The Tinder Match Affair Ch. 02

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Tags: Gentle Fdom, Msub to Switch, Cheating, Age Difference, Older Woman, Mommy-Dom, Voyeurism, Riding, blowjob, Breast play, almost uncontrollable lust, teasing, Big Ass, worship. Creampie.


A week later, Alison’s husband comes homes. She wants to do the responsible thing and end the affair, but Andrew has other plans.

This story is written on commission.


Andrew awoke to a rather pleasurable sensation. The morning had come and gone as the midday sun shone through the closed curtains in the bedroom, He relaxed back into several large pillows that were piled up on the bed, each with a unique flora shape on the pillow covers.

Andrew didn’t particularly understand why anyone would need more than two pillows on a bed, but as he was not in his bedroom, he held back his immediate instinct to push several of them off the bed.

The pillow, the bed and the room Andrew was currently in belonged to the beautiful older woman who was currently under the bed covers, between Andrew’s legs, giving him a wonderful ‘morning blowjob’.

It had been one week since Andrew started his new ‘relationship’ with Alison, the young man had recently become the paramour for a woman almost twice his age. As expected, their relationship was very physical, Alison had been very forward with her intentions, she wanted causal ‘no-strings-attached’ sex and Andrew was very accommodating with the request.

Though both Andrew and the older woman knew full well what this was, they hadn’t discussed their ‘relationship’ in any other way since it had begun. Andrew had been coming over every night, the two would hook up and Alison would fuck him in any and every conceivable location in the house.

So far things were good, Andrew’s sex life was definitely stronger than ever since Alison proposed this little affair. Alison enjoyed being able to ‘dominate’ the young man, although Andrew did not see himself as a submissive person, Alison had a way with him that made him feel strange, but in a good way.

With each sexual act that she performed came an odd sense of security and he wanted more. More sex, more time together, more praise and attention. Everything else was secondary.

Andrew pulled the bed cover-up and was immediately greeted by Alison’s beautiful, brown eyes. Her lips were wrapped around his cock as her head bobbed up and down, Andrew watched on, slack-jawed a mixture of tiredness and sheer awe as the older woman refused to stop or even slow down.

“Oh fu-ck” Andrew groaned, the view alone would have been enough to bust a nut, the added feeling of her warm and wet mouth was just the cherry on top.

Instead, she picked up the pace, her eyes still locked with his, teasing him. Andrew looked away, the compromised position he was in, coupled with her intense stare proved too much for the young man. Alison took this as a personal victory as Andrew could hear a muffled giggle vibrate through his dick.

All Andrew could do was lie back and moan as he was at the mercy of the older woman. Inch by inch she made her way deeper onto his cock, almost determined to reach the base. Her tongue would slurp and lick its way up and down, causing Andrew to instinctively grip the bed for support.

Even though she was covered by a bedsheet, Andrew could see the vague, shapely outline of Alison’s ass swaying with delight. Her hand moved quickly across the bedsheets, occasionally running along Andrew’s stomach which earned her another loud moan from him.

“More,” Andrew growled, “Please”.

The older woman nodded enthusiastically, she continued her assault, moving even faster now until she finally reached the base of Andrew’s throbbing dick.

She held his length for an agonizing few seconds, cracking a smile as she achieved her goal before returning to quick movements up and down, faster and faster. Andrew tried his best not to cum already but Alison’s movements grew frantic.

“Fuuuck!” Andrew cried out loudly as the wave of his release overtook him.

Alison smiled in satisfaction and grabbed onto Andrew’s hips to steady herself against the young man, she eagerly held him down as Andrew climaxed directly down her throat. Alison didn’t let up, determined to milk every last drop out of the young man’s dick.

Her rhythm eventually slowed to a stop, then Alison pulled herself up, looking straight into Andrew’s face.

“Was that good, Baby?” She asked excitedly, letting out an exaggerated sigh to highlight the fact she swallowed it all.

Andrew felt a huge grin spread across his face as he nodded his head frantically, the boy could barely form words after such an intense orgasm. Alison chuckled in response to his weakened state.

“Good.” She replied happily.

After she finished, Alison crawled towards Andrew and cuddled up to him. They lay next to each other for a moment, neither of them wanting the morning to come to an end.

Unfortunately for the ‘new bonus veren siteler couple’, their exciting first week of adultery was coming to an end. A week of non-stop sex was about to be interrupted, as tomorrow was the day Alison’s husband would be returning home.

This would inevitably result in ‘the talk’.

The talk that Andrew was dreading but knew was inevitable. The serious discussion on whether or not Alison should break off their affair. Andrew was determined to continue his affair with Alison, he had already made up his mind after the first day and decided that he would do whatever it took to keep his affair with Alison going.

Andrew did not know how Alison felt about the matter. It was clear to him that she enjoyed having Andrew around as she mentioned on several occasions that this week had been ‘the best time in her life for some years’ but was she prepared to keep it going?

As much as he enjoyed the idea of seeing her, Andrew did not want to give himself false hope that their relationship would progress. Instead, he chose to ignore the impending serious talk and enjoy his final ‘stress-free’ day as Alison’s paramour.

Once Alison was satisfied with her cuddle, she climbed off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. Andrew’s eyes were glued to her ass as she moved away, he briefly considered joining her in the shower but decided he was too tired for a second round.

Instead, he chose to get some breakfast, getting himself dressed and then making his way into the kitchen. As Andrew poured himself a bowl of cereal, he made himself a mental plan for the day. His idea was to keep Alison so busy that neither of them would even think about any ‘serious discussions’ until later tonight.

Once finished with his meal, Andrew opted to tidy up the kitchen. He felt bad having Alison cook for him these past few nights. She claimed that she didn’t mind, but Andrew felt like a freeloader nonetheless. He figured the least he could do for her is clean up around the house.

Buzzing with excitement for another day, Andrew happily scrubbed away at some dishes. He was so focused on cleaning that he almost didn’t realise that something was off. Something in the air sent a shiver down Andrew’s spine.

Then, out of the corner of his eyes, the view of a taxi pulling up out front of the house quickly clued him into what his ears already noticed.

An older man stepped out of a taxi, collected some bags and walked towards the front door. The sound of keys scraped against the door as Andrew’s jaw dropped. His first reaction was to duck under a table or into another room, hiding out of sight from the entrance. Panic flooded through Andrew as the affair was about to come to a very short end, Alison’s husband had come home early.

As the door opened, Andrew was caught like a deer in headlights as the older gentleman locked eyes with Andrew. His face fell from a smile to a confused expression as he noticed Andrew sitting in his kitchen.

“Oh?” The older man mumbled, sounding very exhausted, “Hello there?”

The man looked to be in his forties, he wore a suit with an extra coat and was pulling a large suitcase behind him in one hand. His hair was short but also very messy, combined with dark circles under his eyes and a five o’clock shadow, making the appearance of a very tired man standing before Andrew.

“Who are you?” The man continued, still confused as he closed the door.

Andrew panicked as his mind came up with excuses and escape plans. It took several awkward seconds before he responded.

“An-Andrew” he stumbled in reply, “Y-you must be Alison’s husband?”

The man stared back at him, another long, agonising few seconds of silence between the two of them. Andrew could feel the man’s eyes analysing him, sizing him up. His expression was unreadable as Andrew couldn’t decide if he should lie to the man or apologise.

“Wow…” The man sighed, the sigh quickly turning into a scoff as he shook his head, “She finally did it…”

Andrew winced as the man took several steps towards him.

“I can’t believe it. After all these years.” He didn’t sound angry, more so, the man sounded disappointed. He sighed once more, then extended his arm towards Andrew.

Andrew expected a gut punch or for the man to go for his throat. Instead, the man held his hand out firmly, waiting for the young man to shake it. Andrew grasped his hand, confused yet relieved.

“I’m Jim,” The man said with a smile, shaking Andrew’s hand. “Can’t believe Alison actually hired someone to clean up around here.”

Jim laughed to himself as he shook his head, Andrew nervously laughed back. His arm swayed back and forth, Andrew was worried that his nerves had reduced his motor functions to jelly and attempted to pull himself together before realising it wasn’t him who was swaying.

A distinct scent of alcohol whiffed by Andrew’s nose. It was then that he finally took a proper look at the situation before him. Jim, the older bedava bahis man, was swaying side to side. The man was incredibly

intoxicated, using his own suitcase for support to stand up, he kept giggling to himself in a now obvious drunken stupor.

The door to Alison’s room opened, revealing a dressed and concerned Alison, who quickly walked towards the kitchen.

“You’re home.” Alison gasped in disbelief, still unsure as to what was going on between her husband and Andrew. “I thought you wouldn’t be home till tomorrow?”

“Don’t be too happy to see me,” Jim mumbled, letting go of Andrew’s hand and turning to his wife. “The thing finished a day early, surprise… I guess.”

“When did you hire the kid?” Jim continued, pointing back at Andrew, waving a finger in his face. His drunkenness was more apparent with his casual slurring and exaggerated movements. “You too lazy to clean yourself now? What else are you gonna do around here?”

“Last week,” Alison retorted through clenched teeth, the implication of her words lost on the intoxicated man, “Are you drunk? Already?”

This comment was met with a long drawn out sigh from Jim as Andrew zoned out of the conversation. Jim responded with another snappy remark, explaining to Alison why he had stopped at a bar before heading home. This upset her as the two launched right into an argument.

Andrew shrunk down as the little domestic dispute between the unhappy couple was beginning. He tried to walk away from Jim, figuring the best approach was to leave as soon as possible and hope that no one asked any questions. He gathered his wallet and phone as Alison gave an approving nod to his plan. His heart wouldn’t stop racing as he made his way towards the front door.

“Wait!” Jim called out, placing a hand on Andrew’s shoulder.

Andrew tensed up, not wishing to be here any longer as he turned back to Jim.

“Here you go.” Jim continued, placing fifty dollars into his hand, “Is that enough?”

Andrew stammered again in disbelief.

“For the cleaning?” Jim said, shaking his head, “You’re a weird kid, you know that?”

“I’m sorry?” Andrew replied, Jim, slapped his shoulder as a form of ‘goodbye’ before releasing him.

Andrew left the house and shut the door behind him, a little confused but most of all thankful for the ‘bullet’ he just dodged. He walked in a daze, unsure of how to proceed. He felt a little guilty for leaving Alison like that, but he knew there was nothing he could do but wait for her to contact him. With that, Andrew went home.

It took three days before Andrew received a message from Alison. His phone buzzed in the middle of the night. Andrew grabbed the phone immediately, he was waiting for this message.

The message from Alison read, “We should talk.”

‘Talk.’ Andrew hated that word. He knew it was just a code for ‘end things between us.’

“Yeah, I’m free. What’s up?” He replied to the message, inviting her to ‘talk.’

The phone was silent for what seemed like forever. Then it began to ring. This was it, the call that Andrew was dreading. He answered the call nervously.

“Hey, so uh…” Alison started. “Uh.. so about the, um,” she paused, clearing her throat, “about everything-“

Andrew fidgeted nervously on the spot.

“Yeah, that was… something,” Andrew replied, hoping to take charge of the conversation. “But-“

“We need to end this.” Alison interrupted bluntly.

Andrew felt a pang of sadness wash over him. Andrew must have made some kind of noise because Alison immediately reacted to his dejection.

“Don’t get me wrong!” She continued, “This, you, it was all so… amazing. But we both knew it was just a fling… nothing more.”

Andrew could feel his heart drop, it was over, she was putting her foot down.

“It’s not that I want to end this. It’s just not fair. For any of us. You, me… even Jim. Not that I still love him… It’s just complicated.”

“No, I don’t want it to end,” Andrew mumbled under his breath.

“I don’t either,” Alison said, moving slightly closer to Andrew. She looked into his eyes and smiled. “It was fun, so much fun… but we need to break up. We can’t keep doing this anymore. I’m sorry Andrew.”

Andrew opened his mouth to respond but was met with the sound of the phone being hung upon him. That was it, one fantastic week of sex was over, the hottest women in his life had come and gone.

Rejected and feeling like shit, he resigned himself to spend the rest of the day in bed. He pulled up his phone and looked at a picture he’d taken on Alison, she didn’t allow many pictures, due to obvious reasons, so this rare one was extra special to him.

Andrew stared back into her eyes, she was beautiful. He already knew that but seeing her now in this image. In her blue dress which hung loosely off her shoulders; it was truly mesmerizing. Even if only for a brief second, Andrew’s heart skipped a beat. Alison looked beautiful in every sense of the word. It was deneme bonus at this point he resolved himself.

“No.” Andrew retorted to himself, this time with confidence, he couldn’t imagine his giving up Alison now.

He hatched a plan, he wouldn’t let Alison have the last words. He knew that she felt the same way and that the only reason she called was that she couldn’t resist herself if they met up in person. So that was exactly what Andrew was going to do.

It took another three days before Andrew had the free time to enact his plan. He called it a plan in his head, but in reality, it boiled down to ‘Meet Alison in person and hope she didn’t shut him out’.

He strolled over to Alison’s house with confidence in his step. One last try, everything or nothing, it all depended on how it would go today.

He knocked on the door, preparing a speech in his head about how much he needed her, how great they were together, how she could come round to his place instead. Unfortunately, it was her husband, Jim, who opened the door.

Andrew stiffened up upon seeing the man, he looked cleaner than the last time they’d met. He was wearing a casual outfit, much less of a businessman. Jim looked over the young man, sizing him up before speaking.

“Oh, it’s you?” Jim grumbled, “I thought you weren’t coming around here anymore?”

Andrew was taken aback by this statement.

“I’m sorry?” Andrew asked.

“Alison said that you quit or something,” Jim continued, “Too busy to keep cleaning for us.”

“Oh,” Andrew said, understanding the lie Alison had used.

“So, what do you need? Did you forget something here?” Jim seemed very dismissive of him. “Or do you need your old job back, this place is getting rather filthy again.”

Andrew continued to be confused and thrown off by Jim’s assumptions but figured it was the best explanation he could use for seeing Alison again.

“Actually,” Andrew began, a new plan forming in his head, “I did come here to ask Alison for my old job back.”

“Great, you’re hired,” Jim interjected, slapping Andrew on the back, “Can you start right now?”

Andrew had to suppress a laugh, “Yes Sir” he agreed.

Within moments, Andrew was playing the part of the house cleaner. Vacuuming around the house while Jim watched television on the couch. It didn’t take long before Alison made her way into the living room. She had to do a double-take when she saw Andrew.

“What’s going on?” She said with a forced smile, her eyes on the other hand screamed, ‘What are you doing here?’

“Your boy wanted his job back,” Jim responded, not looking up. “And lord knows your not cleaning around here, so why not.”

“I see…” Alison said, her eyes trained on Andrew. “Can I see you in the hallway? Now.”

The two quietly moved to the hallway, away from Jim, who was oblivious to Alison’s distress.

“What the hell are you doing?” Alison demanded in a hushed tone, “I thought we agreed to end this?”

Andrew panicked a little after hearing Alison, he had hoped to meet her in a more open environment and whispering in a hallway behind her husband was not the ideal position. Nonetheless, Andrew pressed on with his plan.

“No” he replied. A simple and firm answer, what he should have said on the phone.

Andrew had never been this firm, or serious with her during their time and hearing him say he didn’t want it to end was shocking to her. He was scared that this would ruin everything; that he would lose her.

“No?” Alison questioned, confused by Andrew’s response.

“No,” Andrew repeated, determination dripping from his tone, nodding his head, his mind made up. “I can’t do it. I won’t let you break up with me.”

He was determined that his feelings for Alison were not meant to be fleeting. Andrew wasn’t sure if it was because he had a deep-seated desire for Alison or if something else was forming in him. He wouldn’t give up so long as he believed there was still a chance.

“I’ll fight for you. No matter what.”

His determination had its effect on Alison, her resolve faltered at Andrew’s declaration. Andrew could tell she was starting to waver, so he pushed ahead. She wordlessly pleaded for Andrew to stop, but he ignored her as he moved towards to kiss her.

Andrew leaned into Alison, her defence breaking as he went for a kiss. She made no attempt to stop him. His lips met hers as she leaned back into the wall. He pulled away, breathing heavily, his eyes half-closed. Her hands reached around his neck and pulled him back down to meet her mouth once more. He kissed her harder this time, not caring about the future or the consequences.

Alison giggled, pushing Andrew back and rolling so that she was atop him and he lay flat on the bed. She continued kissing until she felt something against her thigh. She blushed and pushed Andrew’s head aside.

“No…no…you need to stop Andrew. We can’t do this right now. What if Jim hears us?” she said, trying to push him away but he only held onto her tighter.

“I don’t care,” he replied, his hands working his way up Alison’s shirt. “I want you. I’m selfish, greedy and just…” he squeezed her breasts under her shirt and ran his hands down her body, causing her to gasp. “I don’t care what happens.”

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