The Taoist

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Tad Dow on a trip to present a paper at the Annual Conference of the Traditional Taoist Society had toured Hong Kong, The Three Mile Dam, The Great Wall and the historic sites of Beijing. Today, the day of the waxing moon, he was to speak in the auditorium of the College of Religions Studies, but at this moment he was meditating facing North in Room 381 of the Shangri-la Hotel.

* * *

“Oaaam, oaaam, oaam,” his mantra repeated over and over again. He sat in a black robe and a red sash with his hands lying on his lap hands up. Focusing on the blind spot between his closed charcoal black eyes and breathing rhythmically he mouthed his incantation. His stomach lifted as he breathed in and Chi rose from his scrotum up his spine to his skull and breathing out his stomach compressed, and energy flowed from the top of his head down the main channel to his penis. The microcosmic circuit was complete; he in was in a deep trance.

A stream of subconsciousness occasionally interrupted his quest for stillness, emptiness, and nothingness. An image appeared over and over, under the last waxing moon a nude maiden followed by a shadowy figure. She was short by American standards. Her ivory skin suggested her ethnic origins. She was faceless but beautiful. Her shape resembled Kate Upton. The following form maintained its distance. Finished his meditation, he was calm and balanced by an excited anticipation.

* * *

An impressive sight, Tad Dow, wearing a garnet jacket with black slacks, a white shirt, and a garnet and black tie decorated with images of the Yin Yang. His long, white mane surrounded a rugged, handsome face. He appeared taller than six feet because of his lean, muscular body. Conversing with Ho Chemin, the chair of the session, he strolled confidently toward the podium.

He noticed her standing at the front of the auditorium. A black dress decorated with red symbols attracted his attention, but her statuesque frame held his gaze and a surge of desire coursed through his body. She was short with long black hair hanging to her waistline and shapely legs as attested by their appearance through a slit in the dress from her ankles to her hips.

Their eyes met as he approached and smiles crossed their faces. He stopped and indicated to Ho, he would like an introduction.

“Dr, Dow, I’d like you to meet Mali Chun. Mali just joined our staff at the center, and this is her first official function.”

Bowing her head slightly, and lowering her eyes she extended her hand.

She looked up with a start, when he took her small warm, moist fingers and palm in his and Chi flowed between them. In a moment, they exchanged sexual energy as though they were joined jiba to yindao.

A whiff of feminine essence and a citrus–based perfume embraced his noise He was glad his jacket hid his erection.

Blushing, she said in an unaccented sing-song voice, “I’m pleased to meet you, Dr. Dow. I believe I’ve read everything you’ve written and I’m excited to be here, to meet you and hear your presentation.”

“Ahem,” a voice murmured.

“Oh excuse me. Dr. Dow this is Mr. Charlie Chang who is also an associate of the society.

“I’m also Ms. Chun’s personal bodyguard,” the burley Chinese man said.

The men bowed to each other and shook hands.

“It’s a pleasure to meet anyone who is connected to the Society,” Tad said.

Mr. Chang did not respond

Ho Chemin urged him to the elevated stage.

“I’ll try not to disappoint you,” he said looking at Mali.

The session was called to order, and Ho rose to introduce him by stating in a Chinese-accented English, “I’ll keep this introduction short although our speaker’s Vitae is long. As many of you know, he earned his Ph.D. at the University of South Carolina in Religious Studies, but you may not know that USC’s colors are garnet and black the same as our speaker’s outfit and the traditional colors of the Yin Yang, the symbol displayed on his tie. Also, USC’s mascot is the gamecock which is appropriate because this is a Chinese year of the cock.”

The audience chuckled.

Tad had positioned himself on the platform so he could scrutinize Mali. He watched her uncrossing and crossing her legs. Ivory colored thighs caused him to groan internally and grit his teeth.

“All joking aside, we are in for a treat because the title of today’s presentation is Wu Wei Wu: a Western Perspective. I now present Dr. Tad Dow.”

Tad was eager to get behind the lectern so he could rearrange his throbbing cock without embarrassment. The lights dimmed, and his first power point slide appeared on the screen. His voice lowered an octave, and the volume raised several decibels. In his flamboyant style, he paced the stage discussing his illustrations and word phrases with grandiose gestures, keen insights, imaginative metaphors, and good humor. His eyes constantly scanned the assembly but always returned to Mali who played with her hair, turned and stretched revealing a hint of her trophies Alanya Escort and stared at him with sensuous eyes.

He concluded his forty-beautiful minute lecture by saying, “We in the West are analytical and oriented to mental processes. Therefore, most of us are incapable of appreciating the significance of action through inaction. In the East Wu Wei Wu is a spiritual process and only through meditation, contemplation and other spiritual techniques is it possible to approach but never quite attain the Tao. I thank you for your attention and trust I’ve provided you with additional perspectives to the notion of action without action. Thank you.”

He stood beside the stand with his hands in a prayer-like position and bowed from the waist in all directions as applause filled the auditorium and continued until Ho Chemin said, “Due to time constraints it isn’t possible for Dr. Dow to take questions at this time. I’m sure, he’ll be pleased to speak with you individually before or after the banquet this evening.”

Tad and Mali’s eyes were locked on each other as she applauded with enthusiasm. He was surrounded as he descended the platform. Friends were there to congratulate him and introduce their colleagues and acquaintances. Others only wanted to introduce themselves, shake his hand, and comment on his lecture. He respectfully and patiently waited for the crowd to thin although he was acutely aware of Mali’s voluptuous presence. The sexual energy between them was immense even though they were not in proximity because he was besieged on all sides. Instinctively he knew that inaction was action.

At the bottom of the aisle leading out of the auditorium, he took her offered hand feeling the Chi flowing between them.

Startled, she looked into his eyes, “May I compliment you on your presentation,” she asked?

Looking down at her beautiful aura, he said, “Yes.”

“On stage, you were the personification of the Tao. Your dress was the perfect blend of Taoist colors, your hair projected the brightness of the philosophy, your pacing reminded me of the mighty dragon, and your creative thoughts were as straightforward and wise as the legendary Tao.”

“You honor me with your words,” he said as he guided her up the aisle.

They were followed by Mr. Chang.

Tad’s hand was strategically placed on her back to discern her warmth, her Chi, and if she was wearing a bra. He slid his hand lower down her back to where her pantie line should be. There was no evidence of panties, and he envisioned her naked pussy surrounded by black hair.

“I would like the opportunity to speak with you about several of the more obscure Taoist topics?” She asked.

“I assume you’re alluding to the Ziren or the uncarved block.” he said as a surge of passion raised his temperature causing him to flush?

She blinked her long lashes over dark brown eyes, blushed, lowered her head and mumbled, “Yes, if I’m not too presumptuous?”

* * *

During the banquet in the great hall, he watched Mali as she sat at a round table to his right. Charlie sat next to her. He paid scant attention to the food, the conversation or the address. When introduced, Tad did remember to stand. For about ninety minutes he watched the way she sat, the way she used her chopsticks, the way she held her glass, the way she spoke to those beside her including Charlie, the way she fidgeted during the boring lecture. By the time the affair was concluded, he knew the graceful way she moved her body and the enthusiasm with which she conversed with strangers.

A reception immediately followed, and Tad was always surrounded, but her presence and image never left him. He was grateful for compliments, respectively answered questions, listened to personal antidotes, responded with laughter to jokes, and inquired into the insights of others. After about an hour, as many began to leave, Tad went to the bar for a glass of wine. Before he had time to drink, a female server handed him a note.

Dr. Dow,

Follow the server.


Tad trailed the server through the crowded room to a room with a maple stained door. The server stopped, opened the door and indicated for him to enter.

He closed the door, and Mali rushed into his arms, “Do you feel the energy between us?” She asked.

They kissed long and hard. Her body molded to his, and their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

“I want you,” she said.

“And I you.”

“Charlie had to leave to take care of a security matter. We only have a few minutes. I’ll come to your hotel. Where are you staying?”

“The Shangri-La Hotel room 381.”

She laughed softly, “You are a Taoist. Three eighty-one is so Tao. How did you arrange for a romantic Chinese hotel and a perfect Tao room number?”

“I have a few connections. How soon can you be there?”

“What do you have in mind,” she asked?

“I’d like to exchange some energy with you, sexual energy. I want you to teach you all I know Alanya Escort Bayan about Taoist sexual practices,” he said blowing in her ear.

“I’m sure you have much to teach me, but I have to go now. Charlie could be back any minute.”

They kissed again and left the room by different doors.

Back at the reception, he talked with Ho Chemin about his schedule for the next day and was told he had no appointments until lunch about one p.m. He patiently spoke to others who were enjoying the beverages and finger foods provided.

Typically, he would have enjoyed the conversations, but tonight his thoughts were of Mali.

Just as he was about to get into the car to return him to his hotel, he was stopped by Charlie Chang who said in a loud, heavily accented voice. “Dr. Dow, as you know, aside from my duties at the society I am retained by the Chun family as her personal bodyguard. I am aware of your sexual interest in Mali. You Americans are so easy to read.”

“I beg your pardon,” Tad asked?

“Don’t play your fool games with me. You may be a Taoist, but you are a male, and it is evident by your behavior that you are seeking a sexual encounter with Mali. I must warn you of severe consequences of such an encounter.”

“Mr. Chang, I don’t understand what you are talking about. I only met Mali this evening. I know her as well as I know you. Besides, there is no time in my schedule for me to see her except in the company of others.”

“Nevertheless, I will be watching you and Mali carefully until you are on your way back to the United States. If anything happens between you and her in the meantime, I can guarantee you will not return to your home unharmed.”

“Thank you for the warning, but I have no plans to be with alone with Mali during the remainder of my stay.”

“What about your meeting in the room off the reception hall this evening?”

“We chatted about my presentation and her interest in learning more,” Tad said

“I hope you are telling me the truth. beware, Dr. Dow, I’ll be watching you like a hawk.

* * *

Three is an important Yang number, and four is a principal Yin number, thus

3 x 3 x 3 x 3 equals 81 which is the number of chapters in the text of Tao Te Ching. Tad had specifically requested room 381 because of its powers, and because this was an evening of the full moon, an important symbol of the female, Yin. His meditation had foretold the possibility of the coming event.

A light tap on the door signaled her arrival. He answered the door dressed in a red gown tied with a black sash.

With hands folded, she bowed deeply.

He returned her bow, “Come in,” he said stepping to the side.

She brushed by him with a smile that could shatter glass.

Tad sensed her anxiety, excitement, desire. To his practiced eye, he knew she was not wearing undergarments and his desire for her increased.

They stood face to face each other. The sexual tension between them was intense.

“We need to be clear as to why you are here. I know you are physically and emotionally interested in me and I in you, but what exactly do you want?”

“I…I want knowledge that only you can give me. I want you to teach me as much as possible in the short time we have about the sexual practices of the Tao. I want to experience the joy of sharing your Chi through your jiba and my yindao.”

He drew her to him, and they kissed; it was a kiss of passion and yet tranquility.

As their lips lingered, he unfastened the collar of her dress and pulled the zipper to its bottom.

She kicked her heels away as he helped her slip from the dress.

“It’s my Yang responsibility to disrobe you and remind you to relax by deeply inhaling and exhaling,” he said as he stepped back to view her in totality. Yin aura filled the room as she belly-breathed; he gazed at a fashion magazine face, breasts designed by nature to suckle, pubic hair hiding the entrance to the Lotus petals of her core, and shapely legs to spread wide and to hold him in place for their mutual pleasure. He stepped back, pulled the bow of his belt, and elegantly removed his robe.

Mali smiled at his long, linear, muscular body and large erect penis.

“Taoist sexual practices are simply an extension of our daily routines, they are rituals, but because we do not know each other, we need to follow a particular order.”

“I understand,” she said lowering her eyes staring at his throbbing penis.

“I’m highly attracted to you, and you to me.”

“Yes, that’s true,” she bowed.

‘It will be difficult for me to maintain control because my non-Taoist side is eager to penetrate and ravage you. Therefore, both of us must be attuned to my point of no return, because your presence and your orgasms will greatly influence me.”

“I’m pleased you’re attracted to me, and I’ll follow your directions as best I can.”

“We will meditate together, massage each other, drink of each other’s juices, have intercourse Escort Alanya in different positions and finally orgasm together. For us to reach the ultimate climax, you must indicate when you’re having an orgasm. As you know our exchange of Jing Chi is increased if you have multiple orgasms.”

“I know.” She nodded.

He led her into the bedroom. It contained a king size bed stripped to white sheets. Located on each side and bottom of the bed were three tall candles providing a musky odor that intermingled with the aroma of rose incense, a perfect blending of yang and yin.

In the middle of the bed, they sat in the lotus position with only their fingers touching. They breathed in unison. Breathing in, they focused on energy flowing from their perineum up their spines to the top of their heads. Breathing out, they concentrated on the surge of vigor to their genitals. Over and over they took deep breaths completing the microcosmic circuit, and their sensitivity, desire, and need increased with each breathing cycle.

When their breathing meditation reached its peak, they lay side-by-side kissing and massaging each other. Their hands were magic wands sustaining mutual stimulation

He manipulated her body with his hands and lips concentrating on the playground of her breasts, the curves of her inner thighs, the thickness of her pubic hair, and the sweetness of her yindao. His mouth and tongue touring over and around her clitoris resulted in Mali writhing under his nurturing and having an ear-shattering climax. “You have enabled me to experience a vaginal orgasm with your mouth and tongue. It was exquisite.”

Mali massaged his body beginning with his scalp and slowly proceeded to his strong back and arms, roamed over his rippled stomach, rubbed and squeezed his taunt ass, bypassed his jiba, lingered on his inner thighs, and carefully massaged his calves, ankles, and each toe. She smiled before licking her way up his legs, kissed his hair covered gaowan, handing them with both hands. She looked at his smiling face as she took his jiba in one hand, licked the precum from its tip, kissed and licked along its length. Opening her mouth wide, she placed her lips tightly around his jiba and bobbed up and down.

Tad moaned, “Yeeees,” took her hair in his hands and guided her up and down.

She persisted running her lips along the length of his jiba, swirling her tongue around his helmet, and sucking it.

He moaned again, “Yeeees, keeping going I’m about to come.”

Sucking as hard as possible, she felt his jiba throbbing, expanding, and solidifying before his body became stiff as he lost control of his fluids and he flooded her mouth with his jizzcum.

Mali swallowed most of his cum and wiped the excess from her lips and chin.

“You have great skill and have pleased me greatly. Let us breathe and meditate.”

Sitting side by side in the Lotus position, they belly breathed in unison.

* * *

Their stomach lifted as they inhaled in and Chi rose from their sex organs up their spines to their skulls and breathing out their stomach compressed, and energy flowed from the top of their heads down the main channel to their cores.

He laid her horizontally on the bed. He admired her gorgeous face, magnificent breasts, flat stomach, black pubic hair, and athletic legs. Kissing her passionately with his tongue probing her mouth, he rubbed his jiba along her slit until she was wet and sighing, “Oooah” as his cock touched her clit as he moved up and again when he came down.

“Oooah, I love the feeling I get when you stroke my clit.”

He stopped with his crown buried just inside her labia lips which were wet with desire. Slowly he pushed until he was completely surrounded by her incredibly tight pussy.

“I didn’t think it would fit, but I’m filled like I’ve never been filled before,” she said.

“You’re fabulous, every fiber of my being is stimulated. I’m going to lay quietly for a while and enjoy being in paradise.”

She giggled and sighed with pleasure.

After a few minutes, he said, “I’m going to stroke you slowly ten times, stop, and push to my depth and grind my jiba against your cervix.” With deliberate slowness, he withdrew and pushed into, pressed himself hard into her, and rooted at the bottom of her tube.

Mali moaned each time he touched the deepest part of her tunnel, she climaxed on his last thrust.

He stopped because he was close to his point of no return. The stimulation of the walls of her pussy ignited every fiber in his cock, and he gritted his teeth, breathed deeply and allowed his thoughts to enter another realm.

They belly-breathed together.

Tad aroused from his meditation. He rolled Mali onto her back entering her slowly.

They both moaned.

He laid on top of her, placed his arms under her shoulders, grabbed them with his fingers, and put his feet on the foot board. “Breath,” he said. “I’m going to ram into you nine times, eight times gently and the last will be powerful.” He raised his ass pulling his cock to her entrance and using his arms and legs slowly glided himself deep into her abyss and ground the head of his cock against her cervix. Again and again, he pushed into her and withdrew.

She moaned, “Oooah,” each time he struck her bottom.

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