The Switch

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I am waiting for you when you come through the door. I do not speak but instead motion for you to follow me. As I turn you notice the red lace peeking out from under the white t-shirt I have taken from your drawer. The shirt grazes the curve of my buttocks, so that each step gives you a glimpse of my rounded cheeks and the red lace. As we climb the stairs the shirt rises more. I turn and see you watching my buttocks. I wink at you over my shoulder and peel the t-shirt off, dropping it down the stairs. Now you have a full view of the skimpy lace covering my derriere.

“Like the view?” I ask teasingly.

Not waiting for your reply I run the rest of the way up the stairs. Calling back to you “come get it if you do” as I cover my naked breasts.

I hear your husky laugh and your quickening footsteps as I wait behind the bedroom door. You notice the bright red scarves tied to the 4 bed posts and the sleep mask on the table.

I step out from behind the door, my long red curls covering my nipples, slapping my palm with your favorite riding crop, a firm black instrument ending in a red leather heart.

“Up for a little switch tonight Darling?” I ask as I let the crop kiss my thigh. The smack showing your attention jumping in your dress slacks.

You laugh again as you agree to play along, intrigued by my brazenness. I am usually your submissive but tonight I have a surprise planned for you.

I slap your behind with the crop and tell you to remove your clothes for me, as I walk around your firm body and glide the crop over your growing arousal. I help you shrug out of your black suit jacket and drape it over the chair. I bite your ear lobe and breathily say now the shirt, as I smack your taunt buttocks once again. I stand behind istanbul escort you unbuttoning your shirt from the bottom as you work down from the top. I pull it from your shoulders as our hands meet adding it to the chair, while slowly running the crop down your spine. I reach around and unfasten your belt and pants, reaching in to squeeze the evidence of your excitement. I hear you inhale sharply.

“Lose the pants” I command as my own arousal dampens my red lace.

As you drop your pants to the ground I run the crop head up the backs of your bare thighs and over your tight fitting boxer briefs. I bend down and gently bite your right cheek, as the crop finds its way to the front of your right thigh landing firmly on your bare skin. I smile as you try to muffle your surprise.

“It has a bite doesn’t it my Darling David?”

I am leaning against your back, my hard nipples grazing your taunt muscles, your taunt buttocks slipping across my stomach. I run my tongue down your spine and follow the waistband of your briefs, the crop gently tapping the side of your right thigh to remind you that tonight I am in charge.

I slip the crop into your waistband as I command “Now the briefs.”

As you peel off your underwear I glide the edge of the heart down the crack of your buttocks. As the briefs reach your ankles I tell you to leave them there and spread your legs as far as you can. I run the crop down your right inner leg and then slapping your left thigh as I push you to stretch further. I watch you clench your buttocks and marvel at the beauty of your naked body. You are exquisite. I marvel that yours is the body of a 45 year old, for you are every bit the model for an ancient statue, my own personal David.

I escort bayan reach around and cup your sex in my hand as my lower lips quiver in anticipation. A small moan escapes from me as I rub my thumb over your head feeling the moisture gather at the tip. I slap your left cheek with the crop, turning it pink. The crop slips between your legs. As I gently kiss your manhood with the heart I hear your moan echoing mine. I laugh softly and order you to lay in the middle of the bed with the pillow under the small of your back and hips.

You eagerly comply. I walk to the end of the bed telling you to spread your legs wide. I secure each ankle to a bottom post using the silky scarves. I slap your left thigh with the crop causing you to jump and testing the strength of my knots. I am pleased that they hold.

“Now raise your arms” I order as I graze your stomach with the crop and tap lightly.

I walk to the head of the bed and secure each of your wrists, tugging to make sure the knots will hold.

“I believe you have seen enough my Darling”

I slip the sleep mask over your eyes. You make such a lovely picture, all secured and vulnerable, your cock pointing to true north. I glide the crop down its length and gently tap your balls. I am rewarded with your moan and tightened thighs. I lean down and kiss the head sucking the moisture from the slit and running my tongue around the crown. For effect I slap the bed loudly with the crop as I suck your entire length into my eager mouth.

“My, my, my, aren’t you jumpy tonight Master” I laugh. Turning the tables on you is such a thrill. I know that before the night is over I will be paid back with my bare buttocks feeling the bite of the crop, but I am determined to earn Kartal escort each stroke.

I bite your inner thigh and take an ice cube from the bowl on the other nightstand. The pillow has lifted you nicely exposing your balls and tight little pucker. I run the cube over your stomach and hear your quick inhalation. Then the cube finds the warm skin under your sac and your buttocks clenches. I let the cube melt dripping to your anus, before running the cube along the crack and around the tight hole. I fill my mouth with hot tea from the thermos, leaving some in my mouth as I suck your hard shaft into my mouth and push the ice cube into your back door. The contrast of warm and cold makes your cock jump. I hear you low moans as I worship your strong staff. My tongue follows the veins while my finger pushes the ice in a little more. I swallow slipping your hard cock deeper into my throat, my hair tickling your stomach and thighs. I feel your balls tighten and taste the salty cum leaking from your head. I pull your cock out and take another sip of hot tea.

“Are you ready to cum for me Master?” I ask, but do not wait for your answer as I swiftly suck your cock all the way down and push a new cube in as far as I can allowing my finger to fuck your ass in rhythm with my mouth.

I hear you grunt and feel your cock swell as you strain at your restraints and lift further from the bed. I pull your hips up burying your shaft to the hilt in my hot mouth. I hear you scream out “Kali” as your warm cum explodes down my throat. I swallow every bit, continuing to rub your prostate with the ice cube until you collapse onto the bed, breathing heavily.

As your breathing settles, you ask sweetly for me to untie you. I release your feet first and then your wrists. As your last wrist is freed you quickly whip off the blindfold while firmly grabbing my arm. Holding me in place you catch my eyes in your icy stare and growl “you little one are in big trouble.”

I think it is going to be a long, long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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