The Teacher’s Party

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“Kampai!” rang out the voices in unison, accompanied by the sound of clinking glasses. Melissa smiled at the other teachers around her as she toasted the new arrivals and took a tiny sip of the beer. Since coming to Japan she had learned to drink the amber liquid, but not to like it. She set her glass down and looked around for the bottle of oolong-cha. The Chinese tea had become her staple at these parties, once she realized that it was okay for her to admit to the others that she didn’t like beer. Once the party was fully underway, she would eventually allow others to add in some of the Japanese “vodka” that was also common at all the work parties. Melissa really preferred tequila to the Japanese shochu, but it was hard to come by. She grinned inwardly as she thought about something Alex had said a few nights ago about how he preferred tequila to shochu as well, but it was because tequila made her horny and shochu didn’t.

“Nice to meet you,” the heavily accented greeting broke through Melissa’s wandering thoughts. She turned towards the speaker on her right, one of the new teachers.

“Nice to meet you, too,” she replied pleasantly, smiling widely as she gave a slight bow to the man.

“My name is Daisuke Takahashi,” he continued bravely. Many Japanese people were reluctant to use their English, and Melissa respected him for being so bold.

“My name is Melissa,” she said slowly, in order to allow him to catch the correct pronunciation of her name. Melissa actually already knew Daisuke’s name, and had met him informally the day before, but it was important to the Japanese to follow certain social rules when meeting people.

“Where….you are….where are you from?” Daisuke continued.

Melissa answered his questions; they were the typical ones she got whenever anyone first met her — The English Teacher. Usually they spent a half hour or so discussing in broken English and broken Japanese where they were each from, how long they had taught, what Japanese food did she liked, and so on. As they spoke, Melissa took the chance to admire his charming smile and almond shaped eyes. Unlike many youngish Japanese men, Daisuke actually had a nice haircut, devoid of the crazy jagged edges so commonly seen in hairstyles around the country. Since they were seated on the floor, she couldn’t tell just how tall he was, but she seemed to recall from the day before that he was above average in height for a Japanese man.

They refilled each other’s glasses — Melissa loved that particular Japanese tradition — and continued to converse as best as they could. Eventually, other teachers snagged his attention and Melissa took a few minutes to survey the room. She tended to do a lot of watching and listening at these work parties. Her Japanese wasn’t very good, so she was pretty dependant on the charity of others to invite her into a conversation.

Everyone was seated at a low table that had been set up in the formal Japanese style room at the junior high school, complete with tatami floors, which easily accommodated the small group of fifteen teachers. They were a fun group, and Melissa was finally feeling comfortable around everyone. She especially liked the science teacher, whom she had often fantasized about. He and she usually managed to find each other about halfway though each party, cozying up to one another and teasing each other like brother and sister. It made her feel welcome and a part of the group to be able to joke and play around with someone.

More and more recently, though, she had caught herself daydreaming about him. The thought of sex with a Japanese man was very tantalizing. Each time they had a gathering like this, Melissa found herself inventing reasons to brush up against him, lean on him, or touch him in some way. She shivered at the memory of the last party, where he had leaned down to talk to her as she sat at a booth in the bar; his face was right next to hers as he spoke to her, and she could smell the beer on his breath. Her lips were so close to his that she had to force herself to turn away before she made a scene. Even so, he had lingered, trying to talk her into a karaoke duet. The heat from his body had radiated around him and she had felt her entire body tense with the electricity of it.

With a start, Melissa realized she had been staring at the science teacher. She blinked, and flushed a bright red when he met her eyes. For a split second she wondered if he could read her mind. He smiled at her and waved a bit drunkenly, beckoning her over. Melissa nodded, picked up her glass, and walked around the room to the other side on her knees. As she changed places, she thought about a conversation she and Alex had had not so long ago.

“You totally want him, don’t you?” Alex had asked as he nibbled on her nipple, toying with her piercing.

“Well, yeah…of course I…do,” she had said between small gasps. Her pussy tightened and tingled with the thought of it. She closed her eyes as Alex had licked and nipped his way down to the damp abidinpaşa escort spot on her panties. Leaning back, she felt his finger slowly worm its way around the crotch and tickle her clit. She thought about the science teacher and imagined having him in her mouth, hard and pulsing. As Alex continued to massage her moist folds, she pictured the teacher murmuring to her in Japanese, words she couldn’t understand, groaning as pressed her face closer to him…

“It’s okay with me, you know. You’d just have to tell me about it afterwards,” Alex said in a low, throaty voice.

Melissa groaned as Alex’s finger had slipped into her all the way, moving slowly in and out. “As if,” she paused, inhaling sharply between her teeth, “it would ever happen,” she had managed to say.

The memory of Alex eating her until she had exploded with a piercing cry filled Melissa’s mind as she sat down next to the science teacher. She tried to pull herself together and ignore the hunger building in between her legs. The science teacher was talking to her, but her mind was still foggy with desire and she had no idea what he was trying to say in his pigeon English. They both laughed, and filled each other’s glasses. She could tell he was getting pretty drunk, and she felt herself heading in the same direction.

The science teacher took her hand, and they exchanged a series of gansta-style handshakes, laughing and being silly. Melissa loved it when he touched her. His hands were large and strong, and she desperately wanted to feel them on her body. After a time, the game turned into arm-wrestling, which everyone seemed to love doing at parties. Melissa didn’t stand a chance, of course, but it was fun to try. All the teachers were drunk and Melissa was flirting with several of the men. Each time she wrestled with someone, she leaned forward, allowing her low cut sweater to hang loose just enough to give her partner a nice view, and instead of releasing hands immediately, she prolonged the touch just a tad bit too long. She was well aware that it was an unspoken rule that anything that happened during a drinking party would be forgotten and/or forgiven the next day.

As the teachers drank and talked and played silly games with each other, Melissa began to form a plan in her head. Possibly, she was just drunk enough to follow through with it, too. She stole a sideways glance at the science teacher, mentally running her tongue along his lips and teasing him with a kiss. In her mind’s eye, he gasped, surprised at her boldness, and then returned her kiss with an equal hunger.

“We need chocolate,” Melissa suddenly blurted out to the science teacher.

“Yes,” Kotaro nodded emphatically, “chocolate. Do you have?”

“Maybe. Maybe some extra cookies,” she replied. She often baked cookies as rewards for the middle schoolers, and frequently left her extra dough in the school refrigerator.

“Okay,” Kotaro said, “good idea. Let’s eat chocolate”.

Melissa stood a little unsteadily. Kotaro reached up from where he was sitting to help her, but his aim was off and he inadvertently grabbed her ass instead. He blushed and Melissa giggled at him.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” he said.

Melissa waved her hand in front of her face, the Japanese version of “no”. “Mondainai,” she said, “don’t worry about it.” She grabbed his hand and hauled him up. “Let’s get chocolate.”

The two stumbled somewhat drunkenly out of the room and padded across the hall to where the kitchen was. Ignoring the kitchen lights and heading for the storage room door, Melissa tried the handle.

“Damn. Locked,” she exclaimed. She gestured like she was holding a key and wiggled the door handle. Kotaro finally nodded his head in understanding.

“Key,” he said simply.

Melissa took his hand and they went down the dark hallway, feeling their way carefully down the stairs. The last thing she wanted now was to fall headlong down the stairway. Kotaro was pressing himself against her as they moved together in the blackness. Melissa’s breathing was quickening and she felt slightly faint with desire. She could feel the heat emanating from his body and could smell the yeasty beer on his breath. They didn’t speak as they groped their way to the office and to the key box. Kotaro moved to turn on a light, but Melissa gestured for him to leave it dark. “Too bright,” she mimed.

Melissa tripped and stumbled into the supply room, finally locating the appropriate key. As she whirled around, she ran full on into Kotaro, who had been standing behind her. Her face smacked into his chest with a loud thump and she gave a gasp of surprise. However, instead of moving away immediately, Melissa stepped into him even closer and put her hands on his chest.

“Okay?” Kotaro asked quietly, sliding his arms around her waist. Melissa only nodded and looked up at him, just barely able to make out the features of his face in the dark. They stood, staring at each other for a long time, altındağ escort their chests rising and falling rapidly with the tension of the moment. The room was completely silent except for the sound of their breathing.

Slowly, Melissa raised herself up slightly on her toes, until her nose touched his. Kotaro responded by slowly tilting his head to one side and moving his lips down until they finally met Melissa’s mouth. As soon as their lips made contact, the tension around them broke like waves during a storm. Melissa wrapped her arms around his neck fiercely, pressing her lips to his hungrily. Kotaro moaned and parted her lips with his tongue, probing deep inside her mouth. His arms gripped her tightly as he held her close, kissing her passionately.

Melissa pushed him backwards until he was up against the wall, pinning him with her body, gasping as he sucked on her lower lip. Moving her hips against him in small circles, she felt him begin to harden. Their mouths moved frantically, kissing and sucking, tongues touching, bodies vibrating with sexual energy.

Finally, Melissa had to drop down off her toes and put her feet flat on the floor. She backed away and broke contact with her co-worker. The sound of their mutual panting filled her ears and her pussy burned with need. In the dark, she couldn’t make out the expression on Kotaro’s face, but she could still feel the electricity between them.

Suddenly, Melissa giggled. She jingled the key in the air in front of her and said, “chocolate.” Without another word, the pair left the office and headed back up the stairs. Because of the language barrier, it was pretty impossible to discuss what had just happened, but Melissa liked it that way. She wondered what wild thoughts were running through Kotaro’s head as he followed her back to the kitchen and her lips still tingled from his kiss.

After unlocking the door and slipping into the kitchen’s storage room, her question was answered. Melissa headed for the fridge, but apparently her co-worker had other ideas. Gently, but with force, he pushed the door of the fridge closed and picked Melissa up enough to set her on the desk next to the refrigerator. He bent to kiss her again, then stopped and asked, “Okay?” It was to be the last English he would speak to her for some time. Though illuminated only by the light shining through the side door, desire shone brightly on his face.

In response, Melissa leaned up and kissed him hard, pulling his head closer to hers and wrapping her legs around him. Kotaro moaned and returned her passionate kiss. His hands roamed up and down her back. Long fingers found her hair and entwined themselves in the thick curls. Melissa felt her head pulled back, and Kotaro’s lips moved from her mouth to her neck. She had to stifle a cry as he began to suck and nibble on her earlobe, gnawing gently on the spot just behind her ear and making her toes curl. Head lolled back, Melissa closed her eyes and concentrated on the hands that were now gently massaging her breasts. She put her arms back behind her on the desk to support her weight as Kotaro pushed up her sweater, forced her bra up, and slowly licked her nipples.

As his mouth closed around one of her pink peaks, he stopped for a minute and seemed surprised. Melissa smiled and wondered if he had ever played with nipple piercings before. Kotaro stopped what he was doing and pulled away. Apparently intrigued now, he tugged off Melissa’s sweater and removed her bra completely. They were both too horny and too drunk to worry about getting caught now. No one needed to come into the kitchen anyway; they were busy drinking across the hall.

Topless, leaning back on the desk, Melissa watched as Kotaro admired her. He gently stroked her chest, tweaking her nipples gently. Holding one breast in his hand, he kneaded it and felt it, obviously enjoying the size and weight of it. Then, with interest, the teacher took a closer look at the barbells adorning Melissa’s nipples. He carefully toyed with one, pulling gently and then watching Melissa’s face to see her expression. Melissa groaned quietly and arched her back.

“Please,” she whispered, “please.” It was an odd feeling to be somewhat incapable of talking to this man who was teasing her like crazy. Mentally, she begged him to suckle on her tits. She forced herself to wait as he continued to caress and play with her breasts and nipples. Finally, his hot mouth latched on and he began to suck and lick her again, causing Melissa to squirm with pleasure. She felt so dangerous and so exposed here in the storage room.

Kotaro’s mouth moved back up Melissa’s body, finding her mouth again as he kissed her deeply. As their mouths moved silently upon one another, Melissa leaned forward and began to feel around for Kotaro’s pants. Before he could stop her, she deftly unfastened the button and began to tug his jeans down, pushing them down around his ankles with her foot. Sliding down off the cold metal desk, she then bahçelievler escort knelt in front of him and rubbed his erection through the cloth of his boxers.

The teacher gasped in response. Melissa smiled with pleasure and nuzzled him teasingly. He murmured something in quiet Japanese, which Melissa couldn’t hope to understand, but it didn’t really matter. She slowly pulled his underwear down to join his pants and allowed his erection to spring free. Hungrily, she rubbed his cock on her face, kissing and licking his balls while moving her hands around to grab his taut ass.

Kotaro once again wound his fingers in Melissa’s hair and pulled her face closer to him. He obviously wanted her to take him into her mouth, but was unwilling to force the issue. Melissa toyed with him a bit more by licking the shaft of his cock and softly sucking on just the head, enjoying the precum that had leaked out. Finally, she opened her mouth wide and slowly took his entire shaft into her warm, waiting mouth. Centimeter by centimeter, she sucked him in with increasing pressure. As she neared the base of his cock, she pulled him in, quickly gripping his ass and slamming him in the rest of the way. Kotaro grunted loudly and his knees buckled for a spit second before he recovered himself.

Moving her head back, Melissa then slowly slid the Japanese teacher’s cock out of her mouth, sucking firmly. Again and again she sucked him deep into her throat, occasionally using her hand to stroke his shaft, pumping him in and out of her as she knelt before him on her knees. Melissa thrilled with the taste and feel of this exotic cock in her mouth, sucking off a man she could barely speak to, hiding in the kitchen of their school. It was all such forbidden fruit that her mind spun out of control. Through the haze of her drunken desire, she could hear her slurping and Kotaro’s labored breathing paired with the occasional laughter from across the hall.

Melissa used her hands to encourage Kotaro to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. He eagerly complied once he understood what she wanted, holding her head firmly and fucking her mouth. Melissa could tell that her panties were completely soaked now. She was intensely turned on by the cock moving forcefully in and out of her mouth and she loved the slight feeling of being used. The pair was completely consumed by their passion and had totally forgotten the relative danger of the situation they were in.

Until they heard the noise at the door. With Kotaro’s cock still in her mouth, the couple froze when they heard the scraping of feet in the doorway. Her mouth bulging, Melissa slowly turned her head to the left and saw the math teacher watching them from the doorway. There was no telling how long he had been there. For a second, Melissa felt mortification creeping into her face, and she hesitated. But, then, the lust and alcohol over ruled her and she quickly decided that you only live once.

Having made her decision, she slowly withdrew Kotaro’s cock from her wet mouth and rose. She turned towards the door, displaying her exposed breasts, and gently held the science teacher’s wet cock in one hand, stroking it in an obvious way. Melissa didn’t smile, but instead simply locked eyes with the math teacher in the dark until he looked away and exchanged glances with the science teacher. They spoke two words to each other in quiet, rapid fire Japanese, and the math teacher turned away from the door as if to leave.

Melissa’s momentary flash of disappointment was replaced by a huge surge of lust when she saw the math teacher turn back and re-enter the storage room followed by the new teacher, Daisuke. She was going to have one hell of a story to share with Alex when she came home tonight. Melissa nearly giggled when she thought about borrowing someone’s ever-present cell phone so she could record the event properly.

No one spoke. There was no need. Walking slowly, tentatively, the math teacher approached Melissa as she continued to leisurely stroke Kotaro’s cock with her right hand. As he neared, she used her other hand to pull the math teacher in closer, firmly gripping his shirt. He inhaled sharply and stiffened as Melissa placed a seductive kiss on his slightly open mouth. Slowly and sensuously, she kissed the math teacher with her half-open eyes focused on Daisuke. Then, dipping her tongue into the math teacher’s mouth one last time, she broke the kiss moved a half step back.

Again, a flash of reality struck Melissa hard in the stomach. It twisted into a knot and she froze in momentary terror as she took stock of her situation. There she was, half naked, kissing the math teacher, fondling the science teacher, contemplating letting these three men fuck her in the storage room of the kitchen. Panicked, she stepped back again, but her movement was halted by the close confines of the room, the hard metal desk, and Kotaro, who had moved behind her a bit.

As she stepped back into him, he gently put his arms around her, turned her around, and caressed her back. He lowered his head and trailed feather light kisses up and down her neck. Melissa relaxed with the caring touch of her friend and closed her eyes, again yielding herself to the inevitability of the situation. She raised her arms and wrapped them around Kotaro’s neck as his caresses grew firmer.

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