking into the main living area, she dropped the shoes and kicked them into a corner, heading towards the kitchenette. With a huff, she tore off the tank top and reached back to unzip her skirt before opening the fridge to grab a water bottle. Unscrewing the top, she guzzled about half the bottle before shimmying out of the skirt and heading to the couch, where her latest novel lay on an end table. Switching on a lamp on the same table, she opened to her bookmark and began reading. It didn’t take long for Emma to start feeling a bit feverish and she smiled, loving the tingling that always went through her body when she read the powerfully erotic words on the page. She slowly re-read a section, her body sparking gently.

Without consciously thinking about it, her fingers roamed down her body, twirling a sensitive nipple between her delicate fingers. Slowly, she reached her free hand behind her, still holding the book open, though she wasn’t really reading it at this point, and unclasped her lacy red bra. Letting it fall to the floor, she set her book, open and face-down on the table beside her and began playing with the nipple again. As if by impulse, her other hand moved down to rub her pussy through her red panties. She gasped as her fingers found her clit and her other hand tugged gently at the erect, pulsing nipple. Emma breathed heavily, her fingers twirling about her swollen clit. Finally, she relinquished her hold on her nipple to slide the hand down and slip a finger into her moist center. Sparks erupted from her clit as she massaged it and as if trying to keep time with the sensations, she began sliding her finger in and out. The pleasure grew and she couldn’t help a moan that slipped between her lips as she panted with lust. With a whimper that bordered on a groan, her back arched and climax washed over her in subtle, sweet waves of pure relief.

After a while, Emma felt herself growing drowsy, the events of the evening catching up with her. Stretching, she smiled and purred quietly in satisfaction, standing to pull her bed out of the couch. Turning out the light, she fell into the mattress and it didn’t take long for her to close her eyes and be deep in sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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