The Trouble With Chastity_(0)

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom called Coitusland, there lived a beautiful princess named Chastity. Chastity was the most beautiful girl in the land. She had long, red hair, sparkling green eyes, and full soft lips. Her body looked as though the Gods themselves had molded it. Large round, firm breasts, a tiny waist and a tight shapely ass. Chastity had lots of suitors. All of the noblemen in the land wanted her. But Chastity was unhappy. She had never had an orgasm. Her sisters, who were not as pretty as she, had orgasms all the time.

“It’s just not fair!” Cried Chastity one night.” Our people are raised to give and receive pleasure, and here I am the favorite princess of the people and I’ve never had the sexual pleasure that is my God-given right as a princess to receive.” She decided to speak to her mother – the Queen. Chastity knocked on the door to her mother’s room.

“Come in.” The queen said. “Chastity my darling, why do you look so sad? Come sit by mother and tell me what’s wrong.”

“Oh mother.” She began. “Why can’t I enjoy sex like everyone else? You taught me that the pleasures of one’s body are the best feelings one can experience; yet I never tremble or tense up. My pussy doesn’t contract or get wet like you said it would. What’s wrong with me?”

“Have you fucked enough men?” The queen asked.

“Oh yes, dozens – but it’s always the same. I like the feeling of their hands on me, of their kisses and even when their cocks are inside me. I enjoy it, but I just don’t cum. Mother, what shall I do?” The queen thought for a moment, then she went over to her dresser.
“I am going to give you something your father gave to me.” With that she pulled out something that looked like a penis. “This is an idol of the God ‘Phallus’. It has wonderful powers. This knob at the bottom controls the power. Here feel it.” Chastity took the Idol of Phallus and felt the vibrations. “That is the power of Phallus surging through it.” Said her mother. “Now take it to your room and make yourself comfortable on the bed. Then take the Idol and touch it to your pussy. Place it right on your clit and put it inside yourself. The power of Phallus will make you cum.” Chastity was thrilled.

“Thank you mother. I shall go up to my room and try this right now.” So off Chastity went to her room. She took off all her clothes and lay down on the bed. She turned the knob and the Idol started humming. Pressing the Idol to her mons, she felt it tingle. Slowly she opened her pussy and touched it to her clit. It felt wonderful. She moved the Idol over every inch of her pussy, loving the feeling. Then she took the head of the Idol and inserted it. In and out, pushing deeper each time. It felt nice, but still her body would not cum. After an hour of fucking herself with the Idol she gave up and cried herself to sleep.

The next day she went to her father, the King. “Oh father, why can’t I cum? I’ve fucked lots of men, and mother even gave me the Idol of Phallus, but that didn’t work either.”

“Did you use it correctly?” Asked the King.

“Yes, father.” She said. “I rubbed it all over my clit and fucked myself Elazığ Escort with it for over an hour, but I still didn’t have an orgasm.”

“Hmmm.” Said her father. “This is serious. I will summon for Intercoursicus, the Pleasure Mystic. If anyone can help you, he can.”

So Intercoursicus was brought to Chastity’s room. Chastity had never seen him before and was frightened. He was a very large man, totally bald and had piercing blue eyes. But his voice was soft and comforting.

“Your father has told me of your trouble, dear Princess and I believe I can help you. Now please remove your clothing and lie back on the bed.” Chastity did as she was told.

Intercoursicus opened his bag and took out a small green bowl and a suede pouch. From the pouch he poured a blue powder into the bowl. Then he lit a match and dropped it into the bowl as well. Flames and smoke spewed out. After a few minutes the flame subsided, and Intercoursicus brought the bowl over to Chastity. He dipped his fingers into the bowl and brought out a clear liquid. He gently rubbed this onto Chastity’s breasts. It gave her a warm tingly feeling. She breathed a deep sigh and relaxed. The mystic continued to anoint her body with the warm liquid and Chastity enjoyed the feel of his hands all over her body. He opened up her pussy and rubbed his magic elixir all over it. Chastity’s whole body tingled. When he felt she was ready, he removed his robe.

There, standing fully erect was the largest cock Chastity had ever seen. He dipped into the bowl and spread the mystic fluid on his huge throbbing member. He climbed on top of her and slowly entered. He was Huge! Chastity felt her pussy being stretched to its limit. His pumping got faster. Chastity loved the feeling of his big cock throbbing inside her, but still her body did not respond the way she wanted.

Intercoursicus tried different positions. He sat her on top of him; he bent over her and fucked her from behind. He even stood up, wrapped her legs around his waist, and bounced her on his cock, but still she could not cum.

“Enough!” She said. “I am sore. You must stop.”

“But my princess, if your father finds out that I didn’t solve your problem he will surely banish me from the castle. He will no longer want me as his pleasure mystic.”

“Worry not, dear Intercoursicus. You tried your hardest – and goodness knows it was hard, but it is not your fault. I will explain to my father. He will not blame you. Now please leave me, I need to sleep.”

Alone in her room, Chastity again cried herself to sleep. The following morning she told her parents to call all the noblemen in the kingdom. She would try them all, and would marry the one that could make her cum.

As the weeks went on, Chastity fucked herself silly. Every nobleman wanted to be the one to give the princess an orgasm. She fucked young men, old men, and men of all shapes and sizes. Finally there were no noblemen left in the kingdom and Chastity decided to give up and take a vow of …….well……..chastity.

One day word had reached the castle that a young man, a stranger, had Elazığ Escort Bayan come and was asking to see the king. The king sent his soldiers out to bring this young man to him. The young man stood before the king. He was tall with jet-black hair that curled around his neck. He was dressed very plainly, (obviously not of noble blood).

“Well young man, you have requested an audience with me, so what is it you want?”

“Your Majesty.” The young man began. “My name is Eros, and I have come from the kingdom of Oralis. I have heard of the plight of the beautiful princess and I promise you sir, I can bring your daughter to the height of sexual pleasure. I can make her cum.”

“You boast greatly.” Said the King. “Tell me, are you of royal blood?”

“No Sire, I am but a builder of houses, but I have learned talents of pleasing women that make them cum many times over.”

“And if you do this, what do you wish for in return?”

“I wish for your daughter’s hand.”

“A peasant to ask for the hand of the King’s daughter. You are a very bold man indeed.” The king laughed and was about to throw him out, when he reconsidered. “However, my daughter is so unhappy, I will allow you to try and please her. But heed my warning – if you do not give her an orgasm, and she comes crying to me, you will not escape with your life for I do not take lightly the empty boasts of peasants. Do you understand this?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Very well. My servants will clean you up and bring you to my daughter’s chamber.”

That evening, Eros entered Chastity’s room.

“My princess, you are even lovelier than I have been told.” She smiled at him.

“You too are most pleasing to look at.” She said. “Shall I take my robe off for you?”

“No, not yet.” He stood next to her and gently smoothed her hair. “So beautiful.” He whispered as he leaned in to kiss her. His lips were soft on hers. He probed with his tongue until she opened her mouth and he entwined her tongue with his. They held each other and kissed like that for a while. He laid her down on the bed and began kissing her breasts. He sucked her nipples, going from one to the other, taking little bites and rolling them around in his mouth. Chastity moaned with pleasure. He began kissing and licking his way down her stomach. When he got to her navel she sat up.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I am going to kiss and lick your pussy.”

“But I have never heard of such a thing.”

“Relax, my love.” He said. “It is the way of my people of Oralis. I promise you will enjoy it and I promise you will cum.” She lay back down and let Eros continue.

He spread her pussy open and lightly kissed her clit. Then he started at her asshole and ran his tongue softly up the entire slit. This was a pleasure Chastity had never known and her body was reveling in it. He did this a few more times and Chastity involuntarily pushed her hips up to meet his mouth. He tongue-fucked her and she moaned loudly. He stiffened his tongue and flicked it on her clit. Her legs began twitching with every flick.

“My Escort Elazığ body feels like it is on fire.” She gasped. “I fell like I’m going to explode.” With that Eros began sucking on her clit. Chastity screamed. Her hips started bucking wildly, her whole body trembled, and her juices started flowing. Eros moaned with pleasure as he tasted her. She was so sweet; he just couldn’t get enough. And the more he ate, the more she came. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure engulfed her body until she thought she would faint.

Eros came up for air, but he was far from finished with her. “Did you enjoy your orgasms my princess?” He asked as he kissed her legs and stomach.

“I had never thought such pleasure was possible.” She whispered. “Your mouth must possess magic powers.”

“No, not magic.” He chuckled. “Your body just needed to learn to respond. And now that it knows how, I’ll make you cum with my cock.”

He got on top of her and put his hard cock inside. Her pussy was still hot and wet. He pumped slowly at first, just teasing her with the head.

“More!” She cried. “Please….give me more.” Slowly, he gave her more. Each time he pumped he would go a little deeper. Then he pulled almost all the way out and gave her one fast hard thrust up to his balls. Faster and faster he fucked her. Chastity was clutching the sheets.

“Oh God.” She cried. “Your cock feels so good. I’m going to cum.” Her body tensed and she wrapped her legs around his back. Harder and harder he rammed his cock into her pussy and then she came. It was like a river overflowing. It ran down her legs and his balls, and she didn’t stop. She came again and again, moaning and screaming with pleasure.

“I love your cock. My pussy loves your big beautiful cock.” Eros felt his cock throbbing, getting bigger, ready to explode. He gave one final thrust and his body stiffened. He held on to her tightly as his cock pumped it’s hot load into her.

They lay wrapped in each other’s arms and before they fell asleep she whispered to him.

“When we get married, you will do this to me every night.”

“Is that a royal command?” He asked.
“Absolutely.” She answered.
“Well, when we marry.” He said. “That will make me a Prince. And as a Prince I will have royal demands of you.”
“What could you possibly want me to do to you?”
“Ah, my pretty princess, I still have so much more to teach you.” Chastity just smiled and fell asleep wondering what other pleasures she would
experience with this man as her husband.
In the morning the king came into Chastity’s room, and found the two lovers still sleeping in each other’s arms.
“It is late.” He said. “Get yourselves up now.”
“Good morning father.” Chastity said sleepily. “We do have a lot to do. We must start planning a wedding.”
“Yes?” Asked the king.
“Oh my, yes!” Beamed Chastity.
“Then let it be known throughout the land, Princess Chastity is to be wed.”
The bells were rung, and preparations were made. It was to be the most wonderful wedding ever.
As a wedding present Eros and Chastity were given their own kingdom, and Chastity vowed that all her subjects should learn this wonderful way of lovemaking that Eros had taught her. She named her kingdom Ecstasy in hopes that all who lived there would never experience anything less. And so it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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