The Toison D’or Pleasure Palace Ch. 01

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Ass Worship

Part I ~ In the Office

Welcome pleasure seeker! I’m Vincenzo the head butler at the Toison D’or. This estate belongs to Lord Augustus Kensington Hayden Stilton Avante-Garde. He usually lives in the West wing of the palace as his adopted son Lord Dante lives in the East wing. My lord shares the many secrets and stories with me in private in the North wing. I see to it that he’s happy and he is pleased when his staff is happy living on his estate.

You never know what happens here, but one thing is for certain, you’ll leave happy and be thinking of coming back again and again. My lord aims to please the many special guests who visits the estate. He makes sure that his staff can always come to him for advice and the extra bonus. The staff is fully trained to please the guests at any level they so choose. The guests will agree the service is 5 stars if not more.

I remember my lord enjoying himself last week with a special lady by the name of Lillian. He definitely knows how to treat her well and make her feel very special. As I recall, it was a sunny, Spring day and his lordship was in his office looking at the floral arrangement, menu and other matters pertaining to a ballroom dance event coming up in a few weeks. The theme would be 1700’s in Paris. The guests will wear masks accordingly for that era with hair to match. It will be quite an event hosting about 200 guests. All the guests are expected to stay the night at the many rooms on the estate. Half the fun at these parties is to stay in one of the rooms set up for one’s desires to be fulfilled. Everyone leaves with a night to remember.

In the Office

His lordship always has his afternoon tea. In the midst of looking over the floral arrangement, there was a knock on the door.

Belle: Your afternoon tea, my lord.

Lord A: Ahh very good. Just leave it there. I’ve not seen you before. Are you new? What’s your name?

Belle: I’ve been here for a few months working at the East wing my lord. My name is Belle.

Lord A: Are you enjoying your stay here Belle?

Belle: Yes, my lord. Everyone here has been very nice.

Lord A: That’s nice to hear. You look like you have something on your mind. Care to share?

Belle: I wouldn’t want to bother my lord with my silly matters.

Lord A: Speak your mind. I’m sure you’ve heard how I like to keep my staff happy.

Belle: Yes, my lord. I’ve heard you offer much advice and also very giving.

Lord A: Well then, what is bothering you?

Belle: I’ve been spending a lot of time with the gardener on my free time. Well, I… I…

Lord A: Come out with it. What is it you have in mind?

Belle: I want to make him feel really good on our first night together. (Blushes)

Lord A: Ahhh. You want him to feel special, don’t you?

Belle: Yes, my lord. I do. But I’ve never kissed someone down there before. (Blushes some more)

Lord A: Well then, there’s always a first time for everything. Let me help you with that matter. Come over here.

Belle: Yes, my lord. (She stands near him)

Lord A: (He sits on his leather chair with his legs open.) Kneel down (He unbuckles his belt, unzips his slacks to show his soft member.) Now kiss my softness gently. Yes, that’s it. Now take it all in your mouth and swirl your tongue all around. Yes. Lick the tip of it. Very good. Pretend you’re enjoying a very thick milkshake with a wide straw. Ooooohh… You follow instructions well. (Reaches out to massage her set of softness with perky nipples. She moans when he pinched them.) Oh, you enjoy that don’t you?

Belle: (She nods as she savors his manhood getting harder and harder. When it became too big for her to keep in her mouth, she started to kiss his hardness up and down then licked it as if she would with ice cream.) Mmm… My lord, you’re thick and hard.

Lord A: I am because you’re doing a fine job of pleasing my member with all the suction your mouth is doing. Lick the tip some more. Oooohh… Yes. Ooooohh… (He holds her Alanya Escort head with both of his hands so he could slide in and out of her mouth. This made her moaned some more.) It sounds like you’re enjoying this very much my little Belle. Pretty soon I’ll do this in another spot of your body. Can you guess where?

Belle: (She moaned even more at the thought of where he’ll put his hardness in next. She slowly removed her panties to show she’s ready for him.)

Lord A: Ahhh… You must be ready for me to fulfill you. (She blushed some more and looked down. She wanted him in her, but at the same time gasped at the thought of how thick his member was and how it may feel.) No reason to be shy. Now turn around and lean over the desk so I can see those soft, back cheeks that deserves the attention of my hands.

Belle: Yes, my lord. (She slowly got up and turned around to bend over the desk.)

Lord A: (He lifts her skirt up and massages her soft cheeks. She moans in delight.) Well well well. Look at how wet you are. I always love a handful of softness to hold. (He reaches for a condom in his desk drawer and quickly slips it on. Then slides the tip of his member all around her softness making her moan with anticipation. He grins in delight.) How badly do you want me to fulfill you?

Belle: (She moans and whimpers.) My lord, I want you to be satisfied. (She whimpers some more.)

Lord A: (He slides his member back and forth teasing her some more. Then he slowly slipped his way into her tight spot.) Oooohh… You’re very tight my Belle. (She tried to hold back her scream as he slid in inch by inch until all 8-9 inches of his hard, thick member was in. When he was all the way, he gave her a hard push making her scream out loud.) Sounds like you enjoy that. You want to please me, don’t you Belle?

Belle: (She answers as she tries to gasp for air.) Yes, my lord. Yes. (Her scream was muffled to show she was trying to hold back.) You’re so big, my lord. (Still trying to gasp for air as she feels her walls widen by the second.)

Lord A: (He grins and is most excited to feel her tightness.) It’s a good fit isn’t it Belle? I want you to open up to me. Wide open. How does my manhood feel? (He gives her a hard push again to make her scream.)

Belle: Oh my lord. You’re very fulfilling. (She holds back her screams and whimpers uncontrollably. There were so many emotions going on at the same time. She wanted to tell him something, but held back.)

Lord A: I like to be generous to my staff. Go ahead. Let it out. Scream if you like. (He puts his hands on her hips and holds it firmly as he gives her a few hard pushes making her even more wet and weak all over.) Now I want you to squeeze my member. Squeeze and let go. Yes. Keep doing that. Ooooohh… You should practice squeezing. It will be good for you. Ahhh… You’re doing well. I don’t want you to climax until I say so. Is that understood?

Belle: (She tried holding back her scream as she nods.) Yes, my lord.

Lord A: (He reaches into his other drawer for a small, slender tool. He put a condom over it and slid it into her back door.) Does it feel good to be double penetrated?

Belle: (She gasps at the idea that something has been inserted into her for the first time. She didn’t know what to think.) Oh my lord! I… I… (He turns the tool and slides it in and out making her moan.) I’ve never had anything go in that spot before. (She moans at his every turn.)

Lord A: (He grins at the delight of playing with another sensitive spot.) It sounds like you’re enjoying this. (He could feel how wet she was from all this teasing.) Again, I don’t want you to climax until I say so or else.

Belle: (She didn’t want to know what happens if she disobeys him. She was fighting hard to hold back her screams.) Yes, my lord. I’ll try my best. Your thick member is hard to resist. (She whimpers some more.)

Lord A: Now I want you to move those lovely cheeks up and down slowly. Yes, that’s it. (After Alanya Escort Bayan a few minutes, he was ready to be relieved.) Move faster. Faster. (She had a difficult time picking up the pace. He turned on the tool making it vibrate lightly. This made her very anxious to move faster wanting relief for herself, but know that she couldn’t until he said so.) Ahhh… You just needed a little motivation. (She moaned continuously as she bounced up and down with his hardness inside her soaking wet and tight spot.) Ooooohhh…

Belle: (She gasps for air and moans loudly wanting him to turn it off.) Please, my lord. Please turn it off. Please. Please turn it off. I beg you to turn it off, my lord. (She holds back her scream.)

Lord A: The only begging you’ll do is when you beg to please my manhood. I’ll turn it off when I’m relieved. Ooooohh… (Shortly afterwards, he gave out a loud moan, turned off the tool and gave her a few hard pushes. He tried to catch his breath.) Aahhh… Ooooohhh… You did a good job, Belle. Oooohh… You should be proud of yourself. (He stayed in her for a few minutes before pulling out. Then removed the condom and wiped himself up with a wet towel. As the tool was still in her, he noticed that her soft spot was wide open and dripping wet. He sat back down in his chair and had her lean side ways so that he could insert his fingers in her wet and tender area as she kisses his member.)

Belle: (She was moaning and glad that he had pulled his member out of her. But she wanted relief very badly. Especially when his fingers are in her sensitive spot. She let out a small scream with every move of his fingers touching the sticky walls.) Mmmm… My lord, you’re making me very wet.

Lord A: Oooohh… Savor all of my manhood in your mouth while it’s soft. Why shouldn’t I make you wet? You should stay wet for your sake. You wouldn’t want me to force my way in while you’re dry would you? Oooohhh… Yes, lick the tip. I’m sure you’ll make the gardener very happy. But you should have a few more sessions before then. Oooohh… I want you to deliver my tea every afternoon for the next week or two.

Belle: Yes, my lord. (She continues kissing his thick, round and full tool of pleasure. The thought of being fulfilled by him each day made her feel special. At the same time she worries that she won’t be able to hold back her climax. But she wanted to make sure he was happy with her service and stay at the palace so she could be with the gardener. She knows that he’s doing this for her to be at her best for the guests and to make sure she gives the gardener a memorable time with her.)

Lord A: I want my staff members to be at their best for the guests. I’m sure you want to make lots of great memories for your special gardener. Ooooohh… (Each time he felt a wonderful sensation, he twitched his fingers some more to make her feel an undescribable sensation leaving her to moan and lose focus on pleasing his member.) Ooooohh… You know how to stay wet. I like that in a woman. I want you to squeeze some more. That’s it. Good. (He had her squeezing, kissing and staying wet for about 15 minutes before he was hard and ready to pound her some more.) Now lean over the desk again. (He wiped his fingers with the wet towel and put on another condom.)

Belle: (This time he didn’t go in slowly. Instead he tried to push in as much as he can with a lot of force. This made her scream. He was half way in. He did another hard push and she gave out another loud scream. This excited him even more.) AAHHHH!! Mmmm…. AAHHHH!!!

Lord A: Yes. I want you to hold on tightly to my hardness. Now bounce those cheeks and relieve me again.

Belle: Yes, my lord. Mmmm… Ooooohh… You’re so wide, my lord. Ooooohhh…

Lord A: Ooooohh… Yes. The better to open you up with. (He smiled and gave her a good push to get her to start bouncing.) Come on. Move those hips. Looks like you need a little motivation. (He turns the tool on again.)

Belle: Aaahhhh!! Escort Alanya No, my lord. Please. No. (She couldn’t help to bounce up and down with the vibration making her more excited. She wanted to climax and this time it was harder for her to hold back.) Aaaahhhhh… Aaahhhhh… (She gasps for air and screams.) My lord! Aaaahhh…

Lord A: No. No. I don’t want to hear a word from you. Just screams and moans. Ooooohhh…

Belle: (She bit her lip and held back her screams as she bounced up and down. She couldn’t hold it back and longer. She soon climaxed and let out a very loud scream.) AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! AAHHHH!! AAAHHHHHH!!

Lord A: (He quickly pulled out which made her scream some more and turned off the vibration.) Well now, it seems that you couldn’t resist shaking hard for my manhood. As I’ve said before, you’re not allowed to climax untill I say so. Now you shall suffer the consequences. (He gave her 20 seconds to catch her breathe and then pushed his member in as fast and hard as he could.) I want you to climax again.

Belle: AAAAHHHHH!!! (She turned her head and said no because it was too much to handle.) Nooo… AAAAHHHH!!! No. Mmmm…

Lord A: Yes. Yes. Since you enjoy shaking, you shall shake some more. Lets find out how easily you climax in a row. (He holds onto her hips and pounds her hard and fast to make her peak again.)

Belle: Nooo… Mmmm… (She tries holding back her screaming. After a minute, she lets out another loud scream and hard shake.) AAAAHHHHHHH!!! AAAHHHH!!!

Lord A: (He stays in for 20 seconds making her feel his member thickness making her extra sensitive.) Oooohh… The gardener will enjoy the fact that you can climax multiple times in a row so easily or is it you can’t help to shake for my thick manhood?

Belle: AAAHHHH!! Please, my lord. Please take it out. It’s too much to handle. Mmm…

Lord A: (He gives her a few hard pushes before taking his member out again.) You should be enjoying all the hard attention my manhood is giving you, my very wet Belle. (He leans over to her ear and smiles. ) How about we go for a 3rd round of you screaming at the top of your lungs?

Belle: Mmm… No! No, my lord. Please, no. No. Mmmm… (She bites her lip and whimpers.)

Lord A: No? Why would you say no when it’s clear that my manhood is giving you so much joy? All your screams of delight tells me you’re enjoying all the hard attention. (After letting her catch her breath for a full minute, he pushes all the way in her as hard as he could.) I want you to shake some more.

Belle: AAAAHHHHHHHH!! Mmmm… (Her mind was almost drawing a blank from all the excitement. She had never been this wet before.)

Lord A: I want you to enjoy my hard tool sliding in and out of you. (He pulled and pushed continuously making her scream and gasp for air and scream again and again.) Aaaaahhhh… Ooooooohhhh… You should be happy that I’m doing the work to relieve you.

Belle: (It didn’t take long before she let out another loud scream and shake.) AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Lord A: (This time he didn’t stop. He went from sliding to being as close to her cheeks as possible pounding her until he peaked.) AAAAHHHHHH!!! AAAHHHH!! Oooooohhh… Ooooohhh… (He stayed in her for a bit before pulling out to clean himself.) Not bad for our first session. Obviously you need to learn how to hold back. Now you know what the consequences are when you disobey me. Next time I may not be this generous. You don’t want to disobey me again, do you?

Belle: (She whimpers a bit.) No. No, my lord. I don’t want to disobey you. I want you to be happy. (Still bent over the desk, she feels her legs wet and a little sore from being opened up more than she ever had before.)

Lord A: Good. Now you may leave. I want you to keep that tool in your back door for another hour. Everyday you come in for your daily session, I want to see that in you. If not, I’ll insert a larger one. You shall be wet too. You don’t want to know what I’ll do if you’re not wet enough.

Belle: (She looked all nervous and surprised at him.) Yes, my lord. I’ll come prepared for you. Thank you for the private session, my lord. I shall take my leave.

Shall I continue to share the many pleasurable days and nights of my Lord Augustus?

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